Chloe King S01 Summer Finale Review/Recap

I have to say that despite my initial squeamishness about the first episode I have grown to love this show. I do hope it returns in the spring.

I am going to try to do this as a quick review.

We start off this episode with all the young people at a carnival having a good time. Paul is with Amy, Zane with Jasmine and Alek with Chloe. It’s all photo booth fun, darts and games for the couples. Zane however is up to his dirty business behind their backs, he is just setting them up to be sacrificed for the cause.

The next day we have a chance to see what it would be like if Chloe could date Brian. He calls her to go out with him to take a look at the address from the envelopes. They arrive to find its his grandmother’s place and grandma seems all happy to see them both. As soon as they leave we find that the redhead is in cahoots with granny. I have no idea where this plot line is going but the red-head is the one that has not wanted Whitley to know Brian is still spending time with Chloe so I believe she is doing a double deal with him some how or other. I wonder who the Redhead is in the scheme of things.

Along the way Chloe is getting messages from her father, the person at the email address, to tell her he is in town and wants to meet up with her. This turns out to be another area where Chloe is innocent, she does tell Amy and Paul finally that he is trying to meet up with her on that evening and it is a safeguard. No matter what she is stubborn and desires to meet up with him by herself. As you might imagine its not really Mr. King at all.

Brian is feeling all free and ready to confront his father with the ring he found in storage after his meeting with grandma, who by the way might be the mother of Whitley, but his father refuses to shed any light on it. So here is another loose end, for another season. I hold by my prediction that maybe Brian’s mother fell for a Mai and ended up dead because of it; by accident or by the hand of one of the assassins.

At Valentina’s Zane shows up supposedly looking for Jasmine but schmoozing Valentina paralyzes her with drugged dart; he does the same thing to Jasmine when she finally arrives. It’s pretty sad but I still can’t understand why the Mai don’t have some kind of intuitive skills? I mean besides Chloe they are just really good at fighting, have enhanced hearing/speed which is again kinda lame if it doesn’t protect them against their enemies alike them and not alike, right?

Chloe confesses her love of Brian to her mother before Meredith goes out to meet the investors for her business. It’s one of those cases where Alek wishes he hadn’t been listening. I think it’s a good thing he knows she still cares for Brian despite Alek’s dedications. You love who you love, says it all.

Okay I have to focus I was going to make this a short review, LOL.

They certainly set up this Episode as a cliffhanger in the final moments of this first season. There were two deaths, Valentina and Jasmin with Alek as a possible casuality though we did not see him die. The big reveal for him was that Zane is his brother, Yikes, can we say Bad Seed anyone? Chloe was shot at the meeting place for her father after kicking the butts of the assassins sent to kill her. It was a trap all the while. We also see a flash of the supposed grandmother burning Mr. King’s copy of the little story that Chloe and her Father wrote together.

The redhead is the one that shoots Chloe and escapes as Brian runs in the other door to check on Chloe after hearing the gun shots. This is proof of her double cross of his father. Chloe awakened long enough to kiss Brian and he may or may not be dead for good. My guess is Brian is not dead but only another season of shows will tell us for certain.

Brian was at the scene of Chloe’s near death because he refused to allow her to meet her father without back up; it bit him in the butt in the end. No good deed goes unpunished has a deathly meaning in this sad scene. Nosy Amy and Paul are around to take care of Chloe after Brian dies, this opens the storyline up a possibilities for many scenarios I believe though I can’t think of any right now. 🙂

But consider these:
How will they explain the death?
Will they hide the body?
Surely other heard gun shots yet Chloe is alive.
Paul and Amy saw the redhead leave and they have the plates at least I am sure that Paul will remember.
Just a few that came to me just now.

Oh and by the way, the investor that Meredith met up with was none other than Whitley. The last scene of them is her getting into his car and his little evil smirk. Would he actually kill her in cold blood?

There you have it a short review/recap of the season finale of The Nine Lives of Chloe King. I do hope for more episodes to watch and review.
Thanks for reading.

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I think it was a bit unbelievable that Chloe could take three guys or even two at once. I know she might have enhanced fighting skills being the Uniter but again I have issue with the other who have known they are Mai forever being taken out by one little guy so easily.

Some of the clues that are in the episodes seem more about confusion than actually leading anywhere; for instance Brian wants to know about his mother’s death but suddenly he is DEAD?? Really that would be a great mystery to discover so we are left to believe either A he is not dead or B it didn’t matter enough to the writers to leave him alive??

Whitley is a business man but he would get blood on his own hands by killing Meredith or threatening her in some way? I don’t see that making sense if he spent years getting a reputatio in industry/business just to throw it all away on revenge.

Talk back lets see what you all think of my thoughts.


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  2. Wow, I was so sad when we finally got to the end scene… (watch at

    Something about the lighting, the haunting song (“Without You” by Junip) and knowing the show probably won’t get picked up by another network really sunk in…ugh. Especially disappointing because the last two episodes of the season were by far the best! Anyway, here’s hoping something good happens and surprises me.

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