Nine Lives of Chloe King – Episode 6 Recap

Hey all I am back to recap another Chloe King. I have wanted to do this show again for a while but you know how they say there are not enough hours in a day to do everything you want? With me there are not enough hours in a week to do all the things I want but oh well on to the recap.

This episode begins with Chloe training with Alek but not Jasmine this time around. They can protect her but its more efficient if she has the skills too which of course makes sense. Oh by the way, I am still enjoying this show and eager to hear from other show fans. It’s cute that Chloe is able to get the upper hand on Alek though I got the feeling he was distracted by her presence. They discuss Brian and it’s always funny for me when I hear Alek call Brian the human in an arrogant fashion, you know, since Alek isn’t human. In his anger over Brian, Alek, catches Chloe off guard and gets the upper hand though it seems like a low blow since they were supposed to be done for the night already afterward he just walks away leaving her stunned.

The next morning Chloe arrives downstairs running late for school to find mom cooking; it seems to be an odd occurrence that mom would be using the stove. Okay so the slightly boring breakfast conversation was about the fact that mom only makes breakfast especially bacon on occasion when something needs to be celebrated or to cure an ouchie for Chloe. Yes it turns out the real reason for bacon and excitement is that mom finally has a date Yeah. Chloe also has a date with Brian even though its more of a work function for him; she is happy to be going.

After the reveal about the date Chloe ends up leaving her bacon/pancake sandwich behind and mom takes a healthy bite; kinda lame but oh well on to school.

Amy and Chloe talk as they wander the halls where we find out Amy also has plans on Friday to go out with Jonah who is a senior as well as captain of the debate team.

Chloe turns around to find Alek flirting with a girl and she follows them into a storage room where they are about to kiss. She intercepts them to find out that Mimi the girl is also Mi. Wow that was a close call though would Alex starting dating humans or even killing them Chloe? I wonder if she doesn’t have some latent feeling for old Alex. hmmmm OH and the whole is reckless to date a human thing is weird because in the PILOT we found out that Chloe didn’t kill Javier but the Order killed him so is the legend even true of the Uniter?? Could it be she is the only ONE Not prone to killing humans because so far we have NO real proof.

At Chloe’s work Paul comes around talking about how hot Mimi is and how he is excited that their school is suddenly a hot spot for teen Mai’s. It’s funny when they briefly discuss the incident where Paul thought that taking things to the next level with Amy meant to set up a romantic night in bed.

Amy walks in with Jonah and Chloe gets the feeling from him that he is guilty of something but she blows it off when she tells Paul that maybe he Jonah feels bad because he is with Paul’s ex girlfriend who is Amy. Chloe is young so she tries to see the good in people; she is in for a life of disappointment.

Later on Brian shows up at Chloe’s work where they chatter amiably for a few minutes. Brian shares some things he has been doing to find information about the picture of his mother but she suggests maybe he should just ask his Dad. Now this is from someone who is secretly emailing her father behind her mothers back…..hmmm hypocrite much Chloe? Oh and the whole Mai thing is still secret from her Mom who thinks they are so close so she isn’t the one to be giving suggestions, hey I’m just sayin’.

Speaking of Papa, or Brians that is, we find him in a hotel room with a redhead after a sexy lunch of horizontal tango for two. Now this is the first time we have seen any sexiness on this show; Yep I woulda guessed the first time with be a scene with Chloe’s mother but this is more real. This man is a bad man or a hard man at least no pun intended he is the type that would do this over lunch. The redhead seems more concerned for Brian than his Papa but its his arrogance that speaks for him. Now I don’t like this guy partially because he has strange features; you know nice eyes but a weird nose and mouth that give him a cruel look even when he smiles. I guess its all about casting LOL, the redhead is highly unattractive to me but she seems at least concerned about what the Order is up and that wins her points. Its just my two cents right.

Back at the store Brian verifies the attire for friday night which is of course formal. I mean every teen age girl has formal attire no? Chloe goes home to see what she can possibly find that would be considered formal. Hey if it were me a cute black dress with heels would have passed for formal but I guess I am simple oh and her mother had just the dress she has never worn in the closet. Oh I think its grand how some things just fall into place. You know I never noticed how much Chloe and her mother were the same size, Shocker LOL. Hint Hint mom is like a c cup and Chloe maybe a barely B LOL just guessing now…oh TMI huh LOL ….laughing on the floor now. Blah Blah they talk about boys then the phone rings and its Paul.

Paul basically followed Jonah and found that Jonah is hanging out in China Town. Chloe meets up with Paul where they discover that Jonah is playing poker. A man with a gun shows up while they are deciding what to do about the situation which is really not their business. I think them telling Amy would have been good enough but oh well its a teen drama right.

After the break which came when Chloe had to decide what to do about the guy having a gun at Pauls back; we are rewarded with her jumping down on the man and leaving him on the ground as they run away. Uh huh like very lame conclusion to the tense situation we could have at least had a bit of a fight where Chloe and Paul got a couple hits in on the bad guys.

The next day Amy tells Chloe she knew about the gambling also she thought that Paul and Chloe were in the wrong for going to the place to start. I see Amy’s point in a way yes it was a dangerous place but Jonah already knew the risks and there was no reason for Paul and Chloe to go. She thinks that they two of them are lucky the guards let them go. I like her attitude no matter how illogical the thinking. Amy is looking for adventure in the wrong places but Chloe does warn her again. It’s possibly a cry for attention from Chloe more than anything which in that case makes her come across a bit immature.

Amy leaves before Chloe goes over to apologize to Alek and Mimi for interrupting them. Mimi met Alek last summer and she shares that with Chloe while Paul flirts with Mimi. Chloe asks that she not be watched on her date out that night with Brian. Alek agrees. Mimi sees how Alex looks at Chloe as she walks away but does not say anything about it. Now Mimi told Chloe that she nicknamed Paul CB which means Cocky Bast*rd which is something that kind of bothered me. I am no prude now but why is it so normal for teens to use language considered to be adult these days? Is it just me but not so long ago washing your mouth out with soap was something mother always threatened to their children for this type of language. Just a note of trivia I guess.

At Brian’s he actually bonds with this father while he ties his bow tie. Dad says Brian’s mother would be proud of him. Brian reminds his father that he invited Chloe and he concedes to let Brian enjoy a bit of time with her, though he adds he looks forward to meeting her with that look in his eyes.

Mom is also dressing for her date as well and she chooses a hot little dress with an open back showing off lots of skin. I think it was a bit much for a first date but they may have been going to a fancy restaurant we will see. Chloe is still in her robe as reads mom the riot act about behaving on a date, its kinda cute she says the things that mom has said to her many times about being safe, careful and not driving after drinking.

Amy and Jonah are also going to their date as just as she told Chloe she wants an adventure so she asks Jonah to take her to a poker game. This was the dumbest idea ever because even though Jonah has done well alone who takes a date to something like that?? Of course its Amy’s fault she thinks Chloe is having more fun than her and so she goes off into the Lions den with high expectations for excitement. An illegal poker game is no place for amateurs anyone could tell her that but Jonah takes her with him.

At the art event Brian’s dad introduces him to the Red head from the sex lunch it turns out Simone is going to be Brian’s supervisor who only just started working at the company or so they say. Oh daddy dear how do you train your employees? With long sexy lunches in a hotel room bed or maybe it was at his home not that I think of it; either way its not traditional no LOL.

Brian finally sees Chloe in her mother’s long burgundy dress; she looks radient almost etheral.

After the break, Brian and Chloe share compliments as well as wine. This is another thing that happens alot on these shows, the drinking of underage characters though in this case they could be around eighteen but we know they aren’t twenty one. Its again another little detail that seems highly out of character for the ABC Family brand but seems to slide by constantly.

Outside Alek is at his post watching out for Chloe despite her having asked him to just leave her be. Mimi shows up to keep him company and he tells her Chloe would never let them watch over her if it was up to her. I think Alek sees this in a way that shows his admiration for Chloe’s courage as well as her desire to just live her life despite being Mi or the UNiTER she just wants to be a girl. Mimi has brought dinner for them and she admires his sense of duty; his reply is that he has missed her. I think this will be an interesting love triangle.

Inside the art gallery after a brief conversation about South African cuisine, Brian leaves Chloe alone because he has to attend to something since he is actually working.

At moms dinner on the boat with her friend it is revealed they both had liked each other but had to wait till the job was over to go on a date………..ho hum kinda boring but a little cute. Mom’s date, Frank, is very cute kind of latina looking with dark hair and eyes…oh Yum.

Simone spots Chloe from across the room and seems surprised though I am unsure why. Chloe wanders off to look at a painting.

In China town Amy is making a fool of herself as Jonah tries to be cool.

At the art gallery again Chloe is looking at a picture when Brian’s dad shows up to say it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

After the break, Simone pulls Brian’s dad away before he can say anything to Chloe but she turns and sees him meeting a couple across the room.

Brian arrives with more food to be told by Chloe she might have almost met his father. The food Brian gives her is once again a South African dish that Chloe rejects as they go in search of some food that she will recognize. I am with Chloe though I love to try new foods some days you want something familiar.

Back at the poker game, Amy is bored and distracting Jonah. She has finally noticed all the guns and the attitudes in the room, a little late I might add, now she wants to leave when Jonah is winning. This is when we see that the glasses Jonah is wearing are special made to show him what the cards are on the table.

On the fun date with Mom and Frank Dark McCutie they discuss daughters and how Mom has done a great job whereas he has a failure to communicate with his daughter he it sounds like is of the same age. Hmmm I wonder if by some chance MIMI is not his child?? She is dark and cute and mysterious looking, I guess we will see if this circle of life will continue in that way LOL.

Now they kiss while standing in the restaurant which I find in poor form but maybe I am just in one of those judgy moods today I don’t mean to be but I do believe in decorum in public places I mean really folks LOL

Alek and Mimi decide to take a break of sorts LOL because it looks as though Chloe is fine but you know I wonder why they don’t know Brian’s connection to the Order? This guy, Brian’s dad wants Chloe dead but those watching her have no clue?? I think that is kinda lame and I am putting it out there for ANYONE to challenge. Tell me what I am missing that she can be in the room with people who want her dead and those watching be unaware??? Jasmine’s mother is so smart wouldn’t she know her enemy? Of course Jasmine isn’t around in this episode but still.

Oddly enough a complete stranger, a little black woman with cat like eyes, comes up to Brian and Chloe to tell them basically they belong together. Now I think this means something so lets explore it for a minute. This woman looks alot like the guy that was trying to kill Chloe at first, the guy with the scar face and she has a cat like look. I think she is a seer of sorts or someone that Chloe will go to for help later on like the cat woman where Halle Berry’s,cat woman, went that owned the cat that came to her?? Anyone recall that?? I think that woman is the cat lady and she is telling Chloe her future. I also am not totally sure about the order because I would think they are also a form of Mai but a different branch or am I not understanding that right? I mean the scar face guy had skills and Brian dad was the one that had brought scarface into the picture so I think they are not completely human or NO?

OH well so Brian and Chloe blush it off before Brian has to leave her alone yet again.

In China town, Amy is sweating bullets and ready to go which only draws attention to Jonah. The boss comes over and finds out Jonah is cheating then Amy is all frightened. *shakes head* Really? If she had only been cool then Jonah would have kept winning but no she freaked now he is caught. Amy runs out as she tries to call Chloe for help. Chloe is near her purse but not paying attention so she misses the call. Now the whole not hearing the phone when you are not focused on it happens to me constantly so that was totally believable.

Amy’s second call is to Paul who picks up where she only has time to tell him where she is before she screams. Paul calls Chloe who takes off to meet him leaving Brian standing looking after her. In this scene Simone sees Chloe leave and gives Brian a look. Now something about Simone is off it almost looks as though she is trying to help Chloe. The first time she pulled away the dad away before he met Chloe and here she looks almost like she enjoyed that Brian had Chloe with him at the event.

Alek looks up from kissing Mimi to see Chloe running out of the art gallery and takes off after her leaving a disappointed Mimi behind. I think its obvious to Mimi where Alek’s affections lie even though she has yes to voice it to him. Its in the way he looks at her and I think Chloe is torn between Brian and Alex mostly because Brian represents what her life could be if she was a human where Alek is obligation to a race she is only just learning about.

In China town they have Amy and Jonah in a room; the two of them are terrified. Chloe and Paul arrive in the room a bit anticlimatically; after Chloe kicks down the door. The guy with the gun and the other just look at them. Amy and Paul are easily locked out of the room because the bad guys are more concerned with Jonah the cheater than any of them. Chloe sighs as she readies to face the crooks alone.

After the break, Chloe uses all her fancy moves to beat up the three guys despite the gun, a knife, high heels and a long dress. Girl power baby LOL. Alek shows up late busting in the door to make sure that Chloe is fine. Paul gets the last laugh on Jonah by punching him in the face before he takes off with Amy. Go Paul, I admit Chloe’s friends are good at being there but also being in the wrong places.

Chloe arrives home ten minutes after mom so they chat briefly before there is a knock at the door. Brian comes by a few minutes later to check on Chloe; Mom says its okay if they go out for an hour since the event had been more about work for Brian than fun earlier.

They walk and talk until Brian confesses he can’t be just friends with her which is too bad since Chloe can’t even kiss him without killing him. She likes him but we all know that can’t work so she says she can’t see him any more before she runs off.

Well this was an interesting episode where we had a chance to see that Alek is really falling for Chloe though he tries hard to hide it from her by being with Mimi. I won’t say much more since I just watched the newer episode but I did enjoy this one. I hope to do more recaps of this show soon. I give this one a rating of a 7.

Please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.


  1. Loved your review. It made me laugh when you talked about all the random yet interesting stuff that happened. I totally agree with you on the “cocky bastard” nickname.

    And I’m so glad you pointed out the lady black lady that just popped out of nowhere to tell them they belonged together. That has to be the most random thing I have ever seen on TV since “Dawson’s Creek” when Joey’s dad told her emphatically that she and Dawson belonged together. The dude was in prison – I think he had other things on his mind than his daughter being with some angsty boy.

    • Hey Ashley, Thanks for replying, the show is cool but it sometimes it has lame things that creep into it. I actually am beginning to really like Amy and her dynamic with Chloe is cool. Paul is a personality of his own though it might be a typical geek boy LOL I love geeks. At first I thought it was odd that Chloe told them instead of her mother but they actually make good back up for her; I guess its a teen thing LOL. The cat lady really needs to be someone that can help Chloe get her balance especially with Alek following for her because that can get messy. 🙂

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