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S01 YOU – Penn Badgley’s New Show

29 Sep

Wow looks like i missed this News – Season 2 for You did you?— So nice to get a second season before the second one is all totally aired.

Hi Folks this review is about the new show YOU on lifetime. Lifetime is a great place for a stalker love fest.  I will say upfront I LOVE Penn Badgely. He has shiny hair and I seriously want to touch it 🙂 enough fangirling.


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I have watched the first three episodes so expect them to be intertwined in this review.  My initial reaction to the first episode was a “hot mess”.  Penn was the only good thing going for it.  I have since revised my attitude and thoughts on it so this review starts from that new enlightened viewpoint.

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Another PLL Alum gets a Show

11 Apr

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Yes that moment you realize two of your favorite Celebs are on the same show coming up in the FALL………….WOW

It’s called YOU on Lifetime

I was wondering whatever happened to Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and boom here he is with our lovable Shay Mitchell from PLL.  Yes this is going to be good and its on Lifetime television which hosted my two guilty pleasures from year before last.  I know I never really mentioned them, Devious Maids and Unreal but i was so addicted.  Now I watch them on my Showbox app which is a must have if you missed shows the first time.  I digress, yeah Penn and Shay.

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Your Favorite Shows

3 Apr

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Curious to know what has everyone excited in 2018, thanks for sharing.