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Update for August 2, 2011

2 Aug

I added a Switched at Birth recap under Reviews/Recaps; I thought I would make a note because I don’t always get around to recapping that one. Enjoy!!


Emily Rose Talks about Haven

22 Jul

Very cool interview I just found at a Haven Fan site

Are you feeling the Heat!

21 Jul

Summer is half over but thanks to all the fun summer shows being inside in the cool air conditioning is Fun Fun Fun!!
Don’t forget to Check out the Single Ladies and Haven Recaps !!
Other shows I want to recap are Switched at Birth and Nine Lives of Chloe King which I do like but there just hasn’t been time.


10 Jun

See this Link for Premiere Dates

Shows I Might Review

26 May

Well June is just around the corner and I have been considering my options for shows I might recap or review.

So far I want to review Pretty Little Liars and perhaps Leverage. A couple more I am considering are Hawthorne, which I have never seen as well as Burn Notice which I love. Falling Skies is a new paranormal style show that has some good buzz but you never know until you watch these shows. Royal Pains is another show I have enjoyed from time to time I might also consider it.

Oh and I just saw the good news, yeah, Haven is returning as well as Eureka this summer. A new show called Alphas on syfy also looks promising. Well it looks like I won’t be hunting for shows so much after all I will just have to schedule them all.

I don’t want to promise I will review every episode but I will try to do a few of each I have mentioned.