Switched at Birth Review – Episode 6 I Can’t Get that Song Out of my Head

Hey all, this time I am going to attempt to do a review instead of a recap, wish me luck. Just so you know the real name of he episode is Persistence of Memory….I tend to give them my own names LOL

The episode begins with Bay looking at the picture of pregnant Regina that Daphne gave to her in the previous episode. Bay is initially only mooning over it then she notices something in the window of the car that Regina is leaned against. This scene sets up her journey for the episode. She runs into Emmett outside of her school when he is waiting for Daphne. Bay ends up having Emmett as a guide to find out where she can find her missing father. It turns out Emmet is a wealth of information though silent as he is, for finding Bay’s father. Emmett knew Daphne as a child though he never met the father he did have interaction involving him because if his connection to Daphne.

Daphne’s cooking has been something the show has emphasized more than once and this episode things go forward in showcasing her mad skills. Katherine suggests that Daphne take a cooking class at of course Buckner Hall since they have real chiefs on staff. Daphne is at first excited about the opportunity until she encounters obstacles. During cooking class she is all happy and smiles as she does her thing all the while flirting with her cooking partner, Wilkie. She is caught unaware when her french fries begin to burn because of her lack of hearing the buzzer go off. The fire alarm sounds as smoke fills the room, Daphne is horrified that it’s all because she cannot hear that this happened. That same day she is almost hit by a car because she is so wrapped in feeling as though she is not fitting in the way she had hoped.

Toby who in the first few episodes was the good seed always willing to help Daphne and even play basketball with her went bad last episode. I didn’t review it but I did see where he had taken Daphne and Emmet to a poker game with him with hopes they could help him win by basically giving hims signals. Well if that wasn’t bad enough this episode he grabbed Bay by the arm in his desperation to borrow money to pay off his debts. He also goes to his father for the cash since his other option is to steal a test for Wilkie who is the one he owes about ten thousand dollars to. His father surprised me by offering to give him up to three thousand dollars for his debts but Toby is in so deep that would not have been enough. He had to end up stealing that test for Wilkie.

Wilkie who was flirting with Daphne in cooking class looks like he could be a cool guy if he wasn’t a gambler like Toby. He was easy-going with Daphne despite her being deaf as well he didn’t hesitate to defend her against Clover the girl in cooking class who made the biggest deal about the Almost Fire.

Katherine is the person who showed up at Buckner hall to pick up Daphne after the fire because Regina was a work. She asked Daphne why she had not considered the cochlear implant so that she would communicate better despite her deafness. Katherine was trying to be helpful or she thought she was but it came across to me as a bit high-handed.

Daphne mentions what Katherine said to Regina who of course takes offense to her attitude about the surgery. Against Daphne’s wishes Regina goes to set Katherine straight. As I heard her describe how it would work I totally understand why she chose not to do it especially when Daphne was young. I had no idea it was a device that had to be inserted through the brain? Regina tells Katherine she should consider how she can be more active in Daphne’s life instead of Daphne having to change to be a more pertinent part of hers. I highly agreed with that. All this time neither parent has even tried to learn sign. It’s like Daphne has to be like them instead of them meeting her half way.

Bay and Daphne bonded after she returned to the Big House the night of the incident at school. Bay let her know so many things go on in the school every day its hard to keep up, her cooking class drama was only one. Daphne explained how she had met Emmet and his way of showing her she could do anything she wanted to do with a bit of courage, basically. It was a sweet moment.

Dad had a golf game with an old friend/associate who informed him the hospital couldn’t afford pay him what he is asking for the settlement. Dad was arrogant as usual though the other man-made a good point. They live in a smaller community and what happens at institutions like hospitals will affect the entire town; its not like big city living.

Bay and Emmet’s birth father investigations turned up a name, Angelo Sorrento after they have found a mix tap that he made for Regina when she was pregnant. Looks like papa was also an artist though of the musical kind. It was lucky that Emmet was providing storage for Daphne and Regina’s random items because that is where they found Bay’s birth certificate. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t allow my important papers out of my possession, this was a bit hokey to me. I get we needed to see how Bay interacted well with Emmet and all but it would have been nice if the find had been different.
Toby and Wilkie’s business dealings might be coming to a head because at the end of the episode Wilkie had been called into the office of the teacher who test Toby stole.

Katherine finally takes some initiative by going online to learn a bit of sign language after which she runs over to Regina to show that she is trying; that was so sweet. Regina has to applaud her what can she do? I bet she closed the door and shook her head, off camera of course LOL Learning the language would have been the first thing I would have done if I found out I had a deaf child. I would want to learn to speak with them not fix them, Sheeks, how selfish are these people? I know they are learning but I guess it just shows us not everyone has the same parental inclinations.

Dad announced that the settlement the hospital had offered had been rescinded now they want to go to court; now that was a surprise. I am glad the storyline didn’t go in the expected direction but does this mean they have proof that Katherine and Dad did something wrong in the way of caring for the newborn at the hospital? I don’t even know how that would work.

It was nice to see that Daphne was able to go back to class once she had a interpreter though he is only going to help her when she needs it not hang around her all the time she is at Buckner hall. She brought in a delicious desert to thank the teacher for her patience with her and it all worked out; she was even able to get a pot shot in to Clover who will probably keep being a pain her side.

I found it odd that Regina had the guitar case that Emmet mentioned knowing about hidden in her closet whereas the import document aka birth certificate was in storage at Emmet’s. So I have to wonder if Regina is using the guitar or was it her guitar or is she more sentimental about her ex-beau then she lets on.

Well that’s all I have for now; its odd to not write down every detail just to hit the hot spots. Let me know which you prefer though this was faster since I am doing full recaps on PLL and Single Ladies so far and Haven is coming up tomorrow with its Season two Premiere. Yeah.
Feel free to comment.

Three Wishes for the show:

Dad would be less selfish
Toby would wake up to how he is hurting his family
Daphne would be less sweet and have a wild side (little too perfect)


  1. Your review was great and hilarious. I just watched this episode and thought it was so ridiculous compared to the previous five that someone must have written about it. So thanks for doing it, and I’ll definitely be back!

    • Thanks for stopping in and commenting, I appreciate feedback, sorry I don’t get her often sometimes.

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