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Secret Circle Episode 19 Recap for Crystal is UP

23 Apr

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Secret Circle Recap Episode 18 is Up

3 Apr

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PLL S02 Episode 18 recap is UP

31 Jan

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90210 Winter Premiere Recap is UP

23 Jan

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Last Weeks Revenge Recap is Finally UP

23 Jan

This recap took some determination to finish because of LIFE……you can find it HERE This one is Dedicated to Jewls for all her encouragement, Love ya Pal 🙂 *hugs*

S07 Episode 12 Supernatural Recap

18 Jan

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Secret Circle Recap is Up

16 Jan

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Bobby Singer aka Jim Beaver Talks to TV Guide

13 Jan

Jim Beaver’s TV Guide Interview is HERE

A very touching interview with Jim Beaver AS he talks about his last day on Supernatural and Other things.

TV Guide Magazine: What are your memories of your last day on set?
Beaver: It was the next to last day because Jared and Jensen were not going to be on the set on the last day. They show called a safety meeting, which they do once or twice a season. The entire cast and crew from the top down to the drivers and production assistants are there. I knew something was up when Jared and Jensen were there — they’re never already there before me. Instead of playing this safety video, they played a video tribute to everything I’d done on the show. I was pretty verklempt. It was very touching. I said, “I know now what they’re going to play at my funeral.” It was a lovely moment. Coming to the end of the show, knowing I’d be saying goodbye to these cast and crew I love like family plus the pretty emotional stuff we were shooting that day. I might have gotten something in my eye.

Supernatural S07 Episode 11 Recap is Up

12 Jan

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Lying Game Recap Episode 12

10 Jan

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