Merlins Adventures Continues… for Me

15 Jun

So for a while now i have been Watching the Adventures of Merlin over and over again. I thought something was seriously wrong with me that I enjoyed this show so much Suddenly it hit me, its not just Bradley James’ pretty face, though I do enjoy him as eye candy.

Turns out, I am literally starved for GOOD Wholesome viewing content!!  What I find that I enjoy about the show is the Principles and Ideals of the characters.  In our modern world this may seem unrealistic, prudish or old fashioned.  Dying for a kingdom or giving your life to save a friend isn’t something we regularly hear about.  I am not saying it doesn’t happen, because I am sure in real life it does in other countries more than America I think.

NOTE: Let me clarify I am not for people dying for a CAUSE or PERSON but it is the Intent to make things right for others that I enjoy that the sacrifice is a way of saying that.  Actually in all CASES the sacrifice is not MADE except one it was the Willingness, the heart of it, that did it!!

This thought came to me when Arthur tells Merlin that he should make sure that Gwen has a happy life because she deserves it while Arthur himself is off  planning to sacrifice himself for Camelot to heal the veil between worlds.  WOW!  Very powerful storylines there, I get chills just thinking of those words.

Would I do that?  Would You?  So in the end Lancelot is the one that gives himself because he  promised Gwen he would do anything to save Arthur.  All of this sacrifice stuff started when Merlin thought he was the one to give his life for Arthur, as Arthur’s protector he felt it was his duty and he was honored to do it.  Well there so much giving in this show it is something special to watch, nope not one sex scene to be found; it is a treat indeed.  I am not saying they don’t have sex I am saying we don’t have to see them doing it.  So happy #netflix is still running this show for now I will keep viewing it when I have the desire.

funeral for lancelot

Lancelot’s funeral, quite sad.

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