Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 1 Recap/Review

Ok well here is another Single Ladies recap; this is one of the reason this website is called Random Recaps because I don’t always recap every episode of every show that interest me LOL.

Having said that I do have a fascination with Single Ladies but unfortunately my Girl Crush, Stacey Dash is no longer one of the three main ladies. So I said all that to say I might recap even fewer of these shows then last season, just a WARNING.

Up front I will once again put it out there that I don’t think that LisaRaye McCoy can act her way out of paper bag but she is cute and she does try kinda like Queen Latifah did when she first tried to act. Queen Latifah finally did find a few roles to fit her persona and now she is a professional. I too blame the material in Lisa’s case on some points though she would be better at RE-ACTING you know method acting or working the comedian circuit.

Either way let’s get on to the recap;

At the beginning of the episode I wondered why the couple with the girl in the red dress was the center of attention despite others on the dance floor. It seemed very strange despite the fact that everyone clapped as they finished I still didn’t get it; yeah I tend to be slow on the up take at times LOL. Then the classy girl with the red dress ran toward Keisha with a scream totally blowing the illusion of class that she formerly held with me LOL but she is so Beautiful, this Raquel.

Raquel is the equally Amazing looking multi-racial female that is taking Stacey Dash’s place on the show. She can act by the way, I’m just sayin’.

Raquel is an old friend of the group who has money.

Because of issues with the VH1 video player this might be my shortest recap yet because I don’t have the patience to keep waiting for it to load.

Bottom line:
This was a way to tell/show us what happened to Val, who is staying in Milan< she will be Missed, but also the blonde student, Christina, who flunked her class at fashion school.

We also get the upcoming sub plots for the season including learning that Malcolm has been hanging out with his ex-wife even though he LOVES Keisha and that is all that she really needs to know. Keisha owes back taxes but she has no idea luckily she is able to call on her ex-boyfriend Sean who is a lawyer for help.

Raquel finds her future husband cheating on her at their engagement party and leaves his Crazy a**, really who would fool around on this sweet Gorgeous woman, only a man with self-esteem issues. Raquel also finds that on her own now well with the help of a sexy photographer named Leonardo, she needs to take time to be a free woman without inhibitions.

April has been celibate for too long but wants to just have fun now that she is divorced. Omar thinks he might be losing his Gayness because he has funny tummy feelings for Raquel when he sees her; I think he is just human who wouldn’t have funny tummy feeling looking at that Beautiful woman. I am married and she gives me a flush LOL.

Things I loved:
Keisha’s new haircut is really nice, I totally want it.
Raquel, her very existence.
April daydreaming
Rick Fox as an FBI agent, so SWEET!!
Advertisement for Pretty Little Liars was shown!!

Things I hated:
The acting from several actors, Keisha, Jerry
When Keisha said,”I’m not really HONGRY,” Huh? You’re kidding right?
The dance scene was just annoying. I get is somehow symbolic but it just didn’t work.

Things I look forward to:

April getting her chance to fool around.
Raquel finding a new life.
Keisha deciding between Sean and Malcolm.
Omar choosing a side or deciding he can go both ways LOL.


  1. I totally agree about Lisa Ray’s acting. She should try to REACT (lol)

    And I totally agree on the “HONGRY” comment.

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