90210 Fall Premiere Recap-College Bound

Wow I can’t believe it has taken me more than a week to get around to recapping this episode. I do promise to do better. So here we go…….

This episode starts out with Naomi and Max at the doctors office waiting for news on her pregnancy. I gotta said I was surprised to see in last years finale that Naomi thought she was preggers. She is so modern and sassy I would not think she would have a lapse in her birth control but here they are. They are all I love yous and we will always be together as they wait for the verdict. Well lucky for both of them though Max seems the most excited, they were not pregnant. In another twist the flashback was something that happened at the beginning of summer and Naomi is actually on the going back home from vacation I believe.

At the beach we see all of the usual suspects: Silver, Navid, Annie, Dixon, Ivy, Raj and Teddy. They are celebrating the quickly fading days of summer. We find Raj almost hairless from his chemo for his cancer but Ivy is dutifully by his side. I think they are sweet but I am not sure about the whole business with the two of them either that or Ivy is just too serious to me. Oh and she goes from smoking weed to being all the good wife in two seconds flat, I can’t wait to see where that plot line goes but I digress.

Dixon toured with DJ526 during the summer and is super psyched about music.
Annie stayed at home waiting to hear from Liam who spent his summer on a fishing boat.
Naomi did a stint in ABEZO?? I guess it’s some where with lots of shopping LOL
Teddy stayed home and worked on his tan and his abs and not telling his Dad he is gay which was his goal LOL

Adriana, according to the magazine article Silver trashed, spent her summer in a third world country doing charity work or singing or something LOL.

Naomi can’t believe the first guy she decides to talk to is not in to her so she decides she has to get on the ball at being known at CU. She is going to buy a party house with her millions and at Annie’s suggestion throw the first hoping party of the year. It’s just so Naomi there is nothing to be said about this plan LOL. She is used to being seen and known as the hot chick. She is also over compensating for losing Max.

Raj and Ivy are up for house shopping since they will need a place but Navid and Silver are going to shack up together which will be interesting to watch. I mean how long have they been going out, about a minute, now they are planning to live together?? I know its true they have known each other for a while as friends but it still seems a bit rushed.

Now in the first few minutes there is a part where Dixon has been tricked by Navid. Navid changed Dixon’s housing application so that he ends up with a girl because Navid switched Dixon’s sex to femaile. Well when she sees Dixon she thinks he has done it on purpose you know to get a girl for a roommate or something. She calls Dixon a weirdo. I thought this was more than odd. First they are going to college and guys like girls..why would he be a weirdo? Now maybe they didn’t mean it this way but the way she reacted had some racist undertones to it but maybe I am over thinking it. Now if he had been Teddy all buff and Blonde would she have responded the same way….??? Anyway Navid apologizes for the joke but that leaves Dixon with no place to live, fair or unfair?? I personally did not find it amusing at all.
On the other hand fate has its way and Navid ends up watching after his sister for the year LOL I guess Karma is a B*tch.

——————argh………CW video player is so NOT going to be what I want to use to make these recaps…..its does not work as well PLEASE if anyone knows of a better site for me to rewatch the shows please let me know. ————-

Oh my gosh after they returned from the break it turns out I missed a whole section uuuuuggggggghhhhh. *deep breath* Liam shows up and proposes to Annie, I get the feeling that Dixon might have been aware that Liam was around. I only know this because I saw the episode when it aired. Any who Annie is not quite ready to let Liam back in her life yet let alone marry him. “You had enough time to think about forever but not enough time to make a phone call,” Annie’s say…..WHOA baby she does have a point. It would have been a bad thing for Liam to call her while he was doing all the thinking about her. But wait..um there is a reason don’t get down on old cutie Liam just yet. Of course we won’t know what it is any time soon LOL Bottom Line: Annie didn’t like the presentation even more than the lack of conversation 🙂

Okay I am trying not to freak out but I see what is happening the Video is skipping……..*screams* *deep breath deep breath*

Okay some time later, across town or something, the new awesome foursome, Annie, Naomi, Silver and Ivy are house hunting for Naomi’s new fab digs. LOL Naomi suggests at her new place they will have a bonfire to burn everything they never wished existed, Silver says, “too bad Adriana is still in Africa,” LOL I thought that was funny and so well-played by Jessica Stroup, BRAVO Doll !!

Oh and I have to say I love that Naomi’s realtor just lets her go house hunting with the girls without accompanying them. LOL yeah cause usually they want to be there to talk you into million dollar homes in the Hills. They are walking around this mansion when they open a door and out walks a pig; they all scream then a shirtless gorgeous man comes walking out telling them to stop scaring his Pig LOL Best entrance ever LOL Oh so this man is Justin Deeley aka Austin, alrighty then.

I thought he was a Blonde but who cares he doesn’t mind standing in front of them shirtless and they didnt’ mind looking. Okay I am focusing so Austin calls his father, um yeah he used to live in the house, and ends up adding a half million to the price of the house. Naomi is shocked but hey its just money right and Austin is a cute what’s a half million one way or another to either of them.

Over at the beach, down at the Salty’s Place, Liam is spending his hard earned money from his travels to buy drinks for them. Navid, Dixon and Teddy advice Liam to make a big show of asking Annie to marry him because they think that is what Annie or any girl would want. Keep in mind these guys are newly out of high school but oh well as far as guys are they all just out of high school LOL, just sayin’

At Navid’s his sister is busted going through Silver’s jewelry while drinking a beer. WE are then interrupted by a commercial break, not sure if that was a skip or the way it was supposed to happen I think maybe a skip.

Okay we came back and suddenly Adriana was in the place that Silver is staying with Navid, if I remember right she was already there with Leila before the break but with the skip ugh I can’t remember what was going on. 😦 I was able to see this part later on; Adriana was hiding in the bathroom when Silver came in so that solves that mystery.

At Naomi’s new place there is a development; Ivy and Raj who are living in the guest house have found a Pot garden in the back and not the kind you buy at Menards mind you LOL but live weed. Naomi plans to inform the parents on Austin since she assumes it was his stash or agricultural project. Ahh okay that is why this episode is called Up In Smoke because they plan to burn up pieces of their past and yes SPOILER SPOILER they also accidentally burn up the WEED in an effort to hide it from the cops……funny huh.

The next scene is Annie looking lost at college registration where she runs into Jeremy aka Matt Cohen who played Young John Winchester on Supernatural. Now I love me some Matt Cohen but he is not passing for a college student more like a professor’s assistant or someone’s older brother or is that just me? Let me know what you think. Maybe he just looks too wise or those slight eye wrinkles are too telling not sure. A lot of people can play younger but you know not all of them make it work. So Jeremy introduces himself to Annie after she goes on a few seconds about her bad luck with college. He says something about not getting what you want can sometimes lead you to better things in life, Annie agrees with him just before she invites him to Naomi’s blow out party that night.

Over at Navid and Silver’s place they are laying down the law on Leila, like she is three and they are parents, its funny in a sad way. After Leila locks herself in the bathroom because she is angry with them Navid gets a call and has to leave Silver with Leila so he can take care of business. Wow it’s almost like they do have a kid LOL.

Dixon shows up at an beach house he wants to rent only to find that Austin has arrived before him. Thanks to Naomi Austin’s parents told him he can’t take the semester off to motorcycle through Brazil but instead has to go to school so he also needs a place to live. Austin and Dixon face off, its funny.

Navid goes to speak with his uncle who was in the porn business with his father. Navid emphasizes that he does not want his help or to do business with him.

Naomi’s party is set up like a swanky club. There is valet parking, a bonfire, live DJ, camels, servers and more stuff than I can even imagine seeing at a house party.

Ivy has to be convinced to go to the party by Raj which is kinda of lame to me, I mean the party is in the main house of where they are living besides Ivy spent all summer watching over Raj and she will only be yelling distance away, sheeks. There is only so much a person can do when another person is involved you know let go a little already. I am sorry but I think its obsession not love at this point oh and she doesn’t want to be the person to leave a sick guy but hey we all know this. I don’t want to sound mean or insensitive but we know Raj will be gone before Christmas break and she will hopefully not have to mourn the rest of the season. OH yeah and she will of course be the pregnant one because its college and someone has to get knocked up. Anyone else agree on this prediction?

Over at the house, they began to burn the things they wanted to get rid of. Oh and I had to take a break to watch another show and returned to the skipping video with hopes of completing this recap, fingers crossed everyone please 😦

Poor Naomi just when her party is going well a cop arrives and tells her all the things that she is doing illegally. She has no valet parking permit among other infraction oh and in the process Naomi thinks the cop is a stripper …..well she starts off thinking that before he quotes her violations; interesting he didn’t mention the camels LOL,

Almost forgot Dixon showed up at the Bash with his new roommate Austin, this is going to be one for Naomi she is the one with out a beau at this point. She will go from hating his hickNESS to loving him I am certain LOL.

Oh and Silver like usual is like the Mom of the bunch who is always give out sage advice like when she advises Teddy that he should tell people he gay because he should do it for himself not the other people. At the same time, Ivy is listening to Dixon talk to Annie about how he enjoys the music business and he is not going to college. Ivy wanders off I think it must been when she went home to Raj.

OH by the way the video is barely moving now so I only have the pictures I grabbed earlier for now 😦 If anyone knows of a place to photographs for this show please please let me know. The CW is not my friend in this endeavor. Update: Trying to get pictures again several hours later 🙂 1:43 a.m.

Around that at time Liam shows up dressed as a waiter Oh I mean in a tuxedo to ask Annie to marry him but Annie turns him down because Um she has no clue what she wants. Liam tried to be romantic, but do remember the days when he was head over heels for Naomi? Oh wait wasn’t that a season and a half ago. Annie wants to know what happened for him to decide to ask her but Liam only walks away because after the NO what is left to say.

Ivy and Raj have a talk after she came back from Naomi’s. She tells him that even though the party was great she would rather be with him but Hey I am not buying it I still think she was feeling guilty she had so much fun, but hey whatever. LOL

Navid burns an old tie in the bonfire and we see Naomi still has not gotten rid of it, hard-headed girl. Leila shows up with Adriana even though she knows that Silver hates Adriana. Adriana tries to apologize but Silver is not going for it; Go Silver !! I don’t think Adriana is telling the truth either she is just up to her old tricks. Silver confesses to being so down after the meds drama that she tried to kill herself. There is not much to be said after that the only way anyone can get over betrayal is time; Adriana needs to go a way for a while and give Silver space if she really is sorry and not being her old self.

At the Salty Shack Liam is trying to use his check to pay for drinks again, the man won’t take the money for the drinks. Dixon comes up to talk to Liam and we find out the something did happen on the trip. Liam thinks drinking will help him forget what happened over the summer, whatever that is.

In the house, Naomi’s, the cowboy, Austin is skinny dipping in her dipping pool. He stands up to show off his assets which Naomi eyes with a bit of excitement, hmmm what time is this show on? are the kids in bed yet? LOL Things get worse as the cops show up over head in helicopters, only for Naomi LOL, right. She actually asks Austin to help her put out the darn bonfire. The first sign that she is accepting him as anything less than a hick. Naomi tries to get rid of the weed but in her ignorance puts it on the fire making it burn up and the smoke blows everyone. Oops. Wow now that is a wild party I bet they all got high off of it. Naomi is handcuffed thanks to Austin pointing her out as the owner of the weed/pot LOL Naomi knows how to party.

Over at Silver’s Leila gets upset again after Navid confronts her about Adriana and locks herself in the bathroom yet again. They really need a larger apartment with Leila I hope they move in with Naomi, more than likely her place will be where most of them stay before the season is over, I mean its huge.

The next morning while Annie and Ivy are cleaning up Naomi’s digs they find a letter from Max unopened by Naomi. She, of course, arrives just in time to see them with her mail, she reads only a portion of it which reveals to the other two about her pregnancy before she stops. It seems Naomi really liked Max but he didn’t care as much or so she thinks. The letter was an apology telling how sorry he was about everything as well as his behavior at the doctor’s office. Annie tells Naomi its okay that things will get better. Annie makes the decision after Naomi walks away to keep the letter for her for a time that she might want to read all of it.

Meanwhile Dixon is enjoying his beach side home and Teddy is about to leave a message for his father when the airplane attendant announces its time to turn off all electronics, darn it Teddy you might have to tell him in person now. I wish him luck I do.

The last scene is Liam waking up on the beach to find out he bought the Salty’s Place; he either bought it or the old guy took the money and gave him the business. I think that equals the same thing actually. LOL

So there you have it a recap of Seasosn 4, 90210’s premiere. This looks like an interesting season folks lets hope it lives up to its expectations.

Please leave comments for me; I am attempting to set up a new twitter @randomrecaps so we can discuss the episodes afterwards together. Please add me on twitter, thanks.

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