90210 Recap S05 Episode 15 Maisys Day of Fun

Just a NOTE: I realize that I skipped the last episode recap but for now I am doing the latest one from last Tuesday.

This episode starts out with Vanessa or whatever her real name happens to be at the bar with Liam. She is really making herself at home it seems. I have to say that I still do not trust her no matter what she has revealed to Liam there is just something off with her. Vanessa wants to do a total relaunch of the bar with her in charge of everything but Liam is hesitant. Ivy wonders in with news on Nick getting her an audience with the owner of art gallery downtown. The woman wants to see her portfolio to be considered for a group showing. Ivy is of course excited.

Then we are back with more talk of the relaunch. Vanessa is setting herself up to live with Liam and help with the bar from the sound of it. She wants more customers so he will NEED her help. Wow she is just pushing her way in. Liam finally gives her the go ahead after she wraps her arms around him then gives him the look like they were going to bed or something…..cheat cheat. Oh and Ivy is sitting right there so they have audience. *rolls eyes*

You know I am just going to say it; why does everyone always want more instead of dealing with the good they already have in their lives. I think I feel this way in this case though because I do not Like Vanessa anymore than Jane. Oh and Why is Liam getting all the random girls this season? It makes him look like a Man whore or is that just me?

Meanwhile at the college, Naomi is complaining about not being able to find her TA, in this case its someone assigned to help her with a class she is failing. You would think she would be more thankful. Of course, Naomi is less concerned about her academic career than her event planning. They sit down for a chat but Naomi sees a girl across the room wearing an engagement ring, she immediately pops up to go over to see if she can book a gig. Silver and Annie stay behind to talk. Silver can’t believe that Annie was ever an escort. Annie is supposedly on the right track now. Who knows if Annie is telling the truth I hope so. Then Greg arrives to meet Silver so she leaves the table before Annie sees Bree.

Bree takes a seat though Annie seems less than happy to see her old friend. The fire at the sorority house has Bree homeless which is why she asks Annie for a lead on a place to stay. Annie refuses to let her live at Naomi’s then Bree gives her the old, “can’t you be there for me like I was for you?” LOL yeah she was there she led her into a career that almost got her put in jail, you know escorting/prostitution LOL. Not to say that Annie could not have turned her down to start with but oh well. Annie feels bad and mentions she may know somewhere for Bree to stay.

Naomi is still over talking to her potential client seemingly feeling her out to see if its going to be worth her effort when the TA shows up. His name is Hal and he is unhappy because he has been waiting for Naomi since ten in the morning. Naomi says goodbye to her potential client so she can deal with Hal. Hal tells her if she fails Physics 101 she won’t move on to Sophomore year. Hal makes fun of her event planning then acts all peeved because he wasn’t invited to any of the five parties she had this year LOL Yeah right like he really cared. I don’t like this storyline at all its bogus. This guy doesn’t look like the type that would have any interest in what Naomi has been up to at all, but hey that might just be my opinion, what is your opinion??

Ok then she apologizes for not inviting him to the parties and he sulks off like a ten-year old ……hmmm moving on.

The big storyline this week is the sorority house fire, the one in Holly’s building. Dixon and Austin are freaking out since they were the ones throwing eggs and toilet paper the same night that the fire burned down the place. Austin warns Dixon that his nervousness is going to looks suspicious to Navid, who is staying with them if he doesn’t pull his act together.

Minutes later Annie arrives with Bree who was one of the girls from the Kappa House that burned. Austin tries to get out of letting Bree stay but Navid volunteers to let Bree have the sofa while he sleeps on the floor LOL so sweet, they are so screwed.

Back at the bar, Liam arrives to see the progress that Vanessa has come on the new launch. She has decorated with lights and there is a life size poser of Abs Liam LOL. She says having it on Carmegedon, the day that the 405 is closed, is the perfect day for the party because they will get the business from the people hanging out at the beach.

Liam gets angry when he learns that Vanessa used the money out of register to fund all of her decorations without asking him. HE informs her the money was for his bills that month. UM Yeah and asking would have been a great thing to do Miss Vanessa LOL What was she thinking that she was going to use for money by the way? It’s like I hate that she did it but what did he expect? She insists it will be a success. Liam looks doubtful.

At the coffee shop Silver offers to pick up Maisy because Greg has to be across town later that day with traffic issues it will be hard for him to make it back in time to get her. Silver is all excited about moving with him to New York. Adrianna walks up after Greg walks away it seems she heard the entire conversation; she is upset that Silver had been with Maisy and not told her about it. Adrianna insists that Silver isn’t going to raise her daughter. Hmmm well Adrianna YOU gave up your daughter; what do you care? We all know it’s really not her decision but we will see how that works out.

After the break, Adrianna explains that she gave Maisy to a happy family not a divorced father and her ex best friend. She gets all emotional talking to Silver. Silver points out the fact that Adrianna chose to not be in Maisy’s life so she should stay out of it. Adrianna goes off, “you can’t tell me what to do.”

In other news, Ivy meets the gallery owner only to learn that she used to date Nick also. I am just going to put it out there but the gallery owner looks like a young lady trying to play on OLDer woman’s part say maybe thirty or forty she has that fake snooty look like nose in the air LOL She does not pull it off at all but I suppose the whole she dated Nick too is supposed to be the reason. She turns Ivy away; Ivy looked hurt especially the way the lady says, “this aren’t for me.”

AT Naomi’s she is trying to build something that demonstrates a basic knowledge of physics when Liam walks in she asks him for help. Liam asks Naomi for help in return on the reopening which she agrees to if she can bring Hal to make him feel included in her parties I guess? I think she hopes that Hal with help her if he gets his “Fun On.”

Whatcha talkin’ bout willis?

Over at Austin and Dixon’s place they are with Bree outside eating a tasty meal she has prepared for them all. She is grateful to have a place to live. Dixon asks if there have been any updates on the burned house. She says the fire started in the bathroom and looks it might like arson according to the police. Bree goes to get pie while the guys whisper about vandalizing the house; she of course hears them but pretends that she did not on her return.

Across town Adrianna pretends to be Silver as she picks up Maisy from school.

After the break, Naomi arrives with Liam back at the bar. Vanessa says she doesn’t need help she wants to make Liam and the Off Shore a brand. She is having a contest to give the person who finds the special bottle cap free beers for a month and a chance to drink with Liam Court. Naomi thinks it’s a great idea but she suggests making the beer more exclusive and she has a few other ideas.

Silver goes over to Navid to tell him about what happened with Adrianna. Silver figures out from what Navid shares with about how Adrianna has changed, that Adrianna has Maisy. Silver freaks out but Navid convinces her to calm down. They go to try to find them.

I don’t know why I have to wear goofy hats

Back at Naomi’s Ivy talks to Annie about not getting the show at the gallery. Ivy also informs Annie that cops came by wanting to interview Kappa girls despite Bree having told her that the investigation was over, you know about the escort service. Annie leaves in a hurry to go see Bree.

Annie is about to leave Dixon’s after finding out that Bree has already left, when two cops arrive at their door. The cops have a search warrant because an anonymous tipster, *Bree* called the tipline. Dixon confesses to Annie about the eggs and toilet paper while the cops are there DUH…then the cop comes out of the room with lighter fluid, yeah because they of course would keep it in the room under their beds instead of dumping it elsewhere. Dixon is taken to jail, despite not having seen the item before.

After the break, Dixon is at the police station thinking that Austin turned him in. He calls him a “phoney ass cowboy.” WOW what a jump from best bud to name calling. Come on Dixon think about it Austin was not the only one at the house. Annie starts to put things together after Dixon tells her what Bree told him about the fire being arson; At least one of them is actually thinking and not emotionalizing. Annie leaves him while they are processing his bail, good thing she is rich, to go find Bree.

Navid with Silver arrive at Adrianna’s house as they try to figure out where she might have taken Maisy.

Over at the bar Naomi is having issues with the ideas she had for the Launch Celebration. Liam finally takes some control by taking Naomi to get the labels she ordered while Vanessa stays behind to work on the rest of the decorations. It was kind of funny that Vanessa Liamized the tee shirts as in put his Abs on them…..it looked unique I guess LOL. I supposed they are prizes of some sort since she got a hundred of them.

Annie finds Bree at the bookstore and accuses her of being involved in the fire to keep the cops occupied and not concerned with the escort service. Bree finally admits it. She lit her client list on fire and threw it in the bath tub then left for an event, that is how the fire started. Seriously, she should be put away for STUPIDITY, everyone knows you don’t leave a fire unattended. Now she is trying to get away with it by blaming Dixon. She basically threatens Annie by saying if she gets caught then Annie is in trouble also.

Silver finds a letter that Adrianna wrote to Maisy while they are nosing in her old room? I don’t get it Adrianna has a perfectly good house and is staying at the bar or somewhere?? The letter is one that Ad wrote to her baby telling how much she loves her. She is was trusting that the new parents can give her something that she can’t give. She also wants Maisy to watch the sunset in BayView park which is not far from the house. They decide that is more than likely where Adrianna would take Maisy. Silver goes off alone to find her.

Ivy goes back to the gallery where the lady decides to look at it all again? I thought she looked at it before, anyway. I have to say that they both have Tacky feet……Ivy’s boot shoes and the other women’s high heels just do not look right for the part.

While waiting for Dixon to get back to the house Austin talks to Annie. He tells how he was in trouble as a teen but he didn’t rat out Dixon. She explains to him that its okay because Bree did it anyway. Annie also confesses about the escort service as well that she worked for Bree in the service. She plans to tell the police everything. Austin is shocked but Annie wants to do it for Dixon. He admits that Annie has a lot to lose by turning herself in.

Meanwhile at the park, Maisy is with Adrianna someone she has not met before. I think the kid should have been kicking and screaming from the start when she saw the strange woman LOL but she is all calm and playing. Silver arrives with the letter.

After the break, Adrianna tells Silver that she feels like she betrayed Maisy by giving her away and she remembers that everyday.

Austin fake confesses to Dixon saying that he set the fire before he goes off to the police station. Austin says he has nothing to lose before he leaves, but others have a lot to lose he adds looking at Annie. He stepped in to keep her from telling the truth so that Dixon won’t lose respect for her after finding out that she was an escort, that she used the money to put him in rehab and that she prostituted herself to Patrick. I guess this is the last we will see of Austin, it was a good run, I started to like the cowboy especially with Naomi and sometimes Holly LOL. Dixon thinks its great Austin is turning himself in but Annie knows the truth.

This actually just makes it harder on her conscience; more things she is hiding from Dixon.
It would be better to just tell him so he can deal with the truth.

Lucky Vanessa got the All American Rejects to play at the bar having missed their gig because of traffic and were happy to have a place to play. Hmmm how often does that happen, SCORE 1 for Vanessa at least from me. LOL. I know it was lame but it works.

Liam is happy Naomi is surprised it was a nice moment.

Vanessa actually ran out to the beach to tell people about the Launch; well at least she had her heart in it or was trying to prove she could do it to Liam. She believed that he could do better with the bar.
Hold that thought: what happened to Liam’s modeling career? HE doesn’t look injured he can still model right?

Hal is even at the party; all the drunk girls think he is Mark Zuckerberg LOL that was Vanessa’s lie. It’s working for him though.

Naomi goes over to talk to Hal and he admits it’s the best night of his life; hmm not much going on in his life I gather lol. Naomi illustrates a case of Gravity providing counter weight to Hal in order to get the grade she needs for physics. It’s something she could have done all the time instead of trying to depend on others to do her work. Hal gives her an A for the project which gives her a C for the class. I knew she could do it. She is a smart business woman she just needs to try more. Naomi leaves Hal to his Double D’s aka the girls waiting to talk to him thinking he is a millionaire LOL.

Vanessa apologizes for hitting Liam with her car then says that what she was selling him not the bar. I guess she was trying to prove he can make it big if he wants to ? not sure. She also shares with him there is more to life than the bar. So does this mean he can leave and travel with her and just let others run it so he can have adventures? What I don’t get what her plan might be, but I betcha is all about her not him OR about him making money for her……not sure yet.

Greg is not happy to see Adrianna with Maisy. Silver confesses that she is friends with Adrianna. She takes it on herself without saying that Adrianna had taken Maisy. Greg gets upset because he thinks Silver lied by not saying that she knew Maisy’s birth mother. He totally blows it out of proportion all Maisy knows is she had a good day…….its so stupid that he goes as far as to break up with Silver over this incident. He is all how can I trust you Blah Blah….just excuses. He probably was having second thoughts who knows who cares. Adrianna tries to step in to say that Silver is a good person but he doesn’t care. He is totally hostile toward Adrianna. Storyline FAIL!!

It was a good episode though all in all at least maybe Adrianna and Silver will try to work on their friendship without Greg in the way.

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