Bobby Singer aka Jim Beaver Talks to TV Guide

13 Jan

Jim Beaver’s TV Guide Interview is HERE

A very touching interview with Jim Beaver AS he talks about his last day on Supernatural and Other things.

TV Guide Magazine: What are your memories of your last day on set?
Beaver: It was the next to last day because Jared and Jensen were not going to be on the set on the last day. They show called a safety meeting, which they do once or twice a season. The entire cast and crew from the top down to the drivers and production assistants are there. I knew something was up when Jared and Jensen were there — they’re never already there before me. Instead of playing this safety video, they played a video tribute to everything I’d done on the show. I was pretty verklempt. It was very touching. I said, “I know now what they’re going to play at my funeral.” It was a lovely moment. Coming to the end of the show, knowing I’d be saying goodbye to these cast and crew I love like family plus the pretty emotional stuff we were shooting that day. I might have gotten something in my eye.

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