90210 Recap Episode 5 Strip the Vote

So the episode begins where it ended with Adrianna talking to Jim on the beach. I guess they were hiding from the other two because otherwise they could have stayed inside. Jim says he was lost at sea not dead and he wandered since he had been watching Jane and Liam how long they even looked for him LOL. I am with Jim they sure hooked up quick I mean all this happened over the summer which is only about three months. First he had to get to know Liam to become his friend, that takes time, then he was supposedly dead what minute then Liam was consoling his wife, all pretty fast.

Oh Yeah Austin …hmmmm

Over at Naomi’s she is having sexy dreams about Austin even though she is in bed with Max, OOPS LOL, can we say threesome LOL!!

At Silver’s place Leila is acting like a brat because she is grounded and basically Navid and Silver are making fun of her as they should. She got herself into the mess she needs to own up to it. Leila finally leaves and they try to make love which it seems is long-awaited when the cell rings and its Teddy who needs a friend. He has returned to California and Silver has to pick him up, being the good person that she is.

Dixon runs into Annie at school as he is trying to pass out his best track yet so the buzz can hit about its awesomeNess. He is so obviously on something besides caffeine but Annie is too busy worrying about her own issues to notice, yet. Her lawyer is trying to stop Marla’s relatives from blocking the inheritance which she needs to stay in college, apparently.

Naomi and her sorority pals are passing out voter registration forms or I should say trying to pass them out when Austin comes by to tempt her but she is good and says no go away LOL then Max comes by with a kiss
for her and suddenly she want to make voting fun. I can’t wait to see her idea.

Over on the beach Silver is talking to Teddy about his Tennis tour over the summer. Silver shares that having Leila live with her and Navid isn’t going so well. I have to say, they should never have Teddy lying fully clothed on a beach because he looks short and stocky not sexy like he does normally LOL. Teddy left his father a message saying he was gay but his father never got back to him at all. On the other hand, his uncle and aunts are at least trying to be polite about him being gay. Hmmm I smell a rat.

Jim shows up at the bar while Liam and Jane are talking, they look stricken to say the least.
He tells the story that he was in the water and a cabin cruiser picked him up. He had amnesia for quite a while but he began to remember and began to piece his thoughts together he went to find Jane then Liam.

Austin arrives to volunteer to help Naomi in her effort to make it fun to be a voter. Max is impressed that Austin can get them a band so he is excited for Austin’s help despite Naomi’s telling him they don’t need Austin.

Meanwhile Teddy is at his Uncle Charles’ house discussing life. Uncle Charles says Gay used to be a mood, Ha ha ha, so lame. He tells Teddy that he has his support no matter what, people change times change, blah blah. He basically wants to look good since he is wanting to run for senator.

Silver receives an offer to make commercials for female running for congresswoman named Marissa. The guy happens to be the guy that Teddy met and had an affair with over the summer.

At Naomi’s Austin is trying to get Naomi to show her bad side LOL the side he enjoys. It would have been funny if Naomi wasn’t trying sooooo hard to be the good girl for Maxy.

Can’t believe I found you !!

Teddy is talking to his guy friend, who is working for Marissa who is the candidate running against Teddy’s uncle. According to the friend his uncle is a homophobe.

Bree asked Annie to go out again to make more money with some guys.

Please please babysit our horrid teenager

Not a minute later Silver and Navid ask Annie to watch Leila for the same night. They suggests she take Leila with her to wherever she is going so they can go off to spend time together. Their plan is to get some time alone after Naomi’s party.

Jim lied, its like I don’t know him at all

Liam finds out from Adrianna that Jim had been hanging around; so he lied when he told them that he was just arriving in town. Liam goes over to the place Jim is staying with Jane to confront him. They get into a scuffle and Jane ends up hurt. Yeah this whole scene was a waste it could have all been done earlier in the episode but oh well I guess the cats out of the bag now. Jim knows Jane is pregnant blah blah its his baby. Okay I heard something this time, he said when did it start with Jane? Like was Jane on the boat with them? I thought some how Liam had visited them when the boat was docked at some time.

Over at Naomi’s voting party Max volunteers to go get the cake innocently leaving Austin with Naomi.

At the hospital, Jane has a slight concussion. Jim and Liam talk but it turns out that Jim didn’t blame Liam in one way because he was thought to be dead and Liam was willing to take care of her. Blah Blah Blah Jane is a great girl but you know what WHY is she She even in this PLOT?? If there was an idea in any of it is to be to show them that Liam needs to learn to make decisions I guess.

Over at the bar, Adrianna, Dixon and Ivy are looking through pictures that Ivy took on the beach. I get the feeling that will be her new career the pictures are so FAB. Dixon invites Adrianna to go to Naomi’s party because he thinks her friend the band manager might help him out.

Silver finds Navid’s money just before heads over to the party. Of course, Silver being the judgy person she can be at times, especially with Navid, thinks the worse.

Why does this picture look photoshopped?

Back at Naomi’s party its more of a regular party with a voting theme. Austin follows her outside to get ice where they get locked out.

Over at the restaurant Annie arrives with Leila who is immediately a brat asking for martini then for weed. Annie is obviously embarrassed while Bree doesn’t know what to think. One of the guys mentions that the company will be worth every penny, Obvious much? They look kinda stiff and super straight which makes me think they could be trouble for the girls.

At Naomi’s party we get our first glimpse of Brandy Norwood who is playing Marissa the democrat nominee in this episode. Sorry I’m not impressed by her look but hey maybe it will get better. Then I get another glance at Marissa as she gives Silver the if you want to do something for people you do it by working through the complications, blah blah blah speech. When did this show get sooooo political, I’m bored *yawn* sorry folks. I am not impressed MOST of the time by singers trying to ACT, this is one of those times. Outside Naomi and Austin are caught by the cops hanging around or in this case trying to get back inside.

Why is it so hot; doesn’t the temp drop at night in cali?

After the break, the security/cops guys put Naomi and Austin in the back of the van where Austin undresses though how hot could it be at night?

Okay no guarantee some of this is in order because the video was skipping again 😦

Inside Adrianna arrives with Dixon while Silver is talking to Teddy before she goes off to find Navid.

One vote one piece of clothing

Oh at the voting table the girls are stripping based on who fills out a voting form, I think LOL, yes that’s the way to get people to the polls.

It’s all about the band babes

Adrianna passes Dixon’s track to her manager friend before Silver asks Navid about the hundred thousand dollars she found earlier. His uncle is having him pay him back in stage space. If he tells he will go to jail but otherwise he is getting the cut from his involvement. Silver walks away from him to think on it all.

Uncle Charles pulls Teddy in by saying all the right things.

Beach Blanket Bimbos 🙂

Leila confronts Annie on why she is getting paid to hang out with the guys but Leila won’t tell anyone if she gets a cut of the cash.

Hi I’m a democratic

Marissa makes her speech, BLAH Blah. It’s easy to say I’m a good person and I think the right things, thinking right isn’t the same as doing right. Get out and vote for what you believe. Whoohoo……Now don’t get me wrong I know the type of person she is trying to portray and it’s so stereotypical it hurts. It would have been cool if she came in as a singer that is a democrat running for office, that would have been something NEW instead of this rehashed act like every other black female politician in California or Texas, hey I’m just sayin’.

On his turn Uncle Charles brings out his varied group of people in his family I guess voting family and real family that includes Teddy his gay nephew.

It’s not what you think.

In the van its so hot that Naomi has to undress but Austin confesses he is crazy about her. See I thought it was sweet except maybe he is playing her for a fool who knows. Of course when the van opens we see waiting for his sweetie. He looks a bit shocked to see her undressed.

Teddy told his friend from the summer that he needs to accept his decision to stand up for his uncle on his campaign. Yeah see I don’t think the political issue should stand between these two unless they were running themselves LOL people get so worked up over politics. *shakes head*

I am in folks, Yeah sees

In the bar, Dixon makes the announcement that the manager friend of Adrianna’s likes his EP. He is going to be up on their website as favorite new artist but Adrianna warns him to be careful in the life. Yes she should know and now will be the time I predict where Liam starts falling for her now that he is losing Jane.

When you learn to do the right thing I will return, *stomps off in high heels*

Silver tells Navid she can’t be with him if he doesn’t end the thing with his Uncle. Navid insists he can’t because he will end up in jail; she walks away from him. REally? All that she does for others and she judges Navid so harshly, seems like double standards. She just found out she should give him time and strength by standing with him but oh well.

Okay folks that is all for this episode, see you next time.
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Screencaptures credit: Fanpop.com


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