PLL Recap-Season 2 Episode 6 – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It time again to analyze and relive this weeks Pretty Little Liars Episode six.

This time we see the girls doing a bit of charity work in other words helping Spencer to fold programs at Emily’s house for the upcoming fashion event. They reason together on who killed Alison which is one of the premises behind the entire show. Spencer is still convinced that Ian did it even though in the previous episode we saw him walk away from Alison on the video that was shown but Spencer believes he could have returned later to do the deed. Now this is the first time that A has revealed anything different in the videos so its a surprise to the girls. They always thought that Ian killed Alison that night and the video was proof because they had seen her hand unmoving on the ground. The difference this time is not only did her hand move but Alison said goodbye to Ian as he walked away.

The others speculate the killer could be A, but this question as always is never solved before they discuss their various male interests. Aria comments about things are all fun and sexy until someone hacks up a hair ball, in response to Hanna’s antidote about having worn the wrong lipstick during her kiss with Caleb because of its sticky tendencies which is a typical Hanna obsession. I can actually relate to this LOL shiny and sticky do not mix though it looks appealing.

*Spoiler* This was the week that Aria had all the funny lines as well Spencer was more stressed than usual and repeating herself thanks to Mona; more on that later.

Spencer allows Aria to receive her text as Emily smiles at the leniency of their usually business like friend Spencer. “I was always a romantic under a thin veneer of pragmatism and few shockingly bad choices,” Spencer says before Aria has to leave to meet up with Jason who is actually the sender of the text unbeknownst to the others. The girls laugh as Aria leaves the room happy to all have significant others despite Hanna’s not wanting to admit that Caleb is hers just yet.

Jason, Dude, stop sexting me

After the break, Jason pulls up outside to meet Aria for a brief talk. Jason basically tells Aria not to mention the stuff he said at the funeral about him being wasted the day of Alison’s death she agrees because of his having helped Mike out. This is the first time Aria has keep anything from her friends at least this season and I think it might bite her in the butt. Jason maybe a nice guy but with the mystery guest aka Spencer’s shadow guy, at his house things could go from good to bad very fast and it wouldn’t do for Aria to get caught up in it all. Aria has to get back inside to finish helping with the programs and with the mention of the fashion show Jason tells Aria his mother is coming to town the next day.

Ah another parental unit, I wonder if she is as clueless as the rest? It seems Mrs. Dilaurentis is stepping down from the school board, I guess that is news? The yearly Rosewood High fashion show is something Alison loved. It may seem random now but just keep reading. Aria says good bye before she returns inside. It seems someone is watching them from the other side of the street, but maybe its just the camera man, not sure.

Hanna returns home is the next scene. I have to admit Hanna’s papa drama, his name is Tom, is boring me to tears so far Hanna with Caleb is more fun and worth watching. Blah Blah Ashley and Tom are in the kitchen cooking and drinking martinis. Hanna makes some snide remark about Tom’s other family then walks away. SNOOZE FEST

At Spencer’s Toby is saying good night at the back door. He is licking on Spencer’s ear lobe’s as she tries to focus on his question about when she needs his help the next day for the fashion show. Yes, Toby knows what he is doing to distract a girl. Go Spencer Go Spencer LOL He agrees to build her make-up tables before he kisses her good night. Wow Toby goes from being a murder suspect to a master carpenter in only a few months they guy has some kinda skills. Marry that guy Spencer before someone like Mona gets her paws into him, jk, I know Spencer’s very young.

Inside Spencer who is walking dreamily into the house hears Daddy yelling at someone on phone as he comes down the stairs. We find out that Melissa is away at a five star resort; the real reason for the scene except to show that Daddy likes salty snacks and is a liar. He told her he was on the phone with a person trying to sell him more tickets to the fashion show but he was talking to Jessica Dilaurentis on the phone which we know because Spencer hit speed dial to see who Daddy was railing out. She is of course surprised, the plot thickens.

Oh Mom please just go the sex talk with Dad is creeping me out

Emily’s mother, Pam, is on the phone with her main squeeze, Wayne, talking about their hot weekend together. Emily is trying not to listen though mother is not exactly discreet. Well, Pam finally got some, gees her husband is all the way in Texas its okay she is married. After a few minutes Emily talks to her dad for a few moments about a paper she wants him to see then hangs up to find her mother in tears. She misses her husband okay blah blah its all kinda sad but we want Emily with the girls so it would work if as Emily suggests her mother would go to Texas already and be with her husband since Emily is older and self sufficient. Pam decides to consider it as an option, but inside she is like YES. 🙂

Spencer is talking to Aria the next morning as they discuss her father’s lying as well as his talking to Alison’s mother on the phone. Spencer hands Aria this huge cup of coffee, “I just wanted to drink it not swim laps,” Aria says, see funny stuff. Spencer is down on Jason whereas Aria defends him saying Jason lost his sister and basically they should give him a break. they suddenly receive emails from Alison’s mother for lunch which is suprising to them it seems. Well at least its not a text from A.

Yes I used to be beautiful like you girls but now I am a grown up.

At lunch the mom, Jessica, goes on about Alison and how she misses her which is understandable. Nevertheless the real reason for the lunch is actually so she can ask the girls, all four, to wear the dresses Alison had chosen for the fashion show as a memorial to her. Along the way Spencer mentions Jason moving back only for Jessica to explain it away. Jason marches to his own drummer and he has come into some money that he is using to fix the house or whatever he is doing there.

We get a slight flashback during the lunch of Alison having shown the girls the dresses previously; none of the girls look real excited about them. I believe its because Alison came across as arrogant in the flashback.

The girls don’t actually agree in the lunch scene they only smile but in the end they do consent it turns out. Now my reaction to this is again the same as with the other parents; Jessica doesn’t know how Alison really was with her friends. She has no idea of the manipulation Alison used on Hanna or her kissing Emily or any thing relating to her kids relationships. You have to wonder if this is real life in this rich circles kinda like on Gossip Girl or even on Switched at Birth where Toby needed money and the dad was going to just write a three thousand dollar check without asking details. Its not a good situation for the parents or the kids, my two cents.

After the break we see the girls trying to convince Hanna she has to wear the dress because its expected of them as Alison’s friends. Aria says its a tribute and Spencer points out that the board had approved the memorial so they can’t just cop out. Aria suggests she speak with Jason about some pictures to be used during the fashion show. Of course no one knows that Aria and Jason have a connection, not quite a love connection yet though.

Spencer arrives at the meeting for the fashion show to find that Mona has taken over. She revamped the programs with glossy paper and she is not delicate when she tells Spencer that people thought she was going to jail. Basically, Mona is in charge and Spencer has to suck it up.

Yes I’m evil but still kinda cute right?

Mona also hired Noel, Mona’s faux boyfriend/eye candy as the DJ, now that Mona is the committee chair since Spencer wasn’t around.

Samara is at Emily’s adjusting the blue dress so Emily can wear it in the fashion show. There is a cool bouncy Don’t You Want Me song playing in this scene especially as Emily undresses where Samara can get a quick peek at the goods. Its kinda sensual scene but nothing over the top even though Samara has to hand Emily her shirt to put it back on. I never seen a long sleeve baseball shirt that had a tank top already inside of it, must have also been a bra LOL but its a possibly it was inside because she took them off together LOL. Let’s just say Samara liked the view. Emily invited her to the fashion show and she accepted though she is bringing a friend.

Aria and Ella, her mom, are talking about losing track of time while she looks at Alison’s pictures at her house. Aria talks about this in vague terms to her mother as she tries to figure out if Jason is lying to her.

Hanna is jamming to some really happening music with her ear plugs in when her father shows up in the kitchen interrupting her peace of mind. Blah Blah Dad is going to stay to see the fashion show and hang around at the house now that he has a key. Blah Blah most boring plot ever, Hanna says he is only at the house because he still has the hots for his ex-wife, Ashley. Hanna says I see the way you look at mom but he can’t admit he likes his ex and Hanna doesn’t have time to deal with his lies. Oh big shock another liar on the show.

The good old days, you know, last year.

Jason and Aria look over the pictures of Alison but Aria begins to pepper him with questions about the night Alison died. Aria lets Jason think that Jessica asked her to have him look over the pictures; Aria naughty girl you. Jason is offended when he thinks Aria beleives remembers more about the night Alison died then he is telling her. He gets upset then leaves.

Mona aka little Hitler is treating the people in the fashion show like her inferiors. The girl has no idea how to filter her thoughts or be nice to anyone. She is giving poor Spencer fits as she has to work with her without snapping. Spencer decides to take a break to keep from hitting Mona I think, that girl is a saint I guess she had practice with Crazy Melissa on not going off on the crazy.

The other girls seem to take Mona being Little Hitler in stride. The are off to the side chatting about who is coming to the fashion show and who is not. Hanna asks about getting a ticket for her father to come since he is hanging around her house. Mona interrupts as she calls out Aria’s name so she can take a look at her model walk. “Have your legs always been that short?” she says to a surprised Aria.

Behind the scenes, Spencer is ranting to Toby who is working on the tables. “Mona is five feet of insidious snark with a side pony tail and I want to yank it really really hard”, she says. Now this is only one of the times she has used a word twice in a sentence. Earlier when she was with Aria in the kitchen at her house having coffee she said, “My dad was yelling yelling.” There was another point earlier though I don’t remember exactly but I think she said a word twice,let me know if you can spot that one LOL.

Toby just smiles, he is just so happy to have someone it doesn’t bother him that Spencer is ranting. I love Toby he is just so sweet I want to pinch his cheeks. He reminds her that Mona stepped up while Spencer was dealing with some pretty big things. He calms her with his words of wisdom about just enjoying what they have now; then he kisses her. Awwwwwwwww so sweet that Toby it would be really bad if he is really the killer, I mean really really LOL……..sorry.

Finally the time for the fashion show is almost upon us. We hear the snappy music we see the numerous guests looking all fancy in their Sunday best.

Oh Em look at my new boy toy, um girl friend, um old friend that thinks shes a boy hmm hi Em

In the dressing room the drama unfolds as Samara walks in with a red headed chica as she delivers Emily’s dress that she has altered. Quinton is the red head who is a friend of Samara obviously a friend that holds hands with her and loves to flirt and it makes Emily jealous. It has been only a moment before that Emily said she trusted Samara regarding the altering of the dress but seeing Samara so friendly with Quin makes something snap in Em after the other two leave. “Do they seem a little touchy feely to you?” Emily asks Aria who is setting not far from her doing her make up. “A little,” Aria replies with a knowing look in the mirror. Hanna is a bit jealous, “You have a date that brought a date, and I have no date,” she moans but we all know Hanna could have invited Caleb.

Oh Tobs I could eat you up you looks so good *blushes*

Out front Spencer is playing hostess when Toby walks up in his suit looking divine. She kisses Toby on the cheek before Mona walks up to ruin the mood by giving Spencer the headset so she can get back to work. Who is this chick? she so needs a chill pill?

Hail Hitler, Ugh, and I thought Alison was a B*tch!!

Spencer is about to snap at Mona but Toby stops her again, “take a breath,” Spencer has to go off to find the music for the tribute to Alison for the show.

At the table of Ashley, Ella and Pam the talk turns to husbands and kids. Pam is considering leaving Emily on her own while she goes away in Texas. Ashley thinks Em can handle it she also makes a comment that shows us all that her and her ex are settling back into their groove. Ashely knows about the old tricks becoming new ones, oooo la la.

They watch as Jessica Dilaurentis walks in the room but I wonder why she didn’t at least come to the table to thank them for letting their daughters do the show or just to say hi yall, anything LOL. Well she did look distracted with her loosy loo bun that is kinda sexy. Spencer hands the tribute CD to Noel the DJ and afterward sees her Papa arguing again with Jessica. Well if those two are up to something they might want to take it outside not deal with it at a public event. Spencer has that what the heck is going on look as the scene ends.

After the break, the girls are waiting in the dressing room and Emily looks depressed as she goes off to put on her dress. Hanna decides they need champagne before she leaves to find it.

Oh Tom I don’t remember those moves LOL

Ashley runs into Tom with a cute smile as well as an explanation as to why Hanna is acting like a brat but he confesses to not being the man he could be with his daughter. They flirt, they chat, blah blah, Ashley comes on to him then they dance and of course Hanna sees them as she is out on her Bubbly run. Hanna watches as they dance and flirt some more. The announcer comes on to tell them all its time to begin the eighth annual Rosewood High Fashion Show.

Jessica and Jason have to walk through the dressing room to get on the stage; Aria catches Jason’s eye but he does not seem happy to see her. Aria frowns as they two of them go out on the stage.

Samara comes back to make sure Emily is ready and they discuss Quinn. It turns out Samara has known her since the second grade. Samara points out to Emily that even though she likes her Emily didn’t want to get close too fast but Emily walks away a bit miffed. Hmm now who is causing confusion, Emily? Is it you want only what you can’t have or what?

I know this will sound weird but that blue dress fit Emily like a glove; it was made for her, Whoa and she may be in high school but well…….I’ll stop now before I embarrass myself LOL

Mona comes in to tell everyone she needs the first three models to get in line.
The girls gather to do make up and chat about Caleb who has shown up at the fashion show. They tell Hanna is all good with them if she wants to give him a second chance. “SPENCER,” yells Mona, “How do you now strangle her,” Spencer asks Hanna as she walks away to find out what she is supposed to do.

So Cute Aria and Hanna

S and Em LOL

Oh Mona You Ain’t all That

Work it Em Work it!

hmm Hansel and Gretal?

The fashion show begins and its all bouncy catchy music and pretty girls in awesome fashions. We see our faves paired up before we see the crowd and Caleb. Caleb is dressed in a suit with a pocket handkerchief you know something a rich guy would wear but you know he looks Good In It!! I wouldn’t resist if I were Hanna no way. There is clapping and flashes of the moms in the crowd then the friends like Samara and of course the DJ, Noel with his hot self. Some seem surprised the fashion show is so good with the catchy beat though I think if the fashions were bad it wouldn’t matter its all about fun.

Yes we loved Alison but she is Dead can we move on now?

Then the tribute to Alison is up last where they put her picture on the back screen. It’s kind of a solemn moment as the girls come out in the dresses. The odd thing about the dresses is that Spencers who is wearing the black dress seems to be standing in a way to hold the dress up. Well the dress does have a deep v in front but its kinda awkward, maybe its just me. The crowd claps and Jessica finally smiles something that I noticed earlier was her lack of a smile. Suddenly the screen changes to fires of hell and words show up like B*tch, the eyes of the picture become hell fire, its all truamatic as the voice on the CD says Wake up every body cause the Bi*ch is back, or I think that was it or it said the Bi*ch is dead not sure.

Spencer runs off the stage to go to the DJ booth to try to stop the CD since Noel is unable to do it. She just takes out all the plugs connecting it. For some reason Aria is the one left standing on the stage I guess she is in shock. Jessica and Jason are the first to leave from the audience, Jason looks up at Aria though I am not sure what the look meant.

After the break, the girls meet up as the clean up is happening in the room where the fashion show was held. Spencer has tried to call Jessica but Jason told her she is resting. Just when they are trying to do something good the girls are in the spotlight again among questionable circumstances.

Caleb shows up to talk to Hanna to make certain she is okay. He wants to walk her home, ahhh so sweet. Now this is another example of how like Toby, Caleb can be in Hanna’s life and have no idea of all the drama she is involved in yet he is okay with it. Why are guys so unconcerned about things? I am in that place now where this is a real life occurrence and its irritating to me but the girls seem to be okay with it. Okay am I just a control freak?? but yeah this recap isn’t about me. LOL

The girl discuss about what to send Jessica to apologize for the fashion show drama when a message comes up on the screen, obviously from A. My Dresses, My Game, My Rules…..Okay now wouldn’t that mean that it was Alison that is A?? or is that just me? I mean the dresses were hers or again am I the only one seeing that? The others leave but Aria has to grab her things only to have Noel show up behind her in the dressing room. Noel makes it seem as though the CD had something to do with the girls, he says it in an accusing way as he tries to return the tribute CD to Aria. Jason arrives and takes the CD then breaks it apart considering what was on the end of it. Noel leaves Aria with Jason.

Back at Emily’s house mom convinces her that no one blames the girls about what happened. Emily asks her mother if she and her dad dated other people. She let her know that she had laid down the law to Wayne that it was her he was dating and no one else or nothing. Emily looks to be wanting to tell Samara the same thing. Emily also gets the okay to stay at Hanna’s while her mother goes off to Texas.

Hanna shows up at her house to see Tom is still around. He finally admits that he is not ready to go back to Isabelle’s yet and he has to work out some things with Ashley. Now I wonder if this is the point that we are getting to where he finds that Hanna erased that text? If he never got Isabelle’s text than Tom is kinda getting close to his ex without really knowing what his fiancee had said so he is working in the dark, this could blow up in Hanna’s face. Yikes.

Spencer arrives home to find Dad in the fridge this time looking for something sweet. Papa none to nicely tells Spencer she looks beat and needs to go rest. Spencer asks what’s up with Jessica, she also admits to seeing them together at the fashion show. Dad looks stunned and warns Spencer to stay away from Jason. Spencer this is not time to be telling the truth your family is still in deep waters it seems even if your crazy sister is off getting steamed LOL.

Looks like Aria was the one left to gather the dresses. Jason consouls her about Alison being dead, he says he came back to put the pieces together. Jason is still under the false idea that Ian confessed. and wants to put his life together in Rosewood.

Hey B*tches I am still watching you

He offers to take Aria home and she agrees. As we leave the scene we see the candles are in the shape of an A.

The last scene is of the gloved hand person shopping online for a pair of riding boots which looks just like a Spencer type of shoe, the person has it delivered to Spencer’s house I believe that is the address anyway.

Half Baked Theories:

Now I am of the idea that Noel arranged the candles because he had access and opportunity. As far as the tribute CD that could have easily been Noel also. Noel also knows that the girls are not very fond of him so he wouldn’t have any issue with messing with them at all. Now I am back to thinking maybe Mona is involved some how I guess the shopping thing gave me that idea. The biggest clue though of the night was the writing on the screen, I mean could A just be Alison. I know she is suppose to be dead but that doesn’t mean a lot. I thought about this statement and just maybe someone who was very close to Alison is trying to get he girls back for something they did so they are doing it in Memory of Alison, just a thought. I know killing Ian is a big step considering the girls do not know why they are a target. Could A be more deranged than clever? How do we know Melissa is really at a spa instead of skulking around town being crazy? Jessica Dilaurentis also had a strangeness about her that makes me think she might be up to something though it sounds odd she just had that look. People do walk on the edge sometimes after a near mess or tragedy.

Last thoughts:
I loved this episode but I am a fashion addict so that might have been the hook for me. I also enjoyed that Spencer seemed happy and actually had a sane person to rant to like Toby. Calebe was a bit over the top with the outfit but he also was there for Hanna despite her parental drama. It would have been nice to have Ezra around but he might have planned the conference just to avoid being public with Aria who knows I am about over with him. I hope Jason does turn out to be a good guy but its all up in the air for now. Samara is another one that is walking the line with me; she could be a keeper or a user only time will tell. I do know Emily does not need a game player.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.
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  1. This was definitely a rocking recap, sassfran! 🙂 I had so much fun reading it, that I think I actually enjoyed it more than the episode itself 🙂

    Some of my favorite parts were:

    (1) (about Hanna’s) parents, your Blah, blah, blah, most boring storyline ever – I CONCUR! I didn’t like this storyline when it was about ARIA’S parents, so why would I like the recycled version about Hanna’s! 🙂

    (2) Your “stop sexting me” caption for the car scene between Jason and Aria also cracked me up. Facelift Jason definitely strikes me as the kind of guy who would “give good sext,” if you catch my drift!

    (3) Little Hitler is an excellent name for Mona. She was unbearable this week, wasn’t she? I didn’t blame Spencer at all for wanting to yank out that weird little ponytail of hers! Mona and Noel are a match made in HELL. And yet, in a way, those two are perfect together, just like their equally creepy counterparts Blind Jenna, and Police Boy Garrett.

    (4) It IS really nice to see Spencer happy for a change. Toby really does mellow her out a bit, which is something she needs very much. They are definitely a good team. And Toby just seems SO mature and well-adjusted for someone who was raised in the same home as Blind Jenna, and was the Boo Radley of his community, for months! I suspect I’d be a much angrier, less trusting, person, if I was in his position. Then again, perhaps, love for Spencer mellows TOBY out as well.

    (5) As for Alison being alive . . . hmmmm . . . interesting. 😉 I definitely have my theory on this. However, since it’s a theory I “borrowed” from the book series, I don’t want to “spoil” you and your readers, by posting it here. That being said, if what I’m thinking is true, you may be “partially” correct, in that regard. 🙂

    Thanks again for posting this fabulous recap, and for talking PLL with me. I can’ wait to read your Haven and Single Ladies caps. Even though I don’t watch those shows, I have no doubt your takes on them will be AMAZING! 🙂

    • Hey Jewls, thanks for stopping by I almost wrote an entirely new recap on your site LOL. I had lots of extra thought left I guess from mine. Glad you liked this one I wasn’t feeling really confident in it but I did like the episode. I am as I confessed a fashion addict you know on a good will budget anyway. 🙂

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