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Secret Circle Season Finale Recap Linked Below

31 May

The Finale Recap has been up since May 17, 2012 but it seems I never linked it to the Main Page. WOW so strange well here is the LINK I kept wondering why I saw PROM As the last page posted but never checked because I thought well I am in a hurry no time to look LOL BRING Back The Secret Circle is the main thing on our minds these days. Do fill out the petitions do write ABCFamily and tweet them as well as SYFY which is really a better location for the show. OH but most of all Do check out my Recap 🙂

Secret Circle Recap for Episode 21 – Prom is Up NOW

7 May

You can find it HERE

Secret Circle Recap of Episode 20 Traitor is UP

30 Apr

You can find it HERE

Secret Circle Episode 19 Recap for Crystal is UP

23 Apr

You can find it Here

Secret Circle Spoilers Episode 19

11 Apr

You can see it at YOUTube, Here

Secret Circle Recap Episode 18 is Up

3 Apr

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Nick Returns to Secret Circle

28 Mar

Hmm I guess unless you have been at my house or in a closet you might already know this but NICK is coming back to Chance Harbor. OMGOSH I had NO idea until like NOW!! I am elated to say the least I was so devastated at his parting.

See the Link for Details, HERE

“We are thrilled to have Nick back, but he’s not the same person as he was before,” executive producer Andrew Miller tells us. “The Circle is stunned, but those closest to Nick, his brother Jake and girlfriend Melissa, find themselves on opposite sides as they struggle with how to deal with his unnatural return.”

Secret Circle Recap for The Curse is Up

28 Mar

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Secret Circle Recap of Lucky is Up

22 Mar

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Secret Circle Sneak Peek for Episode 16

13 Mar