Friends With Benefits Pilot Recap/Review

I am going to start out by saying on a scale from 1-10 I will give episode ONE a 6 and two a 7.

Now I will preface all of this by saying I am a fan of Danneel Harris Ackles and Jessica Lucas. I loved One Tree Hill’s, original Rachel Gatina whom Danneel played before she married Dan on the show and things got weird. I also adored Jessica Lucas’ Riley in Melrose Place because she played a gorgeous yet insecure teacher, she was just so adorable. They are both beautiful women and great actresses who will undoubtedly find a great show for them eventually. As far as the other main players on the show, well I have no idea about them or their acting skills.

With that said I don’t think the first scene with Sarah and Ben gave them a lot to work with at all even though I admit to having watched the clips from the premiere several times over the waiting period. As it turns out the first scene of the show was them hooking up. The scene was slightly amusing but not at all sensual despite the whole idea of its purpose was to get that was denied them by their dates. Oh yeah they had dates before they hooked up, yes a bit odd in timing I would say. I assume the purpose of the scene was to give us background on the characters and their unconventional relationship, um sex between friends, hence the title.

Next up was the required gathering hole meeting of friends, in this case we have a bar, where Fitz and the Aaron are drinking when Ben comes in. Ben exclaims he is not happy that his last date does not find Caddyshack amusing its implied that he has a problem with that. We are also treated to a quick flashback of them at the theater, though this wasn’t enough to do any thing except show us that she didn’t seem at all impressed by the much of anything.

Riley walks in wearing a bee suit because her Congressman boyfriend has a pollination fetish which according to Fitz is all the rage in Holland.? Okay well so we have the proverbial varied range of friends, the freaky Black guy, Fritz, they guy that can never find the perfect girl, Ben, the everyone is perfect guy, Aaron, sweet maybe a bit slutty, Riley and Sarah who walks in now who it turns out is a doctor, OB/GYN. She delivered a baby to a woman that was Vajazzled (vee jay jay bedazzled?) You can blame them for covering all the basis on the array of friends go team Diversity.

At this point I am thinking I really want to like this show as much as I do Why I Married Your Mother because I can only watch repeats of that show considering my other television watching obligations. This show actually fits in my open time slot for Friday night but I am not quite convinced at this point.

Now Aaron who has been dating as yet to be seen, Katie, has decided to ask her to move in with him. Ben groans basically WTH? while Sarah is on board with him “manning up to be a grown up,” the others reluctantly are happy for him and cheer all around. No comment, okay wait I think three months is not enough time to move in with someone BUT if its really love why not just get married, it can happen LOL.

Before we go any further I have to say how much I like Danneel with dark curls, I think this is a great look for her especially as a doctor.

Okay so the next day at the hospital Sarah gets a text from Rich; Rich is the guy she went out with on the last date before the first scene when she was hooking up with Ben. I personally thought this text was from Ben just jerking her chain LOL maybe they don’t play like that but it would have been kinda funny in a way to me. Rich had her pay for the first date I mean I was not expecting him to be around at all after that its definitely a deal breaker in my book, oh and considering his kinda sleazy look in the flashback she can do better.

In the show she is excited to hear from Rich for about a minute then she starts to feel insecure. Okay so the way a person contacts you for a second date is determined by how they do it. Text, IM, BBM or email all give different clues. Yes, the world of technology folks.

In other news, it turns out Aaron is the rich guy, though at this point I am not sure of all of their stats except Sarah’s. Ben shows up to play golf with Aaron to find he has hired a swing coach so he can finally beat Ben in virtual golf. Aaron takes his turn while Ben explains how he needs to find a date for his sisters wedding the following week to avoid the where’s Ben’s life going discussion. He has asked Sarah but so far she is not willing to be the date. These two act well together I don’t know what it is about them but they click. It really flowed like they were old friends. I just wanted to note that.

Aaron suggests that Ben take Sarah to the wedding but he says it might be weird because they have been sleeping together but Aaron who is the romantic can’t get over the fact that Ben and Sarah are not in love but just using one another for sex. Oh and we get the big reveal on Aaron’s wealth, he sold nanotechnology to Google for twelve million dollars but he isn’t really good with real life stuff, LOL, that was so cute. He is glad too that Ben told him about the sex thing with Sarah since they are best friends.

While still at Aaron’s, Ben calls his sister to tell her he is bringing his soul mate to the wedding just to shut her up because she was calling him a loser. He has to lie to everyone when they pass around the phone. His grandmother thought he was gay.

After the break, Sarah meets up with Ben on her break to briefly discuss who he should really ask to the wedding. We all know he wants Sarah to go but we have to watch them go back and forth pretending that is not what will happen in the end. Blah blah they decide that Ben will take some girl he went out with named Dakota before Sarah has to go back to work. Oh and along the way Ben called Sarah desperate which didn’t go over very well with her though I agree. The guy Rich she is trying to build a relationship with seems so wrong for her. I don’t think its just the lack of hotness but he looked awkward to me and he assumed there was going to be a second date when he asked her to pay the check, who does that?

On the other hand Aaron is calling Katie for who knows how many times that day to tell her about the big night for their third month anniversary he has planned. Wow this makes him look really desperate but he is also seems sweet and sincere. He is so excited he spills the beans about having bought her a horse, which was I think unmanly to say the least.

The music goes up as they shows a screen shots of the others dressing in their respective mirrors as the dress for their night out on the town. They are all upbeat with high expectations, so young and expectant but well no so young, really. LOL

On the first date, Ben goes out with Dakota again and we hear his thoughts. It reminds me of Ted on How I Met Your Mother, he is an overthinker. Ben can’t find anything wrong with her but he Blurts that out. All she can say is thanks LOL oops.

On Sarah’s date she is all ready to be treated like a princess since they sit in the VIP section. She is smiling all ready for a good time. She then notices rather obvious displays of affection between couples around the room and even the beginning of a threesome. Sarah loses frowns and looks like she might throw up. Yes, Rich has taken her to a swinger club.

Aaron shows up at Katie’s to find she is getting ready to sleep with another guy. The other guy is name Big Mike and Aaron calls him a tattooed douche bag but Mike’s doesn’t seemed to care. He goes back in the bedroom to get started and Katie can come in when she is done telling Aaron that they are over. WOW, I guess some girls are like Katie love the bad guys.

After the break, Aaron is at the bar with Riley attempting to make sense of it all. She gives him several drinks before she gives him this advice, “I would rather do something and regret it then regret something I haven’t done.” I like that saying. He goes on about wanting to be like Riley and just have casual sex and she does it with him, but Aaron is a relationship kinda guy so we all know what will happen next.

Ben is saying good night to Dakota and he remembers what was wrong with her. He tells her she kisses like a thirsty bird oh then he adds it like a hobo licking on a margarine container, I couldn’t stop laughing. She comes back with “You are looking for a fantasy no one will love all the music you love and hate all the movies you hate, then she adds you don’t know what else this tongue can do and you never will.” Touche!!

Ben and Sarah meet up after their dates with their conclusions: Sarah could be more picky and Ben could be less picky in his choices. They head upstairs to enjoy their friends benefits. Oh and Ben asks Sarah if his ears were crooked which was something Dakota had thrown at him as a flaw, Sarah simply says yes because its obviously something she has accepted about him. Oh so sweet.

Ben sums up all their friendships by saying when you have a problem you can’t solve alone, you realize you are not alone. He gets all dressed and yes, Sarah is going to be his date to the wedding.

Okay now the second episode I am going to try to do as a REVIEW this time since the recap is longer than the episodes LOL

Title: The Benefit of a Mute Button

Okay in this episode I am beginning to note something I find disappointing and that is Danneel’s lack of comic timing. However I think its not the acting so much as the character being portrayed. As a doctor she is expected to be intelligent, witty and always quick with the answers but it just seems like she is pretending the part more than inhabiting the role. Again I want to believe her character is just in a bind wanting to find someone to settle down with I guess we will see as the show progresses.

This episode showed how Aaron was already to have a relationship with Riley whom he slept with in the Pilot, Sarah in her quest to make random sex at the hospital with a doctor into something more, Ben dealing with this once a year get together with a foreign girl who is just a tease and Fritz spend time with a county supervisor that happened to be a horny red head. Riley was the only one who had any fun because she was being herself hanging out with a guy she has met who was into her.

Oh some things I noticed:
They used Danneel aka Sarah real home state of Louisiana as part of her back story.
Jessica Lucas is playing another girl named Riley?
Why didn’t they bother to even switch up this details so we might think they had original ideas instead of rehashing ???? This is not a good sign for this show; its bad enough they waited forever to show it at all since they did the filming. I mean its on Friday night in the middle of summer *shakes head* Oh and how many times can they use “Whatever” in dialogue and still want us to care enough to watch the show?

That is all I have for now; I watched the episode three times then lost interest in adding more 😦 I am still going to continue to watch because I am relentless when I want to like something.

Feel free to comment.

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