Switched at Birth Episode 8 Recap-What’s in the Guitar Case

Oh my gosh I miss two episodes of this show and arrive in the middle of a mystery here at one in the morning.

This episode begins with Daphne looking at old pictures of Bay in Regina’s room. Regina comes in the room to hesitantly confess that she knew that Daphne and Bay were switched after Daphne won’t let it go. So many questions come to my mind like How? When? Why didn’t she tell anyone? I assume we will begin to get those answers after the break.

Daphne looks at her mother like WTH??

After the very brief break, Daphne begins to ask questions like why didn’t Regina do anything she is saved literally by the ringing of the bell.

It’s perky mom, Katherine at the door with a gift for Regina now that they are all in a happy place. I gotta find those missing episodes because last I remembered it wasn’t such a happy place. Daphne wants to talk about the revelation Regina has just given but the intrusion gives Regina a chance to stall till later. Daphne is happy to go off with Katherine as a ride to school since she is angry with Regina.

Now I knew something was up with Regina she was just too calm about the Bay situation though not as calm about Daphne’s new parents. I can’t wait to hear her explanation.
Regina is on the way out to an appointment when Dad approaches her outside to ask if there is anything in her past that might look bad to a jury in their case against the hospital. She declines to answer as she walks away. Ah so they are going on with the lawsuit that I had thought they were canceling; why can’t dad leave well enough alone?

At school Wilke runs into Daphne and in her bad mood they decide to skip school. Technically he is suspended for the whole stealing the test thing but its weird I never pictured Daphne skipping school at all. Oh well I guess mama drama will make any good kid go bad at times.

Oh Sweetie do it to me one more time !

At Carlton Bay is waiting for Emmett to rip him a new one for kissing her, oh man I missed that too. She rants about the kiss as he looks at her with arms folded, I gotta feeling I know where this is going. Yep, I was right when she was done ranting he kissed her again, LOL. Now I missed the first kiss but she seemed to be enjoying this kiss.

The delinquents head over to Daphne’s old part of town to hang out while they ditch school. They make snide remarks back and forth and its evident they like one another yadda yadda yadda at least enough to hang out for a day.

At the big house the fancy lawyer is talking to them about how the deposition will go. Katherine does a bad job at the answering questions simply and dad acts as though he could do better until the lawyer tests him with a question. It’s kind of a lame scene but it does show how lawyers can make anyone of any level look bad by pushing their mental buttons.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Regina is trying to contact someone by phone. The private investigator that it seems like she may have hired has been talking to someone perhaps the hospital. Regina needs to know what he has said to them. It looks like she might be in a bit of trouble with her secrets she was so carefully trying to hide.

Wilke and Daphne are off under a bridge or having some drinks while shooting the breeze about liars. Wilke says that Daphne lies like everyone else especially when she pretends she doesn’t know that Emmet is in love with her. She takes a long drink when he says this to her…hmm.. I guess she gets lying mixed up with not being honest to yourself LOL

Tongue wrestling? How do you sign that?

Elsewhere, Bay and Emmet have not stopped kissing but they have moved to park on the grass kissing. Bay does stop the kissing long enough to ask Emmet to show her a couple of signs then she requests that he consider talking with his voice but he says no. She decides she will deal with that answer by going back to kissing him again LOL. It’s kinda nice to see she didn’t make a big stink about the whole talking thing but it seems to me that Emmet’s hesitation may have something to do with a past incident maybe from when he was small. I guess we will see.

After the break we get a quick view of the parents arguing over the law suit.

Bay goes over to Emmet’s with him and sees a wall of pictures of another girl, Emmet insists its just a friend. He puts a sheet over the pictures to convince Bay the girl is not close like she is to him, but now I wonder is Emmet a player. I think Bay is wondering the same thing.

I’m am feeling those drinks now

After the drinking spree Daphne and Wilke arrive back at his car to find his nine parking tickets have caught up to him and there is a boot on his car. Luckily he has a boot guy LOL but they will have to wait till he shows up to go. I like these two together maybe because its like a good friend kinda vibe with them nothing serious just fun jokes and understanding. Daphne kisses him then he kisses back, oh no, now it will be awkward. I hope its just the drink that has them kissing.

Oh wow look what I found in the junk

Toby who is at home cleaning what looks like an attic finds a sports illustrated with a picture of a half dressed John Kennish, his father. It is an advertisement for some sports item.

Wilke and Daphne are necking in his car well on the way to hooking up when he starts asking questions about something she said about not drinking then the spell is broken and they stop kissing. Daphne is suddenly not in the mood. I bet Wilke wishes he had kept his trap shut LOL.

So Bay is about to share about the girl with axe posters around town with Emmet when Daphne starts calling him to pick her up. This leads to Bay walking out because Emmet is always on call for Daphne which might change now that he seems to like Bay or NOT I guess we will see. Oh and it turns out the pictures on the wall are of Daphne…..oh not such a big surprise I guess I couldn’t tell who they were but earlier Bay mentioned they look like a young Rachel McAdams.

Emmet shows up to get Daphne and though there is a witty exchange its not really worth dissecting but it was cute. Emmet did think that Daphne’s taste in men had gone from bad to worse though LOL he is such a judge but he is a faithful friend though I am not totally sure he has the hots for her or Bay.

Bay is back at home down her exes memory lane style. At first she tries Ty even though he is at boot camp then she tries Liam’s answering machine. Toby walks in after she gets off the phone to show her the magazine ad with their dad. She at least gets a laugh from it which is probably what she needed since she was angry with Emmet.

Everyone ends up in the courtyard as Regina is trying desperately to take the guitar case and leave out of the driveway even though Bay offers to take the case Regina declines before she finally makes her escape.

The case is full of pictures of Bay that Regina at the last minute cannot throw in the dumpster of the local jiffy mart. I don’t know why she wanted to throw them away because Daphne had already seen them its not like she wasn’t still going to need to have that conversation, that made no sense at all. The only thing I got out of the scene was that Regina was up to something. Oh and she only made thing worse by trying to put it in the car then in the trunk like its just had to done away with while everyone was standing watching her.

Bay this Bay that, obsess much!

Emmet is with Daphne at the old house where she tells him of the discovery she made earlier in the day. Daphne notices that Emmet has a slight obsession with Bay which must have been more pronounced in episodes I missed but as they are talking Bay texts her about the guitar case.

Daphne crashes at Emmet house that night and he wakes her the next morning. The reasoning behind her staying over night was that she didn’t want her mother to find out she had been drinking. She is about to get up to go when she finds pictures of Bay with Emmet on the table but Emmet explains them away, “I take pictures of everything.” So it seems Emmet does not want Daphne to know he has been kissing with Bay; now who is lying?

That morning, Katherine and Bay discuss what she should wear to court as well as why they are pursuing the lawsuit at all. Katherine thinks it John’s way of making up for not knowing they had the wrong kid. I am on the line about the lawsuit, of course there should be measures in place so children are not switched but suing a small town hospital hardly seems worth it.

Toby is going through old boxes when Regina walks by she tells him you never know what you are going to find digging around in the past.

Katherine and John come outside on their way to court for the diposition and Toby hides the magazine with dad’s promotion advertisement. Toby really needs a hobby it wasn’t that big of a deal, sheeks.

She’s your mother, don’t ask me

They show a brief moment of the court goings on then on to Bay at the deaf school trying to find out what was in the guitar case that Regina was trying to take to get rid of the night before. Daphne is suddenly disowning Regina, she tells Bay to go ask her about the case. I am not sure why Bay would ask Daphne before asking Regina except that maybe Daphne’s wherabouts were easier to figure out. Back at the diposition they are broad sided with the information that Regina knew about the switch since 1998. Their lawyer calls for a break.

That night they are on the way home trying to figure out the motives of Regina and if Daphne knew all a long. They don’t know what to believe, I almost felt sorry for them especially John who is always so arrogant. Regina arrives home before them and Bay is waiting to find out what was in the guitar case. Regina does not get to answer before Katherine and John drive up, they look angry, Regina looks scared and Bay has no idea what to think.

Save the lies for the bar

After the break, Regina tells her sorry little tale which all starts with a man named Angelo. Why is it always about a man? Angelo though that Daphne looked different because Regina had fooled around so he had Daphne tested when she got sick at three years old. Afterward he thought he had proven his point because he found out he wasn’t the father. He left them both even though he didn’t sound like much a a prize to me anyway. Regina hired a detective to find Bay after she found that Daphne was not hers she of course knew she hadn’t been unfaithful basically Regina had known that Bay was with the Kennishes all that time. Bay was furious, Daphne was furious and John said for her to get out.

Wow looks like the happy family has disappeared again.

Katherine goes after Bay but cannot find her in her room, but John comes in to rehash what has happened with Regina from the first time they met her.

Bay ends up over at Emmet’s who of course cannot understand even half of her rant but he is able to give her a hug as she cries.

Daphne had gone of to her room to listen to music beats in her headphones where Regina finds her. Daphne doesn’t agree with Regina keeping her from her family one LITTLE bit. She tells Regina to GO!!

I will miss you Regina, I always need comic relief around here

Toby is the only one sorry to see Regina leave, not sure what happened with those two but Bay arrives back at home and totally ignores Regina on her way inside. Daphne watches her go from the window.

Last Thoughts.

I have to say it was a good episode. I give it a 7 on a 1-10 scale. I loved the big reveal at the end though it all sounded lame I mean her idea of why she did it all sounded lame. I do believe she was totally selfish in keeping Daphne, she should have been concerned about getting her own kid or at least some rights to see her own kid. I know she was an alcoholic and maybe she wasn’t quite coherent at first but as the years passed she should have been the one to FIND Bay not them coming to her. That is my two cents on that issue.

Leave your comments, let’s chat about it.
Photo Credit: ABC Family via Hulu.com

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  1. I think Bay will pack her stuff and live with her mom regina and her biological grandma Adriana Vasquez. i think Daphne should pack her stuff and live with her biological parents John and Kathryn and her biological brother Toby Kennish. i think the whole intire time the right way

  2. My boyfriend Matt Camden wants to leave a message about this situation as well
    i think Daphne should be with her biological family and i don’t think Bay will not fond of this but i think Bay should be with her biological family and i don’t think Daphne will not fond of this nether i think Bay should break up with Emmett Bledsoe and i think Daphne should date Emmett Bledsoe thay have something in common motorcycle, deaf, the same school Carlton School for the deaf and then Sign language.

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