90210 recap S04 episode 10 Thankgiving with Naomi and Austin

Happy Belated Thanksgiving YOU ALL!! I hope you ate lots of Turkey/Dressing/Pie LOL I had Salmon and green beans with a pumpkin pie dessert because I don’t eat meat. YUM, well it was okay.

On with the recap, this weeks show begins with somewhat usual rehashing of event. Silver doesn’t want Navid back, Naomi is looking forward to seeing Austin and Annie is not seeing Patrick or basically lying about not seeing. Yeah kinda the same type thing as we mostly get at the beginning of the show.

They happen to be sitting near the food drive table so as Annie walks away to go off to pick up Dixon from rehab some random guy hits on Silver. Oh big surprise; someone to fill her mind as we know random guys tend to do when the main characters chosen soul mate is out of the picture for a while LOL.

On the way out of the building Annie runs into Bree who tells her some of the girls were arrested for prostitution. Annie is understandably freaked you know since recently she slept with Patrick and he gave her ten thousand dollars. I mean it wasn’t for the sex but it might look that way, OOPSIE.

Austin shows up at the beach house while Annie bonds with Dixon on his lucky time out of rehab. He has learned to be more forgiving and not a jerk to Annie for all she is doing. WOW how many weeks did that take? Anywho Austin is only stopping by on his way over to Naomi’s. The lie that Annie and Dixon are telling people is that he has been on tour with his music. Ok it was Annie’s idea, he is all into being honest now and so he tells Annie when Austin leaves that its not feeling right to him to lie to his friends.

Over at Raj and Ivy’s they are talking about her trip to New Guinea. Raj is making plans for his time at Johns Hopkins.

At the bar Liam is trying to make decorations for the meal he is making for everyone for thanksgiving. He is catering a meal for his friends at Naomi’s mansion.

Dixon meets up with Adrianna in the stock area and tries to kiss her. Adrianna turns him down and mentions that he needs to be able to tell everyone the truth about what is happening to him before he will be ready for a relationship.

Naomi is trying to get Austin to make out with her but he keeps stopping her. He eventually just goes to sleep leaving her disappointed. It was kinda weird for him but I guess he wants to be more than her play toy LOL.

After the break, Annie lies to Silver about not seeing Patrick. Liam shows up with the turkey raw he thought for some reason it would be already done LOL. Hmm I would think a catered dinner would be cooked too but that might have included it being served. I guess maybe if he declined that part it made the difference not sure.

Over at school Silver talks to random dude again, Traig or Craig I can’t find who he is or who he is playing very odd. I don’t know why I think this guy is a cop or something. Okay maybe I’m wrong. We find out he is a guest teacher and we see that Silver is volunteering since she has no job and is not in school. She invites him to the dinner; saying she knows a cool single girl.

Back at the house, Liam still has no idea what he is doing with the dinner. Raj tells Ivy that they are going to his parents. Ivy is not into the idea of being commanded to go any where.

Liam talks to Annie about wanting everything to be perfect for Thanksgiving. He has never had money and he wants to treat all his friends.

Naomi lets Austin take her on a horse ride but he finds out just by the way she handles the horse that she isn’t new at it. She confesses to have had lessons since she was four LOL. He gets mad at her and leaves but she gets stuck behind a rock and can’t move her leg. HE did confess to wanting more; which is something. I think its cute he really likes her.

After the break, Raj and Ivy have a blow up fight. She doesn’t want to go to Baltimore even though he wants to go for medical school. He leaves to go to his parents house. Yeah we knew this was coming, right?

Over at Naomi’s, Greg arrives and Silver introduces him to a very single Annie. Uh wait its Greg, it didnt’ sound like that earlier. Anyway Annie can tell by the way the guy looks at Silver that is her he likes. Duh Silver, focus LOL. HE even says it he though the friend he meant was her. Silver describes him; he sounds like her type not Annie. She is trying to force Annie to be with someone else; kinda too pushy I think. Oh but it is classic Silver, she is so freaking judgy. I can see why Annie would lie since she knows this too.

Naomi tries to get the horse to bring her over some water but in the process it runs off LOL she does get the bag that Austin packed for them at least. She tries to use the cell phone but it has no signal. She tries to light a cigarette but she starts a fire instead, great move. Cigarette near all the dry grass in the wind? Naomi really?

After the break, Austin is at the bar talking to Adrianna but he really doesn’t want to talk just drink.

Liam’s mother shows up at Naomi’s house. She tells him she chose to end it with her husband, Jeffery, the jerk stepfather. Liam invites her to stay for dinner.

Ivy shows up for dinner and talks to Silver about what happened with Raj.

Annie accidentally grabs the wrong phone to find that its Jefferey calling for Liam’s mother. Annie goes right over to tell Liam. Jeffrey had been calling to find out when the mom was going to be home for dinner. OOPS!!

The police come to the house to tell them there is a fire in the area, so they need to evacuate.

We they are supposed to be leaving Silver kisses Greg. This was an interesting change of events though I again think its only temporary after Navid takes down his uncle she will see what a good guy he really is. Greg will be history then if he isn’t a cop LOL

Back over at the bar, Austin talks to Adrianna about Naomi as well as Dixon. Adrianna says that people need to be honest. Okay I am getting tired of her one note but of course she has a point.

Liam confronts his mother about Jeffrey. She tells him she needs money. Liam is unhappy about it but he says he will write her a check but he won’t be in her life.

Raj shows up after hearing about the fire. He wants to make sure Ivy is fine. He talks to Dixon and they talk about love and girls, blah blah blah LOL

They end up down at the bar obviously since they had to leave Naomi’s. Dixon confesses to being a drug addict to everyone and Annie looks stricken. I don’t know why; she should be happy he is willing to be honest about it.

ON the mountain, Naomi is making out her will before Austin shows up to rescue her. They yell then Austin tells her his parents are getting divorced. Naomi is surprised to hear about that then after a few minutes she says how she cares about him. They kiss and make up as he rescues her. It was kinda sweet in a goofy way.

Annie and Liam share a beer outside;they talk about family, friends and Annie realizes she might need to tell someone the real deal on Patrick but that is just my estimation of her reaction.

Later on they go back to Naomi’s where she and Annie have been having some make up fun. Oh and by the way Austin says they used all the whipped cream LOL, such a bad boy.

Silver confronts Annie about Patrick. She lies and says that she got Marla’s inheritance. Oh wait this is were she lies to Silver hmmm. Any who I knew she lied.

The doctor calls Raj to tell him that the treatment didn’t work. Ivy comes in and he lies to her because he wants her to move on with her life. He is leaving her for her own good. I think he did the right thing, is that just me? Of course it only shows how much he loves her. So what now is he going to go off on his own and die while she is in New Guinea? Or will the others find out and let Ivy KNOW?

Pretty decent episode; can’t wait to see whats up tonight, with the fashion show.
Sorry this recap is so late.

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