Keegan Allen talks whats next on PLL

3 Jan

Keegan gives hints on what’s going to happen Next on PLL at the link.


Wetetpaint Entertainment: In the premiere, it seems you get to perfect your evil stare!

Keegan Allen: Yeah, the evil stare! I’ve been working on that.

Where do we pick up this spring, from where we left off at Halloween?

Life in Rosewood, for the girls and for everybody, is just going to change a lot after all of the tragedy and all of the events that happened recently. Emily [Shay Mitchell] is dealing with killing Nate. Aria [Lucy Hale] and Ezra [Ian Harding], they’re going to have a whole bunch of drama, and Caleb [Tyler Blackburn] is going to be dealing with a lot of family issues. One of the girls feels the change more than others — and I won’t say who that is — but it gets very apparent towards the end of the season.

See the REST at the Link above !!!

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