Nine Lives of Chloe King Recap – Episode 8 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Wow this is so nothing

This episode began only seconds after the last one ended. Chloe is outside kissing Alek when they both realize someone is watching; it turns out to be Brian who came by to give Chloe back her scarf but he got more than he bargained for in return. Chloe tries to explain to him but you know what can she really tell him since her being a Mai is a secret except to other Mai and OH Paul and Amy her super hero sidekicks.

I do have bad timing

In the process of her half explanation to Brian she tells him that the kiss with Alek is nothing, of course Alek hears this then he gets mad leaving Chloe all alone. Oh its the typical life of the gifted ones.

After the short break we find Chloe on the roof of some building that looks like it might be downtown. She is crying though its after one in the morning and she should be in her bed at home. She notices a building that has a name that brings something to mind that Brian had been investigating.

Ever the diligent friend, Chloe

She takes a picture of the building only moments before she picks up a scream in the area using her super hearing.

Yes screaming makes sense while you are arguing over stolen jewels, NOT

She runs down the alley and begins to beat up the guy that was tussling with a woman over a bag of jewels. Since no good deed goes unpunished Chloe is then hit in the face in return by the woman she thought she was helping. The cops show up and both of the people run away leaving Chloe literally holding the bag.

No good deed goes unpunished, yet again

The cops took Chloe home maybe because it was obvious she hadn’t done anything except try to help. Meredith is understandably upset seeing as she thought Chloe was asleep in her room and not galavanting all over town. Chloe tries to explain about Alek, Brian and the kiss but she leaves out why and how she was able to tussle with the guy and girl to begin with. During the interrogation for a brief moment Chloe is tempted to tell her mother about her abilities but changes her mind. Chloe goes to her room and in her sadness writes her father an email asking if he is ever going to come home.

The whole Mystery of Mr. King is odd to me. I might have mentioned this before but I really think he might be Chloe’s real father and he might be Mai or knows about her. It also could be I am drawing at straws but that would make sense that one of them would be Mai.

Sometimes I’m smarter than I look

The next day Chloe has a pow wow with Paul to discuss her almost telling her mom the secret. Paul reminds her its not an option also he has no comment on Alek and or Brian matters. I respect Paul for not getting involved in that situation he is smarter then we sometimes give him credit for I think.

At school Chloe attempts to talk to Alek but gets no where except to upset him because she still has not made a decision about how much she likes him. She storms off in a fit of anger while he slams the locker door before seeing Jasmine watching him in the hall with a frown on her face.

Kia Soul buy one today LOL

On the way to the police station the next day there is a product placement opportunity sponsored by Kia. Hmmm Suddenly Chloe wants to drive or be driven in a gold car that looks like a small SUV? This did’t work for me at all LOL. The long walk they took to get to the police station was hokey enough considering all the empty parking spots they passed to get there I have to wonder where in the world did they park? LOL The walk was a device for them talk, see the car, for Meredith to get a text from Franky Poo and for Chloe to tell Mom that she needs to file those death papers for Papa King!!

Just so you know I’m the bad cop

While Meredith is waiting for Chloe to finish talking to the sketch artist about the two thieves who were fighting over the loot the night before the cop starts talking to her. Mr. Nosy Policeman goes on and on about how parents don’t always know their children. He basically puts doubts in Meredith’s mind about what Chloe was really doing out walking late at night.

In other news, on the way back to their long lost car Meredith is almost run down by a car shooting down the road toward her. Chloe grabs her out of the way with super strength/speed. Mom is all how did you do that Chloe, instead of thank you for saving my life which should have been her first thought.

That night instead of being grateful to be alive; Meredith quizzes Chloe like she thinks she is on drugs. Chloe is at a loss for words and does not say much passed No I’m not on drugs.

Don’t be rude here is the information, you are welcome

Hi I’m rude Julie, I interrupt conversations in my insecurity

The next day Chloe finds Brian at the coffee shop to give him the information on the CPKelley. It’s a building she informs him before she gives him a map of where to find it. They awkward encounter ends when Brian’s friend/date Julie comes outside.

Later in the book section of her work, Amy meets up with Chloe. Chloe is bummed that Brian has moved on though Amy doesn’t think it should matter since Chloe has a great candidate for a boyfriend in Alek. I don’t know I don’t think Alek is hot I like Brian’s persona and look better. Go team Human. Chloe doesn’t want to discuss it any more after a few minutes but she does confess that Alek is a good kisser.

I love Alek but he has no idea

It’s time for Chloe to get to work when Jasmine arrives to talk to her. Amy stayed around to shop as usual, I love Amy she is such a good match to be Chloe bestie. Amy is equally sympathetic to Chloe’s needs and peppy when needed. I’m glad their bad times have passed at least for now. There was a piece of information dropped about Amy’s home life finally, she has two dads, interesting, yeah?

Anyway, so Jasmine only wants Chloe to think long and hard about turning away Alek as the man of her dreams, blah blah blah. Of course, I know Jasmine is in LOVE with Alek whereas he sees her as a sister or a cousin which I guess she is LOL but they aren’t related by blood. This was another part that I think was a bit heavy handed. I mean how many times to people really beg you to like someone? Isn’t that suppose to be a natural not by forced unless its the dark ages. Why don’t they just decree that she has to be with Alek? I know it could be me, I don’t find Alek attractive in the least besides he is arrogant and today so far being a world class jerk even though its because he is hurt. It seems he has feelings just like those humans. He protects Chloe but as he is always saying it is his job.

Chloe gets a call from the police station to come identify the thieves in the photo books which she does quite fast. Amy who has gone with her ask the cop, “have you ever shot anybody?” LOL she is a funny bunny. The cop does not respond to Amy but he is surprised at the speed that Chloe finishes up with what they asked her to do. The cop has no idea what is up with Chloe, which is so cool. As soon as Chloe got close to the cop again she had one of her empath dings. It’s like a ding ding ding a hit on what the other person is thinking. Chloe felt the cop was upset, scared and mad at her all at the same time. She is confused by his emotions.

I think that red headed girl is from out of this world

Outside they watch the cop as he gets in the car with the two thieves who are in the car that attempted to run over Meredith.

After the break,Amy is with Chloe as she tried to listen to the conversation in the car when her phone goes off. Meredith is the person on the phone that interrupted; she wants Chloe to come home for family dinner. Chloe misses every thing in the conversation except that its happening on Walnut street.

On the other side of town, Brian shows up at the C. P. Kelley storage place. Process of elimination leads him to believe the 1975 must be the number for the storage unit and he is right. The mystery of the information on his mother’s picture is solved. He finds old clothing items in the unit as he stands wondering why.

Meredith who takes fresh clothes into Chloe’s room decides to snoop.

At Chloe’s work Amy, Paul and Jasmine are making a plan to meet up with the bad guys to take them down by filming their activities so they can take the pictures to the police. Alek shows up to do his duty to protect Chloe though he has an attitude. Chloe gets the call to go home for dinner a few seconds later.

Yeah well I am Mommy Dearest tonight

Chloe arrives home to find that Meredith has snooped in her computer to find out that her husband is alive. They argue in a big way over Chloe keeping her father from her mother by not telling Meredith he is alive. In the end, Chloe ends up grounded. It was a really nasty fight for the two of them who usually get along well together.

Oh Chloe will love this, *sigh*

Back at the storage place, Brian is looking through old pictures, clothes, letters and other items that must have belonged to his mother. Around the time Brian finds his mother’s engagement ring we see that the storage manger has been watching; he is on the phone with someone who more than likely is Brian’s father. Now I say its his father because he or someone hired by him was watching as Brian found the picture to begin with a few episodes ago.

Up on the roof top where Chloe went to sulk, Alek finds her. He explains how if she tells her mother she is MAI things will change and she will never be human again. He told his parents but didn’t explain exactly how they responded excepted to say that he was lucky Valentina found him. Meredith begins to call Chloe she rushes back downstairs just before Alek leaves. This of course is to show us how fast Chloe can get from one place to another though we do get the paranoid Mom response, “No locked doors,” from Meredith when she finds she can’t get into Chloe’s room.

What’s the signal?

Over on Walnut, there is a scene where Alek learns that everything he says to Chloe is passed on to her friends, I’m with Alek on this one, “do you people tell each other everything?” LOL I think he means it in the way of HUMANS!! but they of course think its okay since they are good friends.

Back at the house, Meredith is locking up the house in the dark when she is grabbed from behind and knocked out with a choloroform rag over her mouth. The cop and the lady thief come inside after the man thief lets them in after he leaves Meredith unconscious on her own floor.

Chloe who is upstairs with head phones on is able to see them down the hall just before they arrive at her room. Chloe surprises the woman thief downstairs before she knocks her out. Amy calls to let her know there is no sign of the thieves on Walnut street before Chloe sends a text message as she watches for the other two guys to come down stairs. Chloe takes care of the male thief as well as takes her mother to the closet to hide with her before the cop comes down the stairs again. Wow that is some speedy moving, Chloe, Touche!! I think this entire scene was more about Chloe being able to take care of herself than anything else. Her mother just thinks she wants to know everything happening in Chloe’s life she has no idea how complicated it has gotten.

The ringing of Chloe’s phone draws attention to their hiding place in the closet but just when the cop would have opened the door Alek comes to the rescue. Meredith is surprised to see the cop on the floor with the thieves when they come out of the closet. Meredith is still clueless about Chloe though she almost told her when they were trapped in the closet but with the rescue there was no real reason or time really for the confession .

In the next scene I actually liked Alek, he wasn’t cocky or trying to be sexy he was just amusing. He and Chloe talked after she thanked him for coming in response to her text. Chloe confessed to Alek she wasn’t ready to be anything more than friends, there she said it, its a good thing too. It’s bad enough she is only sixteen and is the UNITER she doesn’t need this boy drama though I know its what teens deal with all the time. She almost kisses him again but thinks better of it. I really wish they wouldn’t push these two together but maybe its the only way she can decide about Brian. I know I know he is human though I still not convinced she will kill him if he kisses her. In that first episode we know the bad guys the Order killed Javier not Chloe.

Inside Meredith explains to Chloe how she was really mad at the father King for disappearing and not at Chloe at all. She doesn’t think its fair he put Chloe in the middle by emailing her but not Meredith that he was alive. Chloe lies when Meredith inquires about what Chloe was going to tell her before Alek showed up when they were in the closet; she only says it was about Daddy King. I think that was good call; Meredith would never allow Chloe to be the UNITER in peace if she was aware of it. Meredith keeps saying no more secrets but she has a bunch of Chloe’s old stuff from her adoption upstairs; now if she was so honest why wouldn’t Chloe have that stuff? Now she goes upstairs locks the door to pull out the hidden box again before she emails, you guessed it, Daddy King. I don’t recall her asking Chloe if she minded if she used the email from her computer to communicate with her missing husband LOL Secrets Much??

She writes: Johnathon is this really you?

She then pulls out an old magazine article. Headline: Lone Survivor in Ukranian Massacre
Oh and on closer viewing I see the article is by none other than Johnathon King himself, ah the plot thickens he was a writer/reporter. So why did he disappear ten years ago? Was he taken on assignment though it sounds like he just walked away. Maybe the order has something to do with it.

Oh and I was reading some of the article it says that the little girl was found among the rubble with no injuries. Hey didn’t Alek say he was from Russia or the Ukraine too? Do you thing he and Chloe are related? Oh that would be a mess. Wouldn’t Valentina know?
I assume the child was Chloe but it doesn’t seem like Chloe knows it; in the first episodes she had told Chloe her father brought her home from an orphanage but didnt’ know many details of her previous life……hmmm so that makes her a liar huh? If that article is about Chloe than she knows more than she has told her. Oh the Secrets!! Chloe isn’t the only one hiding things for the others own good. So Brian and his father aren’t the only ones.

Oh Chloe I still LOVES YOU!!

The next day, Brian shows up at Chloe’s job to think her for the lead on the storage location. She gets the low down on what was in the unit plus he shows her the engagement ring that belonged to his mother. The mystery is since his mother always wore the ring how was it reported stolen after her death? Chloe wonders if it was stolen how did it end up in the storage unit. Brian plans to find out. Okay I just have to say Brian has a cat like look too…….but he is so much cuter than Alek, its about taste I know LOL. I just bet Mommy found out something she shouldn’t have and Daddy Dearest got rid of her. I’m just speculating but from the start I had a feeling she had met an untimely death maybe because Brian wanted to find what happened so badly. Alek is of course watching them from a distance or he is supposed to be watching over Chloe so maybe he is doing his job.

This was a nice solid episode I think. I would give it a 8 on a scale from 1-10 .

Please feel free to comment.

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