90210 Episode 4 Promo Pics

Thanks to Kreeah from the Megalyn site for sharing this LINK

More at the link


  1. Wow thanks Eden for the credit. I just saw tonight episode of 90210 and I’m really loving this show. Megalyn did another great job tonight as Holly. I’ve never seen her play a character like this. She is really mean and cruel, nothing like the real Megalyn who is giving and has a charity called WEAPON that helps poor Nigerian girls. I’m loving how much Megalyn is on this show and I love the rivalry. I think it’s really heating up judging by next weeks promo. And I can’t wait. Megalyn is such a wonderful actress and except for The 4400 she has never had a chance to show her potential. She’s not just a good actress she also has a beautiful voice. I would feel sorry if Holly were doing this to someone like Annie but IMO Naomi is just as much a bitch as Holly. She totally used those girls to get back at Holly, she admitted it. Still what Holly said to them was kind of heartless but that doesn’t excuse Naomi in my book. I really hope Holly makes Naomi suffer and gives her a taste of her own medicine. Well next week looks exciting LOL. Gladiator fight in bikini’s I think R will even watch. Great blog!

  2. Hey Kree, thanks for stopping by. Yeah the whole sorority thing looks to be heartless on the show. I am sure in real life they aren’t quite as ruthless or so I hope 🙂 Feel free to stop over anytime to check out the place here. I started this over the summer and wrote a lot of recaps.

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