PLL Season 3 Spoilers

19 Mar

Okay just a few LOL; Read at the Link


Are Spencer and Toby going to work things out? I miss them! — Emily

Toby’s back in the finale. But “work things out”? Unlikely, from the sounds of it. “We find out where Toby really stands in the finale,” teases Bellisario. “And I will say that it’s shocking and perhaps not completely to Spencer’s liking.” (Hale offered her theory: “He’s a woman!” But Bellisario retorted, “With those abs!? What woman has those abs!? It’d be like a GNC commercial.”)

What’s the early intel on season 3 of Pretty Little Liars? — Larsen

The girls don’t know much about what’s in store when they go back to work on April 2 — except that they won’t be sporting much clothing! “[Executive producer] Marlene [King] texted us saying that we were going to be in bikinis in the first episode,” Bellisario dishes. “It was funny, she texted us literally as I was sitting down to brunch, and my French-toast plate arrived. So I took a picture of it and said, ‘What am I supposed to do with this then!?’ Marlene’s awesome, though. She was like, ‘EAT IT!’”

See the Rest at the EW Link above.


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