Nine Lives of Chloe King S01 Episode 7- Some Jackals are Nice

I’m not really a thief but I am kinda hungry

In the beginning of this episode Amy is at the store commiserating with Chloe about losing Brian as Paul eyes a young man who looks as though he going to shoplift. The young man looks like a homeless person kind of unshaven and unclean. Chloe does her empathy thing where her eyes turns cat-like and she can tell that the young man, the unshaven one, is terrified. She offers him something to eat and he takes it. Just as Chloe learns the young mans name is Kai, Jasmine and Alek come in the store then start chasing Kai. They make a mess of the store as Chloe follows after them then is surprised to find out the young man has canine teeth as well as is fast as they are. Kai gets away after

Is this how I get you pay attention to me?

Alek has to take Chloe down not realizing she had followed them.

After the break, they met up back at Chloe’s work which its taken me two weeks to see is more than a store for clothes it also has books and things Or its a bookstore near the dress store ?(!). Anyway, Alek explains to Chloe that Kai was a Jackal. A Jackal according to Alek is from a race that are filthy murderers, the dregs of society and the Mai’s mortal enemies. I imagine that comes from a biased point of view; Alek is known for saying things with feeling or passion for emphasis. Alek couldn’t believe that Chloe hadn’t smelled Kai, she says other than the aroma of a slightly unwashed boy he didn’t smell that bad, Yes Chloe is always the optimist. Jasmine and Alek are surprised to hear that Chloe’s empathy worked on Kai at all because they were of the impression it only worked on humans. Chloe insists that she got the feeling Kai was a scared kid.


Paul asked if he saw a jackal on the street how should a normal human behave, Alek’s response was that they should run with abject terror if they saw a jackal on the street because they are truly animals. Chloe gets frustrated with Alek because it does not seem he is taking her empathy toward Kai into account so she walks away leaving them all inside. Alek follows her out then apologizes before he offers to walk her home. She wants to be independent but all of us viewers know that Alek worries about Chloe because he likes her but has yet to express it.

At the penthouse, Jasmine tells her mother, Valentina, about the Jackal. Her mother is concerned that the Jackals have come into their space. It seems the Mai and Jackal rarely meet on purpose. Valentina makes plans to send out spies to seek the Jackals whereabouts. Jasmine gives her mother the news about Chloe empathizing with the Jackal and befriending it but Valentina can’t believe this bit of news. So here I think we see a theme arising as far as who Chloe really is in relation to Mai and her purpose as the UNITER.

The next morning Chloe has the talk about Brian with her mother where she tells her that she and Brian wanted different things. Yes Chloe wanted to avoid killing Brian by accident and Brian just wanted to be loved by Chloe in his ignorance. I would say that is wanting different things for Jizzle. LOL Frank shows up with coffee and kissing breaking up the mother daughter bonding moment. It looks like this is the first time he has met Chloe, oh and I noticed he had a sexy Latin accent this time…..Wowza, go mom. Chloe and mom mouth how cute Frank is as he washes his hands so he can give Chloe a hand shake. She teases her mother as the leaves for the day, about making good choices, its code for be safe with the sexy guy, it cute. Chloe has not even left the house and her mother is already flirting with Frank, Chloe looks at her as though she has not seen her mother happy in a while.

Now in the credits it says this episode was directed by Guy Bee which I remember from last seasons supernatural, I wonder if it’s the same guy LOL he seemed fun he sent out some pictures to supernatural fandom and acted like a real fun person. I know I digress into Supernatural Land quite easily.

Don’t be sad, gurlfriend!

At the bookstore Amy is also happy that Mommy Meredith has a love interest while Paul is more interested in sharing random information from the book his reading. Chloe is distracted by someone she thinks is Brian only to be disappointed she leaves a few seconds later with sadness in her heart. I have to say this is the storyline that I am hoping will have a come back. I don’t think Alek will make a good couple with Chloe he is just too much like her and it would be boring besides as I said before I don’t necessarily believe that she cannot be with a human. This episode actually, *spoiler* gives us some hints in that direction. Paul is being a guy about the whole Chloe can’t be with Brian so she needs to get over it thing so Amy decides to take some action to help her friend out.

She arrives at Jasmine’s to Alek’s surprise with Paul in tow. Amy suggests to Alek that there has to be a way for Chloe to be with Brian but Alek insists that there isn’t a way for Chloe to be with anyone but a Mai. Amy’s eyes are opened that Alek likes Chloe by the way he looks when he states that Chloe can be alone OR with a Mai. Alek leaves when Jasmine arrives in the room surprised to have visitors.

Meanwhile Chloe is walking the streets of town, I thought she was going to work, oh well. There is a guy walking the streets in a hoody and she attacks him only to find its Kai. He says they are trying to kill him. Hmm they as in who? why? If he is a Jackal how can anyone kill him? This is the questions I considered during the brief break.

After the break, Kai tells Chloe a tale about him being new to the city, about his being beat up as well as that he expected her to kill him the first time they met but that he can see she is different. It all sounds like a made up story to me LOL, maybe she should kill him even though he is a cutie.

Chloe promises not to kill him as she allows him to follow her home, like a stray pet LOL. They are able to sneak in to the house and up the stairs despite Meredith, mom, being in the kitchen and walking around the house. They almost make it to the bedroom but Chloe gets caught as she pushes Kai in the room. LOL like that would ever happen right?


Mom asks Chloe to entertain Frank when he arrives in case she is not quite ready to go and it’s not like Chloe could say no. She does go in her room for a few moments to chat up Kai who tells her he does not have a nice room but lives place to place on the run all the time. Chloe sympathizes with him briefly but gives Kai free reign of her room as the door bell rings though this just seems a bit too trusting to me. As soon as Chloe leaves the room Kai gets a look like, “I’m In,” he totally looks up to no good.

Yes I have sexy accent and killer smile

Small talk ensues with Chloe and Frank downstairs for several minutes. Where are you going to eat? When will you bring Mom back? You know stuff kids ask the potential spouses of their parents. Chloe got a bit more than she planned for when Frank went on and on about having wanted to get close to her mother for a while but since she was the boss they had to wait, blah blah blah but it sounded all good with his accent which was probably the point. Amy, Meredith’s occasional second child, showed up before they two could leave for their date. “You hurt her you will live to regret it,” Amy insists on Meredith’s behalf, kinda cute but yeah lame LOL.

Um KaiCandy anyone?

The parents finally leave just before Kai comes down to give us some shirtless eye candy. Amy is duly impressed. Chloe is mortified. The sound of the door opening again has Amy and Kai jumping in the closet, um wasn’t Amy supposed to be there? Any who, Mom has forgotten her phone it seems. Amy and Kai are in close quarters in the closet as Amy introduces herself, on the other hand, Mom is all you sure you like him Chloe which was just so lame because they already had that discussion. The scene was to show us how insecure Meredith really is and how she wants Chloe approval.

Oh Yeah this is a better view of the candy šŸ™‚

Curious minded Amy is outside talking to Chloe later that evening while they watch Kai through the window eating Chinese out of the box. Chloe is not threatened by Kai and she wants to make sure he gets home safe.

Ignore the redhead I’m the boss

She goes later to confront Valentina, Jasmine and Alek with her decision to take Kai back herself. Alex insists that Jackals are soulless killing machines and Valentina says HER decision is for Chloe’s good. Chloe plays the UNITER card as she tells them she is not asking permission she is just stating what she is going to do. GO CHLOE!! Team Free WILL. She reminds them that they told her to trust her instincts as well she believes her instincts about Kai are right. The concession Valentina makes is to ask that Chloe take Alek and Jasmine with her the next morning to take Kai home.

After Chloe leaves they discuss a plan to destroyed the jackals. Alek and Jasmine are to let Valentina know when the location of the Jackals is revealed despite them agreeing to do things Chloe way. Jasmine doesn’t like that the plan means they have to lie to Chloe but Valentina doesn’t care.

After the break, Chloe is on the sofa waiting up when Meredith comes home. The bottom line is that she really likes Frank, enough said but no she has to mention Chloe’s dad. This is the same dad that is secretly writing Chloe without Meredith knowing it, Chloe almost gets up stairs but Mom begins talking about feeling guilty for having fun since her husband disappeared. They both miss him blah blah this is a storyline I want to hear more meat about, more actually background not just see a few emails that Chloe hides I can only assume because her dad wants to stay away. I think the father angle will give us more clues about how Meredith ended up with a Mai daughter even though I know she is adopted but maybe dad knew she was Mai, just maybe dad is too.

Meredith is surprised to learn that Chloe feels its time she moved on with her life since Chloe is growing up. Okay this was the prime moment for Chloe to fess up but I guess she had the whole taking a jackal to his family situation on her mind. She didn’t need to be grounded or at the shrinks office because either Meredith knows about Chloe which I doubt or she has no clue and would totally freak.

Alek is in Chloe’s room when she arrives upstairs. WE find out at this point that Kai is in the attic, I wondered where he had wandered off to. Alek makes jokes about Kai odor and he also wonders aloud why Chloe wants to help the jackal. As the Uniter she is the one that is supposed to have the compassion for people though I don’t think Alek understood still he did leave or at least go outside to watch the house like he usually does.

Is there a reason we didn’t bring the car?

The next morning Paul and Amy also go on the trek to take Kai back to his family which I should have expected because Paul is always the comic relief in these situations. Jasmine is still concerned that they are lying to Chloe about only accompanying her to take Kai, but Alek isn’t concerned. It’s Amy who suggests to Chloe privately that she might consider dating Alek since he is Mai but Chloe only poo poos the idea on their long walk.

They walk an hour before they start to consider that Kai should be able to go the rest of the way on his own, Chloe however wants to take him all the way to his family. Alek text the hunters as the continue their trek.

They are ambushed when they arrive at the meeting place, big surprise. Kai is all oh this place looked different before and look the Mai where here. He was such a liar and well not so good acting either at this point. Jasmine and Alek are separated from the others to find out that Alek didn’t text for the hunters after all he wanted to believe Chloe was right about Kai too. Chloe is with Kai as she realizes it was a trap all along.

Brush Much, Dog man

There is a fight as Paul with Amy take off in a different directions. Jasmine fights off some jackals as Chloe finally meets up with Paul and Amy only to crash into more Jackals. They grab Chloe before one of the bigger ones makes a few snide comments about her. He turns around after Paul hits him with a stone; its David and Goliath all over again LOL. Alek comes rushing in and at the jackal only to be thrown around like a rag doll. Chloe pleads for everyone else’s life as the big guy picks her up off her feet.

Now I’m not playing

After the break, Kai takes up for Chloe against his father when the guy refuses to let her go Chloe attacks with Kai backing her up. Chloe has the chance to kill him but does not; she only wants them all to go on their way.

Outside Alek is confronted by Chloe for his stupidity at his fighting the jackals but we all know it’s because he likes her so much. Chloe doesn’t seem to quite see that she thinks it’s about his duty and I don’t think they have the chemistry that she has with Brian, is that just me?

Whatever Mom because you will believe what you want anyway

At Jasmine’s she takes the blame for the failed mission of contacting Valentina so they could kill the jackals the way Valentina wanted them to do. Jasmine is well aware of Alek’s feeling for Chloe its kinda sad because she likes him the way he likes Chloe. Her taking the fall for him was supposedly easy for her because her mother thinks she is a screw up so but in reality it was a thing she did for Alek. He is so smitten with Chloe he cannot see it.

Chloe arrives home to stricken Meredith, she wants to declare her missing husband dead but she wants Chloe to agree to it. He has been gone for ten years so to move on Meredith wants to take the next step. Chloe is considering what do before there is a knock at the door. It’s Alek.

Nice kiss but uh not sure its what I want

He declares they belong together then kisses her as the music swells. Now Chloe only kisses him back tentatively and I think its more about it being her second kiss EVER than that is Alek but I guess we will see.

So that was the end, a fairly interesting episode i would rated it a 6+

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