New Fall Shows I like

Okay so I have been a addict for a while but they are changing things though this post is not about them but about new shows I have been able to watch because of them.

My top new show faves; the ones I have not seen previous to this Fall.

Revenge with Emily VanCamp
Synopsis: A young lady whose father was killed because of deception comes back to her old home to get Revenge on the people responsible for his death.

The Secret Circle with Thomas Dekker
Synopsis: A group of young witches gather to learn about using their powers; it all secret and everyone knows about it. Created by the same people behind Vampire Diaries.

Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar
Synopsis: A pair of twins switch places only to find each others lives are severely in danger because of bad choices.

The Playboy Club
Synopsis: The life a playboy bunny using the background of the original Playboy Club in 1960’s Chicago.

Lying Game
Synopsis: A pair of twins trade places only to find that each other lives are in danger because of bad choices. Okay that sounds familiar. LOL this pair of twins is in high school the other pair are in their thirties.

New Girl with Zooey Deschanel

Synopsis: Eccentric girl moves in with three loser guys and they begin to bond over relationship difficulties.

Charlies Angels
Synopsis: Remake of previous Charlies Angels show.

Old Shows I am looking forward to that I have yet to catch up on or see so far.

Burn Notice
Fact or Faked

I will post more as the season moves forward.

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