90210 S04 Episode 2 – Sororities Here We Come

This episode begins with Naomi convincing Annie they need to rush to join a sorority. Of course Naomi has her heart set on the most popular group where the girls are gorgeous and all the guys want them.

Liam wakes up on the beach to find he has bought the bar where he spent the previous night drinking so he enlist Dixon to help him get his money back. Dixon is attempting the impossible which is to get any work done in a beach house with his friends coming and going all the time; decides to go help Liam for Liam to change his mind only minutes after asking for his money back.

To make things worse Adriana spent the night with Austin, which is probably mentioned in the last recap, but she stays around this episode to you know chew the wallpaper. Her only contribution was an awkward conversation with Silver, again, where she figures out where the missing sister is being held. You know considering Silver had a feeling ……well I won’t jump the gun too much here read the rest. LOL

Leila goes missing or maybe even last episode but in the first few minutes of the episode and Silver is not concerned. Navid who last season seemed so grown up just does not seem to understand how young girls manipulate is concerned that his sister running away is going to be a problem for him as well as her.

After the break, we find Annie talking to Jeremy about sororities and fraternities as he cozies up to her. He acts so suave but he can’t even afford to buy a coffee. Something about him just seemed a bit to forward and unfortunately I had seen a few spoilers but I will reveal who he is later just to save a bit of mystery.

At the sorority house that night Naomi is ready to mingle when she runs into the president, Holly, who is played by Megalyn Echikunwoke. I was excited to see she was going to be in the show because I have liked it from the start as well Megalyn is one of my favorite actresses.

Holly comes across to Naomi as a friendly sort all ready to bring her under her wing, with no problems. She smiles at her and winks that its okay that she has a reputation after the drug bust etc.. at her house the night before. Naomi is grateful.

At the bar, Liam gets a visit from a lady named Jane. He explains to her why he doesn’t want her around; this where we get the story of what happened over the summer. Some guy on the boat named Jim took his shift one night and was killed. Jane is his wife who who Liam was supposed to be helping with her grief but instead it seems they were closer than they should have been. She is obviously bored with her old life and came to see him for some fun, yeah I don’t think she is serious at all. She might even be after his money or the money she thinks he has. He is a guy and a horn dog so he will take what he can get then go back to Annie. Wow that sounded crass but I am calling it like I see it, oh well.

Later that afternoon Navid received a text from Leila where she says she has been kidnapped and they want 50,000 dollars or she will be killed. Silver is skeptical but Navid is upset that she seems not to care about Leila or the situation.

The first test for Naomi to join the sorority is to walk in her underwear in the courtyard as they throw eggs at her which is no big deal for Naomi since she is used to jealousy LOL. The second was to have dinner with a farm animal, luckily Austin owned a pig. The third was to go out on the football field dressed as an opposing teams mascot. She runs into issues as her Mascot head comes off and they see she is the girl who had the party. The football team was penalized because several of his players had been present and were accused of smoking weed. The result is they pour juice all over her.

Annie with her new bff Bree, kiss a stature of Abraham Lincoln as her first test among other lame assignments.

The ceremony for the Sorority is almost over before Naomi arrives with her tasks complete. The only thing is that Holly had no plan of accepting Naomi because she actually purchased the house the Sorority had been trying to buy. According to Holly it was perfect for their needs. Naomi is more than a little upset because of what Holly has put her through, this means war and I can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

I commend Megalyn on the way she played the scheming Holly. Oh and she pronounced it as HO LLY, I guess its a play on words since essentially she it he god of the sorority. LOL It was a great representation and if Naomi had not been the enemy she would have enjoyed I am certain.

Leila being the younger sister has taken it in her head that she is in love with an older guy. The entire kidnap effort was a plan from her older guy to get money from Navid. Silver can only shake her head as the revelation happens. Leila who is playing the typical teenager would as far as I am concerned could have stayed away from this season; so far her storyline sucks. Although I am of the belief that Navid’s horrid uncle may be behind the older man scenario. I guess only time will tell.

On the Annie front she arrives at the lawyer’s office only to find, YES, Jeremy. Jeremy was the woman who died’s grandson. Interesting how he shows up to contest the will but wasn’t around for his dear old granny when she needed him.

Oh but I have to say the funnest part of the episode was Dixon rooming with Austin who is definitely the comic relief. He doesn’t have a southern accent but he acts like a country boy. Dixon seems to have bitten off more than he can chew with the record company but hopefully Austin can get him fixed up with some connections. Austin is the one that made it so that underage Liam can keep the bar so I am sure he will come in handy. Yes this will be fun.

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Just a note: this was another episode where the video keep repeating itself and other weird things. I am still looking for decent copies of these episodes. Please if someone is out there with that pertinent information contact me. I want to recap CW shows but I need a better site to watch them. Thanks for reading.

Please leave comments and help on this video issue.

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