Bates Motel Overview

26 May

Hello and welcome to another adventure in my mind.  Bates Motel isn’t a show I have wanted to review for a couple of seasons.  I decided just now I would share my thoughts before I watch the newest episode.

My favorite part of the show was getting to know about an actor named Freddy Highmore and having a chance to see Vera Farmiga on screen for many weeks at a time.  Those were definitely the best reasons to watch. They were excellent at embodying their characters, which made it a treat to watch. Even though I was obsessed with the fact it was a version of how Norma would have been in reference to the film, Psycho.

1. I have been fascinated by the idea of seeing Norman as a young man since the movie barely etched the story of his adulthood,from what I remember so long ago.

2. In the movie, Psycho we only also get a hint of how Norman’s mother was toward him so its definitely an addition to the background to know all about Norma Bates.

3. I admit I haven’t seen the movie any many years but I don’t recall him having a brother or any relations the fact that they create a world that might be considered normal is worth a watch.

4.  Norman having a real life girlfriend or love life as he had with Bradley was a definite surprise.

5. The fact of Norman being prone to listen and be helpful with women of all ages makes interesting television despite his mother issues.

1. The biggest problem I have had about the show is the *wink wink* times, because for me it pushes me out of the moment of the show.

2. The big build up with Emma that never actual had anything to do with Norman but instead Dylan.

3. Dylan’s storylines tend to seem like fillers, even though I adore his character, or maybe its just the cute almost innocent looking actor.

4.  Unless something happens before the end of the series, I don’t really understand the purpose of Emma other than to give Norma another girl to bond with at times.

5.  ***SPOILER*** After seeing the finale I was disappointed with the death of the main character, in an almost Bonnie & Clyde ending that made my references to the movie worthless.  😦

So after watching the finale it kind of makes me want all that time I spent watching the show back, does anyone else feel that way?

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