S01: Finally You.. From the End!

Faux pas indeed, I had so much happening this never got posted….

I am taking these last four episodes from the end.  I wanted to see where Beck went wrong. I feel I know when, at least the final nail was when Karen warned her but Beck has always been the curious sort.

Lifetime You returns on Netflix
Penn Badgely Returns in Season 2 of YOU..photo courtesy of UPI.com

Before that though, Joe left a trail of clues, right?

1.  Joe’s stalker-like behavior in general was obvious but especially, episode 7 when Beck was considering dating her therapist.   However, we don’t actually know until later? Did it really happened or was all in Joe’s paranoid fantasies.

2. Karen was the smart one keeping her mouth shut when she had doubts.  She could have just as easily not warned Beck.  Instead she slyly informs her nemesis.  “Thanks for being my get of jail free card,”  as a warning against Joe.  All of the scenes where he says he and Karen are good together, I realize then we have no idea what she really felt since it was Joe’s point of view.

On one hand, I appreciate it was the “black” female that knew how to get out of the situation.  ON the other hand why do the “black” women have to be the strong ones all the time?  Really we are just human and prone to being just like Beck, though who wants that confusion, ?

3.  Another thing about Joe, even though Paco seemed to be a child in an abusive situation, Joe, despite his past easily fit the role of mentor as the man before him had done. It was very creepy and quite obvious but only to us, the audience.

4. Peach tried to warn Beck but she had such huge skeletons of her own its no wonder Beck ignored her, the jealousy was palatable.

5. Joe wanted to be ordinary but he was perhaps more balanced than most and as unhinged as the minority, though we all live by perspectives and in our heads.  The fact that he could run a shop, says a lot about his psyche.

6. Beck’s intelligence turns out too be her downfall in the end. Realistically, she could have asked more questions of Joe but she had so much on her plate to begin with in resemblance of normal drew her in.  Joe was a convenient distraction from her life of needing money and family drama.  Yes they were both very “horny” too.

SO many clues but when your eyes are shut, as hers seem to be, it doesn’t matter, especially if your heart gets involved.  She didn’t have a chance after they met.

So what are the bets on season 2?  I am sticking with Joe already being in an asylum as a final reveal. This entire show is in his mind.  It could happen lol.

Candace showing up at the end makes me think she is certainly no angel in this story.  I wonder who was playing whom in their relationship .  We shall soon see.

Learn a bit about Season 2 Here…will John Stamos return? Who is Joe’s new girl? So much to learn.

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