PLL – S03 Accidental Spoilers

24 Jun

Okay I pride myself on not seeking out Spoilers so as to not accidentally incorporate them into my recaps. Today I ran across a spoiler by accident, a potentially disturbing spoiler in my eyes. Now I had heard that Em was going to meet Maya’s cousin but I assumed it was a girl you know for a way to bond with someone in her family not really a romance so much. Well it turns out I was wrong;see more information at the LINK.

Credit Picture – ABC Family

Okay its really more of a picture but at the link are more spoilers for the episode 🙂

Hey the dude is HOT, that is for sure but last we heard Em was in to girls; so I am curious to see where all this goes.


2 Responses to “PLL – S03 Accidental Spoilers”

  1. Ashley June 25, 2012 at 7:03 pm #

    That’s interesting. Maybe she discovers that she’s bi? I’m just wondering how this will advance Emily’s storyline and the storyline of the show as a whole?

    P.S Dude also looks like he’s got style. I wonder what graphic is on the tee she’s holding… lol. I assume from the look on her face it’s a gift? Or maybe it was Maya’s. I guess we’ll see.

    Did you find out when in the season he’s going to make an appearance? Is it like, next week or closer to the end of the summer season?

    • sassyfran June 27, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

      check out my upcoming recap to see my thoughts on this situation:)

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