90210 Episode 3 recap – It’s Greek to Me

Hi its time again for the recap for one of my fave shows, 90210.

This time we start off with Holly harrassing Naomi as she does her community service by mopping in the cafeteria. Now I am not totally sure why she has community service but its something to do with the football team, but Naomi does the mopping in heels, only Naomi right. Holly makes note that the big shin dig that night is for sorority members only so since Naomi is not in a sorority she won’t be invited or welcome to come. Now for Naomi that is a not a surprise and we all know Holly was being petty we can see in Naomi’s eyes she is only planning her come back or at least revenge on Holly. She plans to be a big deal on campus it has been her plan for many years and she won’t give up the idea easily.

Oh there would have been a picture here but I am NOT going to dignify Jane and Liam with pictures so its my protest.

Over at Liam’s which I am not sure where he is staying but any who LOL he is in bed with Jane who has to basically kick him out to get him moving. This would have been a cute scene had it been established characters, you know ones we care about like Liam with Annie or Silver with Navid or even Raj and Ivy but Liam with Jane is just wrong. She is some out of the blue character he shagged over the summer. It just didn’t work for me at all it seemed sleazy even. Oh and as soon as Liam leaves the room Jane pulls out a pregnancy test which gives us the viewers the impression she is up to something maybe even a sinister plot.

In the bar, Adrianna and Liam try not to discuss their love lives since they aren’t really friends because they are only work mates or so Liam emphasis. Adrianna is shocked to find out that Liam only hired her as a favor to Dixon, OUCH that has gotta hurt. I’m sure she thought it was for her smile that he hired her as a waitress LOL.

At Dixon’s he is playing his tracks for Silver and Navid; they love it. Navid promises Dixon his producer friend, Juice, can have discounted studio time at Shirazi productions which of course is one of the doomed set up stories for this episode, oops spoiler. Yes making promises to friends that you can’t afford to complete, bad idea if you want to keep those friends.

I have to interrupt here and say something that most may not agree with but it’s how I feel about friendship. Number one: Don’t expect people to behave the way you do, allow them to be THEMSELVES if you can’t accept them that way they are then don’t pretend to be their friend or try to change them it only makes them feel guilty if they can’t be what you want and they will stab you in the back in the end.
Number two: if you do something for someone ONLY do it because you want to NOT because you expect repayment of any sort including acting a certain way. Now if you are being paid that is different you do the job and move on that’s different.

Okay enough of that, Holly stops by to check on Annie but since we know Holly is a back stabber it makes sense she was only trying to see what was going on with Annie and her things. Holly sees a mystery box on the bed as she speaks with Annie though Annie makes it out as nothing important I can only guess its going to be the subject of investigation; oh ok well I am getting ahead of myself again. Either way Holly asked Annie to ask her friend with the bar, Liam, if they can have the party that next night at his location, after Annie asked for extension on paying her dues. Yeah I guess its scratch my back and I will scratch yours if it works why not right.

Annie gets a surprise at Liam’s bar as she sees he is already with someone else, because Jane comes out to talk to him while his telling Annie its okay about the bar. I totally think Jane did that on purpose but maybe I am the suspicious sort, LOL.

After the break, we find that Liam ran after Annnie but she doesn’t want to hear any explanations because since he proposed to her last week; it seemed callous that he would move on so fast. Blah Blah Jane talks to Liam about why she should go back to Alaska but you she doesn’t mention that pregnancy test though to me its okay because this little side plot is so bogus. It’s just a way for us to think its okay Annie is not with Liam and we all know they will get together again. You know some plots work but this one seems so contrived, oh boo hoo, Jane and Liam cared about Jim who what Liam knew a couple of months over the summer, I mean how close could they have been? Liam met him, he died, and Liam spent time with his wife , BOOM BAM time for summer fun to be over LOL I know I sound crude but really? It took him forever to get things together with Annie now he does this?

Navid finds his uncle using one if his stages for some work and tells him to get out. His uncle has taken over a stage because Navid owes him money; see an example of people not understanding that you can do what you want because someone OWES you or is indebted. No way he as grown man thought what he is doing is proper. *shakes my head*

Bree and Annie bond over how bad guys are after Annie tells her bare details on what happened with Liam. Now that is what I like bare details; I mean really most situations you can’t only do so much of anything to change, just move on already. Bree invites Annie to go out with some rich people she knows the next night and Annie agrees, here comes the fun.

Ivy is going on about how bad her life is while Naomi is moaning about not being able to go to the Greek party even though she offered to by a charter to start her own sorority. It would have been funny if it weren’t so sad. Ivey moaning, Naomi moaning, funny potential, then Naomi notices that a small sorority needs help. She sees they are selling pie to raise money so she offers to buy the charter. The scene has some great potential but I think the girls were a bit to low-key. If they had a little more personality they could have matched Naomi’s enthusiasm.

After the break, the girls, Naomi’s new bff’s meet at her house, the new sorority house to give them the once over. In true Naomi style she make them feel better by telling them all how they can be changed to meet her standards but oddly enough they are flattered.

At the Shirazi studios Navid does some switching of studio times and dates to get a great payout from Justin Bieber’s manager though it means he has to screw over Dixon’s producer friend. Silver frowns, she doesn’t think this will end well I can tell. Uh oh, well see here I think that Navid is being a business man like his father and Silver the judgy girlfriend, it’s all according to how you looks at situations.

Naomi goes to get the tickets for the Greek function and Holly of course happens to be at the table helping sell tickets which I find unlikely in real life. Presidents usually delegate authority but anyway as usual she and Naomi bump head as well as exchange insults to be honest a bit boring to me by now but still amusing.

Over at the bar, Jane and Adrianna blubber over lost youth and babies that come at the wrong time. Translation: Jane booked her flight back to Alaska, Yeah, but she has to confess to Adrianna because nosey girl ground the pee stick in the garbage LOL Both these girls need a new sub plot LOL

Naomi and the ladies arrived sweetly dressed in toga style for the Greek mixer only to find that Holly lied to them about the attire for the night. Wait for it, Big Surprise, come on Naomi I would have so double checked the but she was blinded by the idea of revenge.

Meanwhile, Annie and Bree are having a great time out with their rich dates, who seemed to be foreigners, hmmm interesting.

Back at the mixer, Naomi has found a way to make the attire fit the mixer by hiring men to carry them like royalty, touche. Holly and her clan can only frown LOL and make their usual snide remarks while everyone else claps and Naomi is effectively out shining Holly.

Annie with Bree arrive with their dates to the mixer only for Liam to see Annie kissing the guy. Of course Annie only kissed her date for show to prove to Liam she has moved on. Liam walks away as we see Adrianna looking sad for him. My prediction is Adrianna will end up with Liam by the end of the season, you know so Annie can have her turn hating her.

In the break area, Adrianna tells Liam why Jane is really leaving now Liam thinks he is wrong about Adrianna being a sleazy liar that she is, trusting her always turns bad.

Navid gives his uncle the money he owed him only to find his uncle is running a car thief ring on his stage; his uncle says he can’t even turn them in because well his uncle is a liar and a crook. I can’t believe Navid didn’t pull the plug and walk away from him.

Holly is so jealous that Naomi come back at the mixer she calls her on the carpet about her comment that the Girls in her sorority were losers. The girls over hear it of course. After Holly walks away Naomi apologizes but what she said was hurtful so they angrily leave her even though she confesses she was proud to be one of them on that night.

Oh and Ivy is acting like the worse version of what I dislike; she is groaning and whining about the part of her life she can only change my being upbeat instead of a downer, so tiring I imagine to be that way. It’s the old WHY ME syndrome, she chose to be with a man that is dying and now she groaning about it.

She makes a comment to some girls complaining about their boyfriends because you know her issue is so much bigger. WE all think are issues are huge so what its life. Silver follows her out to the beach to have the heart to heart about people who have been sick in their lives. *plays little violin* Silver offers to be her shoulder to cry on because Silver doesn’t have enough issues with the Shirazi’s.

Over at the bar, Annie talks to Liam and they discuss the truth of what happened over the summer. They decide it wasn’t the time for them. Liam says if it’s so complicated for them to be together maybe it’s not meant to be or You know he is writing off the wave of spending all weekend in bed with Jane, EWWW.

Dixon gets upset with Navid when he finds out that Navid rescheduled Juice’s stage time so Navid could make more money. Hey I think if Juice is mad over that the way Dixon was mad then Juice isn’t worth dealing with unless all music producers are that unpredictable. Dixon had done all the work but because of the Shirazi greed Navid messed over his best friend.

Worse plan on the show ever: Liam telling Jane he will raise the baby with her, duh Liam you are too young to even try to make that work. I know he is mature and all but last week he wanted to marry Annie, remember???? Annie of course sees them hugging.

LOL, Bree gives Annie the money they made from being Escorts and Annie freaks out for a minute, since she had no idea. Really? didn’t she even ask how Bree knew the guys or any small details? I guess not; well next time she will. Looks like they earned a big hunk of change for their time, sign me up B*tches LOL, oh and that was after Bree took out the sorority dues. Look out boys the Sorority Escort Service is in town for the season yahoo. Seriously ladies give me a ring next time 🙂

At the house, Navid and Silver almost have a discussion but Navid instead tells Silver she can’t work with him any longer without explaining. Male Chauvinism is alive and well in Beverly Hills, I see. Of course it’s for a her own protection since she might open her sweet mouth to the wrong person, I guess.

Over at Naomi’s the girls have forgiven her and they start to plan to go against Holly, that b*tch is going down they say. Oh yeah let the games begin; I look forward to this. Megalyn Echikunwoke has been playing her Holly’s evilness very well but its time for some real pay back I think Naomi has met her match in Holly. Oh but I have to say to the costume team; dark girls can wear more colors than purple and shades of blue so lets step it up a bit, thanks. Speaking of Holly, over at the Sorority house they are searching Annie’s room looking for some dirt where the find Maxi’s letter to Naomi.

I do have to say I don’t know what Holly really has against Naomi except that she won’t stay out of her way just maybe there is a mystery here; I love a good mystery.

Thanks for reading, please comment below.


  1. Hey thanks for stopping by, I don’t use photoshop or print screen but those are some interesting ideas. Glad you liked the recap. I just snip the pictures and post them.

  2. So you don’t like Liam and Jane LOL. I’ve been going to different message board and nobody likes that Jane chick. I don’t either but I’m only watching for Megalyn’s run. So I hope you fans of the show get your wish and she’s gone soon. Waiting for your “Let the Games Begin” recap.

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