90210 Recap Episode 13 Annie’s Back in Town

Well the hiatus is finally over for 90210 so lets dive right in with another recap.

Naomi is at the airport picking up Dixon and Annie from their Paris trip. Dixon is dressed all “fly” in his hat though it looks to PIMPISH for my taste but I like Dixon his is cool but maybe trying too hard to look it LOL.

I will get my complaints about the CW video site out-of-the-way. The main thing I hate about using them is they don’t do well with lots of pausing. 😦 It takes twice as long some times than using hulu; but oh well sometimes something is better than nothing.

Annie mentions that the inheritance issue is finally settle and this will be a new year and a new
Annie, lets see how far that goes. I have a feeling the new outfits my be the only part of Annie’s life that has really changed but we will see.

The subject of Liam comes up as Naomi speaks with Annie. Liam who has been in the hospital the whole time that Annie was in Paris. She said she loved him then he gets hurt but she still went off to Paris? What kinda love is that? it’s revealed she heard about the accident while they were flying to Paris.

Naomi shares that she didn’t go to any holiday parties but Annie thinks it’s because Austin cheated on her. Naomi denies it was the reason; she was just real busy with work or so she says. Austin told her that Holly ambushed him when he got out of the shower but she does not believe his excuse. Now why wouldn’t she believe him? Is it just that she does not know how to be happy? Or is it because she is not trusting?

Now I wondered why they were still at the airport then we see Ivy with Nick and their luggage. So Naomi did a one trip stop to get them all; so convenient but have often does that happen? LOL

“Ivy you are glowing,” Annie tells her. She gives an excuse about camping under the stars in New Guiana. The other two just laugh as she goes to get her stuff so she can meet them downstairs.

At the bar, Adriana gives Dixon a big welcome back hug and kiss. Dixon has come straight to the bar to see his girl. Austin comes out of the back where it looks like he is helping out since Liam is in the hospital. Austin teases Dixon about his outfit LOL see it wasn’t just me. Austin is still upset that Naomi won’t believe that he didn’t cheat with Holly. You know maybe Naomi just feels guilty because if it was her and she had the chance she might cheat just likes she did to get Austin. She was dating Max when she hooked up with Austin or at least was flirting with him, do any of you recall that?

Silver meets up with Greg for a coffee. He apologizes for not spending time with her over the holidays because he spent it with his daughter and by association his ex-wife. Silver things it’s all good the holidays were not the norm except including the unseasonably cold weather. Oh for California cold is not normal for all of us who only wish we lived in the land of Fun and Sun.

Silver reaches to put on the sweater she brought with her only to realize it belongs to Navid. He must have left it at her place on his way to move out. I personally doubt Greg would have known one way or another and do not think she should have mentioned it but maybe it was just on her mind it might be weird. What if Navid gave her a gift of a shirt or blouse is she going to stop wearing them even if she likes them because she is seeing someone else? *shakes head* very strange. Anyway I still think this guy is up to something. He came on to Silver way too fast and you know Silver never has been able to get a decent guy besides Dixon then Navid but am I imagining it seems to easy ??? Of course I hope it is real I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop with him. He asks her if she wants to meet his daughter and she agrees with excitement.

Naomi’s boss, Rachel, is impressed with Naomi’s work ethic and attitude she asks her to run her first event. The Pasedena Debutante Snow Ball is going to be Naomi’s first solo gig since she has been working. Rachel thinks Naomi has great potential to take her far. However we see the first inkling of a problem after Rachel walks away. Naomi was told there would be sailors escorting the debs at the event, “Sailors, I could use a little glow,” Naomi says to herself. Hmmm looks like she thinks multitasking, as far as getting her “sex on” in this event might work for her but she better be careful.

Annie finally arrives at the hospital to see Liam just as he is dressing to leave. I tell you that has gotta hurt him. He comments that he was beginning to think she moved to Paris. She doesn’t know what to say except she is sorry but the fact is that Liam dropped everything when he heard she was in trouble. He was going to find her when he has his accident. “When you found out I was in trouble you went shopping for paper weights,” Liam says of the stupid souvenir she gave him. Really Annie?

She was ashamed that Liam found out she was “prostituting” with Patrick. So basically she was hiding from a sick man in Paris because of embarrassement. Liam says it doesn’t matter he is moving forward. Annie offers to take him home but just then a Blonde walks in the room with pudding. Hmmm the last time we saw her she was leaning over Liam’s body after she had HIT HIM with her CAR!! It turns out Blondie aka Vanessa has been coming to visit Liam every day. GUILTY MUCH!! Blondie’s story is that she happen to see a black car hit Liam hmmm she saw all that but didn’t bet any of the plate number because she was probably too busy calling 911 right? Or was it because she saw his picture on the building and thought hey if this guy can get well with me at his side then jackpot.

I plan on calling Vanessa, Blondie so well just a Heads up LOL
After the break, Liam tells us what I already said about her visiting every day. Annie looks stricken and I might admit a bit old with her droopy eyelids, what is up with that?
Blondie doesn’t seem interested in talking about the night she met Liam instead she goes on with him about the crosswords they have been doing while Annie looks on wondering what happened to her life.

Arielle Kebbel is the person playing Vanessa aka Blondie. She was last seen on Vampire Diaries as Lexie, Stefan’s Vampire BFF. She has been around acting since the early 2000’s but she has heart shaped face that can make her appear older sometimes not in a good way, hey I’m just saying what others are thinking. The good thing about acting is you don’t have to be MODEL gorgeous you can also be ordinary looking. I didn’t notice some pictures with bangs and long wavy hair she is quite cute.

Alright back to the episode, Dixon finds Navid still on his sofa from when he went out of town he thinks LOL. Navid is pretending to be freaked out about the person that mugged him but we know he is upset that he goofed up the plan to get his uncle. Although apparantly his uncle does know what happened because he sent flowers to Navid at Dixon’s place.

Over at the bar, Blondie is with Liam. She convinces him that his new lease on life should include being reckless and doing things like sky diving. Liam is up for anything you know because he is an IDIOT and still loves Annie but wants to prove he can get over her with Blondie who is only using him for kicks.

Navid meets up with Cat at his uncles office. He wants to do anything to get his uncle to stop what he is doing. Cat warns him to just stop and think.

Austin is trying to get a better deal on insurance at his and Dixon’s place though except to prove that he is in a panic over Naomi thinking he is lying I didn’t get that part so much. I do however have this wonderful Video player skipping all over the place UGGGHHH…….* deep breath *

At Naomi’s place Annie telling them how she plans to get Liam’s bike fixed for him as a gift; as generous as that act is she needs to try not to use her money to buy people.

Naomi tells the ladies that she is going to be too busy with the Snow Ball to throw Annie’s going away party and Annie should do it herself. LOL How rude is that? Silver comes down stairs with last of her clothes as she prepares to move back into her own place. She sits down to complain about Navid not being totally out of her space just yet. Ivy confesses to having rebound sex with Nick, or so its what Naomi calls what Ivy had with Nick. Ivy doesn’t deny it was good though LOL>

Naomi mentions she plans to have hot rebound sex with a stranger at the event. Its a bad idea especially because she bragged to Rachel about keeping her business life separate from her private life.

Silver walks into her place only to have Cat show up behind her. Cat finally tells her she is the police after Silver threatens to call them. Oops.

After the break, Cat tries to convince Silver to talk to Navid before he gets himself killed. Silver at first its not convinced she can help at all but in the end we know she will at least try something.

Adrianna and Dixon are getting ready for their first gig together. They are on stage kissing and now I remember that somewhere early during a skip, Austin told them he knew someone who needed musicians that very night. The club manager tells Adrianna how good she looks plus how he wants to spot light her as they sing. Adrianna says NO they are a team but he insists that at the event she should wear something sexy because it sells tickets. Adrianna laughs and promises it will be sexy. Dixon pulls her outside to rant about the guys behavior but Adrianna tells him that is how the music business works its not personal, its “playing the game”.

At the college Ivy is talking to Naomi when Nick arrives. He asks if she received his text you know because more often than not those just don’t go through LOL, Not. Ivy’s excuse is that she has been busy you know too busy to take a second to TEXT back. Bottom line: she is avoiding him because he was just a booty call to her LOL or but Nick doesn’t know about the booty call thing till Naomi opens her big mouth. I mean really? Who tells a guy that another girl just slept with him for rebound sex?? No one does that with a brain in their head. If Naomi could just listen to herself sometimes instead of just saying what comes out her brain well it would help.

Annie’s gift of a repaired bike to Liam didn’t go over as she had planned. It didn’t go over at all because Liam was too busy trying to get in the car with Blondie to do another death defying feet like bungey jumping or something.

Dixon reveals to Annie that the mechanic told him it took almost half the day to get the marroon paint off the bike. Hmmm but Blondie said the car that hit Liam was Black, Annie recalls.

After the break, we find Naomi at the ball wearing the most INappropriate event planner’s dress I have ever seen. I do admit if it had been a short dress it would have been OBSCENE. WEll see the picture above.

Adrianna is getting dressed to perform before Dixon arrives to critique her outfit LOL. He thinks her dress is too short, oh my gosh Dixon does it really matter she will be on stage with you, dude. Dixon loses his cool when manager comes by again hitting on Adrianna. This scene shows us Yet Again that Dixon does not get how the music business works. Not long ago he was doing drugs to try to stay up late to make tracks, he just got out of rehab, now he has lost his cool on someone he should have just Ignored. Is he ever going to learn? He should listen to Adrianna she has learned the hard way.

Despite the red dress Naomi seems on the ball as far as keeping this going well and organized. Everything is ready ahead of schedule so Naomi grabs the nearest male, one who happened to speak with hear moment before, and took him back stage. I guess it didn’t matter where it was just that it had to happen at that minute.

Over at Annie’s house party she doesn’t have as many guests but there is a OLD Father Time, so weird. I suppose its more a New Years party than a going away party. She speaks with Ivy about the party not being a failure than she accuses Blondie of hitting Liam with her car almost as soon as they walk in basically. Well its TRUE if she only knew huh. Blondie does not deny it she does look uncomfortable.

Back at the Snow Ball, Naomi and the sailor are getting it on somewhere they are not even sure where they are LOL that is not a good think. The guy offers to get them a room on his dad’s credit card which means he may not be legal YIKES Naomi doesn’t care she just wants to “hook up” now.

Meanwhile Rachel arrives to see how the event is going. She looks left and right for Naomi to tell her she has done a great job. Rachel makes the announcement that its time for the debs to give the gift to the city. The curtains open and there is Naomi with her dress half off with her arms around the sailor as well as other things LOL. Rachel looks appalled before she closes the curtains and demands the music start playing again.

Silver goes to see Navid with a surprise guest, his father.

Back at the ball Rachel rants at Naomi before Naomi confesses that her boyfriend cheated on her with Holly. It seems to get Rachel’s attention. Naomi thought a meaningless fling would help her to move on. Rachel seems to think that her offering Holly the internship instead of Holly may have been the reason that Holly has been acting childish. Rachel takes her choice as a consideration in giving Naomi another chance. Rachel tells Naomi that strong women don’t take their eye off the ball especially for a man.

Navid’s father has decided to turn himself in so that his family can be safe again. It’s his fault that it all happened the way that it did.

Austin tells Dixon to get over what the club manager did and make things good with Adrianna because Austin wishes he had done better with Naomi.

Naomi goes back home after the ball and tells Ivy that she is starting to think that rebound sex doesn’t work. LOL hmmm interesting theory. Anyway, Anni econvinces Liam to give Blondie a chance despite how she really feels. Oh Ivy just shut your pie face you don’t know anything LOL I totally think Liam and Annie can make it work and they will eventually I am sure. Liam thinks it wasn’t fair that Annie didn’t want him to move on, well boo hoo you gonna wish you had listened. Liam has mother issues I guess it will take him a while to get his mind straightened out. He does speculate that he doesn’t know Blondie and he could be moving to fast HUH? Wait he is thinking about it he should keep thinking about it. Oh and NO I won’t show Liam with anyone EVER but Annie, especially kissing.

Dixon makes up with Adrianna with a kiss after they talk things over.

Silver arrives in some old fashion Black/White dress but luckily runs into Navid. Oh wait the back of the dress adds some modern flair to the dress. Navid tells her about what happened with his father going to jail but thanks her for helping. Hopeless Navid is ready to start over but Silver is still seeing Greg. She is glad Navid’s family situation is resolved. She can’t go back to way things were.

Ivy goes to Nicks to confess she really likes him and it wasnt’ just for sex that she was with him.

At the bar, Naomi finally gets to talk to Austin. She tells him she isn’t ready to be with any guy at this point in her life. Austin looks so sad and cute.

At the airport, as Annie is leaving to go to another college to study, Annie realizes she has gotten Blondie’s bag instead of her own. Oh yeah at the hospital Blondie told Annie she had a bag like hers so somehow their bags were switched. Annie finds several ID’s in Blondie’s bag from different state with different names. Oh Boy Liam what kinda girl are you hanging out with NOW?

Speaking of Liam and Blondie, the next scene is them in bed. They review all the reckless activities they have done so far. She suggests “he aint’ seen nothing yet.” Really? It seems like she has to do daring feats to keep a guy interest right?

Greg brings his daughter to see Silver, oh what a little cutie. Her name is Mazy? Hmm haven’t we heard that name before? You see Greg’s wife couldn’t get preggers so they adopted, YES its Adrianna’s baby girl. WOW Silver can’t get Adrianna out of her life no matter how hard she tries.

Interesting Episode; I cannot wait for more tomorrow night !!
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