Scandal Episode 3 Recap of Hell Hath No Fury

Hey there folks welcome to my first Scandal recap. I have been wanting to do this show since before it aired three weeks ago but finally I have the time. Not sure it will be a regular show on my list but lets just wait and see because that is why this site is called RandomRecaps.

Screencapped by me through

A bit of background on previous episodes might be in order because this episode is full of references to them. In the first two episodes we have learned that the lawyer known as Olivia Pope played by the beautiful Kerry Washington, left her White House job after having had an affair and fallen in love with the President who I will be calling Prez. Fitzgerald Grant is the Prez played by Tony Goldwyn. We have also learned that an ex intern, Amanda, played by the lovely Liza Weil has recently left the White House for similar reasons. The Prez is also still in love with Olivia despite being seemingly happily married to his wife, Mellie, played by the gorgeous Bellamy Young.

Now I won’t always give the real names but for a backdrop synopsis I figured why not.

Yes we have learned all of that in the first TWO episodes so you can see how this show moves at such a rapid pace almost as fast as that of which the characters speak which is is kinda fun LOL.

Alright so this week we begin with Olivia’s team watching Amanda as she sits in a room waiting for them to decide on what to do next with her. Quinn comes in the room with coffee for Amanda who is distracted by being watched like a bug under a lamp.

Outside the door Olivia’s insists that they will defend Amanda despite her situation of having accused the Prez of sleeping with her then treating her like she never existed. I know there is more to the story but that will be revealed later.

Olivia gets a call and has to rush off to work on another client’s problem which is Sandra Harding whose son didn’t show up for court. Sandra is a friend of Olivia’s. It seems that Liv has friends/associates who tend to get in a lot of trouble, hmm.

Oh yes I forgot to mention Olivia runs a law office of misfits who work on cases that other lawyers won’t touch and she is good at her job. The team splits up, Harrison goes with Liv to find Sandra’s son while Abby is to take Amanda home to get some of her things so she can hide away from the public eye at Olivia’s place.

Over at the courthouse the judge is impatiently waiting for Liv’s client, Travis, to arrive.

Liv and Harrison find Travis still in bed after his girl for the night answers the door. She isn’t shy to go in and get him literally out of the bed, tell him to get dressed and remind him he is on trial for rape. Travis dutifully goes to get dressed while Liv has a chat with girl or in this case she asks her for a favor. I am sure some money was exchanged, just a wild guess.

At the courthouse the judge delays the arraignment till two o’clock as we see his mother in the audience with one of Olivia’s team, Stephen.

Back at the hotel where Travis was staying, it seems that Liv sent the girl out front with Travis as a decoy while she takes Travis out the back way.

After the Scandal theme credits roll we find Olivia talking to Sandra about Travis’ case. His mother is certain that he didn’t rape the girl. Olivia is inclined to believe her but she does not approve of him not taking the law seriously, you know the whole not showing up for court just looks bad as well as wasting tax payer money.

Oh so we find out here that Olivia is on retainer for Sandra’s company not as a personal lawyer for Travis’ trial. Sandra goes on and on about how girls get stars in their eyes for Travis because he has money she doesn’t think that Travis is responsible for the way he treats them basically. She just blows off the fact of what the girl might have felt. I so do not like her attitude. Oh yeah she does the I never gave him the time he needed bull but that is very brief. Her plan in this conversation is to get Olivia to represent her spoiled brat son. Sandra pulls on Liv’s heartstrings until she gets the answer she wants.

Over at the White House Mellie is sipping tea while the Prez is still in bed. He suddenly wakes up all upset that he missed a meeting while she reminds him that people die if they don’t get enough rest. HE rushes to get dressed. He isn’t happy about having slept in but he won’t answer her question about why he isn’t sleeping well. She gives him a kiss then goes off to do a tour of homeless shelters. He watches her as she leaves as though he doesn’t know what he could have said to her to make it all better.

At the office, Quinn is surprised to see the annoying reporter, Gideon, who is trying to get the story on Amanda’s situation, show up. She tries to get him to leave. He sees Liv walking by and insists that she had called him in for an interview. She denies it then suggest if he can keep Amanda’s name out of the paper for seven-two hours she will give him some background information on Amanda. He agrees. LOL

At Olivia’s apartment where they have taken Amanda to stay for a while Olivia talks to her. Liv asks Amanda for prove of what she is saying regarding her affair with the Prez. Amanda insists she is not ready to reveal that at the present time. It seems that Amanda’s endgame is to have one meeting with the Prez, face to face and alone. Olivia seems surprised by that statement.

After the break, Liv interrupts a lunch with Cyrus and Billy. She asked Billy to leave but he is reluctant because apparently Cyrus rarely pays for lunch, LOL. So Billy and Cyrus are two more of Liv’s White House cronies that she knew while serving the Prez aka Fitzgerald who I might eventually call Fitz LOL.

Olivia reveals to Cyrus what Amanda wants from the Prez the whole fifteen minute sit down thing. I totally don’t trust Amanda at this point and I wonder why Liv has been so easily swayed by her. Except that I know she sees herself in Amanda. All dewy-eyed for the Prez since she still loves him too. Cyrus agrees to the terms before he tells Liv he misses her. I suppose it was a real close-knit group when she worked on the “hill”. Before she can leave the table Cyrus tells Olivia that the Prez is not sleeping. She comments that she isn’t either.

Now make note that until last week Cyrus didn’t know that Liv had an affair with the Prez which I find odd considering how close they all seemed to have been.

At Olivia’s office the lawyer that Olivia has gotten for Travis is talking to her staff about the rape case. I generally don’t watch shows that talk about RAPE, I find it distasteful especially when details are given in the slightest. Yes I am a sensitive soul and my tendency or what happens to me is I EXPERIENCE things that others have, it’s very intense so I avoid this types of shows on purpose.

Nevertheless I am going to try to endure and face up to it for the sake of the recap.

Moving on, the lawyer says it will come down to he said/she said in the case.

Meanwhile Olivia is telling Travis the same thing at his house. She insists that perception is everything in his case. She wants Travis to play by her rules aka no going out, no drinking, no girls especially Blondes and Harrison is going to babysit him. Really? In real life people are made to face up to what they have done except I guess in the rich circles of influence where you have sat on them to make them behave, AWKWARD.

Later Liv meets up with her nemesis, David, the U. S. attorney with a cup of coffee. She wants information regarding the rape case since his co-worker Jane is prosecuting the case, but he isn’t giving up anything. He does take the coffee though LOL.

They are reviewing the jurors for Travis’ case at the office. They can predict the juror’s vote based on statistics that have been collected you know background, job, age and etc… Stephen is in charge, he is the expert it seems on this process. Oh and there is the thing were Huck has been stalking the jurors listening to their conversations about the case LOL, wait they aren’t supposed to talk about the cases, right.

Abby also did some stalking on the victim’s friends at her work. Hmm I guess that is okay, either way its the way of the world. Abby found out that Helen was a saint, a special education advocate. On the downside she was also flat broke.

Olivia goes back to Sandra to ask her to settle the case. The reason that Olivia wants to settle is because party boy Travis looks guilty up against the saintly broke Blonde girl, Helen. Sandra agrees against her better judgment.

They present the offer to Helen with her lawyer all the while Travis first lawyer mumbles in the background like he has nothing to do with the offer LOL. Helen refuses to take the money because there is no amount that will make up for what happened to her. I hated hearing what she had to say but even though it wasn’t explicit it was a lot for me. I think it took that though for Olivia to realize that Travis did the dirty deed OR maybe to give her a reason to have doubt on his behalf. She chooses to leave instead of answering Helen’s question about “how much would it take for you to forget the awful thing that was done to YOU??”

After the break we find the Prez thanking several military men for their service. It’s some sort of ceremony that had ended I assume. Cyrus tells the Prez about the offer from Liv after the others leave the room. Oddly enough the only question the Prez has is if Liv will attend the suggested meeting LOL, wow he has it bad for Olivia LOL

At the office again Quinn tries to understand what happens now that Helen won’t take the money. Liv insists there is always another move to be made. They can appeal etc.. Funny I thought she understood that Travis was guilty it seems she is grasping at straws now, or is that just me?? According to Harrison, Liv doesn’t believe in losing.

Speaking of Harrison he is with Travis while he gets ready for a court appearance. Travis makes a comment about how THEY always take the money in the end. Hmm sounds callous to me. Harrison has an odd look on his face.

Liv walks in on Amanda telling someone on the phone to go away at her apartment. She reminds her for what is probably not the first time to answer her phone only for her parents or the staff of her team.
Amanda has a look on her face like she was lying; I just see it.

Quinn who is with Liv on her arrival at the apartment, suggests that maybe she can talk to Gideon about him bothering Amanda. Liv gets a call from Harrison next, he tells her about Travis’ comment about them always taking the money. They have to check into his bank records to see if this type thing had happened before. Hmm yeah I wonder if MOMMY been protecting him all this time ??

We find that Travis had made payments to another girl three years ago but now she happens to be dead. Liv thinks that if he has done this same thing before its likely the rape charge is real.

The Prez arrives in Cyrus office to find Cyrus has received an audio tape of the Prez moaning while sexing up Amanda. Hmm I guess this was her big evidence, not sure, but it was sent in by someone other than LIV, now this gets confusing for me from here on out regarding her case. Again though I never trusted Amanda.

Cyrus can’t believe it he gets on to Fitz, the Prez. Cyrus had high hopes for them as a team. Hmm but the Prez has issues keeping “it” in his pants. Cyrus adds up 1 + 1 and gets that Olivia is blackmailing the Prez because Amanda seems to be LOL, oh Cyrus don’t you trust your buddy, Liv, anymore otherwise how do you JUMP so far off course??

After the break, the Prez takes up for Liv. Cyrus is like outta control now he is on the wrong track all together It’s so strange the way people jump to conclusions while looking at the same thing. I appreciate that the Prez believes Liv is innocent but Cyrus should be ashamed for his behavior, I tell YOU!!

Across town Abby talks to Harrison on the phone about the dead woman, Rachel, that Travis had paid off years before. His family had an extra nice car in the driveway but I am lost again on this logic because they already knew she had gotten money so what is the big deal?? Has Travis given them more money? I can’t imagine that at all.

Moving on, Harrison goes down to talk the lady that tests rape kits all day. She says a lot of stuff I dont’ want to hear about the details of what she has to do all day;so I will skip to what Harrison decides. He basically gets the rape kit for Travis old case.

At the office again, Quinn finally makes the call to Gideon; she talks really fast and rambles. Huck watches then tells her she is weird which to him means good LOL. Ahhh I think he likes her, he just walks away afterward.

Stephen is talking to Olivia about how big her conflict of interest is with the Amanda’s case when she gets a call from Mellie inviting her to a state dinner. She is not given a chance to decline.

Harrison comes in to get them both with the news on Rachel’s case. It seems Rachel met Travis at a bar, was raped that night, he paid her off, she tried to move on, moved in with her parents but she ended up killing herself later on. In a big twist we find that Rachel was Helen’s best friend.

Olivia meets up with Travis and Sandra to tell them what she has figured out. Travis didn’t rape Helen he did rape Rachel, the one who killed herself. Sandra is mortified as Travis confesses to her. He actually thinks that since he paid off the girl he “handled” his situation.

Just so you all know because I was tweeting during this show last night I now realize I missed some key points LOL but I am catching up.

After the break, we find the lawyer badgering Helen while she is on the stand. He insists that she stalked Travis, changed her hair color, had consensual sex with him all to set Travis up. Um it’s not strange to change your hair color I have to add that LOL. Olivia cant’ take watching the trial so she goes out to sit with Sandra in the hall. I have to say I am glad to see Olivia in some color. I was frustrated with her wearing white all the time; the white coat and still in this episode there is more white to come. I guess I will get used to it. I have decided all the white is to go with theme of the show that they are the “good guys”.

His mother goes on about how she knows Travis is going to get off with the charge but she seems disappointed now that she knows he is guilty of the past rape. Sandra asks what she can do but Olivia tries to convince her it’s not her fault that Travis is what he is.

Quinn is waiting for Gideon before Huck shows up to set her up. He orders her virgin margaritas and tells the bartender to give the guy extra buzz LOL. I guess that’s the way to keep Gideon talking. Huck also tells her to take down her hair and take off the jacket. Quinn tries to tell him she knows what she is doing but he insists she needs to be set up LOL. She does what he says any way of course, oh she looks beautiful.

Olivia arrives at the dinner in a long white dress of course LOL. Its pretty I guess I don’t like white because I am a klutz. I also never noticed many people ever wearing it regularly unless they are doctors.

The Prez is surprised that Olivia is attendance at the dinner but Mellie tells him that she invited her. He can’t keep his eyes off of her as she walks in the room. Olivia makes a of show of treating him like the Prez but no one special. Cyrus sees Liv but looks upset that she would dare to show her face at the event.

Later Liv dances with her pal, Billy who obviously had not spoken with Cyrus about Liv’s supposed blackmail attempt. Billy actually asks her to date him just before he is swept away by Mellie while the Prez gets a chance to dance with Liv. Hmmm interesting arrangement right?

The dance is filled with heat and desire because she won’t look at him even though it’s all he wants LOL she eventually does despite her best judgment. He wants her to meet him in their spot and she is all full of excuses about his wife being near and him being married. He says he loves her, but really what can he GIVE her but guilt and a broken heart, it so sad really. OH and Mellie seems so nice and ready to be by his side. He insists they meet in ten minutes despite her saying, “you can’t leave your own state dinner.”

Back at the bar, Gideon may be getting buzzed but Quinn is very sober. He knows she isn’t buzzed and that she was sent to find out what he was going to do about the Amanda story. This is where we find out that Amanda was lying when she said that Gideon had been calling her, he had been keeping his end of the deal because he wanted the Quote he was promised.

Cyrus confronts Olivia rudely, at the time we believe she is heading out to meet the Prez Cyrus then has her escorted off the grounds; all because of what he THINKS he knows. See assumption gets us NO Where, right? Idiot he is supposedly Liv’s friend for years but he believes she would stoop to blackmail. So basically he only trusted her as long as she was where he could watch her. I mean the things he said to her was so WRONG!! It’s possible he has had his own share of affairs which makes him think he is an expert OR has he always felt this way about Liv.

Olivia goes to Sandra’s house to tell her it was all her fault that Travis had turned out the way that he has. Interesting how Sandra is not happy to see Olivia late at night as it’s not convenient. I find it odd the way her so-called friends are treating her, is anyone else noticing that?? She tells Sandra that the best thing she can do for Travis is to not let him get away with what he has done.

Cyrus arrives at the meeting place where Fitz is waiting for Liv to show up. He tells him that she is not coming to meet up with him. According to Cyrus Liv cancelled the meeting with Amanda, HUH? What is he doing? I am so confused on this part. Is Cyrus lying because he knows he jumped the gun? Is he just covering his A**? Someone tell me I am so lost here. I know he disapproves of Fitz loving Liv but really? Cyrus smirks as the Prez goes back inside. I think Cyrus is trying to make things work out for himself and to hell with everyone else.

After the break, Liv meets up with Sandra and Travis again where they decide he should turn himself in to the cops. There is a rape kit with his dna all over it from the girl who died. He suggests he should just go away for a while but his mother had already turned him in. David shows up to pick him up.

Mellie plays her hand at the White House by telling Fitz he needed to see Olivia so she invited her to the dinner for that purpose. She says, “I trust tonight you will sleep like a baby.” Here again I am not sure what happened at first I thought she knew that her husband is in love with Liv so she provided him with a way to see the object of his lust. Now I think maybe she was involved in the Cyrus debacle. Any help on understanding from the READERS is appreciated.

I do love a mystery, maybe I will figure it out next time.

Gideon comes into the office to get the quote from Amanda he was promised the next day but instead he is given an interview with Sandra the owner of HDX a company worth three hundred million. Sandra is also the mother who turned in her own son to the U. S. Attorney. He is getting the Exclusive story from Sandra thanks to Liv.

Quinn finally gets a chance to tell Liv about what Gideon told her the night before about not having called Amanda at all. Amanda is lying according to Quinn.

Well the last thing that happens is that after Liv tells Amanda that she is behind her no matter what she wants to do about the Prez, Amanda shares that she is pregnant. Olivia looks like she might just cry.

Very nice episode; it was a little harder to recap than some of the others shows because its more serious. I will keep working on it; please leave comments.

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