PLL Recap Episode 18 Lying Sister Kate is in Town

I have been excited about recapping this since I watched it last night. There was so much going on and so lets get started.

Screencapping by Me through

This week we start out with the girls and Caleb trying to see what else he got off A’s phone from a couple of weeks ago. Hannah is not included in this meet up because as you may recall they are not sharing with her that Caleb is still helping them. I think this is the reason the are ALL a bit edgy and impatient as they view the video clip.

First we hear and see what we saw last week on the clip then Caleb zooms in to another area of the room where at first it looks just some of Allie’s odds and ends. I have to say at first look all I really see is a bunch of JACKS which little girls usually play with; odd because Allie was at least sixteen when she died. I can’t picture any of our heroines playing jacks with her at that age and WHO would keep them?

Before Caleb can get a close up of the box that is also in the stuff that he focuses on in this scene Hannah starts to call them all. Each person ignores her except Spencer who chooses to answer.

It is an awkward call to say the least; Spencer has to lie about doing nothing while Hannah just wants to hang out with her. All though Spencer was the last person that Hannah chose to call, that doesn’t make for a good impression LOL of course Hannah has no idea that all her buds are in one room LOL.

Spencer starts to explain how she is just with her family when Emily knocks over a glass, Aria yells at her and Spencer tells them to be Quiet. SMOOTH move, Liars LOL

Hannah hears it all and is mortified as we all would be in that situation. They are lying to her and that has to hurt the most its a good thing Hannah didn’t know that Caleb was with them too, can you say Devastated? Spencer gets off the phone quickly after that and Hannah says fine then “say hi to your family for me.”

Caleb doesn’t give them time to indulge in an argument, Thank YOU Caleb, before he zooms in on a ID in the video where all the stuff was on the floor or bed or whatever.

WE get a close up of the ID and its the cutest picture of Allison I have EVER seen. She has dark hair and her blue eyes just “pop.” She should have totally been a brunette. OH so they girls wonder why Allison needed an ID that looked nothing like her when she already had a fake ID.

Don’t you love that having Fake ID is such a normal thing on these ABC Family shows, its refreshing to see the values that are being upheld isn’t it? LOL I am not saying it doesn’t happen all the time if I were under 21 I might have one too if I wanted to take a drink but we all have to realize it is against the law, that being said as far as I am concerned is about maturity and responsibility not age….

Moving on.
Cue Creepy theme music

Emily leaves then Spencer has Aria explain why she can’t stay around with her because she wants company. Aria tells Spencer she never heard back from Ezra which feels so untrue but Aria is going to hang out with her beard Holden. Spencer gets misty-eyed over taking Toby’s truck back to his house then sitting in it. Spencer also needs confirmation about they are doing, not telling Hannah that Caleb is still helping them, that its not all her fault. Aria insists sometimes you have to lie to your friends.

Speaking of lying, in the very next scene we see Aria with none other than Fitzy yes that Ezra to you all. Its the same night and I know because she has those long green earring on from earlier LOL. It seems they have the decided the best way to be together is for them to only have Holden to be accountable to as far as who knows they are together.

You know I get it; the fewer people involved in a lie the easier it is to keep track. If something goes awry then the source is easily found.

Ezra mentions that Aria seems distracted as they discuss the fact that she doesn’t like lying to her friends though she is cool lying to her mean old parents. They decide they will generate some heat as they drive down the road. I was just hoping they didn’t have an accident with all the canoodling while driving because how could they explain that at the hospital, you know being together.

Over at Hannah’s she is picking at her food while Ashley tries to figure out what is wrong with her. It’s kind of obvious Mom, she is not talking to her friends right now. I know its a foreign concept because you have so many active friends but it does happen now and again, let it go LOL. Ashley mentions that maybe the problem is Kate, who Hannah calls a snake. Convincing Hannah that she has to make sure she makes her step sister welcome at school or she will be the one that looks like trash it’s the way of the world. Well you tell her, Sister Ash, it’s so true. The person who only wants live a decent life and stay out-of-the-way of snakes usually gets burned and then THEY look bad, for shame for shame.

At the fake date with Holden, Byron arrives to pick them up. REALLY? they don’t trust Aria yet how lame is that? LOL Anyway, Byron gets out of the car to use the ATM, HUH, leaving Holden and Aria in the car just long enough to get their stories straight on what they supposedly ate for dinner.

I have to wonder if they went back to Philly because how else did Ezra pick up Aria for their date? I don’t maybe it’s not important but just that it worked out LOL.

Before Byron gets back in the car we hear some interesting information. First they have another fake date the next night and *drum roll* they have had two fake dates this week already. Hmm I think it might be over kill, anyone else think that? Too much of a good thing and all. Aria asks what will people think of them, “let’s keep them guessing,” Holden replies. Predictable Byron gets in the car then starts to grill them on what they ate for dinner, Pun intended, Holden smirks.

The next day at school the girls tell Hannah they studied Chemistry the night before at Spencer’s. Hannah doesn’t seem to care because all of her focus is on Kate and not running into her. It is really a relief for the others I imagine since they hate lying to her.

As they are walking to the table Hannah notices something odd hanging from under Spencer’s sweater LOL. Hannah asks Spencer if its a dude’s undershirt, hmmm kinda funny but so Hannah to be concerned about fashion right. Aria and Emily can only stare at Spencer with concerned faces. Spencer confesses its Toby’s shirt, awww. “Don’t look at me like I am one of those dogs with wheels for legs,” Spencer says LOL its funny but those dogs are so sad. I gotta bit misty eyed myself here.

Spencer changes the subject to Pam’s imminent arrival to see her daughter, Emily. Kate walks up just then trying to look demure and sweet in some god awful button up blouse. It’s not gonna work for you girlfriend we know you are a snake. I don’t know why she’s dressing like she just got off the Amish school bus.

Hannah says welcome I mean the actual words welcome which is so weird. The others introduce themselves as Kate looks in their direction and reminds them they didn’t actually meet yet. AWKWARD Oh I know you are my step sisters Besties I just don’t know Ya’ll names, dude what up? It’s the voices in my head ignore them LOL

Kate blabs on about getting her schedule then she asks about some random teacher, Barokis or something, they assure her he is the best. Spencer stares at Kate with her mouth open, she is thinking something I can tell you its gonna be good. Spencer is like a dog after a bone, wait for it.

“Kate have we met before?” Spencer asks.
“You’re right at the wedding,” Kate replies
HUH? DOH!! Blonde Moment, no disrespect to Blondes.

Hannah walks of with Kate to walk her to a class or to give her directions just before she receives our first text of the episode from the annoying ever-present A
Call off your techno boy toy or I will tell what your Mom keeps in the lasagna box.

Hannah lies and tells Kate it is from her Mother asking when she will be home for dinner.

After the break, the girls are at school speculating as to why Allison had another fake ID. Spencer thinks that Allison used it to spend time with Ian so that A couldn’t mess with them. I think somehow the girls have a new respect for Allison after finding out she was also tortured by A but never told them.

Noel becomes a topic of conversation as they seem him talking with friends across the outside area. He seems to be telling an amusing tale as they watch. They are now in fear of him since the news of his officially hanging out with Benna last week. He is A’s new eyes according to Emily.

Spencer adds a new theory to the pile; what if the alternate ID was so that Allison could get close up with A without being revealed and find out who they were if she didn’t know to expose them.

Hannah walks up and after telling them that Kate is being “freakishly nice” to her she asks if Caleb still has the video file because A thinks he does. Remember the text before the break?

The girls all look a bit guilty. They actually insult Hanna’s intelligence by suggesting that maybe A is a step behind; we all know A is usually a step ahead of them. The bell rings saving the girls from more lies to dear Hannah.

Spencer doesn’t quite get away fast enough. Hannah tells her she knows they are all mad at her about not letting Caleb help but she did it to protect Caleb. She insists she would do what she could to protect any of them if she could. Uh Oh I bet Spencer felt like crap after that little speech its obvious.

Later at Maya’s house, she and Emily are lying in bed caressing each other as Emily moans about not being able to celebrate the Swim Team’s latest win. They discuss ways they could get back at the other swimmers for being so happy. As they start to kiss, Emily gets a text from her mother, Pam, reconfirming that she is arriving home to visit tomorrow. Maya asks if Pam still hates her but Emily insists it was never like that but nowadays her mother understands that she likes girls. Maya will believe when she sees it. This is going to be interesting.

I have to say this scene was pretty darn sexy as far a ABC Family shows go. I can’t recall any time that Ezra and Aria have gotten this close and except for the shower scene with Hannah and Caleb we never see much it’s mostly sexual tension. Maya and Emily were actually kissing I mean like with tongue which surprised me, Emily aka Shay Mitchell seemed to get her stride on the bed just before Maya cops a feel on her leg than moves her hands on up the dress. I do believe they went all the way this time; as if they have not before. Emaya is in the HOUSE!

The next day at lunch the girls quiz Kate about her life, BORING. but maybe its important she is close enough to her old home, Baltimore to visit on weekends ok there is the information. I am sure they are trying to be nice for Hannah’s sake. YOU OWE US, Hannah LOL. Spencer asks if Kate has ever been to Maine or if she has family in Maine. Yep she is still trying to figure out why Kate looks familiar, a dog with a bone Spencer LOL. Kate says no but as Kate is talking about joining the Orchestra Spencer yells out, “DEBATE.” Kate still insists that she had not seen Spencer before the wedding.

Kate decides she needs to get to class early to “suck up” um to introduce herself to her teacher. She just wants to get away from Spencer’s prying eyes right.

Of course, Hannah rants at Spencer about bothering Kate because she doesn’t want her going back to Tom saying Hannah’s friends are being weird to her. Yes because them kissing her a** band bending over backward to be nice is working so much better, NOT.

Emily gets a stalkery message at her locker but before she can investigate it turns out her mother is the stalker. Pam you have no idea how you scared your Baby Girl with that message, who does that? Oh yeah, stalkers LOL. Pam is all excited to see Emily, to take her out to dinner, to hang out with her friends and then she finds out Emily is with Maya again. Oh yeah she is all its fine I would love to see your girlfriend that Turned you gay, we will talk have coffee then I will stab her in the neck LOL okay maybe not *its the voices again*

Okay Pam does want to clarify if Maya is going to the school, in my defense, she seems relieved to hear she is at Radford school. Pam invites Maya to come out to eat with them and Emily is thrilled that her mother has changed she is ready to give Maya a second chance.

In the girls locker room we see the girls do go to classes besides Ezra and Ella’s. I gotta say its been a while since we saw a Volleyball scene, wait that was in Switched at Birth…hmmm. Anyway, Aria and Hannah take off leaving Spencer to tie her shoes. Luckily for her Kate is not far way trying to get that darned lock open on her locker, she certainly needs one of the Secret Circle girls to help her out maybe Fay who can’t open a lock to save her wicked little soul unless she uses magic. Alas it’s not to be since that show isn’t on the same network*CW* LOL.

Spencer brags about how she remembers every locker combination since birth or something but Kate is not impressed or concerned about Spencer amazing memory powers. However the big reveal for Kate comes a minute later when Photo Memory girl yes Spencer tells her that Shakomako Horse Ranch the summer of 2006 was when Spencer last saw Kate. Kate was in Melissa bunk that year Spencer reminds her and Kate finally admits that she did remember Spencer. “Fine you win,” Kate says in true Snake fashion, yes she is a liar we all know that because white teeth and a fake smile are not all needed to be a nice person. Kate is all so what do you want to keep the information to yourself. NOW what is the big deal about her knowing Spencer unless she did something stupid I thought as Spencer walks away with a smirk after telling Kate she just wanted to prove she knew her from before no biggie. Spencer has a bunk photo of Kate from the year at the ranch and she will keep it to herself if Kate keeps being nice to Hannah otherwise the gloves are off. I still didn’t get this part till later even though Spencer lets Kate know that she better keep being nice to keep the picture under wraps.

After the break, Pam and Emily arrive at the restaurant to find Noel talking to Maya. HE has given her his number in case she has any other phone issues because he helped with an app? Very weird story and YES Jewls this makes me wonder about the two of them LOL. Emily looks a bit concerned about the interaction. Pam goes to check on the reservation while Emily tells Maya that Noel is not a nice guy even though she thinks that he is because he helped her out. What kind of App help could you need while waiting to eat? She is already in the restaurant her girlfriend is on the way; am I over thinking that?

Pam comes over to tell them the table is ready and Maya makes a comment about Pam getting people to do her bidding immediately. Pam looks a bit frustrated and the meal hasn’t even started UGH.

Meanwhile at the local arcade our two fake daters find out that neither of them have actual dates. Neither of them wanted to cancel on the other because their other dates would have been disappointed but it turns out they both had their dates cancelled. LAME ……can you hear me LAME, why not just write that for one time they actually wanted to hang out together in order to give their fake friendship some credence?? It’s okay for them to hang out together without a reason. It is kinda interesting that Holden remembers Aria’s favorite pizza and that she likes playing air hockey. Now I wonder if Holden is starting to like Aria or just has a good memory?

At the restaurant Emily is bragging about Maya being in a jazz band at her school. She seems happy to have her girl at the table with Pam. Pam shares how as a girl she has a poster of Miles Davis over her bed, she worshipped him. Okay so we now know that Pam likes Jazz, cool huh. Maya finds it surprising she suggests she would have thought that Pam would like classical music you know something sophisticated. Maya adds that Jazz Musicians are also known to *she demonstrated* smoke a little of the ganja LOL. Emily laughs nervously as Pam tries to change the subject. She asks Maya if she likes the people in her band just before Maya gets another call, she checks the caller Id then comments its only her “stalker.”

Maya says she is kidding but she shares is the guy from True North that she dated that can’t get over the fact that they broke up. Emily looks horrified. Pam says she is glad to hear it; what I don’t know I guess that Maya is no longer with a guy LOL. Yeah Maya is really not acing the meal with the parent tonight LOL.

Over at Spencers, she and Hannah have made up enough to have movie night;they are considering the Notebook even though its the last movie that Spencer wants to see. Hannah is glad because she doesn’t need the stress because she is already walking on eggshells at school because of Snate(Kate Snake) Hannah knows that Snate is only being nice to catch her off guard she compares her to a fang blenny some type of fish that acts like Snate LOL.

Spencer shows Hannah a picture of Snate from that ranch where she has a lot of really bad pus filled bug bites YIKES, so basically Spencer blackmailed Snate, good job. The rest of the story is that even though Snate had the skin condition she tried everyone else like lepers at the Ranch. Hannah is only half listening because as she holds Spencer’s camera she comes across a picture she hasn’t seen; its the fake Id that belonged to Allison. Spencer has to make the confession to Hannah about Caleb helping them without telling her. Hannah is of course angered to hear of the betrayal she leaves in a huff.

After the break, in a rather odd move Pam goes off to get the bill instead of waiting for a waiter; hmm who does that? Oh yeah someone who is ready to leave an uncomfortable dinner, MAYA what have you done?

Speaking of Maya, LOL, Emily tells her she was trying to get a rise out of Pam by bringing up dating the guy at True North. Hey wait that must be the deeGaying school. Oh yeah Maya had to go because of Pam; hmm yeah Maya was naughty. I am still on her side a bit though, she did go to eat with Pam and behaved childishly but Pam got her sent away too Emily kinda needs to see both sides. Emily was hoping that Pam and Maya could start over that night but it didn’t turn out so well. Maya asks is the fact that she dated a guy confusing for Emily or her mom? Ok yes we all saw Emily’s face a couple of episodes ago when Maya told her about the guy; totally confused, admit it.

At some boring old Farts meeting, Ezra is talking to a man who wants to offer him an associate Dean’s position at the Hollis satellite school. If the board approves Ezra would have to move to Louisiana by the beginning of the month. Byron was the one that recommended him for the job, of course that little sneaky guy. I bet Byron is all set to have another affair; just watch he is not a good guy I can tell. Byron has a crap eating grin; I just wanna slap him!! Ezra hesitates to answer he doesn’t want to leave town, tell him Ezra you don’t want to leave town.

Across town, Hannah is sitting in her backyard guarding her massive grill, YIKES!! when Caleb arrives looking all cute and concerned. Hannah shares with Caleb that she wasn’t only trying to protect him by taking him off the case of Who the Hell is A or more recently whats on the video!! but she also had to keep A from her mother. She confesses that her mother is a thief and A knows it. I get that she told Caleb because she loves him but can she at this point trust him, wait a minute, he along with her friends have been hiding activities from her is it logical for now to reveal her deepest secret? My point is that there had to have been a better time to share this information LOL really you know its true. It’s good that she shared it with someone though I had to have been eating her up inside. She can with honesty say that she doesn’t know who is holding information over her head, because she does not know who is A but it is their phone that Caleb is working on. Oh I see that is why she told him to guilt him into leaving it all alone, gotcha.

Over at the NONE date, Aria is kicking Holden’s butt in Air Hockey. I love love Love Air Hockey I can rock it too…….Yeah baby. *happy dance for Aria* ON the soda break Holden begins to ask questions about theater guy, Ezra, I wasn’t really liking that and neither was Aria. “We don’t need to talk about that,” she says as she offers to give him a rematch. My first suspicion was that he just liked Aria but on second watch could Holden be a spy? I don’t want to believe it I really don’t but again this is my first inkling. He is new back in town, he isn’t working might need some money. Aria’s parents talked him up to her and stuff happened quick. Is he really just gathering information to give to the glaciers that Aria has as parents?

Caleb gets a wild hair in his bonnet LOL to go see Benna but finds no one at home. He is about to leave when Stalker Cop, Garrett shows up. This guy really needs a new girlfriend, one his own age that is not Bat Crazy I mean really? All Garrett has to do is to watch the house of a girl who told him to go away? He it touched in the head me thinks.

Caleb informs him he came by to see BENNA not you Garrett man. Garrett says if he wants to talk to Benna he needs to be scarier, OH LIKE YOU, Psycho Police Boy. What did Benna give this guy to make him go nuts over her OR just go nuts LOL. Where are those men with the nets when you need them? Garrett revs his car and acts like he will hit Caleb’s bike but Caleb just rolls his eyes LOL. There must not be any other crime in Rosewood when A isn’t killing because Garrett needs something else to do beside harass students.

After the break, Spencer stops over at Hannah’s to apologize. She is taking the blame for the whole thing with Caleb helping them in secret.

Back at the arcade, Holden gets pushed by some guy though I don’t know if it was on purpose or an accident. Holden decides to check a bruise on his stomach though not caused by the recent jolt but looks really red and bad. My thoughts on this are that maybe Holden was beaten up for seeing his Black friend OR he is in a fight club though he does not seem the type. He lies to Aria saying it was from touch football but she mentions her brother plays that and never received those type injuries. Byron arrives in time to prevent further inquiry from Aria who is now concerned.

Hannah tells Spencer that maybe the ID does mean something. She has a flashback from an incident with Allison two years ago when she saw her with dark hair.

At a famous hair salon
Hairdresser looks despairingly at Hannah’s Blonde locks.
Hairdresser: Its your first time here right?
Hannah: Yep
Hairdresser: Do you want cream or sugar, Vivian?
Vivian (Allison): No I don’t like it sweet
Hannah turns to the person called Vivian in curiosity
Hannah: Allie?
Vivian (Allison):Hannah what are you doing here?
Hannah: My mom made me an appointment; I didn’t know you came here. Your hair looks great didn’t even recognize you.
Vivian (Allison): Just trying something new just testing the waters. Here’s the thing I am pretending to be someone else so play along.
Hannah: Okay but why?
Vivian (Allison): Because I am bored I do it a lot you should try it sometime. Aren’t you just sick and tired of being you?
Allison takes off her wig and shakes out her blonde hair with a smirk.
End Flash….

Hannah never mentioned because it seemed like typical Allie weirdness.

Spencer recalls the name on the ID was Vivian Darkbloom. She googles the name and finds over 330, 000 hits. The name is a psedonym for Vladimir Nabokov the author of Lolita. According to Wikipedia, Lolita is the term used for a sexually precocious girl. I had no idea.

Hannah has Allison’s copy of Lolita because she borrowed it without Allison’s knowledge, yes its call stealing but anyway she has the book on her shelf. Spencer goes through the pages and finds an old claim ticket that Allison must have been using for a book marker.

After the break, Emily arrives at Mayas house. Emily confesses to having a problem with Maya dating a guy because she doesn’t want to have to compete with anyone, male or female. Maya also confesses that she is mad at Pam for busting her. REALLY? LOL never saw that one coming LOL. Maya invites Emily in to her house to show how she redecorated her room to look likes its underwater I think. I really couldn’t tell to be honest but it was a nice gesture.

“I admit I like to live life in the grey area but the way I feel about you is crystal clear,” Maya says, “I love you Emily.” Maya adds after Emily is astonished over the room decor. They kiss and then Emily proclaims her love, ah so sweet. At least someone is having a good week !! They kiss again before they end up on the bed with Emily in charge LOL:)

At the school Spencer calls the place on the claim ticket about whatever is in storage to find that it’s still available to be picked up. Who wants to bet that Allie knew Hannah had been watching her and following her and that she also knew one of the girls would end up with that ticket? I don’t know why but I think she did know. It’s also possible that A will somehow be implicated with whatever it happens to be.

Hannah is at her locker inside the school when Noel comes up to thank her for something. Hannah rolls her eyes she has no idea what he is talking about. Seconds later all of the girls are in Hannah’s face telling her it was a bad idea but she DOES not know what they are talking about. Someone hands her a phone so she can see the text and too recent picture of Snate in the buff, oh Gawd please poke my eyes out LOL. On a serious note: Whoever sent the text used Hannah’s phone address book and everyone in it got the information. Hannah is Toast as if she wasn’t already having a bad week.

Meanwhile the gloved hand hoodie person aka A’s helper is at the Hastings house or office getting them a gun from Peter’s drawer. Great A is armed let the fireworks begin.

That is all of the episode; great one lots of Emaya and a bit of Haria and Ezria with a bit of Haleb thrown in for good measure.

Things are heating up I cannot wait for more. Please leave comments


  1. Another spectacular recap! I was laughing so hard, every time you mentioned the “voices in your head,” I nearly spit out my soda. And you called Fitzy’s teacher thingy an old fart’s meeting. LOVE IT. You even referred to him as Fitzy, once. Caught that! 😉

    I too was genuinely surprised by the high sex content of this episode. Maya’s and Emily’s scenes were quite graphic, particularly for the “Good Little Christian Channel,” ABC Family. I wonder how the actresses felt when they were filming it, and whether it was at all awkward for them. I was also surprised by the basically nude picture of Wicked Stepsister Kate. I guess the actress must be over 18. Because if she wasn’t, that might actually run afoul of some child porn laws . . . Did you notice where Hanna’s thumb was conveniently placed on the picture?

    Oh, how squeamish is Emily going to feel, when she finds out Maya is “A,” and she’s literally been sleeping with the enemy. Yes, I still suspect her, more now than before. Notice how close Emily and Maya are getting with absolutely NO intervention whatsoever from “A.” Each other couple was systematically destroyed by “A,” once they got this close. (See e.g. Hanna / Caleb, Aria / Ezra, Toby / Spencer, Emily / Samara). The conversation with Noel was odd too, as was Maya’s behavior at dinner. There was something very “A-like” about Maya’s sass of Emily’s mom, and her “suggestions” on how to ruin the swim team on Emily’s behalf . . .

    I also thought it was interesting that since Maya has returned Emily only gets “A” fake outs. (Like when Maya called her with a blocked number, and her mother’s note), while everyone else is getting actual “A” messages .. . Just a theory . . .

    ARGH, I have two recaps to do tonight. And I may have to write Glee first, or risk losing a lot of blog friends. But I’m so glad we got to talk PLL together tonight. I love trading theories with you.

    • HA HA……loved your comments but Maya is not A………Wren is LMAO !!!! I totally saw where Hannah’s hand was on that photo and she was very careful about it. I do see what you mean about Emily’s relationship with Maya having smooth sailing lately but I still don’t see that Maya could be A there are so many other people with better motives……..You know Benna and Garrett and Jason who is conveniently missing …… be honest I kinda wonder at times if A isn’t one of the Girls ……Spencer maybe ……..I know I have said that before and it seems out of left field but if A is someone that we will go OH MY God at the big reveal it has to be them or their parents LOL I tell you Ashley creeps me out sometimes just like Byron..Peter or Pam…I mean Ashley has all the questions and has that weird look about her…. they are kinda of always around but we assume they are doing Parental things right..could they be pulling puppet strings getting things done……well Yes as much as anyone else could. Whoever is A has a real mental issue if the gun in the last scene is any indication things will get deadly again who but an adult really solves things with guns? Huh? Oh and lets not confuse A with her helpers LOL those are definitely people that have something against the girls or like Lucas are being blackmailed in that case Maya may have taken part at one time or another and the texts could be from someone reminding her she could be protecting her EM!!

    • Sorry I just now noticed this post after all this time you surely know the answer but just in case, Spencer knew that Kate had some icky odd break out on her face at that camp and since its all about looks in this show Kate was horrified.

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