Revenge S01 Episode 11 – Tyler is off his Meds

I finally decided I would attempt to recap REVENGE at least this episode. I love this show but some shows I just want to ENJOY. WE will see what happens next week 🙂

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Now I will say up front as far as the technique that is employed often in this show, well I have no LOVE for it. The episode begins at a point that they work back around to toward the end. I am sure there is a name for it but I will just call it ANNOYING.

This episode begins with Tyler pointing a gun at Emily’s head while the others watch. They are all sitting outside with a cake on the table. It’s obviously a birthday party of sorts but Tyler has decided to crash it in the worse way.

The reason I dislike the technique in this episode was with the build up of events that I will describe shortly you lose any sense of urgency by the time this scene is shown at the ending. I think that is a shame because had it just started here and gone forward it might have been more heart stopping. You know the whole what will happen business HOWEVER I guess the episode redeems itself with the revelations we find about Tyler.

Without further adieu here is how it all went down; starting Two Days Earlier.

The young lovers, that is Emily and Danny Boy are chatting about his birthday bash. Emily suggests they should have a low-budget down to earth clam bake. Danny boy of course agrees. Now that is all good but I see something else that irritates me to NO End. Dan and Emily are wearing the same colors……..ohmgosh that is my PET PEEVE the biggest of all pet peeves for me watching tv/movies/plays whatever. Is there any REAL reason to dress people in coordinating colors? NO is the answer. OH and even her coffee cup matching this color, its Teal by the way……UGH. Wardrobe Departments BEWARE, do not do this it is not REAL LIFE. Unless a couple is going to a couple of event NO one expects them to dress like people with mutual wardrobe colors I promise.

Rant over……anyway.. Daddy Money Bucks, Conrad, arrives at Em’s to let them know he is on the way over to the house to discuss divorce business. He has stopped by to see if Dan will be on his side. REally? And I just noticed that Conrad’s outfit also blends in with the Dan’s shirt though its more on the Blue side of Teal. Am I making too much of this or has everyone else noticed this on shows also?

Conrad immediately tells Daniel its okay if he wants Tyler gone from the company its done. WOW some kinda dedication to your employees old man. Now not that I like Tyler at all but he could have given it a second to consider it LOL. I guess at this point they have seen that Tyler is a bad seed since the whole bribery scam came to life.

As soon as Conrad is gone Dan calls his Mommy to tell her that he has positioned himself to get whatever she wants from Conrad in the divorce. He also informs her of Emily’s plan for his birthday.

Mommy Victoria immediately tells Ashley about the birthday party change. Ashley is to call Emily to get the details and help her in any way that she can. LOL, poor Ashley its lucky that she and Emily are good pals at all. I know they at least started out that way or Emily positioned herself so Ashley would believe that.


Emily goes to Nolan’s to apologize for the falling out they had previously because of his disastrous interlude with Tyler. She confesses that she taught herself years ago not to trust people. Nolan lets her know that Tyler has the whale camera. Emily thinks it could actually work for their advantage. Nolan is able to tell her where Tyler is currently by tracing the GPS on his stolen cell phone.

When I first saw this episode I considered that Tyler might be aware he was being tracked, *spoiler* he is a smart guy. Emily leaves after finally saying she is sorry.

Over at the mansion the divorce meeting has commenced. The lawyers are talking, Victoria is smirking and Conrad seems confused. Can I get a witness? LOL I will just ignore the fact that Vicky’s lawyer has a Teal shirt and move right on to the horrible make up job the make up department did on Conrad’s lawyer. I will skip with the being gentle and just say it right out; On television shows with few African American’s there seems to be an INEPTNESS in the make up area.

this is a nice picture of her from last year

I love Merrin Dungey who is playing Barbara Snow, Conrad’s lawyer. Her lipstick makes her look as though she has been smoking for ninety years; its brown/dull and looks ashy on her. There is no discernible color it just looks wrong and Ugly. I bright RED would have been an IMPROVEMENT good GRAVY folks. Pick up a magazine and find an example, sheeks. I guess its supposed to be a neutral color but it doesn’t add to her look. The entire effect is tired just PLAIN Tired. Under eye circles, droopy eyelids, not quit straightened hair. Now until this moment I hadn’t noticed anyone else look quite so worn.

Yes that was distracting I kept thinking what is wrong with her?

Meanwhile they are discussing who gets what before they get down to brass tacks. Apparently Victoria only wants the mansion where they sit despite the many others that she can choose from. The big to-do comes up when Conrad insists Charlotte, the daughter wants to stay with him though Victoria believes he has been poisoning her for years to this end. Conrad points out the Charlotte came to him to get away from her mother after it was shown publicly that Victoria never wanted her daughter. OH and another point was to do with the prenup which Victoria signed when they were married while she was preggers.

Later that day, Conrad is surprised to find Tyler in his office at his desk when he walks in the door. Tyler quits. Yeah like he didn’t know it was coming LOL. He then reveals the evidence he has against Conrad includes a video showing Frank tossing Conrad’s whore off a building as well an audio which is of the same whore talking to Conrad about framing David Clark and more. Tyler wants to make a deal for some big time cash.

All of this happens before the first break LOL

After the break, Victoria confesses to her lawyer the prenup she signed before she married Conrad was a lie. She wasn’t even pregnant so in reality she doesn’t deserve the fifty percent of his assets. I honestly think any woman who has put up with a cheating husband deserves that much at least but that is just me. As far as Conrad knows she miscarried that child at ten weeks.

Then we see a Flashback of Emily dealing with Victoria’s lawyer at a time in the past. This scene is shows as soon as we see Emily walking into the mansion. So she knew the lawyer in the past too, not too shocking. She has set herself up to be around these people in order to get them back for what they did to her father. It would have been good to see her taking this guy down but I am sure the time will come considering his lawyering techniques.

Emily is at the house supposedly looking for the first picture taken of she and Daniel. She wants to make a summer scrapbook. I mean what else do you get the guy that has everything? Yep that is true. “Oh how inventive,” Victoria says to Emily’s homely idea. Emily mentions inviting Amanda and Jack who are helping Ashley with the Clambake party. Victoria doesn’t seem to mind but she says in a way that is very snooty. Emily asks about going to the pool house to grab a squash racket for Daniel before she leaves Victoria in the main house.

Another reason that Emily was at the house is that she needed to find Nolan’s camera, you know the whale. WE see this as she goes in the pool house with Nolan on the phone with her. They find the camera but she hangs up with Nolan before he can tell her that Tyler is on the way. Meanwhile she finds that Tyler is on medication; she calls the number on the pill bottle. She is hiding outside as Tyler ransacked the place seeking the camera. I think maybe he saw her through the mirror that he broke but I can’t be certain.

After the break, we find out that the medication is a powerful anti-psychotic. If a person stops taking it abruptly it can cause a violent rebound effect. We also learn that before going to see Nolan who has the fax machine that was used to get the information on the medication, Emily stopped to put the whale camera at her house. Yeah I am not sure if that was a great move except it might help if Tyler shows up there or anyone else sneaking around in all the wrong places LOL.

Nolan taps into the San Francisco police database to find that Tyler’s doctor was attacked a few weeks before he came to town. The file also has the phone number for Tyler’s brother. Now how convenient is that? Nolan is instructed by Emily to call Tyler’s brother to come get him before he hurts anyone. Nolan offers to send a jet to get the brother who is a trauma doctor.

Nolan believes because the GPS on the phone that Tyler is carrying says he is in the pool house that he is safe from the crazy person. I could smell this being off a mile away. Did anyone else see the whole depending on the GPS as a mistake??

Conrad gets to meet with Victoria when she arrives at his hotel room. She looks all snooty with her lips pressed tight together. I gotta say between the two of them I don’t think I am on either side right now. Conrad tells her all the dirty business on Tyler which I suppose is to somehow bring her around on other aspects of their lives. Yeah neat trick if it works LOL. Conrad guesses that Tyler has been planning to extort money from them from the time he set his sights on Daniel. Funny thing they have no idea how Tyler may have wanted Daniel in more physical ways but WE know that right? It’s like a woman scorned all over again.

As soon as Emily gives Daniel the news on Tyler he rushes over to try to take him down. Emily stays behind with Ashley at her house where the birthday party planning is taking place.

The actual food preparation is being performed by Amanda/real Emily Thorne and Jack. Amanda asks Jack if he had any dealing with Emily aka Amanda LOL as far as Romance goes and Jack assures her with a kiss. Awww I could almost get behind these too of the Real Emily was nicer and had a heart. I like the fake Emily better even with the iffiness of her motives. It’s really a good thing that Jack still feels something for the real Amanda.

I swear most of the shows I watch could be call the Lying Game LOL any who.

Amanda tags along as Jack says he is going to Emily’s to dig the whole for the event.

So we see Tyler sitting in the dark, the outsider in his blue/gray tie and blue shirt. I guess the colors are coded to go with the who is IN and who is OUT LOL. Danny finally arrives what seems like a while later, tell him he has to leave. Tyler wants him to go with him. What is he thinking? I guess its the missing meds OR maybe Tyler really thought Daniel would change his mind. In a strange turn of events, Daniel gets ready to call the police, Tyler pushes him against the wall then he eaves……HUH?? What was that all about? I don’t maybe Tyler is a hopeless romantic as far as Danny Boy goes.

After the break, on the beach the clamback preparation is in full force. Emily helped Jack with the hole while the others cook and decorate. As Jack talks about all the pain Amanda has suffered Emily has a flashback to the time she and Jack played on the beach as kids with her father.

Not long afterward Daniel talks to Emily as he is carrying her gun. He wants to have it handy in case Tyler shows up. Nolan calls with news that Tyler is on his trip to California. He is basing this again on the GPS signal. Nolan insists technology never lets him down as he assures Emily that Tyler is out-of-town. She invites him to the party after which he blushes, its kinda cute. He hangs up the phone to find his door open. UH OH!!!!

Yep he turns around and surprise its Tyler in his large glass house; Tyler wants the videos and evidence he thought he had. Tyler has a knife. He stabs Nolan or scratches him with the knife. This is when Tyler notices that on the computer near by he can see what is happening in Emily’s house. Yep Nolan told the truth he does not have the camera its at Em’s. They watch for a few moments as Emily reveals to Daniel that Tyler is gone.

Tyler decides to get the camera back that has the information he has to go to the party.

After the break, we see Emily upstairs at her house with Daniel. She gives him a picture in a scrapbook like journal as they talk about a poem. I understand that it’s all about memories but it was an odd gift unless the rest of the book was to be continued. They haven’t known each other that long yet.

We then see Nolan tied up at his house. He turns himself over in the chair.

Back at the party I wonder if Emily had time to hide her evidence box and other stuff she keeps. I guess since they will be outside it won’t matter much.

As usual Emily says the wrong thing to Ashley; she mentions that the other woman spent the entire summer dating doctor jeckle and mr. hyde. LOL. This is to show that Emily does not play well with others only those she chooses to engage like Daniel as well his parents of course with Jack its natural. WE all know her friendship with Ashley was just to get close to the Grayson’s to represent herself “a good egg”.

Ashley introduces Amanda to the Grayson’s after Victoria arrives. Victoria gives her that tight-lipped stare of hers before she says, “it’s a pleasure.” We see a Flashback of Victoria planning to meet up with David Clark later that night, well years ago. She tells him she loves him it seems it was to be the big night she was leaving Conrad.

Amanda tells Victoria she came for a visit but might make it more permanent. She disappears back outside to see if Jack is ready to start the meal after Emily has volunteered to go. Oh me oh my, Emily couldn’t allow Amanda to stand near Victoria too long as the other woman tries to recall the Amanda from her childhood.

Nolan is on the floor when Tyler’s brother arrives. He knocks and knocks as Nolan tries to make himself known. The brother sees Nolan’s car and wonders where he might be.

Charlotte with Declan arrive at the party. Tyler sneaks in the house after the others go outside.

Nolan is still on the floor at his house as tries to get the tie off his mouth. He if finally able to tell the brother how to find the outside key to get in the house.

At the party Conrad talks to Victoria about Amanda. Victoria isn’t convinced that Amanda is who she says she is. Conrad mentions that it sounds like her when they met, “cheap shoes and limited social graces.” LOL that was a cut. So basically she was a gold digger all those year ago. Amanda isn’t looking for money she is just wanting a new life. Not to say I agree with her methods; I think she should have taken the money and run away from the entire thing to start over. I am all about going away.

Inside the house, Tyler answers Emily’s phone as Nolan tries to warn her.

Conrad tries to ingratiate himself with Declan by apologizing for Victoria’s attempt to buy him off. Too bad he is only trying to gain another ally in the divorce LOL.

Victoria rolls her eyes at Emily’s toast about being so happy to have met Daniel and how she has grown to love his family or something.

Victoria has the nerve to pull out a journal/scrapbook not unlike the one that Emily mentioned earlier. Wow what a kick in the face to Emily. More than likely it was something someone made for her that day; surely no effort on her part went into it. “That is so inventive,” Emily says WOOT WOOT!! for her.

Emily goes inside to get the cake; I imagine she was feeling sick from the strange motherly display of Victoria.

Tyler finds a squeaky floorboard which more than likely is where Em is keeping her goodies, but is interrupted when Emily arrives inside.

Tyler asked for the whale figurine; Emily pretends to know nothing despite the fact that he confesses to having seen the feed at Nolan’s house.

She tells him to leave then tells him off as she puts something in his pocket. It looks like a wallet but larger hmmm. She pulls it from under that short tight skirt; not sure how that worked LOL.

Tyler grabs the gun that they had brought out earlier but before that Emily has an odd look on her face. Why would she put her back to him when she knew of the gun?

Tyler follows Emily outside as she carries the cake. He has the gun on her.
Tyler finishes the birthday song “sit down Emily,” then blows out the candles; EW now we can’t eat the cake LOL

After the break, Tyler is waving the gun around pointing it at different people. He then wants to play Truth or Die. He asks a question then he has to like the answer or you are dead; interesting game. It’s like Russian Roulette I think 🙂 Emily shakes her head at Amanda who looks terrified. Maybe this will teach her to go away when she is told to go away. I guess the shaking head was assurance that it will be fine OR that maybe if she gets a question then lying yes is okay LOL.

Tyler tells Conrad he wants him to tell him what really happened to David Clark. Now to me this was random OR it could be because the letter that Tyler had a copy of was about David Clark. I don’t see any other reason that Tyler would be interested in that subject. Tyler does not receive an answer he likes so he points the gun at Emily’s head.

Alex, Tyler’s brother comes to save the day with Nolan which distracts Tyler long enough for Jack to knock him out.

Oh I finally heard the reason that wallet was put in his jacket; it belonged to Frank the dead security guy Conrad tells Victoria as the police take Tyler away. He is now the prime suspect in that murder.

Mean while Nolan teases Emily about withholding her inner Ninja LOL yeah she coulda cut Tyler’s head off with a look LOL. Nolan also notes that Emily’s gun had no bullets. “I’m terrified of you, maestro,” Nolan adds before Ashley walks over.

Emily goes over to Daniel as Nolan walks off with Ashley, yes they were attracted to the same psycho person Yikes.

Emily watches Jack with Amanda over Daniels shoulder; she doesn’t look happy. I think Amanda is totally pulling her chains. There is no reason for her to be in town, NONE at all.

Amanda mentions David Clark to Jack which I think is a bad idea though would it have been more odd if she didn’t bring it up. Her being around is a very bad idea just as Emily thought at first. Things can get twisted real fast.

Emily is with Daniel in next to the last scene; getting read for bed.

Oh but the last scene is of Victoria plotting with her lawyer; he found a doctor willing to manufacture the documents proving that she had the miscarriage. Yeah I think this guy wants to be her next husband LOL In the eyes of the law the prenup is now null and void.

Wow there was a lot of stuff going on; good episode.


  1. Such a fun recap! I’m so glad you decided to write about this episode. 🙂 I love all your asides about the various fashions on the show. Having been to the Hamptons a few times, I think the show does a nice job of illustrating how people dress over there. I guess I would describe it as “country club chic.” There’s never a lot of flash in the Hamptons wardrobes: It seems to be mostly about solid colors, clean lines, and designer names. But there’s little that’s going to really make you stop and say, “Wow, I love that dress or that shirt.”

    That said, I really liked the dress Emily was wearing for the birthday party. And I envy it, because I think so few people would look as nice in it as she did. I was never one who looked particularly good in white, unfortunately. Speaking of Emily, I never noticed the whole “outfit coordination” thing. I’ll have to be on the lookout for that, now.

    I’m inclined to agree with you about the “flashback / flashforward” style of storytelling always leaves a bit to be desired for me. In general, I feel like the writers may have been better off not focusing so much on the birthday party scene, both in the promos, and at the beginning of the episode. Coming into this week’s show, we all knew what Tyler was going to do. So, when it actually happened, it came off as a bit anti-climactic to me.

    However, if ABC had somehow been able to keep that scene under wraps until the end of the episode, I think it would have come as a real shock to many fans. And they would have enjoyed it more. Speaking of the ending, I was a bit disappointed with the slapshod way they wrapped up Tyler’s story . . . this is especially the case, since a part of me has always secretly hoped that Tyler would end up being the one shot at the engagement party, not Daniel.

    Perhaps, he’ll break out of the loony bin, and make my dreams come true.

    It was refreshing seeing the softer side of Emily in this episode. It’s rare that you get glimpses of it. But this was the first time, I really felt like she (1) has truly fallen for Daniel. (2) genuinely values her friendship with Nolan. She also showed some real vulnerability, while at gunpoint. But, in hindsight, given her knowledge that the gun wasn’t loaded, that might have just been good acting.

    Am I the only one who’s irked by the “little kid” flashbacks they use to illustrate the intensity of Jack’s and Emily’s “relationship?” There’s just something really creepy about a guy who’s been in a love with a girl since she was eight years old, and continues to see her as an eight year old, even though she’s 26.

    Maybe that’s just me . . .

    Anywhoo . . . awesome recap. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

    • Hey thanks for stopping by Jewls. I read this earlier on my phone. I get the whole country club look I just have always had issues with matching colors. I think I said that in the recap but it bugs me to end; a major pet peeve to me. LOL I am glad you saw what I meant about the whole flashforward/backward thing. It doesn’t lend to much surprise and yes if there were less spoilers out especially for this one it would have lended to more surprised I agree. Well I guess we all get excited about shows we finally find something we enjoy. So glad you enjoyed.

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