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PLL S07 Epi 4 Dead Man thy name is Archer

30 Aug

Hi again, and lucky me I have a chance to get another review done, that will be two in two days I am on a roll.  Let’s get started with those Pretty Little Liars the final season (7) episode.

Okay so I see what happened in the beginning of the last episode it was a few minutes later basically the same way they are starting this one off.  The girls are digging a grave, which if you look back over the series they do quite often.  I did a quick search hoping someone was a curious as myself but to know avail.  I did find some odd topics that have nothing to do with this episode.

aria and em epi 4

Emily, Spencer and Aria are doing the grave digging while Hanna is in shock in the car since she did the actual crashing into Elliot with the car and Alison is in shock on the ground having seen her husband/psycho doctor killed.

hanna shock epi 4

Hanna’s shock wears off first as she comes to help dig, Aria doesn’t know why they couldn’t go to the police to tell the truth.  Lots of conversation happening at once, something about how to get Alison back to the hospital, also what version of the truth would they tell the police and why didn’t Hanna know which peddle to push to not run over Elliot, low blow Spencer, Yikes.  Finally Alison comes over to the digging area, squats on the ground and reaches in to get Elliot’s bag, “here you will need this.” ha ha at least she is thinking.  Cue creepy music, round one is done.

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Friends from College Netflix Original

21 Jul

Hi all, trying out this new Netflix show, Friends from College

MY rating 0 out of 5 possible stars.

I was not that impressed with episode one despite Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother. The first thing I thought when I saw she was with a black/multiracial guy was oh NO they have put her out to pasture.  I say that because in my mind as soon as an actress/actor starts having lead roles with others outside their race then suddenly every project they get is with actors outside their race. I realize that sounds racist but in America I totally think that is how it works.   I could be wrong and I hope that I am, but it was a thought that I had, we will see what happens.  Personally people are all the same to me.

The actual show has some serious problems.

1. The main problem stems from serious topics such as adultery being treated as no big deal.  Two of the characters have been having an affair for twenty years.  No idea how only one other person knows, except till now they have lived in different states.  Turns out the guy is popular around town which makes no sense because he just moved.  A major plot hole.  The infertility of a couple is also treated as a joke which is in the second episode when they go to the clinic, the interaction with the doctor is nonsense, weird jokes and he writes on a piece of paper the amount of the procedure instead of having them speak with financial department.  Doctors don’t do the numbers, they just pick up the checks, don’t the writers watch tv.

2. None of the characters are likable.  The two having the affair are not sympathetic characters. She has money and over compensates but being overly generous and the husband that guy from Allie McBeal that was totally obnoxious says he doesn’t care about any thing but his family, not a real compliment to anyone, just sounds selfish.  Even the wife and husband being cheated on have plot lines that at this point I don’t know or care about. The wife, Cobie, has fertility issues which is sad but the dryness of her personality is beyond boring.

3.  Another thing, I am on the second episode and I cannot tell you any of their names.  Its because again I don’t care enough about them to want to remember.

4.  Fred Savage is one of the college buddies who was a cute tv kid, and now handsome actor.  I think he is the publisher for the cheating guys book or something.  Its not a riveting topic.  Cheating guy wrote a book his wife loves but everyone else that read it thought it sucked.  Hmmm, boring tv.

There are other friends in this show, I think, but mostly its about cheating guy and his wife.

I go back over to watch more of the second episode and a guy in the middle of the office surrounded by a bunch of other men, in a meeting pulls out his “**nis” I mean really does it and puts on the table.  Who writes these crap shows.  I am done!!

Update: As you can tell this was an in real time review that didn’t go so well because I became fed up with it.  This is why I generally write but shows I have enjoyed or at least have been curious about.  This particular show in this post was one I saw on Netflix and began watching right away.

Supernatural FanGirl The Beginnings!

17 Jun

I thought it was time I revealed some Supernatural fangirl thoughts I have been having about the show.  I believe having a blog gives you that opportunity to share about what makes you think the way that you do, in this case why I chose to watch some shows over others.

———–NOTE: when Supernatural was in Season 1 Cassie was a female any reference to Cassie in my Posts are about HER not Castiel————–

It all started not so many years ago, close to fourteen, I suppose as the time in supernatural world has flown by for me.  There was a time in my life while I was an avid Christian lady who wouldn’t dare watch such shows about demons and monsters.  Of course not saying that is wrong or right but in my mind it just wasn’t what I was about.  There are several shows including: Grimm, Hemlock Grove, Vampire Diaries and more. I would not have ever watched without being introduced to the horror/demon hunting/science fiction but more genre that doesn’t really exist without the nurturing of this one show, Supernatural.

Now I am going to take the assumption that as a person who uses the internet that you don’t know me personally or have any knowledge of how my life turned around while writing fanfiction about the show, Supernatural.

Before I can get to that story, my Supernatural tv show journey all started because of my curiosity.  One night while watching Gilmore Girls they showed an commercial for an upcoming television show called, Superntural.  On first glance it wasn’t my thing but then I saw the names of the actors.  Something about the name Jensen Ackles rang a bell to me but I didn’t quite know why at first.  Luckly for me a cursory google search showed me that Jensen had been in Superman.  Well Superman was a show I had seen with my son a few times, and I had personally watched it up through Season 4.  Yes, Season 4 was when Jensen had appeared as Jason Teague, he single handedly kept me watching the show when I would have stopped, I know shocking right(note: being sarcastic).  Then of course Jared was familiar because of Gilmore Girls, so the connection made me curious to see what the show, Supernatural could be about.

The first time Supernatural aired was a Tuesday night after Gilmore Girls, great start looking for the Jared Padalecki crowd I imagine to be hungry for more of that lanky cutie.  I was at home alone, luckily because my husband would have none of that nonesense, LOL.  I sat ready to be frightened out of wits with my hands around my pillow in our small one bedroom apartment near Lake Michigan not far from Milwaukee.  It was all very interesting to me, especially the Woman in White theme.  In Texas where I also grew up, like the boys, I had heard the legend about a place near White Rock lake of a woman ghost wandering the streets.  I liked the use of the urban legend.

Wow, its still so amazing how that moment was one to turn me in a direction that led to a total change.  Now when we series aired episode 13, Route 666, the biggest shift happened.  I decided to write a better story for Cassie and Dean.  I had no idea there were fans out there already writing away about “the boys”.  I found them at, joined the community and began writing all the time. Admittedly I started with Supernatural, wrote a bit of Gilmore Girls, some unpublished One Tree Hill and later Experimented with TVD, but I digress. I have so many versions of how  Cassie Robinson and Dean Winchester could have been together its unreal.  You can find them online at (Matchmaker131, SuperfanGil, SuperFan3) I am also EdenWrites and Cheridan Allen on other sites.

This isn’t about my fiction though, one day while researching, yes fan fiction writers do that, I found information about being an empath.  I couldn’t stop crying.  The empathic qualities were ones I possess.  Whoa, now that was a change that turned my life around.  No, not a stretch that the show was a catalyst for it, not at all.  I also met more friends by writing fan stories and attending conventions over the years because of the show than I would have met just being who had become.  Not that it was bad but I was not an open outgoing giving person at that time, I believe I was closed and stringent with myself and others.  Of course, that is my own non-judgmental opinion of myself.

The first time I met Jensen Ackles, who seemed like a genuine nice guy, I realized that it would be hard to go back to my old life and now after missing two conventions I do miss that fun.  It had become a large part of my life, not the pomp and circumstance but the community of people that gather for a LoveFest of a sorts. My yearly ladies weekend were something I had looked forward to actually as a way to be ME.  Admittedly, I found another way by going Nomad and finding a new life all together but I do thank the universe for that moment I saw that AD, and we all hate commercials but sometimes they can lead to something magical and life changing.

Love to all Supernatural Fans, past and present.  “Love those boys.”


My first chicon picture from the days when actors just roam the halls freely in 2008, me with Chad Lindberg, please do not copy, alter, manipulate my picture, its happened before but I trust fandom has grown up since then, don’t make me regret daring to post it.  Thanks for reading.


Bates Motel Overview

26 May

Hello and welcome to another adventure in my mind.  Bates Motel isn’t a show I have wanted to review for a couple of seasons.  I decided just now I would share my thoughts before I watch the newest episode.

My favorite part of the show was getting to know about an actor named Freddy Highmore and having a chance to see Vera Farmiga on screen for many weeks at a time.  Those were definitely the best reasons to watch. They were excellent at embodying their characters, which made it a treat to watch. Even though I was obsessed with the fact it was a version of how Norma would have been in reference to the film, Psycho.

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check out Shay Mitchell’s new hairdo

11 Nov

I think it looks cute and especially the highlights, oooo la la !!


Lucy Hale sings Nervous Girl

11 Nov

Future country singer, Lucy Hale sings a song off her upcoming debut album, during CMA week. Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Ravenswood S1 Episode 1 Review

4 Nov



Here is the recap for the Ravenswood Pilot !

PLL – Halloween Episode Recap of Grave New World

3 Nov

Welcome back all you PLL Lovers I decided to make an appearance as a recapper for this pivotal episode of our favorite show. As the writers do their very best to get us in the Ravenswood mindset. Yes Ravenswood will be the NEW Rosewood for all intent and purposes until January 2014. Let’s get started and review how well things turned out.

1  at the beginning

This episode begins with the girls all dressed up for a Ravenswood Festival of the Dead Halloween Soiree. Oddly enough it’s not Halloween costumes that they wear but flashback to the 1800’s garb, quite interesting as you will see.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Spencer is ready for the whole reunion with Alison to begin and Em is not quite on board though Aria reminds her they have already seen Alison before, I assume she is referring to various times over the seasons when they assumed she was a ghost because there was a funeral with a body and all, maybe someone else’s body who knows now for certain.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Meanwhile on the slow train to Ravenswood, that means bus in this case, we find Caleb going to rescue his damsel in distress with some computer or researching skills I assume.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back at the cemetery the girls are walking together but unaware that Hanna is seeing what she believes are two little girls, that seem out-of-place. I believe she thinks they are ghosts consider the sick look that shows up on her face.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

No sooner they are on the move again then Aria gets a call from A, formerly known as Ezra Fitz. He is looking all guilty and up to no good in his black shirt, we can see the impatience in his face, as he asks her where she has gone off to as though he has no idea, though he is standing not six feet away from her in the graveyard.

Cue Extra Creepy Theme Song

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back on the bus, Caleb wakes up to find an attractive girl sitting on the seat beside him, she wants food and asks a lot of questions. Her questions dry up fast when Caleb asks his own questions where he finds out she is basically a run away going to live with an uncle who may not be aware she is arriving to see him in Ravenswood. She is determined to steal the chips from the sleeping man on the back row and disappears to do that to avoid Caleb further inquiries.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Inside the tent, where the people for the graveyard event have gathered the girls see a young man in a vintage outfit not too different from the one at A’s lair. Spencer goes over to try to eavesdrop on his conversation since in their minds he is a candidate to be A, even though none of them have ever seen him before.

Yes this logic makes little sense, with all the activity by A, it was pretty obvious he was somehow familiar with them or their families, why would some random dude be out to get them?

In attempt to find out what the guy might know they try to follow him but Ms. Grimwald stops Emily before she is out of the tent. She tells her that they all need to leave the party.

Back on the bus, in a lame attempt to get us to be happy that Caleb is bonding with the girl, they show a short scene of her trying to grab the huge bag of chips from the not so sleeping mans hands, FAIL!

Outside, of course the girls get separated, so typical for them, it always happens.

Caleb leaves Hanna a message, since she is not answering her phone, seeing as she keeps seeing what she believes to be two little blonde ghosts, yep she is starting to freak out a bit, but the others have no idea.

So what is it with the Marins and their ghosts issues, we need to find a reason or a solution to that mystery or just stop with it. I hope its coming in season five or is it just a red herring to keep us watching?

Back on the bus, we get more supposed bonding moments. Caleb tells the girl that he is worried about Hanna, but she still won’t explain why she is going to live with her long-lost uncle.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back in the graveyard, we meet Leah a Ravenswood resident who grabs Aria by the foot in an attempt to get out of open grave where someone had pushed her. The guy in the antique suit arrives, where we find out he is Lean’s cousin. Yes random people who don’t belong in Rosewood world but do belong in Ravenswood’s reality. Yes neon sign watch Ravenswood to see more of this people.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

The girls finally reunite just in time to see Alison in that infamous red trench coat running through the graveyard. Yes can you count how many times I write GRAVEYARD in this post? LOL

Any who, they follow her into a mausoleum where they find a secret room behind a statute and of course they have to explore, Yes you would too, I know I would LOL.

The door closes behind them right after Aria guesses the stairs will led them to Hell. Awesome timing, Lucy Hale 🙂 Now this is where things get weird. They wander around until they feel a breeze, like an open door but instead of going toward it to find an exit out they stand against the wall till the wind stops. Oddly enough in this time Hanna disappears even though she had supposedly was holding Aria’s hand; in her place is standing a statue. Umm What? I know right? very weird, very unbelievable not magical not creepy good just WEIRD, it didn’t work for me at ALL; FAIL!!!

Back on the bus, more uneasy none bonding with Caleb and company. Caleb tells about how his uncle ended up being his father, she shares that her foster-mother was an alcoholic. She decides to get off the bus instead of going all the way to Ravenswood, this is where they finally exchange names, hers is Miranda. Of course an excuse turns up at the last-minute, the old guy is getting off at that stop so she stays on, yep big surprise.

I honestly don’t know what they were thinking with some of this episode it’s so contrived and slow and boring at parts like this one. Seriously it would have made more sense for Miranda to be an obnoxious music listener living in her own world, where maybe Caleb had to ask her to turn down her tunes or ask about her music then these parts wouldn’t seem so slow and boring. That would have provided an upbeat way for them to share information without blah blah I am a foster child to bonding to the point that do we even care? I guess the none sexual longing looks of two people who feel alone in the world, except Wait for it, Caleb has Hanna and a rich mommy so well NO they don’t have a lot in common really. Yes he is a sensitive dude with the broodiness of a sweetheart but it’s still not “flying.”

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Moving on, Hanna is alone in the not so hallowed halls of the rat infested mausoleum when she runs up another set of stairs and through the door of a residence. As soon as Hanna leaves the area we see that A is also present in the room.

Has anyone actually tried to figure out what reasons A has for all their actions? It is simply a mind gone horribly wrong? Especially if as we believe it is Ezra, what has been is purpose? To keep the Liars on the straight and narrow? To manipulate them into lying, doing his bidding? Just because he can? What about Alison has him so fixated on her, since there was an A since before Alison had to go into hiding?

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Caleb and Miranda finally arrive at the graveyard, they part ways with promises of updated on the uncle before Caleb goes in search of the girls.

Hanna has no time to take in the beauty of the old house as she trounced the long hallways looking for help. She comes to an old phone booth and goes into to try to dial the antique phone.

Back in the mausoleum the girls are still searching for her as they find her hat near the help me sign that Hanna saw earlier before the rats showed up. They assume that A has Alison and Hanna as they continue on their search.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

In the phone booth Hanna is disappointed to find the phone is not working properly. In an eerily odd twist Hanna is surrounded by lights in a very Xfiles kinda moment then they disappear. The lights remind me of orbs and really seem unrelated to A in context. Of course with the Marin/ghost overlay to this series it could only happen to Hanna, I think.

Apparently the phone booth is haunted or something because suddenly the phone rings and some old timey song is playing like from a war or something. Hanna doesn’t seem as freaked out as she should but more “weirded out” like really this is all very strange.

Miranda arrives in a house downstairs and wanders around looking at old photographs.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Meanwhile the girls come in the same door that Hanna had arrived near the piano earlier.

The girls hear a scream and take off running, of course one of them disappears again, this time Spencer, seriously how can you leave from the same place and seconds later be separated?

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Alison shows up in the window near Hanna’s booth but is taken away before she can let Hanna out. The person with the mask, we know him as Ezra/A, looks in the window mysteriously. Next person that peeks in the booth is Miranda who lets Hanna out but oddly enough does NOT mention Caleb, because she has to be aware that this Hanna is Caleb’s girl. Weird right?

So to recap in this recap LOL, Miranda’s uncle’s house it the one where everyone is running around yet cannot find each other because Yep it’s so freaking big and creepy besides the whole being attached to a mausoleum in a graveyard thing LOL.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

In the room of coffins, we get a flashback of young Miranda with her uncle the last time she saw him. She was a toddler. In more Ravenswood setup, Miranda explains to Hanna about the flashback. She was at her parent’s funeral.

Upstairs Nancy Drew Em and Nancy Drew Aria are hanging out a window while a piece of broken glass dangles over their heads. I’m not certain why since they are supposed to be seeking Hanna and looking for a recently missing Spencer. What is the purpose of them attempting to leave the house they only just entered? Ahh Em answered my question LOL she wants to go get lots of help, hmm in a town of people who do not want them there makes a lot of sense ? NOT!! Better to stick with the people she knows not run off to strangers.

Of course the scene was more about how precarious they situation the have found themselves in yet again.

A scream is heard, sounds like Alison to me.

Spencer arrives in what looks like an indoor greenhouse. She turns around and is face to face with A, in that stupid antique mask hiding the face of the man we know as Ezra no doubt.

Spencer knocks him out but not quite good enough to keep him down long enough to get off the dreaded mask, of course not. What would season five be all about except trying to get that dreaded A unmasked after Alison arrives back into the daylight, but I am getting ahead of myself here.

A gets the drop on Spencer and knocks her out we change scenes just as he grabs the rather large shears. REALLY what kind of murderous dude has Aria been dating? Sick just sick 😦

Caleb is still hanging around in the graveyard when Miranda and Hanna arrive. What was he waiting outside this whole time? I thought he was the action kinda man looking for his lady? It is odd he was still waiting right? He couldn’t have just followed Miranda for what good he has done LOL. Is this supposed to make us consider that Caleb might somehow be involved with A? It could be a thought; he is the one with the messed up past, right?

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Hanna has no idea where the others are and she thinks that A has Alison, yep she has no clue.

The girls find Spencer just before Alison screams again.

Hanna takes the others to where she got lost.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Meanwhile Miranda finds a headstone with her picture on it. Its odd she wasn’t helping the others try to get the statue moved, she was just standing around looking kinda lost. I am aware this is an odd coincidence no just plain unnatural.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Back upstairs the girls encountered Ms. Grimwaldi, the sounds that were screams actually came from an old recording she had of sessions with Alison when she was trying to help her. The tape was stolen six months ago, I assume by A, they must have been some evidence against him but now they are back. How? Why? Do we even care? Anyway, Grimwald is able to tell that one of the girls has been touched by the one that Alison fears the most, if you mean almost killed than yes Spencer was touched, UMMMM a bit too much drama overkill on that one it was laughable. We all know about A it’s not a secret lets not make this into a soap opera. YIKES.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Miranda shows Caleb the obituary she picked up by the coffin room, its a picture of the old guy from the bus, like he was supposed to be dead. Anyone else wonder why we didn’t see the face of the driver, why the bus was out so late why in the world I mean how popular could Ravenswood to Rosewood and back be? We haven’t heard of it till the last half season right? Is it the bus to death and back LOL, I got nothing just putting some options out there.

Hanna finally hears from the girls that they are alright. Next we see them finding out the car is on flat. Aria suggests that Em might know how to change the tire since she is “Sporty”, what does that even mean? Seriously I thought Spencer would be the one she is even more independent than Em. Em has her moments but she is very much a Daddy’s girl to me.

So Hanna decides she wants Caleb to stay behind with Miranda for what reason I really do not understand. Now I trust Caleb because he is faithful as an old Hound dog, but does he really need to hang out with Miranda? I can’t see it logic wise. I guess its supposed to be some new fangled Hanna Marin growing up thing again its just awkward to me.

I really hope Ravenswpretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

After saying goodbye to Caleb, Hanna sees the two people in the red coats again this time face on, its a midget, little woman with her regular sized young daughter. I could see how from behind they might look like little girls.

At the car the girls find they have no spare just before Ezra who has been calling Aria all night supposedly arrives to give them a ride back to Rosewood. They all pile into his car and head home.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Ezra drops them off and leaves, but no sooner is he gone than Alison goes running by in that darned red coat. They follow and it is confirmed to indeed be a very much alive, Alison. I have to note for one second she looked more mature than all the other times I have seen her. Of course she is four years older than all the photographs we see of her, she is almost nineteen I would imagine.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

Alison is still very much afraid and tells Hanna to recall what she told her in the hospital. She warns them its still not safe for her to come home then a light shines through the bushes, she quieted them with a finger to her lips then disappears as Ezra comes walking toward them all. He gives Aria her cell phone; odd since he was trying to call her all night, where has it been? Has he put some device on it now? He looked so darn guilty now that we know who he is right? He is suddenly always showing up, before he wasn’t always around. I hope they work out those kinks in the spring.

I have to say the whole Alison thing will keep me coming back for more. I think had we ended with this at Season 4, it might have given me more hope for really good episodes, not fillers but I do hope its the final round of this show. It should go out with a BANG, not lagging and pushing the envelope too far.

I still like it but I used to LOVE it.

pretty little liars, PLL, abc family, lucy hale, shay mitchell, troian belliario, ian harding, ashley benson, season 4

The final scene is the Ravenswood preview, Caleb and Miranda finding a grave with Caleb’s picture and name on it. Creepy right?

Ravenswood for the Winter as we await more Pretty Little Liars in January. 🙂

My favorite moments:
1. Spencer ready to go ahead and find Alison.
2. Hanna seeing the rats in the mausoleum.
3. Aria commenting on the zoning codes, a house with coffins and a tunnel.
4. Em asking if they want her to change the tire because she is gay.
5. Caleb and Miranda bonding, yeah it was cute but lame LOL.
6. An older wiser looking Alison.

Authors note: I just realized I did this as a Post instead of a Page but since its special I will leave it. Enjoy!!

Pretty Little Liars Promo – Halloween Special

18 Sep

Halloween Episode Promo

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PLL – Recap for S04 Episode 9

8 Aug