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PLL S07 Epi 4 Dead Man thy name is Archer

30 Aug

Hi again, and lucky me I have a chance to get another review done, that will be two in two days I am on a roll.  Let’s get started with those Pretty Little Liars the final season (7) episode.

Okay so I see what happened in the beginning of the last episode it was a few minutes later basically the same way they are starting this one off.  The girls are digging a grave, which if you look back over the series they do quite often.  I did a quick search hoping someone was a curious as myself but to know avail.  I did find some odd topics that have nothing to do with this episode.

aria and em epi 4

Emily, Spencer and Aria are doing the grave digging while Hanna is in shock in the car since she did the actual crashing into Elliot with the car and Alison is in shock on the ground having seen her husband/psycho doctor killed.

hanna shock epi 4

Hanna’s shock wears off first as she comes to help dig, Aria doesn’t know why they couldn’t go to the police to tell the truth.  Lots of conversation happening at once, something about how to get Alison back to the hospital, also what version of the truth would they tell the police and why didn’t Hanna know which peddle to push to not run over Elliot, low blow Spencer, Yikes.  Finally Alison comes over to the digging area, squats on the ground and reaches in to get Elliot’s bag, “here you will need this.” ha ha at least she is thinking.  Cue creepy music, round one is done.

In the car, on the way to make it look like Elliot has run off of his own free will.  They of course start turning on each other like usual, trying to get there story straight gets complicated, because they fear they will forget something.

Meanwhile Toby has gone from the trailer to the police station to do more research.  He gets an annoying message from Yvonne who he obviously didn’t tell he was leaving.  He lets her know its going to be a long night.

toby working late epi 4

After all the digging they go to Spencer’s place to clean up, but after Emily leaves to go to work Caleb arrives.  Spencer refuses to let him in since Hanna is still there and things are fuzzy with all of them right now.  The whole Caleb kissed Hanna for ole time sakes thing is stupid but they are still trying to squeeze in some Spaleb love.  Caleb stays at the door long enough to share a memory with Spencer from the past, at first she tries to get him to leave for Hanna’s sake then she gives in as he describes it so sweetly; the talking, the firsnight with him at the movie etc…  Seriously I can’t see the Caleb we know in any of what he was saying, Can You?  Caleb the computer geek?  Caleb that loved Hanna?  Not the same Caleb.  Finally he does leave Spencer in tears at the door, thought its still closed.  Hanna suggest that Spencer go after Caleb but she just tells her to not say anything.

hanna spencer talk caleb epi 4

At the Welby, Aria is trying to get Alison in without being seen.  Alison tells her to check admissions but when Aria turns around Alison is gone.  WTH?  What is the purpose of this yet again, another filler scene?

Spencer goes to the Radley to verify what she is supposed to do as far as the alibi for where she was when Elliot disappeared.  In reality, she starts drinking before Emily goes off to do her part.  Spencer is in a bit of a foul mood, I think Emily should have paid more attention to that but you know hindsight is 20/20.

em spencer epi 4 bar

Over at the Welby, Aria finds Alison hiding in a stairwell afraid to go back to her room.  Aria promises that she will return for her but Alison has to do her part to help protect everyone else Aria insistsl

At the Radley, some handsome older guy sends Spencer a drink.  Can anyone tell me why handsome younger men like say Fritz don’t flirt with the girls, its instead old guys that look way older than them, kinda creepy, like someone has a Lolita fetish, hmm.  Oh and by the way until this moment I didn’t know what the book was about, disgusting.  Makes me want to spit.

Moving on, Aria finally goes in to put Alison back the way she was before she left the hosptital.  Aria asks her friend the 6000 dollar question, ” did you kill Charlotte?”  Alison explains and we see in flashbacks of how she followed Charlotte, they argued but she left her alive when she went home.  She did however hear noises on her way out of the church.  Aria seems satisfied with the story but she still has to put the muzzle on her and then straps on her feet too.

flirting with spencer epi 4

At the Radley the older man comes over to talk to Spencer. After he gets her drink order straight he asks what she was doing that very night.  “Burying a Body,” Spencer replies with a straight face, he laughs thinking its a joke.

Hanna is with Aria as they go to finish cleaning the crime scene, while they walk they talk about Alison and how she has changed.  Then they notice the car is missing from earlier.

hanna aria epi 4

At the Radley, Spencer gets the notice that she is up and Aria is done but instead decides to get dirty in the elevator with the guy she has been flirting and drinking with.  In the elevator she gets him all worked up and then changes her mind.  I guess they don’t know at times that is the best way to get hurt.

Back looking for the car, they realize the obvious, that someone else knew what happened that night, the car didn’t drive itself away after all.

Spencer calls Emily to tell her that she can’t do her part because she can’t even drive, since she is obviously drunk.

Of course minutes later the car drives up with Mona at the wheel already with her story of having paid attention after he pal, Hanna Banana got kidnapped and cow poked in her underwear. She goes on to tell them basically she had taken the car to have the window repaired and it would have been a bone headed move to try to burn it liked they had planned.

Emily brings Spencer back to Lucas’ I guess since I don’t think she has a place and last I recall she was staying with Hanna at Lucas’ loft.  They wine and moan about how their lives have gone to hell since the beginning with A and now even more with AD.

Em Spencer at house epi 4

The next day they all have brunch at the Radley including Mona but excluding Alison who is still at the Welby hospital.  By the way, could they have chosen a more obvious name than to name it after Marcus Welby, an old medical drama tv show from the late sixties. They spend the first few minutes arguing of course, Aria wants to know if they should be seen by the cameras that don’t record sound, Hanna wants to know about the best way to get the burner phone that Mona insists exist.  They hear a familiar sound, the tapping of a cane on the floor like the noise that Jenna makes when she is around.

Jenna walks up blah blah blah, I see you all though I am supposedly blind, makes veiled threats about seeing Alison, even though I don’t think they were ever real friends.  She then taps off.  No idea why they all seem so afraid of the blind girl, oh WAIT they blinded her.

This is around the time I noticed something that Jenna is also wearing tasseled jewelry.  Hang in with me now.  They do this often on PLL they put some fashion item on the characters that is the same in an episode.

tassel necklace jenna epi. 4

Jenna’s Tassels Necklace is hard to see because she stood with her hand over her neck area when talking then walked away its only seen when she walks up.

tassel earrings mona epi 4

Mona’s tassels are most obvious because they are light against her dark features.  I notice them first.

hanna tassel flower earring epi 4

Hanna’s shop up a bit later in the show but were a bit harder to see because the gold almost blended with her hair, they are flowers at the top but have the tassel shape and are gold chain drops.

I also think Area has some burgundy ones but don’t recall seeing them clearly.

Anyway moving on…..

They speculate about why Jenna is in town then Spencer goes for more orange juice followed by Hanna who advises her to go see Caleb.  There are worse things than not doing what you really want to do, the girls will give over her not being there for them for one day, basically, Hanna advises.

Jenna shows up at the station looking for Toby who isn’t excited to see her and not that interested in a family reunion.  She insists that she is eager to be around him as he gets ready to be married, not creepy at all from the person who basically raped him a few years ago.

Hanna tells Mona that she isn’t sure she had the peddles confused the night before or if she really just wanted to hit Elliot.  She is not sure, although I think she is very sure.  After her confession she follows with a whole new reveal that is the one that is about her and Jordan, but seconds later she realized her bracelet is missing.  Hanna thinks she might have had it last in Rollins car. She could have been a bit more upset about this, it was very nonchalante.  Mona insists they will get to the bracelet.

Why do they trust Mona, the girl is broken, she has more personalities than most people have underwear.  She seems nice and helpful one minute then she is back on the A team why can’t Hanna see that?  I guess its just old habits, we all have them.

The next morning at the hospital they arrive to find a lot of people including the police. Toby sees them and pulls them over and ask to gather the others they have to talk.  No he doesn’t actually say that I just figure it out since they all meet up afterward, whoa, what was that? LOL

Spencer goes to find Caleb and he has gone off leaving only a note for her.   Odd since she just told him she needed some time, I swear people are so freaking impatient, in tv land and by relation in the real world too.

All together except for Hanna, they are told by Toby the truth that Elliot was a fraud, and now he is missing.  Wait for it, shocker, could they all have looked even a bit more concerned about the missing man who is Alison’t husband, No I don’t think so either.

Hanna is with Mona at Rollins/Elliot/fraudsters car when the find the bracelet but also the burner phone, Yahtzee!! The pick it up when it rings and Jenna is on the other end, she called Elliot by the name of Archer. Jenna, umm can I say Random?  How is she always in on this mystery, cane, sunglasses and all. LOL

burner phone epi 4

Thanks for reading.  Leave comments, I can’t wait to hear from you all!



PLL S07 Episode 3 The Devil She Married

29 Aug

Welcome back to my long delayed review of Season 7 episode 3 of Pretty Little Liars, please forgive thankfully Netflix has the episodes for us to enjoy at least through the summer time.  I honestly thought I had done this review.

So lets begin.

This episode seems to start in the middle of a sentence, you know like we missed something and here we are.  Hanna is looking at a ring in a box, a big shiny engagement ring when she hears Aria she puts it on but hides her hands.  Aria notices only that Hanna had burn marks on her back.  That is some serious A.D.-NESS, leaving physical evidence.  Of course we all know that happened when AD had Hanna locked up in her unmentionables.

Emily then sends out sent out some texts letting everyone know that Alison is worse than she was before and Emily sees Mary arguing with Elliott, that actually happened last week, right how oddd. hmmm.  They meet up to discuss this new turn of events, and get no where really they decide to split up with Spencer separating from the group while Aria remembers the night that Alison married Elliot and wishes she hadn’t married them. Its not like she should have known her smiling friend was unhappy, seems a waste of guilt actually.

epi 3 investigating elliot

Over at the hospital Alison attacks Elliot when he comes in her room.  Despite a really good fight he is able to use a syringe to knock her out again and strap her down to the bed.  In an even more disgusting move he puts a muzzle on her like a dang dog.  I don’t know who thinks up this stuff but it Bat S**t crazy to do this to her in this tv show, very much uncalled for.  :(:( I will not show a picture of this stupidity.

epi 3 alison trying to kill elliot

A filler scene follows with Hanna deciding what happened to her alone was way more traumatic then all of them in the dollhouse and Emily misreading the interaction with her and Sabrina.  Like I said filler scenes.

Over at Toby’s Spencer runs into Yvonne only to find out that she is engaged to Toby and doesn’t want him running off to help Spencer this particular night, especially.  Spencer pretends to be excited but when she turns away she seems very upset.

epi 3 ari yvonne

The girls make contact with Elliot’s superior at the hospital and threaten to sue him if he is aware of Alison’s mistreatment.  When they are taken to her room the find she looks fit as a fiddle and her papers say she is being treated properly.  Emily is of course shocked to hear this as Elliot looks suspiciously at them all.  He is getting away with it at least at this point of the game.

episode 3 the devil

Spencer confronts Toby about something happening with he and Hanna, he said it was just a kiss but when asked to clarify if it meant more he doesn’t reply.  they are interrupted by a call from her brother, Jason DeLaurentis.  I believe she was seeking help for Alison if I recall from last episode.

The group meets up to recap all that has happened including why Jason cannot get Alison out of the hospital right away since he is out of the country.  They decided to meet up at Alison’s house to break into that secret bench by Elliot’s bed, because of course breaking and entering is on their to do list, right.  I mean since Toby isn’t around being the only cop they know, okie dokie.  While looking for a key Emily finds something in Spencer’s bag that she simply takes with her as she goes off to work, suddenly, since she was on the team to go do the B & E, she Now has to go off to work?  Is anyone paying attention on this show?


episode 3 emily takes

Outside Spencer and Hanna discuss Caleb and Jordan while the littlest member of the crew does the actual dirty work inside.  Poor Aria left alone inside while her two buddies bicker over one man, lol. She tries her best to take pictures of everything she finds in the special locked bench by the bed, while outside the girls stall Elliot. He is so cocky in the light of day with his pretty little lies!! Elliot sees Aria as she comes to get in the car from around the back of the house and glares.

After finding a receipt in some of things that Aria was able to get pictures of she and Hanna decide to go see if his family can tell them anything about him, in a round about way, of course.  Hanna isn’t excited to go but we know its because she already broke up with Jordan and hasn’t told anyone.

Then we get another filler scene, where we see Emily at work, she tries to contact Toby by phone then she notices Sabrina has come to sit at at table across the room.

epi 3 em at work

In other news, Aria and Hanna are lost with only a map in the middle of no where with no cell service. I have heard stories, I write sarcastically, of the old days where people used maps for directions, in this case Hanna can’t believe Lucas even has a map LOL!

Okay so Hanna has a B*tch fit on Aria and I am noticing something, not only are her boobs bigger like (boob job) but her lips look plumper too, lol.  Random I know but the little fit didn’t quite seem like it was real, it didn’t hold my attention at all.  Why not just tell her bestie she broke up with Jordan, Aria had just confessed to breaking it off with Liam, Ugh these girls!! This drama for the sake of drama to have more episodes to reach a certain number is not a good thing.

Back at the Radley, asylum turned ritzy hotel/bar.  Can we just discuss that for a moment, how does a person get a permit to make a Loony Bin where many children and people died into  a hotel, a place were people sleep.  Anyone heard of Ghosts??

Moving on, Emily embarrasses herself in front of Sabrina telling her how wonderful of a person she really happens to be, all the while really letting her know she doesn’t understand the art of being subtle but, even though she had a rocky start with the lies last season she can be a better person.  Unexpectantly, Sabrina’s date shows up and asks Emily, who is the actual new bartender, to get her a drink.  Emily cringes as she agrees to get the drink.

Looks like Hanna and Aria landed in Amishland.  Aria suggest talking to the owner in order to get him to be open to questions while Hanna wonders off and finds a little girl playing with dolls.  YES dolls of course this shows is about Dolls!! The little girl, Eliza tells them she knew Charlotte, of course doesn’t every doll playing young girl in fifty miles know charlotte/cece/charles? She tells Aria she got her dolls from Charlotte who used to play with her.  The girl mentions, in an effort to infuse some realism in this show, isn’t suppose to have dolls with faces, because that would be weird HA, it is some Amish thing. Eliza runs off when her father calls and he arrives to tell the girls its time to go. You know its time to go when the one scene with actual help in it has just played but the one person who has nothing to do with anything, shares the secret, moving on.

epi 3 Eliza

epi 3 Amish guy

Emily has a chance to talk to Sabrina again when she makes an excuse to come over saying she wants a drink, but in reality she wants them to start over. It seems the girl with her at lunch was her ex-girlfriend.  Emily agrees to start fresh with her but I don’t know why with all the secrets in her life. Just more filler drama, we know the love of her life is long dead, but she is doing her best I suppose.

As they are leaving the little Amish shop of horrors, Hanna sees the cattle prod that Elliot or AD or whoever does things to people in this show but do not have the NERVE to show their faces used on her. Hanna has flashbacks for a few seconds so she can tell Aria little to nothing about what she went through.  She really just looks like she will cry or throw up or maybe both.

The final count down happens in this scene with Spencer and Caleb.  They go on about how they met, the things they like about each other and how they were falling for each other but for me it never quite clicked with them. This whole thing started when Caleb had fancy clothes, from his rich mom, do you recall?  Spencer says she loves him  and wants to be first with him but she thinks he just likes her.   Like with all of that they both still want to be with other people, OR I just think they belong with others, not sure at this point.  Its early season 7 after all.

epi 3 spencer with caleb chatting

Across town we see Toby and Yvonne (Kara Royster)having their family celebration for their engagement.  I never could see these two together.  Although its interesting they put Toby in this series with to MultiEthnic actresses.  Yes Troian is very multiEthnic too!!

I realize that is neither here nor there but something I noticed. I also noticed even though they had shown Yvonne as some big wig hot shot why wasn’t there a big to do engagement party not a hoe down at the trailer like an outside barbeque.  Unless I am remember things ahead of myself.  It has been a while since I watched the episodes.

episode 3 toby with yvonne

epi 3 celebrate

So Emily arrives at the celebration to give him the papers she had taken from Spencer’s bag.  She apologizes but insists that Alison still needs his help, even if she is the murderer, they still have to find AD.  Toby reluctantly agrees.

Emily goes to Spencer after leaving Toby and they decide the drug Alison is being given is to drive her crazy, it causes among other symptoms, hallucinations. They also figure out the latex Elliot was making was for the masks, the Hanna mask and based on some blue contact lenses the Wildon mask from when Alison thought she saw him last season.

We see Alison waking up with Elliot beside her bed, its sooooo melodramatic he says, “Change of Plans.” Cue dramatic music. Its like some retro momentary hint of another tv show or move maybe a bit film Noir?  No it didn’t work for me how about you?

The girls are suddenly put in the loop as to something happening with Elliot and Alison by a pin drop?  They think its Alison cuing them in on what is going on that very minute.  We see Alison in the car with Elliot, as she pretends to be dozing but I got an idea he knows she is not.  It seems he is still up to no good.

Back at the trailer home of Toby and Yvonne, who is currently wearing a purple short gown even though Toby is working on Alison’s case. Suddenly Yvonne puts on her pouty jealous face that does nothing for her looks. She tries to get him to go inside with a kiss but he blows her off and she returns alone to the trailer.  Toby then finds out that Elliot is not the person he is pretending to be.

epi 3 yvonne pouty face

On the road again we see the girls following the pin drop and Elliot with Alison. Its the final minutes my heart is pounding LOL so exciting.  Elliot hits a bump in the road and Alison takes the opportunity to reach out and hit him.  She jumps from the car and starts running from the direction they had come from.  He chases her and ends up in front of the Liars car, CRASH!  Alison had run off in the other direction. Elliots faces crashes through the windshield, YIKES, ugh.

epi 3 crash

Alison comes back to see him through the windshield Whoa what a final scene, right?

epi 3 alison at car

Quite a gory end to this little mess of an episode.  Not one of my favorites by far with too much happening at times and not enough explanations at others.  Oh and where was Fritz and Mona?   Well have a read and leave some comments lets relive this baby, till next time!!









PLL S07 Episode 2 Secret People

13 Aug

Hi all you Pretty Little Liars Fans is time for another fun fanciful recap from our last season ever of the show.  Let’s get started.

This time we are mesmerized with some thrilling conversation, she wrote sarcastically :),  from Hanna and Mary Drake. It is by the by the most boring exchange of information I can remember on this show, not only does it seem to be in black and white for no good reason other than maybe because it is dark outside.  Anywho, it turns out that Mary who is a family secret of the Delarentis, wasn’t holding Hanna hostage in only her underwear but some other perv who has yet to be found.  Mary just happened to show up to Hanna’s rescue on that dark road in the middle of nowhere.  I have to say that is some kind of coincidence.  Cue theme song.


Back at Spencer’s house, the gang begins to piece together the pieces that they have gathered based on their own preconceived notions and ideas.  I am pointing this out because we always get new formations of ideas, new pieces and new people half the time that are supposed to be the torturer or A or A.D. or whoever the villian happens to be this week. This time its Mary Drake they think despite her Sally Sunshine, ha attitude with picking up Hanna to help her even though she might be the perpetrator because they believe its pay back for Alison killing Charlotte.  Spencer points out that yes Mary was also in Radley, as a thought I remember that time that doctor mentioned a Delarentis being in Radley besides Charlotte and we thought it was Alisons mother obviously we now know it was the secret family member, twin. It’s all speculation of course, but why not run with it.

Caleb at some point gives Hanna back her engagement ring, hmm was it left by the bedside table?  Yikes!  Then Ezra gets the door to find a bunch of funeral looking flowers with a note from A.D., saying thanks for the help glad we are on the same team.  Not much later Caleb and Hanna decided what happened with them was a slip and it was because she always felt safe with him.  Not sure who is fooling who here, but we all know these two belong together.  Who else can deal with Hanna’s foolishness for very long.

In the hallway, Spencer and Emily stop to chat about Hannas wild eyed look after what happened to her its not surprising, they plan to keep an eye on her.  Caleb takes Spencer home minutes later and I remember they are still together at this point of the season,  Oops spoiler for those who have not seen it all. Despite Emily’s urgings Hanna is not in any hurry to call Jordan who knows nothing of the A. D.-Ness of it all lol.

Now Caleb it with Spencer playing double time I think.  He has only hours ago given Hanna the look that said they could totally get back together now he is kissing Spencer trying to get her back into his bed.  Years ago when I first met Caleb I never thought he would be a “playa”.

Sometime in the morning the next day, Emily gets an urgent call from Alison saying she needs help.  I have to confess I am totally obsessed with Emily’s lashes.  Yeah sure they are fake and Shay doesn’t need anything extra to make her Bea – u- ti-ful, but the lashes are to die for LOL. So be warned this season will be peppered with them, just so you know.

s7 e 2 emilys lashes

They distracted me from the urgency of the call but I digress.  AT the hospital they won’t let Emily see Alison per Elliot’s orders and he gives no good reason other than its not in anyone’s best interest, can he be any more VAGUE, NO!

s7 e 2 lucas 2.0

At the Radley 2.0 we see Lucas 2.0 aka Money Bags with Hanna discussing their boring business.  He wants her to be Awesome designer Hanna and blah blah blah I’m-not-good- enough-smart-enough-make-me-feel-better-my-life-is-amazing-but-I-can’t-see-it version of Hanna.  Seriously, how much work does it take to get someone to take MONEY, in the world I live in it don’t take that long!!

Emily goes to Spencer looking for support in finding a way to get in to see Alison.  She suggests using Mary Drake since she is related to Alison.  Spencer is not going for it and turns her down, eye lashes and all.  HMMPH!

Meanwhile Aria is breaking it off with Liam, using the good old, I had no idea how my life was such a mess in Rosewood speech.  We all know its Ezra but she can’t say that to him he already has a fragile ego.

Aria’s tassel earrings are kinda cute, very much her to be trendy.  I have seen so many different tassel versions since I started making my own earrings…but this isn’t about that.


Back at Lucas’, Hanna signs the agreement without reading it that was the first mistake, then we had to endure two minutes of how she met Jordan flashbacks.  He was at the bar being obnoxious by putting his sweaty glass down on the important phone number she stupidly wrote on a napkin. Such a non-exciting meeting by the way, they ate and talk and talk as other came and went, end of flash.

s7 e 2 hanna met jordan

Over at Alison’s house the girls tag team on Elliot’s a** but to no avail he still refuses to let them see her.  He goes to get a call and suddenly A. D. sends a message, “no take backs” she is mine.  You know with all the time and resources I have to wonder how did Charlotte get killed on A. D.’s watch.  What was it the one night she went to get more hoodies? LOL

s7 e 2 spencer aria emily

Anywho, next thing we see is Hanna all dressed in hooker heels sitting at Jordan’s desk wearing trendy orange lipstick.  Wasn’t he in a different state or out of town? I know logic isn’t the strong suit in this show.  She basically is setting herself up to see if she is as hot for Jordan as she is for Caleb, but she tells him she wants to reinact their first meeting, did anyone see that coming? Yep!

hooker heels

How ugly are those pointed hurtin’ looking shoes.  There is a good reason her feet are ono the desk.  It is the only way to wear them, feet up. Ugh!

For the second time in the episode, Emily asks Spencer to help her get Mary Drake to go see Alison, she is more worried after the way Elliot behaved as though them seeing her would be so entirely harmful.  Spencer is considering it now, you can tell by the look in her eyes,  maybe she and Mary could swap stories about that creepy baby’s area.   I think Emily should just approach Mary on her own.

Earlier when Liam spoke with Aria he surprised her by telling her that he is now inc charge of completing Ezra’s book.  During her little break up speech as I said before Aria made it clear Rosewood drama was why she was unclear about her life now about Ezra.  It’s not surprising that when Liam sees them together in the town square that he does look very upset.  You know, since she basically lied to him.

The entire scene with Liam and Ezra seemed like two little boys on the playground.  One is already to play a game of basketball while the other is harboring ill will from previous games so his perspective is not in the present.  Liam thinks that Aria and Ezra are not a good match so instead of him saying hey I saw you too and its never going to work, in my opinion.  He makes it seem as though the book is some how inappropriate and even that the character which is based on Ezra is a predator.  The idea is deep but we all it just silly jealous talk .

s7 e 2 liam and ezra

For the second episode in a row, Mary Drake met up with Spencer alone.  If this was another show, one that I had not already seen to the end, I could easily believe that Spencer was seeing things.  I digress.  Mary tells Spencer that in her youth she bailed her sister Jessica out of a bad baby sitting gig, by going over to take her place.  Later when the parents came home they found the baby dead.  Mary insists that Jessica had killed it before she had left. No one believed Mary which is why she was in Radley.

s7 e 2 mars story

When Ezra sees Aria again he insists that Liam was angry and had given him the third degree at their meeting. He doesn’t know what the guys problem is but he wonders how much of his and Aria’s history Liam might know.  Aria looks worried.

Over in New York or wherever Liam and Hanna happen to be, Hanna has a complete meltdown including yelling at the construction workers, when she sees that bar from her memory no long exists.  It makes no sense how this little image in her head would fix how she feels about Caleb, but oh well.  She uses this moment to break up with Liam, who says, “You know I would move heaven and earth for you.”  WOW Hanna you do have some issues.

Its quite interesting how we are supposed to feel sorry for Mary after she tortured Alison last season or maybe even before.  Now she is all over the place telling her story with tears in her eyes just being so transparent, REALLY, what version are we suppose to believe.  I hate this manipulation of emotions, seriously tell a good story stop “yanking or chains.”

Moving on, so Mary is roaming Radley the restaurant, and sees Emily who is filling out an application, she gets every job she applies for by the way.  I know its the eyelashes LOL.  She finally talks to Mary about going to see Alison.  Its weird a lot of what Mary says is the same as what we heard earlier, it makes me think that she was listening.  She even offers to go with Emily after at first saying she thinks Elliot is doing a good job.  Yeah she is acting a little “crazy town” at this point, changing her mind minute to minute, making odd comments about the old Radley.  Why doesn’t Emily notice?  I supposed Emily has a one track mind today, that is to go see Alison.

s7 e 2 mary with em

On the way to the new sanitarium we get a quick stop with Aria and Liam.  He tries to figure out what happened with Aria and Ezra while Aria makes some not so veiled reference to how her life is good because of all the messed up things that happened to her.  Liam is as confused as the rest of us, no really think about it that is a non-commital type answer at the very least.

Finally Emily sees Alison who is highly drugged considering her mutterings about dirt, her mother and being really cold. She of course things Mary is mom, but no one including the nurse bother telling her anything else.  I found that stupid how Emily just went along with crazy talk, but I guess she only had so much time to try to figure out what it all might mean to Alison.  Elliot arrives of course only moment later to kick everyone out leaving Alison in the dark.  He calls Mary into her office and we see right away they are STILL working together.  She wants her money an he just seems to want revenge.  Emily can see from the outside window they are arguing.


Back with Spencer and Caleb we learn that Spencer got fired from her job for being gone too much and what we all knew from the start, her time with Caleb was going to end when he rescued Hanna one too many times.

The end of the episode is one for all of us who have seen the end of the series, will recall it as a pivotal but made no sense at all then or now point of the series.  Alison is drugged and taken to an operating room.

s7 e 2 operation

Tada that is it for episode 2, it seems longer than the first but leave comments if you enjoy.




PLL S7 E1 Time is Not on Your Side

9 Aug

Well its time again for another recap of Pretty Little Liars.  This season is special because a couple of years ago the then ABC Family channel decided to renew this show for two seasons at one time.  I never thought that was a great idea in any way shape or form.  It wasn’t good for the audience because we really stopped caring since we knew no matter what there was another season on the way.  I realize that is my opinion but with all the false starts on Who is A, I had begun to lose interest to begin with.  I figured oh well when its all over maybe I will just watch on Netflix or something like that.  I doubt I was the only one feeling that lack of interest but still we had a bit of curiosity, but moving forward.


Today’s Season 7 episode begins out with our Lovely Liars digging a grave or a pit or something in the ground.  They are upset and mention Hannah as though she was no longer in the land of the living, hmm odd right.

s7 e1 buryings7 e1 burying2

Then we see those words that always causes confusion if you look away from the screen or someone yells from the other room, 4 Days Earlier.  That is our cue to go back in time to figure out why they were digging, got it?

They are suddenly at the police station getting ready to send Toby in for intel, but wait they see someone that looks at lot like Jessica DeLaurentis.  Things are getting stranger, except we know her from the other season when that crazy guy, Eliott, was pretending to love Alison, except then the group never saw her, she was sneaky.

s7 e1 group at courthouse

Toby rushes into the station and says “Hey, I’m officer Toby, you know you look a lot like someone that was brutally murdered here.”  Mary Drake informs him that yes she realizes since she is the dead lady’s twin.  WHOA back up twins? JK.

Back outside after Toby informs the group they receive a timely text from A, about Hannah, then the church bells sound off and they all race toward them. They arrive to find a Hanna look alike, of course they don’t know that till the pull down the body to notice its a Hanna mask.  REALLY?  These are the things that drive me away from this show, what person A or otherwise has the time or foresight to do all these weird things it would be exhausting.

s7 e1 person in hanna mask

So hidden under the mask is a doll, a big doll obviously with the body of a full grown woman, they do not Approach that problem but any who.  So the doll says that they have 24 hours to save Hannah by turning in Charlotte’s killer to A or A. D., basically anonymous psycho, after they pull on the doll cord LOL.  That is so crazy.

While the group gathers to discuss how to find Charlotte’s killer we have a peek at where Hanna is being held. I find this part distasteful that they kept her in a barn in only a tee shirt and underwear.  I honestly don’t know what the writers were thinking.  I realize that she was grabbed from her room, but seriously, that could have happened at any time.  NO instead they try to put some T & A, into a tragic storyline, dispicable.

Back at the brainstorming session its decided that most of them believe that Alison killed her sister.  Aria recalls seeing a blonde with a red jacket going to the church that night she was sneaking around with Fitz when she had lied about being gone a long time.

s7 e1 aria fitz

Spencer suggests that Alison might have had to defend herself against crazy Cece/Charlotte/Charlie. I find this quite telling about Spencer that she really cares even when others point the finger, plus she was most likely the one that thought Mona had killed Charlotte, there was that one vote.

Some of them randomly decide to go to the Lost Woods to see what Mary Drake is up to since they think she is involved with the Hanna kidnapping. They find her moving bags into a room, so Mona, and Caleb follow Mary when she gets in her car, while Spencer and Toby stay to see whats up at the hotel.

s7 e1 person lost woods

See this not so subtle way to get Toby and Spencer together despite his devotion, “cough” to Yvonne the random woman put in between Spoby!!

Meanwhile Emily is with Elliot trying to get to see Alison.  He insists that Alison has taken a turn for the worse because he thinks she feels guilty about something.  A few minutes later we can hear Alison screaming then nurses and Elliot run in her room, Dr. Elliot calms her with a shot.  Emily looks through the glass and seems in shock.

At the hotel, Spencer and Toby learn that Mary is uber smart and has been to a lot of Europe by looking at her passport.  Spencer is also super excited about her language app that has helped her learn languages like Italian and German, Toby is impressed.  Hmm that is all very Spencer like Yes or? Hmm Language app, didn’t Spencer learned those language before high school lol.

Over at Alison’t house Aria and Fitz rummage through Alison’s unmentionables drawer and laugh nervously in fear of finding a toy, WHAT?  That is after they checked the closets and linens, is this their first rodeo? No I mean search mission.

Cue Elliot arriving home to Alison’s house during the search.  They hide in the closet in the perfect spot to see Eliot get the key for the bench that Fitz couldn’t open.  Eliot opens it and pulls out the Team A uniform of a black hoody and backpack and leaves the room.  He then proceeds to grab a saw to go in his black doctors bag of sharp objects. Whoa no reason for the hardware dude, yikes.  His final stop is the closet and for some reason it seems to indicate to him that someone might be watching.  Aria and Fitz barely escape while Eliott looks out he window.

Spencer heads back home to eat some pickles, you know when her blood sugar gets low she is hard to deal with LOL.  She phones Caleb to see if he wants some food but he has no interest and basically hangs up on her.  Oh well not too long ago he was all over that Spencer now he is back in loving Hanna town he can’t even give Spencer a goodbye.

s7 e1 caleb spencer

Mona and Caleb spy Mary Drake getting some odd supplies including charcoal, hey maybe she is throwing a grand opening shindig at the Lost Woods.  Mona thinks its to cover the smell of death for when Mary kills Hanna.  Caleb isn’t amused and Mona is a bit too glib about it me thinks.

In the real world of Hanna has been kidnapped. She is being doused with water, seriously writers more T & A, its just ridiculous.  Get that girl a sweater.  This kidnapper than comes at her with what could be a taser and I don’t honest know what happened but it was unseamly.  Hanna cries out in pain.  AGAIN with the torture, Ugh!!

Mona and Caleb follow Mary till she ends up at the Hastings house. Spencer doesn’t get the text saying don’t answer the door.  She opens the door to Mary unaware of anything about her except what they have been guessing that day.

This seems like a misdirection among so many others but Emily finally has an opportunity to visit with Alison and can only ask what is on her mind, that is if she killed Charlotte.  Alison wakes up just barely, saying “Forgive me.”

s7 e1 em with allie

Spencer’s little interview with Mary tells us two things, Mary hated her sister and that she is up to something with her little visit.  Otherwise it was a bit pointless, the mouse and cat game of will Spencer out herself or will Mary hurt her since thinks she is a killer.

s7 e1 mary drake meets

At Fitz’ place we find that Aria and he are unsure of their relationship status.  Are they together or friends with benefits only time will tell it seems.  Aria is not staying the night however despite his offer of a tee shirt. At the Brew downstairs, Aria is also not going with Emily who is considering going to Alison’s house alone at some point in time.

Before Emily can leave she has a mental breakdown in front of Sabrina, remember her blondness from season 6, who is working at the coffee shop counter.  The girl offers her lemon bars to go with her cappuccino, hmm not sure about that combo.

Hacker 1 and 2 are watching Mary outside a house talking on a phone in front of an open window.  Really, its bad enough there is no way she hasn’t seen them now we are supposed to think she is just plain stupid.

s7 e1 mona and caleb

They are able to track the person she is chatting with to a bar we learn this bar is one that Aria used to go to with Fitz.  I want to know when she had time to go to bars with Fitz.  First they dated and no one could know then they were apart. The small window when no one seemed to care if they dated was not one long enough to include regular bar hopping LOL. Either way Aria is the one chosen to find the mystery guy Mary speaks with over the phone.

Yes the ahhh haa moment for later is when Hanna dreams that Spencer is there with her.  The key take away is that she tells Hanna if A can get in and then out so can she.  Then in the so called dream Spencer sings to her.

s7 e1 hanna spencer

Aria’s time at the bar is a bust, she gets sentimental after hearing a song and goes back to stay the night with Fitz.  So just a waste of time oh and by the way it seems she forgot about her mission in favor of going to hang out with Fitz, ugh, focus Aria!

Night owl Emily decides that after 2:30 in the morning is a good time to go rummaging through Alison’s house even after finding Eliott asleep on the sofa.  I can’t see her being this stupid, how is she to know he won’t wake up and give her one of those dandy shots he gave Alison earlier.  She also is day dreaming while she is in Alison’s room, having flashbacks of things she shared with her including a kiss or maybe more.  She then finds the red jacket in a box she is looking through.

Hanna wakes up on the floor and recalls what Spencer has said.  She begins to find a way out. While at Spencer’s house they learn some interesting things about Mary the babysitter from hell.  She was put in the Asylum because she was accused of killing a child but was in and out all her life, she seems to blame her sister.  Emily arrives with the red sweater thinking she knows that Alison killed Charlotte.  Oh Em, so easy to believe bad about Alison, so sad.

Caleb jumps the gun and rushes out with the red sweater and Spencer’s phone hoping to give it over to A.  He leaves it at the Lost Woods, not knowing that Hanna has escaped and needs help.  She runs into Mary Drake while trying to get a ride wearing those granny panties and tank top.  Bad timing anyone?

The next morning no news is good news as we also see Eliot showing up at the hospital with another needle to keep Alison drugged for life he says.  He thinks she killed Charlotte so this is his way of making her suffer.  He tells her, “Karma can be such a bit*h just like You. Yes Alison knows how to pick em’  Pun intended.

s7 e1 elliot with alison

Well that was a doozy of an episode with so much happening.  It sucks that Hanna was kidnapped and Alison drugged.  They both will have scars for life, that is for certain.  So much more to go in this season, I look forward to writing more.

Some things we learned:

  1. Despite Aria and Fitz’ faux getting back together that is up in the air for now.
  2. Caleb has totally gone back to Hanna looks like for the long haul.
  3. Mary is openly in town so more secrets will be shared.
  4. Emily seems to care for Alison as much as when the drama all started.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.  Pictures courtesy of netflix, no copyright infringement is intended.

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Season 5 Episode 2 Spoiler Clip

13 Jun

Check it out HERE











See the LINK for the video and the explanation but the bottom line is Alison is on the defense putting her cards on the line to the cops a second after she gets to town. 🙂  WE all know Alison doesn’t do something for nothing though right? I can’t wait to see what happens next!!







PLL – Tyler Blackburn talks

31 Mar

Tyler Blackburn talks future plans 🙂

PLL – Aria Fan video

31 Mar

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PLL – Halloween Episode Recap of Grave New World

3 Nov

Welcome back all you PLL Lovers I decided to make an appearance as a recapper for this pivotal episode of our favorite show. As the writers do their very best to get us in the Ravenswood mindset. Yes Ravenswood will be the NEW Rosewood for all intent and purposes until January 2014. Let’s get started and review how well things turned out.

1  at the beginning

This episode begins with the girls all dressed up for a Ravenswood Festival of the Dead Halloween Soiree. Oddly enough it’s not Halloween costumes that they wear but flashback to the 1800’s garb, quite interesting as you will see.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Spencer is ready for the whole reunion with Alison to begin and Em is not quite on board though Aria reminds her they have already seen Alison before, I assume she is referring to various times over the seasons when they assumed she was a ghost because there was a funeral with a body and all, maybe someone else’s body who knows now for certain.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Meanwhile on the slow train to Ravenswood, that means bus in this case, we find Caleb going to rescue his damsel in distress with some computer or researching skills I assume.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back at the cemetery the girls are walking together but unaware that Hanna is seeing what she believes are two little girls, that seem out-of-place. I believe she thinks they are ghosts consider the sick look that shows up on her face.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

No sooner they are on the move again then Aria gets a call from A, formerly known as Ezra Fitz. He is looking all guilty and up to no good in his black shirt, we can see the impatience in his face, as he asks her where she has gone off to as though he has no idea, though he is standing not six feet away from her in the graveyard.

Cue Extra Creepy Theme Song

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back on the bus, Caleb wakes up to find an attractive girl sitting on the seat beside him, she wants food and asks a lot of questions. Her questions dry up fast when Caleb asks his own questions where he finds out she is basically a run away going to live with an uncle who may not be aware she is arriving to see him in Ravenswood. She is determined to steal the chips from the sleeping man on the back row and disappears to do that to avoid Caleb further inquiries.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Inside the tent, where the people for the graveyard event have gathered the girls see a young man in a vintage outfit not too different from the one at A’s lair. Spencer goes over to try to eavesdrop on his conversation since in their minds he is a candidate to be A, even though none of them have ever seen him before.

Yes this logic makes little sense, with all the activity by A, it was pretty obvious he was somehow familiar with them or their families, why would some random dude be out to get them?

In attempt to find out what the guy might know they try to follow him but Ms. Grimwald stops Emily before she is out of the tent. She tells her that they all need to leave the party.

Back on the bus, in a lame attempt to get us to be happy that Caleb is bonding with the girl, they show a short scene of her trying to grab the huge bag of chips from the not so sleeping mans hands, FAIL!

Outside, of course the girls get separated, so typical for them, it always happens.

Caleb leaves Hanna a message, since she is not answering her phone, seeing as she keeps seeing what she believes to be two little blonde ghosts, yep she is starting to freak out a bit, but the others have no idea.

So what is it with the Marins and their ghosts issues, we need to find a reason or a solution to that mystery or just stop with it. I hope its coming in season five or is it just a red herring to keep us watching?

Back on the bus, we get more supposed bonding moments. Caleb tells the girl that he is worried about Hanna, but she still won’t explain why she is going to live with her long-lost uncle.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back in the graveyard, we meet Leah a Ravenswood resident who grabs Aria by the foot in an attempt to get out of open grave where someone had pushed her. The guy in the antique suit arrives, where we find out he is Lean’s cousin. Yes random people who don’t belong in Rosewood world but do belong in Ravenswood’s reality. Yes neon sign watch Ravenswood to see more of this people.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

The girls finally reunite just in time to see Alison in that infamous red trench coat running through the graveyard. Yes can you count how many times I write GRAVEYARD in this post? LOL

Any who, they follow her into a mausoleum where they find a secret room behind a statute and of course they have to explore, Yes you would too, I know I would LOL.

The door closes behind them right after Aria guesses the stairs will led them to Hell. Awesome timing, Lucy Hale 🙂 Now this is where things get weird. They wander around until they feel a breeze, like an open door but instead of going toward it to find an exit out they stand against the wall till the wind stops. Oddly enough in this time Hanna disappears even though she had supposedly was holding Aria’s hand; in her place is standing a statue. Umm What? I know right? very weird, very unbelievable not magical not creepy good just WEIRD, it didn’t work for me at ALL; FAIL!!!

Back on the bus, more uneasy none bonding with Caleb and company. Caleb tells about how his uncle ended up being his father, she shares that her foster-mother was an alcoholic. She decides to get off the bus instead of going all the way to Ravenswood, this is where they finally exchange names, hers is Miranda. Of course an excuse turns up at the last-minute, the old guy is getting off at that stop so she stays on, yep big surprise.

I honestly don’t know what they were thinking with some of this episode it’s so contrived and slow and boring at parts like this one. Seriously it would have made more sense for Miranda to be an obnoxious music listener living in her own world, where maybe Caleb had to ask her to turn down her tunes or ask about her music then these parts wouldn’t seem so slow and boring. That would have provided an upbeat way for them to share information without blah blah I am a foster child to bonding to the point that do we even care? I guess the none sexual longing looks of two people who feel alone in the world, except Wait for it, Caleb has Hanna and a rich mommy so well NO they don’t have a lot in common really. Yes he is a sensitive dude with the broodiness of a sweetheart but it’s still not “flying.”

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Moving on, Hanna is alone in the not so hallowed halls of the rat infested mausoleum when she runs up another set of stairs and through the door of a residence. As soon as Hanna leaves the area we see that A is also present in the room.

Has anyone actually tried to figure out what reasons A has for all their actions? It is simply a mind gone horribly wrong? Especially if as we believe it is Ezra, what has been is purpose? To keep the Liars on the straight and narrow? To manipulate them into lying, doing his bidding? Just because he can? What about Alison has him so fixated on her, since there was an A since before Alison had to go into hiding?

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Caleb and Miranda finally arrive at the graveyard, they part ways with promises of updated on the uncle before Caleb goes in search of the girls.

Hanna has no time to take in the beauty of the old house as she trounced the long hallways looking for help. She comes to an old phone booth and goes into to try to dial the antique phone.

Back in the mausoleum the girls are still searching for her as they find her hat near the help me sign that Hanna saw earlier before the rats showed up. They assume that A has Alison and Hanna as they continue on their search.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

In the phone booth Hanna is disappointed to find the phone is not working properly. In an eerily odd twist Hanna is surrounded by lights in a very Xfiles kinda moment then they disappear. The lights remind me of orbs and really seem unrelated to A in context. Of course with the Marin/ghost overlay to this series it could only happen to Hanna, I think.

Apparently the phone booth is haunted or something because suddenly the phone rings and some old timey song is playing like from a war or something. Hanna doesn’t seem as freaked out as she should but more “weirded out” like really this is all very strange.

Miranda arrives in a house downstairs and wanders around looking at old photographs.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Meanwhile the girls come in the same door that Hanna had arrived near the piano earlier.

The girls hear a scream and take off running, of course one of them disappears again, this time Spencer, seriously how can you leave from the same place and seconds later be separated?

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Alison shows up in the window near Hanna’s booth but is taken away before she can let Hanna out. The person with the mask, we know him as Ezra/A, looks in the window mysteriously. Next person that peeks in the booth is Miranda who lets Hanna out but oddly enough does NOT mention Caleb, because she has to be aware that this Hanna is Caleb’s girl. Weird right?

So to recap in this recap LOL, Miranda’s uncle’s house it the one where everyone is running around yet cannot find each other because Yep it’s so freaking big and creepy besides the whole being attached to a mausoleum in a graveyard thing LOL.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

In the room of coffins, we get a flashback of young Miranda with her uncle the last time she saw him. She was a toddler. In more Ravenswood setup, Miranda explains to Hanna about the flashback. She was at her parent’s funeral.

Upstairs Nancy Drew Em and Nancy Drew Aria are hanging out a window while a piece of broken glass dangles over their heads. I’m not certain why since they are supposed to be seeking Hanna and looking for a recently missing Spencer. What is the purpose of them attempting to leave the house they only just entered? Ahh Em answered my question LOL she wants to go get lots of help, hmm in a town of people who do not want them there makes a lot of sense ? NOT!! Better to stick with the people she knows not run off to strangers.

Of course the scene was more about how precarious they situation the have found themselves in yet again.

A scream is heard, sounds like Alison to me.

Spencer arrives in what looks like an indoor greenhouse. She turns around and is face to face with A, in that stupid antique mask hiding the face of the man we know as Ezra no doubt.

Spencer knocks him out but not quite good enough to keep him down long enough to get off the dreaded mask, of course not. What would season five be all about except trying to get that dreaded A unmasked after Alison arrives back into the daylight, but I am getting ahead of myself here.

A gets the drop on Spencer and knocks her out we change scenes just as he grabs the rather large shears. REALLY what kind of murderous dude has Aria been dating? Sick just sick 😦

Caleb is still hanging around in the graveyard when Miranda and Hanna arrive. What was he waiting outside this whole time? I thought he was the action kinda man looking for his lady? It is odd he was still waiting right? He couldn’t have just followed Miranda for what good he has done LOL. Is this supposed to make us consider that Caleb might somehow be involved with A? It could be a thought; he is the one with the messed up past, right?

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Hanna has no idea where the others are and she thinks that A has Alison, yep she has no clue.

The girls find Spencer just before Alison screams again.

Hanna takes the others to where she got lost.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Meanwhile Miranda finds a headstone with her picture on it. Its odd she wasn’t helping the others try to get the statue moved, she was just standing around looking kinda lost. I am aware this is an odd coincidence no just plain unnatural.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back upstairs the girls encountered Ms. Grimwaldi, the sounds that were screams actually came from an old recording she had of sessions with Alison when she was trying to help her. The tape was stolen six months ago, I assume by A, they must have been some evidence against him but now they are back. How? Why? Do we even care? Anyway, Grimwald is able to tell that one of the girls has been touched by the one that Alison fears the most, if you mean almost killed than yes Spencer was touched, UMMMM a bit too much drama overkill on that one it was laughable. We all know about A it’s not a secret lets not make this into a soap opera. YIKES.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Miranda shows Caleb the obituary she picked up by the coffin room, its a picture of the old guy from the bus, like he was supposed to be dead. Anyone else wonder why we didn’t see the face of the driver, why the bus was out so late why in the world I mean how popular could Ravenswood to Rosewood and back be? We haven’t heard of it till the last half season right? Is it the bus to death and back LOL, I got nothing just putting some options out there.

Hanna finally hears from the girls that they are alright. Next we see them finding out the car is on flat. Aria suggests that Em might know how to change the tire since she is “Sporty”, what does that even mean? Seriously I thought Spencer would be the one she is even more independent than Em. Em has her moments but she is very much a Daddy’s girl to me.

So Hanna decides she wants Caleb to stay behind with Miranda for what reason I really do not understand. Now I trust Caleb because he is faithful as an old Hound dog, but does he really need to hang out with Miranda? I can’t see it logic wise. I guess its supposed to be some new fangled Hanna Marin growing up thing again its just awkward to me.

I really hope Ravenswpretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

After saying goodbye to Caleb, Hanna sees the two people in the red coats again this time face on, its a midget, little woman with her regular sized young daughter. I could see how from behind they might look like little girls.

At the car the girls find they have no spare just before Ezra who has been calling Aria all night supposedly arrives to give them a ride back to Rosewood. They all pile into his car and head home.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Ezra drops them off and leaves, but no sooner is he gone than Alison goes running by in that darned red coat. They follow and it is confirmed to indeed be a very much alive, Alison. I have to note for one second she looked more mature than all the other times I have seen her. Of course she is four years older than all the photographs we see of her, she is almost nineteen I would imagine.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Alison is still very much afraid and tells Hanna to recall what she told her in the hospital. She warns them its still not safe for her to come home then a light shines through the bushes, she quieted them with a finger to her lips then disappears as Ezra comes walking toward them all. He gives Aria her cell phone; odd since he was trying to call her all night, where has it been? Has he put some device on it now? He looked so darn guilty now that we know who he is right? He is suddenly always showing up, before he wasn’t always around. I hope they work out those kinks in the spring.

I have to say the whole Alison thing will keep me coming back for more. I think had we ended with this at Season 4, it might have given me more hope for really good episodes, not fillers but I do hope its the final round of this show. It should go out with a BANG, not lagging and pushing the envelope too far.

I still like it but I used to LOVE it.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

The final scene is the Ravenswood preview, Caleb and Miranda finding a grave with Caleb’s picture and name on it. Creepy right?

Ravenswood for the Winter as we await more Pretty Little Liars in January. 🙂

My favorite moments:
1. Spencer ready to go ahead and find Alison.
2. Hanna seeing the rats in the mausoleum.
3. Aria commenting on the zoning codes, a house with coffins and a tunnel.
4. Em asking if they want her to change the tire because she is gay.
5. Caleb and Miranda bonding, yeah it was cute but lame LOL.
6. An older wiser looking Alison.

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PLL – 12 Reasons we should have Known who was A

1 Nov

I have to admit I have been wondering about this since the big reveal of Ezra as A, part of me thought it was just another red herring, but it turns out that well He is the Real A. I even went back to watch seasons two and three trying to half heartedly find the clues. Check out these Twelve Neon Signs.

See them Here

PLL Rumer Willis is back in Rosewood!!

10 Jul

I hope she is the answer to my prayers to get rid of Paige, you know right now I would take ANY answer LOL.

Rumer Willis
Source: ET Online

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