Shows I am watching in 2018

So I was updating an old list of course realized I have not made a new list, so here we go.  Keep in mind I been Netflixing it up for like three years.  Actually television watching has been only about 2% over that time, because of travel and other priorities.


copyright Supernatural media.

These are not in order:

  1. Supernatural always and forever devoted to the “boys”. I realize sometimes its hard to watch since I enjoyed the first five seasons just so much, but each season has highlights and a few filler episodes.  It is a show about demon hunting brothers growing up in a world where they know the truth in case you didn’t know what it was about.
  2. Adventures of Merlin, yes I am aware it’s no longer in the real world, but hanging in while it’s still on Netflix. It has become a fall back when I want to watch something when other shows disappoint me.
  3. Lucifer, yep I became one of them while living in California last year. I am caught up. Its sassy and irreverent so yes I kinda like it a lot. It is the devil you know.
  4. Dynasty on the CW is my new guilty pleasure I do enjoy that sassy Fallon Carrington, she is all huff and puff even though she like everyone else wants to be loved.  It is great fun.  In comparison I tried watching the original version and was quite bored with it.
  5. Riverdale had a slightly creepy if not inappropriate storyline.  It was odd to see Archie characters in a mystery but that made it a guilty pleasure for sure.  Hard to pick a favorite character but I loved both Mädchen Amick and Marisol Nichols. Currently the entire gang storyline has put this on the back burner for me, I will finish at some point.
  6.  The Magicians I enjoyed season 1 although the show can be borderline horrifying but I will finish season 2 before the third one comes out.  It does seem to have taken the fun and moved it to a dark level with magic and all in my opinion.
  7. New Xfiles – I recently began to catch up on this show to find it quite enjoyable, coming soon I will create a review of my favorite episode so far.

Shows I plan to Showbox or have Showboxed.  Showbox is the app I use to watch shoes I don’t watch online or on Netflix. its quite handy.

  1. The Intern – Logan’s Back in a Medical drama, I know its Matt Czuchry.  He also is playing with Emily from Revenge, two awesome actors.  Although my first view of this show was disappointing it got all Greys in the closet kissing real quick, not impressed but will take another look.
  2. Humans, I made a video review of this one, look for a post!!
  3. Thanks to Meghan Markle getting engaged to Prince Harry, watching more of Suits, liked in the past, have not watched since season 4 or 5.  The lack of opportunity was the reason.
  4.  Shadow Hunters was a show I thoroughly enjoyed season 1, then season 2 took and odd turn for me.  I started the book that goes with the Immortal instruments series and I was enjoying it before it was do at the library. :)Look for a review on that one.
  5.  Orphan Black have seen it all but plan to watch again.

Shows I missed that were not actually on in the summer, oldies but goodies.

  1. Devious Maids — Is it over or not, Love love love this show, waiting to hear about it.
  2. Unreal — seeing the seedy side of TV was fun, a real guilty pleasure. Waiting to find out when it will return in 2018.
  3. Witches of East End I know its over but still hope it might resurrect some time some place maybe on SyFy, they still have it right, I mean syfy?  I don’t have cable LOL. I do have showbox on my phone Highly recommended.

Shows that lost me as a viewer:

  1.  The Originals — the lost me mostly in the beginning, the same ole dull routine is not my thing in tv.  Glaring and flaring nostrils threatening to kill each other, boring and overly violent.
  2. IZombie — Love the first two seasons, then it went full on zombie, zombies so far are not my thing at all.
  3. Sense8 a netflix original — I loved Season 1 and hated large parts of Season 2.  Love the characters but it was way off with this let’s be drugged up to hide from the big baddies or hey lets just kill ourselves.  That was not appealing. What I always loved with the character interaction and the dedication to their gifts, it was very natural between them all.

Other shows I watch on repeat besides, Merlin.

1. Gossip Girl, the world of the upper crust in the upper East Side still fascinates me and they have Blake Lively as Serena, plus lonely Penn Badgley as lonely boy what is there not to like. Although honestly for Dan to end up being Gossip Girl, it’s not working as the big reveal to me, he didn’t spend enough time sitting still for that to be true.

2. Gilmore Girls, this one is a hit or miss as much as I loved it before. I am a die-hard Logan fan so I tend to skip right over to those parts to enjoy. Yes same goes for the Gilmore Remix, despite the circumstance Logan and Rory all the way.  Yes a baby, we know it will return.

3. Hemlock Grove, when its time for some sheer terror and confusion I still love those werewolves with a side of BROmance from Peter and Roman just gotta go with it.

4. Pretty Little Liars, this show is also a bit of a habit, I made so many reviews for it that it is like White Noise when I watch it now.  I still enjoy most of, I am one of those figuring out how it took so long to find A.  I also don’t know why the girls thought Alison was dead she was around so often.

There was one show I Just discovered I enjoyed Binge watching on Netflix.

The IMPOSTERS, very irreverent and fun I watched it like in a day.  It’s about a group of con artists working for a doctor, it also had Uma Thurman as an enforcer.  Warning for some violence that seems not in keeping with the rest of the show.







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