90210 S04 Episode 7 Recap – Best Costume Party

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IN the beginning of the episode we find that Naomi is going to host a masquerade Party for the college because she is the Greek Council leader its her job.

Marissa finds a campaign commercial that Silver put together; of course she loves it. She then gives Silver advice on trusting Navid. Why does this sound familiar?

Navid talks to the pretty lady detective about finding a way to earn his uncle’s trust.

Liam helps Adrianna out when a man makes fun of her for working as a waitress when she used to be a singer. Yeah it’s probably the only way he has the nerve to come up to her since he is lacking in the looks department LOL

Austin comes in with the beers for the bar then ends up trying to chat with a few of Liam’s admirers who have come to gawk. Austin shows off his abs as he tries to prove he is the man in the billboard.

Annie suggests that Naomi not fight Holly on the council but instead ask for Holly’s help. Hmm has Annie met Holly?

Adrianna confronts Dixon about his addict behavior. He confesses to having taken the ADD meds to her but he is not prepared for her hand cuffing them together LOL Her plan is to spend twenty-four hours with him to hold him accountable hmm interesting plan LOL

Naomi’s offer for Holly to co-chair with her on the masquerade party which Holly accepts.

Annie is out on a date with Patrick but she complains over the stupidest things like him ordering the food that she would order anyway as well as him getting tickets for a show she would want to see. She tells him know about going out the next day because she has to write a paper. He agrees that is fine, so there is not really a problem but she is paranoid about him. It’s probably based on how she meet him though as far as I can see.

Ivy talks to the photographer from last week,who is her teacher, well she listens to him tell her that he basically understands why she is inserting Raj into her photographs to make it seem as though he didn’t miss out on anything. Bottom line: he wanted to flirt with her but he didn’t want to be inappropriate considering her situation as far as I can tell he is crushing on her. I wonder if Ivy will crack.

Dixon almost gives in to the drug temptation after he is supposed to be asleep with Adrianna handcuffed to him.

Holly discusses with Naomi the features of the masquerade party. Text messages sent to their party number will come up on the screen because their party is a national competition. There is also a video booth called the Confessional, to leave messages for others. A carnival parade with fire dancers, snake charmers and samba girls. Austin stops by to tell Naomi he will be busy at a modeling shoot so he might not make it to her event. Yeah they are just playing games they know they want each other now that Max is gone. Holly tells Naomi that she always hated that Austin felt like he always has to win. I am not sure what that means except that they like to play games like I said before.

Perez Hilton shows up at Annie’s house to help her on the paper she is writing on Celebrity bloggers. Perez reminds her that Patrick needs her ready at seven for their date, Annie isn’t real happy about that.

Navid dresses as a hot dog bun to Silver’s Hot Dog as a costume for the party, hmmm really?
Navid gets a call from his uncle while Silver is finishing her outfit, she comes out of the bathroom only for Navid to say he has to run to work but will meet her at the party. This whole storyline is getting a bit BORING to me. We all know Navid’s uncle is a sleaze how much time do we have to spend on it? Yeah I think Navid might fall for that cute detective he is working with if Silver don’t get her head on straight, anyone else think that?? I know Navid is the bad guy but Silver can be judgy some times to certain people, um Navid.

Annie once again goes off Patrick again about him treating her like an employee. She says she can’t see him anymore.

Eighties anyone ?

Has anyone seen my Chiquita Bananas?

Where is my Prince?

The girls gather and chat at the party. Silver meets a lady that was hired by Marissa’s office to play a person in the video that was helped by her. Silver is surprised.

Meanwhile, Naomi keeps getting messages on the screen from Austin or she thinks they are from him, taunting her to come to him. Oh and the other costumes are interesting: Naomi is dressed as a sexy pirate, Holly as the Chiquita Banana lady, Ivy is in a collage of eighties wear and Annie is some type of princes with a crown.

Jail Break

Dixon is with Adrianna wearing a cop costume while she is the prisoner. Dixon starts sweating on the dance floor and Ad believes him. She actually thinks he is doing better so she releases him from the confinement of the hand cuffs. She goes wandering off Dixon really still needs her help.

Naomi goes in the confessional to make the first move toward Austin. The message is being broadcast but she has no idea of it. She says she likes him then asked him not to break her heart. Annie isn’t quite fast enough figuring it out but she does make it after Naomi is done to tell her what has happened. You can hear Holly clapping in the background. She is the one that set it up so Naomi would be embarrassed. Holly confesses to having been the one that was texting her all night too. Naomi retaliates by having Holly kicked out of the party by calling the security guards to take her away.

Dixon uses his new-found freedom to buy more drugs from the math geek lady.

Silver goes to the campaign office to confront Marissa about using an actress in the video. Marissa insists that the story was true but the real person behind it didn’t want to be on camera.

Back at the party, Patrick shows up in only a barrel to talk to Annie. Sometimes he forgets he doesn’t own people too. How does one forget that? Sounds like a line to me!! She accepts his apology of course. I just wish this guy didn’t look like Tom Cruise when he has his faced squeezed up in Minority Report….EWW. His wrinkles are all in his face when he smiles very strange.

Adrianna talks to Liam about taking the modeling campaign to raise himself some money. Austin informs Liam that he couldn’t get his job as the face of the Ab man before one of Austin’s fans gets Liam to show his Abs in competition against Austin’s. Liam wins LOL, BOOYAH!!

Unfortunately for Naomi the Finale of the party breaks several of the school rules. They won best party online but the girls it he Finale took off their tops which I thought was the only problem but there was more too. More in a minute on that.

Ivy talks to Austin upstairs which lead him to find out about the confession that Naomi made.

The Dean shows up to shut down the party after Naomi annonnces the school won the best party.

The problems with the party included, open flameds, unpermited exotic animals, nudity and of course Holly was the one that alerted him to the violations. LOL, *cough* the same person that actually did the scheduling for the finale. Its one of those times that arguing won’t help it will be a matter of more revenge I suppose.

Because of Naomi’s previous problems she is dismissed as Greek Counsel leader. Naomi tells Holly its not over then she sees Austin who she doesn’t want to deal with at that moment but Austin has seen the video so he has something to say. Holly can only look upset as Austin kisses Naomi , HA!!

Navid is begging his uncle to let him back in the business before Silver shows up looking for Navid. To impress his uncle, Navid tells off Silver to get her to go away. His uncle of course wants him after that little display of family loyalty.

Ivy posting the party pictures for raj is a short scene where Annie walks in the room to admire them; Ivy is so crushing on her photography teacher I tell you. She is staring at his picture before the scene ends before she deletes it.

Poor Dixon is fighting the urge to take those last ten pills he bought.

Holly tells Naomi that Austin will only sleep with her because Austin doesn’t have girlfriends.

The end scene is of Liam looking at his full face on the ABS billboard, now he is a model.

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