90210 Episode 4 Recap – Holly vs Naomi

Photos Credit: 90210-media.org All my thanks to them finding photos has become a real pain otherwise. I prefer to cap them myself but CW’s video player its just so wonky, anyway, on with the recap.

This week we begin with Naomi’s determined to beat Holly at the Greek games. The person who is over the Greeks is the one that rules the campus so of course Naomi wants to be it. She meets up with her sorority sisters to discuss the plan on how they will do that very thing. I have to ask couldn’t they have discussed this at home? They all live in her house or are we to assume they don’t talk at home? So really this was just a scene so we can see Naomi sparring with Holly again as she and her sorority come in from jogging aka practicing for the games in their pretty pink matching outfits.

Annie has a problem with funds I think that has been mentioned before which Holly insists can be solved if Annie receives a scholarship. The “rub” is that the application has to be completed that very week so Annie wouldn’t have time to train for the games. Hmmm interesting time right because Annie was the one that had planned to throw the volleyball game to give Naomi an advantage against the Kappas. You see Annie is still Naomi’s little spy in the sorority.

Navid’s uncle shows up with a bag of money for Navid that he made with their, he says Navid is involved because they use his studio space, car thief ring. Navid tries to give it back but apparently the money is his no matter what.

(Yes I am still protesting by not showing pictures of Jane with Liam, sorry Jiam/Lane fans)

Jane and Liam talk, Blah blah about memories then discuss trying to find a place to raise a baby. Oh but wait the life insurance company can give them money if Jane goes claim it in Alaska, hey that’s a plan then we don’t have to see Jane for a while Yeppie.

Navid uses the money to treat Dixon with studio time since he screwed him over last week with Juice. Dixon is ecstatic he overs to kiss Navid on the lips, it was funny. Navid declines and they choose to just call it even, I think. Oh when Dixon walked in the room he thought Navid was just going to take him out for burritos, so cute, I wish that he was as innocent in other areas.

Naomi tries to seduce Austin at his house by walking around half-naked in her underwear. We all know Naomi likes Austin but he is playing hard to get with her which turns her on even more. They make out on the kitchen counter which is typical of them both because they are both wild LOL. I thought it was cute but some of the dialogue was lacking in originality. Oh and Kreeah in this part, Austin acting did seem stiff no pun intended LOL>

After the break, they girls meet up to make plans on how to defeat Kappa. Austin is feeling sweet on Naomi after hooking with her earlier or the night before he showed up with a plan to help them.

Navid is feeling sassy and free after helping Dixon out but he still can’t tell Silver the truth about everything especially the money so things are not as good with them as they could be. He offers to give Silver a chance to produce something to put on her director’s reel.

Liam and Adrianna talk at the bar about Jane and why she is gone. Adrianna tries to make Liam feel better but again Silver arrives a few minutes later so Adrianna wanders off. At least Adrianna is getting the hint about staying out of Silver face. Silver asks Liam to be part of her project, she wants to make a commercial for his bar; he is all for anything to get business.

Outside Adrianna talks to a stranger who is hanging around the beach. He asks a lot of personal questions about Liam more than about her. I at first thought the guy was crushing on Liam LOL but okay I will try not to get ahead of myself.

Dixon is working on his album but not getting very far. They try to encourage him that it doesn’t happen for everyone young. He thinks with the ADD Meds he can do better but he has run out of them so he tells them he will be back later.

After the break, Silver’s commercial for the bar is suffering from a lack of people who can actually act. Liam is doing his best but it’s not working it sounds a bit too much like a high school play and less like anything near professional. Silver is frustrated but Navid seems to be getting a kick out it which goes over badly with Silver. I mean really he was laughing while she tried to stay calm.

Naomi and the girls are practicing with instruction from Austin who of course wants something in return for his help from Naomi. She agrees to meet with him at the stadium that night though she has no idea what it has to do with Holly running late so no one sees her sweat LOL, that was information from Austin, sound suspicious? Just wait.

Back at the commercial things are not going any better before the girl playing the tease, sprays beer all over Liam; well that’s a wrap for the shoot. Adrianna Tate Duncan, LOL, appears to volunteer to clean up the mess which is so out of her character is just alien to me. Of course, I reiterate that she will end up with Liam before the season is done, Jane will be history and Annie will be seething, but I digress.

At the beach house, Dixon is trying to find drugs in Austin’s room when Annie comes in the room looking for a quiet place to write her essay for the scholarship. They talk animatedly about serious stuff like the lack of tuition for Annie and Dixon’s music.

Austin and Naomi sit outside waiting to see Holly running her usual time late at night although Naomi secretly thinks Austin is just being romantic but as soon as Holly sees them kissing, she yells we are so over, to Austin. Austin’s plan to piss off Holly, his girlfriend, was what he wanted from Naomi as pay back for his help. Wow what a way to put Naomi in Holly’s sights; I think the episodes might get dirtier now.

After the break, Adrianna is closing up when the guy from earlier is seen outside watching her. She seems frightened as she hides behind the counter. Adrianna confesses to Liam about it the next morning after she spent the night in the bar. Liam is upset that she didn’t give him a chance to take care of it. Just a note the video was skipping so this might be a bit out-of-order.

At the games, Ivy who is unofficially a student at CU wins in the surfing competition, though it seemed a bit short well maybe she had won other rounds that we missed LOL. I have a funny feeling that Naomi’s sorority might get banned or disqualified when its found out that Ivy doesn’t go to school at the university but another student is going for her so she can be in the sorority mostly for the games.

Dixon shows up at the games looking for homework helpers aka pills, he actually does find some through the math team.

Austin acts like he doesn’t know that Naomi likes him when its time for the big gladiator contest; Naomi against Holly. I was really disappointed with this scene. I thought it would be a good fight, you know a long round of going back and forth with one person winning another winning then finally a big winner. I guess I might have expected it to be interrupted by a commercial but that’s because we have had the pictures of Megalyn ready in that pink bikini for a while LOL. It was very short; what we got was Holly throwing Naomi off guard when she realizes that Max is at the games but only after a few moments. Holly uses the moment to knock her in the mud. REALLY? What a big build up for nothing but it isn’t what the show is about so maybe it was just the timing that made it seem like a rip off. Holly informs Naomi since she messed with heart, Austin, then that was why she used the letter from Max to get him to come that day without Annie, who was hiding the letter or Naomi who owned the letters’, permission.

Well Max showing up to see Naomi turned out to be in her favor, they rekindled their romance and I can’t wait to see how Holly responds to that. Naomi finds out that Max is going to CalTech instead of MIT because its closer to her at CU.

I also hope they show an even softer side of Holly soon or at least tell us why she is so darn twisted. People aren’t quite as aggressive without a back story of abusive or at least parents that are similar in their background. I can’t wait to hear hers. Megalyn is doing an excellent; job at being hateful and back stabbing, ok but there is more of the show.

After Dixon gets his pills he is all ready and raring to go in the studio.

Naomi sorority wins the last competition thanks to Annie’s pitching in by throwing the last race which was the relay race. “Choke on it,” Holly says to Naomi as she passes her the baton naming her the New head of the Greek council.

Holly immediately kicks Annie out of the sorority then tells her she was never going to recommend her for the scholarship she was just trying to get her out of the games. Bree is available to hang out with Annie, while they continue their escort service. See I don’t know about Bree is she just trying to get Annie in more trouble? Is she Holly’s second-hand dirty work girl? She just seems top eager to befriend Annie to me, anyone else think that?

Raj and Ivy make up after her freaking out because he fainted out in the sun.

Liam arrives at his bar to find that its packed thanks to Silver’s creative editing on the commercial; it all worked out basically. I just hope the authorities don’t show up and close it down for all of them being you know under 21 and drinking……hmmmm. I know Austin officially owns the bar but hey unless you have special license to serve underage college students they could still get in a ton of trouble especially the more people hang around. I suppose whether or not they get into that sub plot depends on what else they have in store for Liam. Who knows next season he might be in college LOL.

At Naomi’s celebration party she and Austin almost hook up in the kitchen, he likes the bad Naomi, while Max likes the good Naomi the one she can be. Ok this could get interesting.

Late that night at the bar, Adrianna notices that one of the pictures Liam and Jane put up on the board has Jim, who is supposed to be dead but is the same guy hanging around the beach. He asks Adrianna not to tell them. Oh what will Adrianna, I am changed do now? I bet she runs right to Liam to stay in his good graces and get him more involved in her life. I totally don’t see her as changed, I think I have made that obvious LOL.

Well another good episode of 90210, I was glad to see Max again, he seemed to bring out the smarter Naomi the last time he was around though I am sure since we all know she will continue to wrestle with her attraction to Austin she and Max’s relationship will become either a big mess or a struggle for her. It will be fun to watch though, thankfully.

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  1. So agree with you the gladiator contest could have been so much better & it ended like a HUGE mess, It really sucked. Maybe expect to much from all the set pics of Meg & Annalynne too:-)

    And Austin..UGH!

    Great recap thank you Babe ♥

  2. Have to go with you and Walya on the gladiator scene I too was expecting more than I got. It should have been longer and more intense, but at least Holly won LOL. And that made it easier when Holly lost to Naomi, definitely saw that one coming. I liked a lot about this eppie and Liam is really growing on me. Didn’t like the Cowboy double UGH. He just annoys me and what a way to break up with his girlfriend. Seeing him make out with another girl. He could have been man enough to tell Holly it was over I might of had a shred of respect for him if he had. I’m really looking forward to more episode with Megalyn in them. But now that I’m more familiar with the show it will be nice to read the recaps.

    • Wow sorry I missed this feedback, from you. I guess I been playing catch up I have so many reviews on this website.

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