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Mama Winchester – Back on Supernatural

24 Feb

You may know I am a die hard Supernatural fan but this post is on my thoughts about the return of our beloved Mama Winchester.

The original issue I had with this topic of bringing back the reason the show existed aka it was Mama Winchester’s death that had the guys chasing the demon.  How in the world does she suddenly show up?  I wonder how many fans the show lost over this very concept.

I believe we have reached Jump the Shark territory. Oddly enough it has nothing to do with the character, Mary Winchester or the actor, Samantha Smith at all.  I actually enjoy that she is on the show, they needed a woman to balance all of that J2(Jensen and Jared) testosterone. It is odd that this character before now was seen only in her nightgown, except that one time when she was in the heaven episode. However, the young Mary was in several episodes such as “In the Beginning: where Dean meets his grandparents and finds out his mother was a raised a hunter.

I do think there were other seasons that could have used her more however.  Maybe after Dean came back to life in season 5 or when Sam was soulless in season 7.  This current version of the show at times seems like an attempt to make sure that J2 has company on set instead of it just being the two of them like old times.

You know the old times when all those sexy rumors were flying around about the two of them, because rumor is the fans have nothing else to do, but I digress 🙂

So far my favorite episode of season what is it? Hmm 12  Was when Mary was conflicted about staying with the boys but instead went off on her own.  So basically she shouldn’t be in every episode but like a good mother around when needed but otherwise doing whatever she needs to do to be herself.

Well that is just a little looksee in my head on that topic.

Have a great weekend!



The Adventures of Merlin-thoughts

24 Feb

The Adventures of Merlin

No copyright infringement intended. (i will take it down if someone minds let me know)

The Adventures of Merlin was a show that had me curious.  I am an old school fan of Excalibur and other tales of Camelot  or Avalon from when I was young.  Just so everyone knows this is not going to be a review so much as my thoughts on the show.  I am on my second time viewing thanks to Netflix.  The first time I believe I listened to it more, because of multi-tasking, but this time I am seeing more of their pretty faces.

WARNING for Spoilers for the entire series if you have not seen it and plan to watch turn back now!!

Merlin played by  Irishman Colin Morgan is the main character and even though he is to become a powerful wizard we have a chance to see him as a servant to Arthur played by Englishman Bradley James, future King.  I like the idea that they grew up together because in the old Excalibur movie Merlin is older and set in his ways even a bit evil if I recall correctly.  In my mind I compare those two as my version of the Camelot story.

I researched the Arthurian legend of  Camelot after watching this show and it seems whether or not any of the actions that are accounted to Arthur every happened is suspect.  Based on what page you end up on while searching its a myth or a legend or a combination of both butup-in-the-air for sure, though all in all its probably not true at all.

Nevertheless, it is a fascinating tale and each week on the Adventures of Merlin we see them encounter a problem of the supernatural kind and end up using the forbidden magic to set things proper again. Usually Merlin is the one to see there is something amiss and receives assistance from Gaius.  Always Uther yells, it is an enchantment and groans about how the wizards/witches or whatnot are the worse lot of mankind.

That is all well and good, though annoying but we find out later on that Uther of all people has had some serious dealing with sorcerers.  First off it was a witch/sorcer who helped his wife get pregnant with Arthur and took the woman, in payment for the birth. Yes a life for a life they say.  Secondly, that dastardly Uther has used this very excuse of what happened to ban magic from his kingdom.

Interestingly, every week someone shows up with magic to wreck havoc on Camelot.  If that wasn’t bad enough Uther is surrounded my magic.  Not only is Merlin, a great magician but Morgana, Uther’s ward aka daughter has magic as they say.

It is bewildering that Arthur himself who is with Merlin every day is so unaware of all the magic around him.  I suppose with his growing love for the forbidden Gwen and being a scoundrel to poor Merlin he has no time to take is his royal nose from his arse LOL. Yes arrogant but so full of good morals and desires.

Don’t get me wrong the way Bradley James plays Arthur is sure magic itself.  I do have to criticize the way he walks sometimes is not a Kingly strut but oh my gosh is this scene over yet. They must have been hellava cold with all the layers they wear in this show.  As a person who tends to be a bit cold often I find it amusing.

I do appreciate that Guenevere is more observant than Arthur, at least she noticed a change in Morgana’s attitude almost as soon as she turned to her evil self.  Admittedly Uther not recognizing her as his daughter was a legit reason to feel a bit murderous toward him but to take it out on Arthur through Gwen was an overstep.  Seriously, the person who does the crime should pay, if she only knew Arthur would have given her the throne to be with Gwen and the show would have ended sooner, I know right.

Instead she uses her magic to repeatedly go after Gwen.  The first time Gwen almost loses her life over it, later on Morgana turns her into an ice queen with her enchantment.  Still at another point she has her pawing her old flame Lancelot whom Morgana brought back from death, yikes Necromancy.

I do adore that they used an interracial actress to play Queen Guenevere, Angel Coulby, I was so tickled by that, of course considering the story behind the show it was not relevant in relation to race. Also the fact that she is a servant doesn’t seem to be the original background for her but it works in this case as a way for them to insist that Arthur in his reign will make changes I assume in the laws regarding classes besides welcoming magic back into the land.

By the way, the Lancelot, Guenevere and Arthur trio was portrayed very PG like in this show which I respect.  I am no prude but I enjoyed that there is NO nudity and NO bloodshed in this series.  Really, how many times can you see inconsequential fake sex on tv and not wonder if there was a better way to play a scene without it.  Although I do think Arthur must have some serious self control in this show. 🙂

Things I enjoy the most.

  1. Interactions with Merlin and Arthur when he is not being  arrogant, there a few.
  2. Interactions with Arthur and Gwen while they flirt, long looks, when she encourages him to be a better him.
  3. Merlin and Gaius when they are solving a puzzle or mystery.
  4. Morgana before she went “dark side”.
  5. Having a chance to see a simple viewpoint of Camelot without smut and blood.
  6. Arthur being the hero that NO One ever could be, but its a good way to see life.

Things I do not enjoy

  1. Uther Pendragon and his bigotted attitude, the big king but others are inferior.
  2. The way the show is about magic but no one is supposed to use magic, honestly if you can’t get past that part then do not bother, but I endured.
  3. Uther who hates magic will allow others to use it when its for his family or him.
  4. I do not like the set formula way tv shows in general have you rooting for a couple that is always pulled apart.
  5. The way Gwen was treated by Uther was detestable but he also treated others as badly even Gaius, his old friend and physician.

Well that is the end of my thoughts, the eventual wedding of Gwen and Arthur is a bit rushed on the show as are all the potential events, probably based on tv timing but it was sweet.  Thanks for reading, and to leave your Merlin comments I am so behind on watching this show I have not had a chance to oooh and aahh with the fans.  🙂


Update: I wrote this yesterday and am seeing today that a potential spinoff was a no go for Bradley James.  My first thought was that just like the Supernatural stars are tired of being PG maybe that series had the same issue its time to move on to more mature acting roles or something. He is playing the anti-christ we know now as DAMIEN, can’t be more mature than that 🙂

The WeirdNess is Back

24 Feb

Just a NOTE: I am posting this way after I wrote maybe even a year but because the show is still around on Netflix I figured why not! Enjoy my thoughts, feel free to comment.

SPOILERS for the ENTIRE 2nd Season of HEMLOCK GROVE— You have been WARNED!!

hemlock grove, netflix series

Netflix Original Series, Hemlock Grove

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Hi all I am back with a short review or in  this case an opinion about how I feel about Hemlock Grove the second season.  First off here are two lists.

Things I liked about Season 2, Reminder about SPOILERS

1. Roman’s new digs, very modern and suit him perfectly, colors were dark and brooding

2. Roman’s wardrobe it seems more fitting of a young executive, they must have graduated

3. Destiny, she seems more of a mother to Peter than Lynda who was like an older sister

4. Shelly

5. The baby who was randomly named Nadia which I didn’t like as a name

6.  Olivia’s new wardrobe

7.  Peter & Roman’s bromance

8.  Unexpected three way sexual tension appealing too bad it involved (Miranda see dislikes)

Things I didn’t like

1.  The randomness of the killings, it seemed an effort to incorporate extreme violence

2.  Killers after children, very distasteful subject matter

3.  The way they tried to make the killings part of the mythology of the show it seemed an after thought.

4.  The cruelty of what happen to poor Shelly after she was finally going to get a new body

5.  Olivia who supposedly had change was randomly violent two times without real cause

6.  Miranda, everything about her seemed forced except her BLONDness

7.  It would have been interesting to learn why Olivia decided to wear colors since last season black/white was her personality and it seemed an integral part of her character.


I was looking forward to a new season of Hemlock Grove with excitement and I mostly feel let down now.  It’s not as though there were not really pivotal moments and what I hope is a continuing series.  It that there seemed a lot of missed opportunities for more.  I believe that happens quite often in television shows.

First instance, if Shelly had been given her new body it would have been so cool to see how she dealt with being wanted and adored as a new person, for once in her life.  Even if no one new that she was Shelly she would have had an entirely real chance at life.  I believe that even her uncle might have changed his mind about killing Olivia if Shelly had been given that opportunity, of course its speculation.

Another example of what could have been different is what if the three characters of Roman, Peter and the dreaded Miranda had set up house with Nadia.  That of course would have been an interesting set up on a different kind of show.  Hemlock Grove is all about shock value and so that idea is a pipe dream.

So back to reality, there was a lot of the same dynamic among characters, the anger and denial of brotherly love with Roman and Peter.  The loving brow beating with Peter and Destiny and the dreadful hatefulness of Peter toward his mother, Olivia.

What was different is that this time we had a chance to see inside the White Tower as well as the life of the doctor, even his bedroom which was appealing to me.  I wondered what made him such an arrogant prick before, but basically they have allowed him to have free reigns of the operations and he hadn’t been as prudent as he should have been.  He hired the best sometimes at a cost beyond funding.

No matter my opinion of season two I certainly did watch season three 🙂