PLL Recap-S02 Episode 7-What Lies Beneath

I have to apologize for the late recap but yesterday was my birthday and I was unable to fulfill my fun duties of working six hours on this review. I did miss getting done before Jewls, LOVE YOU Hunny, I hope mine is worth the wait.

It’s that time of week again; recap time 🙂

So onto with the show; which begins this week with Emily in her new digs at Hanna’s house. Luckily or unluckily for Emily the room she was promised needs repairing so she will have to bunk with Hanna. I know how it is to bunk with family/friends and in a short time you wish you were not related or friended with the people with whom you share space, lets see how this goes. Hanna says it will be like the sleepover that never ends as the others roll their eyes with uncertainty. You see the girls are all buddies but some of them get along better together than others and I haven’t seen Emily hanging with Hanna alone that often I assume that is the reason for the doubting looks from the others.

Briefly they discuss Garrett and his role in the whole hiding Ian’s money business. Aria still trusts Garrett as do the others but Spencer insists if they had the money she could have used it to get her Crazy Sisters ring back. I love Spencer because despite all the drama she still retains a bit of innocence about her messed up family at this point at least. *hint* A-stravaganza is Hanna’s word for drama created by A as she refers to last weeks end of the fashion show surprise. Emily comments that the look on Mrs. Dilaurentis face was heartbreaking before the door bell rings.

While Hanna gets the door they decide that Yes A must have been the one to kill Alison and its to her benefit to make them looks suspect. The whole Ian suicide/involvement was to have them chasing their tails even though he may not have been the killer, now that is my assessment.

Oh its too early for a note, right?

What Fun two little liars under one roof, you’re making it so easy is the message in the gift basket Hanna brings in the kitchen after its left at the front door, the message is from A. Okay so she has upgraded from texts to gifts, kinda a classy no? “It’s not even good candy,” Hanna says as she throws away the chocolates from the basket. Yes ladies we should all be like Hanna. live in her own little world of fashion/foods and Caleb then we wouldn’t worry so much or would we? LOL

After the break, Ella and Aria go through her clothing as she tries to find a cute outfit for their first dinner party since Ella moved back to the house. In the mean time Mike leaves the house with barely a word to his Mom and Aria lies as she says Mike eats at school so Ella/Mom won’t worry about him. Now I do think that Aria desires to make things good for their home life with the lying but how long can Mike go on not being an actual active participant in the house before someone, Hello parents, takes a real interest in his going and comings? On the other hand if Aria didn’t have her own secrets she wouldn’t be in a position to have to lie for Mike; that would of course mean we wouldn’t have a show to watch so ok.

Well its a secret but I do have a grown up beau!!

They chose a grown up looking black dress from the numerous choices for Aria to wear to the dinner party before Byron comes in the room. Ella perfunctorily asks him if he has spoken with Mike about the party and he of course has not. Ella then goes on to list who is coming to the soiree some people called the Partha’s and then they decide to invite Ezra with an option to bring a date. Aria holds it together as she listens while putting away her other dresses. Now I have to note here that Ella looks how do I say this delicately um a bit rounded but it might be the outfit. Maybe I just never noticed it before she almost looks pregnant.

Looking good there, Emily.

Over at Hanna/Emily’s place Emily is cooking some serious omelets that had my mouth watering. I think she should forego swimming to be a chief, no kidding folks. Ashley praises Emily for her efforts as she and Hanna walk into find the extravagant meal. Emily blushes with happiness that Ashley likes her way of being grateful whereas Hanna isn’t quite as impressed though I don’t know why. She comments to Ashley while Emily is getting the toast, “How much of a tip should we leave.” I was not to fond of this attitude from Hanna, “Watch out I might go for the daughter upgrade,” was Ashley’s snappy reply. Hanna didn’t say much about that. It seemed a bit snippy the way Hanna behaved and it stuck out to me; I think because I do believe in thanking people and going that extra mile but the insecurity was played well by Ashley Benson.

Spencer is gathering her books for school when, Peter Hastings, her father walks in carrying his coffee as well as asking if Toby can really handle the landscaping job that Spencer has suggested for him. It is actually good to see parents a bit involved in this weeks episode even though Peter is my least favorite because of his strictly business attitude even with his family. During the conversation we find that Jason’s fence project has been stopped because he was building on the Hastings side of the line. Now I do know that does not mean he can’t finish but he would need to simply move the fence before he reapplied for a permit; even though Spencer was happy about this development because she is anti-Jason I doubt the fencing project is over for good.

Why did Jason need the fence? What is he trying to hide? If he is trying to hide something; what is it? This and many other questions surround Jason D….that and Jewls never ending question about Jason 1.0 Love it 🙂

Ezra, I do loves you

At Hollis College Aria is in a panic because she is not ready for Ezra to show up at her house to have to pretend they are not intimate. I see that I really do but I have to wonder is at this point if Aria had not given up on them not ever telling her family. If it were me I would have jumped at this opportunity to share about our wonderful eternal love to one another with my parents. Yeah I know Byron would have freaked and Ella would have smirked because she knows in her heart something is up with Ezra and Aria, its a mom thing. OH I love Ezra all over again for this, he tells Aria calmly that this could be a baby step for telling her family. The parents will see them sitting across from one another as adults and get used to the idea in a normal atmosphere that is not an open grave setting like before when they tried. OH and Aria walks off looking doubtful though the doubt is probably not about Ezra as much as what does she really want, hmm I could see visions of Jason in her head, couldn’t you and it sad because Ezra is trying so hard. I know some people would say if you have to try to hard maybe its not worth it.

So Em chill with the breakfast foods

Emily and Hanna arrive at school as they discuss Emily’s cooking to be grateful; Hanna tells her its her home now and to relax. Emily says she is relaxed and its funny and sad that she is so tense about the situation. I never noticed that Emily was always on edge maybe it the ache in her shoulder as well as the pressure of the lie she has to bring into reality that is pressing on her. The extra swim practices to make sure she get into Danby because of the fake letter is going to be a problem for her later on.

Don’t look at me with those Judgy eyes!!

They both see Caleb talking to someone as they are about to go inside but Hanna asked Emily to go on without her so she can talk to him alone. They discuss his less than legit activities before he insists that Hanna does not have to fight all his fights before goining inside school as the bell rings. The camera zooms out so we can see someone is watching the school and more likely the girls activities. The car looks like it could be Young Detective Garrett.

Man in the Mirror (think Michael Jackson singing it)

After school Byron approached Mike about attending the family party on the next night. Mike says he has things to do but Byron/Dad insists it important for him to be at the party oh and plus the Lacrosse coach from Hollis who must be Elliot Partha is going to come and its a good time to talk sports. We all know Mike could care less but he agrees or well basically lies to get his father to just go away. The mirror on Mike’s desk has images are closer than they appear but he has replace Images with Parents; I thought this was a cool prop.

Oh Spencer you make unofficial break time fun

Spencer shows up to harass Toby as he is working on her property; she flirts briefly before Peter comes over to see how Toby is doing. Toby shows him sketches he has made of what could be done with the barn they want to change. Peter browses then before he takes off with them obviously impressed. Spencer stays to kiss on Toby despite his sweaty state. Go Toby Go Toby, its your birthday its Spencer go Toby…..oh sorry, they are just so cute together.

Jason Dude, more stalking? really? I might have to call our favorite cop on you!!

At school Aria goes into Ella’s class room to find her chatting up Jason ex-stoner Dilaurentis, about talking to students on the same path he used to be on. Oh Jason you are such a good man now its too bad that you may have killed your sister, but its good for you to stay on the straight and narrow just in case. Aria is more than surprised by this development but she gets a bit turned on by Jason’s presence and thought of his good deeds, but you know that’s not new. As Jason tries to leave the leave room Ella mentions that he is coming to the dinner party the next night; Jason gives Aria one of those long meaningful looks that shows he is thinking about her and her pink hair. Ella explains after Jason leaves that she invited him to the dinner party because he needs companionship since he is alone at his house. Ella also mentions that if anyone is terrorrizing her children she needs to know; in reference to the fashion show incident. Aria lies again but what can she say it as though A is everywhere. I applaud Ella for wanting to help but at this point she would be way out of her league trying to figure out the mystery of A because the girls have gone this long and are still clueless themselves.

I want to know why everyone is wearing riding boots, because I had no idea to be rich you had to wear those even to work as a teacher like Ella. LOL I don’t know but they work better on Spencer because she has an eclectic fashion sense. Oh well I digress.

That’s how you study?

It is what it is

After the break, Hanna attempt at singing while studying is driving Emily a bit nuts. I am sure as serious student she is used to quietly studying especially at her own home. Hanna of course is used to the loud music because she also has her own way of getting things done. Emily finally gets Hanna’s attention by throwing a stuffed animal at her; they talk briefly about Caleb as Emily rubs her shoulder again. Nothing gets settled before Hanna goes back to her music and poor attempt at studying.

At school the next day Emily and Aria talk briefly about the living situation at Hanna’s but Emily is careful that she stays in the grateful mode which I applaud her for. She could have easily gossiped or bad mouthed Hanna because they have different habits but she didn’t and that is good.

Since when am I the spokesperson for us?

Spencer walks up and they decide she should be the one to talk to Garrett about what is going on with the money. Emily walks away but the other two discuss the whole Jason is coming to dinner thing. Aria isn’t worried but Spencer looks like she has seen a ghost. I wonder what I missed on this one here again Spencer seems way more worried about Jason than the others especially Aria.

Garrett lies about Logan while Spencer is chatting with him. He tells her the guy is staying with a friend and registered at Hollis but has not been around lately. I think they killed Logan but maybe that is just me. I saw when they told him to take the money they offered and go away but who knows if that is what happened in the end. If Alison can end up dead and Ian then others can also. I think Garrett saw Logan as a loose end but he tells Spencer it all leads to Ian having been Alison’s killer. Well he does know its not Ian he is only going along with the set up of Ian as a cover, right?

I hear you talking LOL 🙂

Hallejuah!! Ashley and Ella meet now Ella says the thing that shows she has finally is seeing more than her own issues. She thinks that some thing has been going on with the girls for a long time but she is just now noticing it. Dun Dun Dun Dum Dun Dun Dum………Yeah…the parental units are awakening, warning Will Robinson, there will be times of trouble and times of oppression……wait……..that isn’t right……okay so they talk as they prepare to eat some type of bread lets say zucchini bread I love that one. Ashley’s mother agrees though it seems she has been trying to put things together for a while. The mention of Peter Hastings brings a smirk to Ella’s face; um a bit of disagreement between units, take note. Ashley gets this head motion going like hey listen here let me tell you this lol she thinks they let the girls go to the therapist a bit to quick at the Hastings suggestions. She things Hastings is all about paying people off. Now what does that mean? Let’s just say Ella doesn’t disagree.

Ugh can’t I just do my work?

Oh looky a stick that says Hastings on it, hmm wonder whose it is?

Over at the Hastings, Toby is working hard on more sweat when he finds something in the tangled ivy leaves. Its an old hockey stick that was buried about half a foot down on the property line. Now that property line is theirs and Dilaurentis’. Toby looks it over before Peter shows up to see what Toby has found.

Peter takes it away in a flash. The stick has Hastings name taped on it so Hey who does it belong to I wonder?!Now does Peter have nothing to do beside watch Toby work because that is kinda weird/creepy. Why would he suddenly show up the moment Toby has found this item? OH the first thing I thought was Alison said when she hides things they stay hidden…..hmmm hint maybe. Toby wants to know why someone would bury it, he is told that Peter will take care of it. I bet he will.

Try hard, much?

The party has started at the Montgomery’s, boring talk about babysitting, kids and Mike…….ho humm. Aria is anxiously awaiting her date, I mean Ezra. Ezra arrives with suck up to the parents gifts for Ella and Byron, what a catch Ezra is see ladies. He researched Byron’s favorite scotch and brought it thought he did lie about liking it, who doesn’t lie on this show? In life? Oh yeah put those hands down because you are so lying LOL Ding Dong Jason arrives not a few seconds later, “Hey,” Aria says though I think she wants to push him back out the door so she won’t have to choose between him and Ezra. Jason brought flowers too but his are for Aria I believe, Ezra looks confused at seeing Jason. Yeah Ezra, Aria has choices buddy so step up your game, make your claim or lose her.

The Mind Meld begins!

Toby is at Spencer’s explaining about finding the hockey stick but also he adds that it was splintered as though it has been used to hit something. Hey I know it was used to whack someone in the back of the head, oh sorry. Toby expresses that he thought Peter was more scared than angry to see the hockey stick.
Now here I wonder why wouldn’t Toby know Rosewood’s colors, because Spencer had to tell him?? Didn’t Toby go to Rosewood before all the drama? or no? Toby’s observation makes sense only IF Peter is somehow involved in Alison’s death or the whole A fiasco they call their life. As Toby tells her that the stick had Hastings on it Spencer has a flashback of giving it to Alison.

Back in Time Yeah yeah

Spencer: Its an old practice stick I use some times, it was Melissa’s (She shows her how to hold the hockey stick.)
Aria: Since when are you interested in field hockey?
Alison: I’m not, Yet. I’m just considering my options.
Spencer: Oh
Aria: Maybe you are interested in someone whose interested in field hockey.
Spencer: Boys don’t play field hockey.
Alison: You don’t have to play the game, to be interested

During the flashback Spencer is on the phone telling Aria about the hockey stick, she insists its the same one she borrowed out to Alison. Spencer speculates that you only bury old sports equipment if its a murder weapon. The last time they saw it; it was in Alison’s bedroom the same summer she was killed, anybody could have used it. Another flash occurs as Aria talks to Spencer.

Oh I remember that Spencer

Jason: Alison Mom wants you.
Alison: Why?
Jason: I don’t know she didn’t say why just go I get better things to do then hunt you down.
Alison: Like what?
Jason reaches for the hockey stick before he takes it away.
Jason: What’s this for?
Alison: It’s for me.
She reaches for the stick she seems upset.
Alison: Give it back, Give it back Jason
Jason: Or What?
Jason acts as though he is going to hit Alison. Alison backs away looking more frightened.
Spencer: Be careful.
Jason lets her grab it from him before she tries to hit him with it but he stops it with his hand.
Aria and Spencer gasp.
Jason: Too bad, you are not going to get a second chance, Allie.
They all stare at Jason.

That was intense, me no likey that Jason at all. If that was him stone cold sober then he is a bad guy.
Aria’s recall of the incident makes her eyes all big and round, she looks frightened. Spencer goes on about how its convenient that Jason does not recall what happened with Alison the night she died. Aria again takes up for Jason. None of the girls finding the hockey stick does cause a problem, because that means Toby finding the stick had nothing to do with A. It’s a possibility that they could finally have the upper hand with this evidence, but that is just my thinking. It could be tested for blood and stuff right? Spencer thinks that Jason was building the fence to keep the evidence inside of the line but she hasn’t spoken to her father yet about the hockey stick she only knows what Toby told her.

Okay now I just got a bad feeling; what if for some reason Toby is now involved in helping A. I know I don’t want to think it but he is suddenly very close to Spencer and he is receiving intel in that fashion though he still seems to be out of the loop at times. I think I just don’t trust anyone on this show now because its just too hard. No I do like Toby he makes Spencer smile and that is great in her family of weirdness. Its just something random I am putting out there. I am playing devi’s advocate as always. Aria has to get off the phone to go back to her parents lame party.

Come to Mama !!

Hanna is at her house trying to convince Emily she can stay around to study without going to the library. Emily tries to break down the brain thing about studying which involves, you guessed it, peace and quiet. Caleb arrives as Emily is leaving, he of course will keep Hanna company as she doesn’t study. Yes and the Kissing ensues as the activity for their night.

Aria: Shoot me NOW, please!!

Aria returns downstairs to boring man talk, blah blah, I biked here and oh I was Europe and my bicycle mocks me Haha so amusing. Aria looks around in confusion, okay all the men in my life are boring, lets start over she thinks. The bell rings, saving Aria from more boredom except is the cops to tell her Mike in jail. Mike broke into a house but luckily the home owners let him go with the police instead of using their rights to punish those who are unwelcome and beating him to a pulp, hey it could happen. I guy wakes up finds a young man trying to rob him he hits him with a hockey stick or shoots him, its his property, happens all the time, right? I’m an only saying things could have turned out worse for Mike.

Ella and Byron leave their guests with Aria so they can go take care of their delinquent son. The Partha’s leave right away because they have already shared their funniest jokes; lets face it now they will just be boring and bored with the other three.

Yes, I’m sexy Toby, what of it?

Peter you lying dog

At the Hastings, Toby has had a long day of angst and working but he is not fast enough and has to endure another encounter with the man that likes to watch him work, Peter Hastings. Peter is a bad liar or just doesn’t care that is statements don’t mesh. He tells Toby he thought the hockey stick was the Dilaurentis’ even though Toby points out it has Hastings on it. LOL Yeah I can’t dislike Toby he seems straight forward which I like. Let’s strike my earlier thoughts on him for now. Before Peter walks away he tells Toby not to tell Spencer about the hockey stick but Toby tells him he already has and that she didn’t seem to care. Yes, Toby lied too…..ah is there no honesty in the world? I know its in his best interest to lie at this point. Peter asks that Toby not tell Spencer about the conversation they are having and Toby agrees though we will see where that leads.

Ezra is helping Aria put away the dishes and I can’t really tell if the Partha’s left right away or if they had dinner, anyone know, the plates look clean still. They chat about Ezra’s busy talk earlier and Aria asked him if he had practiced earlier what he was going to say. During this time Jason is across the room drinking coffee so I doubt if he missed the fact that Aria is close to Ezra, its not as though they are hiding their chatter. Ezra finally asks the question he probably had from the moment Jason walked in the door; why is he here, basically. Aria says that Ella is friends with Jessica, Jason’s mother. Aria goes off to pour Jason more coffee though I don’t know why he is still around what is left of the disaster they was originally a party. I guess he does need some human interaction even if the humans are in the other room talking. Aria takes a seat and allows Jason to console her over Mike while Ezra tries hard to listen as he gets a bit jealous. Okay so we might wonder why Aria has not shared Mike’s activities with Ezra? He is supposed to be her beau not Jason.

I’m an evil spawn, ha ha ha!

Ella stops Byron from railing out Mike in public as they get ready to leave the police station. Now initially I thought she was trying to save face you know being in the parking lot and all. She thinks that there has to be an underlying reason for Mike’s behavior which well sounds kinda like psychology though it could be true. In the car, Mike looks a little satisfied with himself so perhaps it is about getting attention the way some would suggest.

Jason and Ezra speak briefly near the fireplace as they wait for Aria to return to them. Jason asks Ezra if he had Aria, what a play on words, touche LOL. Ezra looks oddly at Jason before he adds, “in any of your classes?” Jason smirks afterward, he knew what he was saying, so slick Jason. Yes he is in need of amusement I imagine.

Why would he want this?

Upstairs Aria is rummaging through Mikes closet where she finds various stolen items. She notices the candle holder from Hollis where Jenna had made her light the candle in it a few weeks back. She cannot imagine why Mike would still from Jenna especially that ugly item. She goes downstairs to tell her two suitors they have to, go away, leave. Ezra is all you want me to go to? Not just Jason? It was funny he looked confused, poor Ezra can he handle competition? Aria explains that Mike would be embarrassed if he came home to find people at his home after was arrested and all.

I’m all over this Ezra, you can go.

She kicks them both out of the door without a kiss for either, they both got the shaft and after staying around to help clean up Ezra should have gotten at least a peck on the cheek. She basically promises to call them both; Jason to let him know about Mike and Ezra because well you know why. They stand outside looking at each other for long moments because each wants to make sure the other actually goes away, LOL.

Confession is good for the soul or a relationship so they say

Hanna and Caleb are done kissing and he is on the phone doing some business to make some money but Hanna is giving him judgy eyes, Caleb you shouldn’t do that looks. I think if he can make some cash at his age on the side then more power to him, he is used to getting by its his life. If he has a bit of independence with the money it might help him move forward. He tells of a story where he wasn’t doing shady business but totally illegal stuff and he got out of it as soon as possible. He knows the difference, get over it Hanna. He asked her to keep what he shared with her to herself which for Hanna might be hard but she agrees.

Oh no, Daddy not you too

bye bye evidence

Later that night, Spencer catches her father putting the hockey stick in the fireplace. “I’m tired and this is over, no more questions.” It sounds to me like Peter Hastings is in the middle of the whole drama about Ian, Alison and the murder. He just wants to move on and he is all upset as well as Spencer who is trying to understand why he wants to burn the hockey stick. Spencer just stands there as the hockey stick is placed in the fire. Her father wants to believe they can move on now; I wonder how much money he paid to make it all go away maybe about ten thousand smackeroos?

secret rendevous with Toby

After the last break, Toby meets up with Spencer where they both share their encounters with Peter. Spencer thinks her father believes she killed Alison or that she was only using props to get attention, by pretending to find clues to the killer. Spencer recaps the situation again; Alison left the kissing rock but before she got home someone hit her with an object that caused blunt force trauma. Toby insisted the cops always know more than they tell the public he thinks they may have written down what the weapon could be.

Hanna and Emily talk at her house about what Caleb told Hanna without actually telling the details. Emily doesn’t mind not knowing because besides her swim schedule, sore shoulder and her own secrets she has enough on her plate. Hanna encourages her that things will work out while Emily expresses she is happy that Caleb moved back to town for Hanna…….ahhh so touching and sweet, the innocence of the lambs among wolves.

I feel dirty listening to them, Hanna

Time for some old time rock and roll in the hay

Tom and Ashley come back from their date all giggly and obviously drunk as they walk up the stairs together on the way to Ashley’s room. Hanna and Emily witness the drunkeness as the peek out of the door. Hanna doesn’t look exactly happy but then again just because her parents sleep together doesn’t mean they will stay together which I think is what she is thinking too.

Dude have some self control, wait what did you say?

Aria confronts Mike about stealing again though he had promised he was done. Mike surprises Aria when he tells her he got the candle holder from Garrett’s house not Benna’s. Aria has a flash of oh my god, we can’t trust Garrett either. Oddly enough I don’t think the fact that Mike wants to leave town has hit Aria yet because despite his confession she can only think of the fact that Garrett is a liar.

We gotta stop meeting in alleys, I love Toby, Garrett

At the same time, Spencer is meeting again with Garrett because of the hockey stick and her lying father; the poor girl thinks the cop will continue to help them. Spencer asked him if the police know what kind of weapon was used to kill Alison. Garret is hung up on wanting the girls to believe that Ian killed Alison and he is dead. He says no matter what other loose ends come up or show up that is the conclusion.

Warning Warning don’t trust the cop!!

Spencer is just about to tell him about the note when she gets a text from Aria about Garrett. WE CANT TRUST GARRETT, CALL ME. WE get a shot of how vulnerable Spencer’s position is with Garrett as the camera’s pull away to show them basically alone on a side street near an alley in this police car.

Okay never get into a car alone in an alley, huh

Garrett is on the walkie when the text comes from Aria but the sense of urgency for Spencer to lie is what we are left with as the scene ends. “If it wasn’t Ian who do you think killed Allie?”, he asks as the music swells. Oh I got chills.

The gloved hands again anyone bored with this plot device, what are they hiding?

The very last scene is someone putting something that looks like Belladonna into some medication with a syringe, its of course the gloved hand person.

Wow I love this episode I watched it three times now. Hanna and Caleb were a bit dull but Emily and Hanna were a nice contrast. I don’t want to say much here because I said it all above, Enjoy.

Half Baked Theories:

Jenna and Garrett have something to do with Alison’s death but maybe its just the cover up part. How long has Jenna been blind? Did the four girls have something to do with that? I gotta watch all of season one LOL. I think, now that Jason did kill her but without his memories he is going around thinking he is a good guy. So something has to happen so that he is injured to bring him back to that night. It could be he is under a doctor who gives him drugs so he forgets, courtesy of Jessica’s money. Okay I have seen a lot of life time movies but it could happen. Peter Hastings involvement I think is also part of the cover up because Melissa is somehow in the drama even more so than Spencer. I don’t think Mama Hastings knows of Daddy Hastings dealings in the situation but Jessica does.


  1. This recap was spectacular! I love all the little interrelationship mini-dramas you picked up between the characters. After all, PLL is just as much a character-driven story, as it is a murder mystery / Hot Boy a Thon. And yes, this was definitely worth the wait. Oh, and thanks so much for all the shout outs *blushes.*

    Just because you asked in your Half-Baked theories column, I’m going to recap the “Jenna Thing” for you. “Supposedly” Ali and the girls made Jenna blind. The timeline was left purposefully vague. But I’m guessing it happened anywhere from a few months to a year before Ali’s body went missing.

    Here’s how it went down: Ali claimed Toby was peeping on the foursome. So she convinced the girls to throw firecrackers at his garage to scare him away. But, when she gets to the garage to do it, she sees Jenna seducing Toby, freaks out, and accidentally lights the garage on fire.

    The fire somehow causes Jenna’s blindness (supposedly). And Toby, upon being blackmailed by Ali, actually takes the blame for the accident, so that Ali won’t tell anyone what happened between him and Jenna. That’s why everyone thought Toby was guilty of killing Ali, most of first season. Aside from her wearing his ugly green sweater on the day of her disappearance, he also had a better motive than most of the other suspects. She got him sent to JUVIE AND blinded his adopted creepo sister!

    Back to the episode, I love what you said about some of the PLL girls being closer to one another than other ones. I’ve always noticed that in my various cliques of friends. In foursomes, it’s usually a two-on-two sort of thing. And that’s pretty much how it seems with these girls.

    From the beginning, I always got the impression that Emily and Spencer were closer to one another than to the other girls. And the same goes for Aria and Hanna. Occasionally, the writers try to change it up, by putting different pairs on the phone together. But for the most part, that’s how the group always seemed divided to me. So, it makes sense that Hanna and Emily might not have as much in common with one another than they think, when staying together at the house.

    Spencer and Emily are both serious, studious and sporty. If Emily was at Spencer’s house, she’d have NO PROBLEM finding a quiet place to study (and study, and study). Plus, if she wanted to go on a morning run, Early Bird Overachiever Hockey Player Spencer probably would have come with her. Hanna and Aria are definitely the more laidback, artsy and creative of the bunch. And yet, I think Aria is pretty studious, as well, at least when it comes to English class ;).

    I also like what you said about Aria always trying hard to be the “good daughter,” and keep the peace in her family. Plus, I’m intrigued by your suggestion that Aria’s mom knows deep down that something is going on between her and Ezra. It would explain all the smirks and knowing looks she gives her daughter, every time his name is brought up. Maybe she just thinks her daughter has a Big Girl Crush on the teacher. But, STILL, she sees definitely something . . .

    I’m usually not a fan of “parent” conversations on this show, but I LOVED watching the “Cool Moms,” Ashley and Ella, relate to one another, gossip, and, most importantly, badmouth the Hastings. I think the moms’ relationships on this show sort of mirror their daughters . . . only here, its three-on-one, with Spencer’s parents being the odd ducks out, since they are both pretty snooty and standoffish.

    I can’t wait to read your next recap! Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

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