PLL S02 Episode 19 Truth Up if You Dare

Recap Codes:
Principal Douche: Pouche
Snakey Kate: Snate
Blind Jenna: Benna
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This weeks episode starts with the Marin women, past and present in the pouche’s office to discuss Hanna’s behavior. We of course know that Hanna did nothing other than to be born to TOM and Ashley. Snate looks constipated and her mother looks like she smells rotten eggs, you know snooty, not attractive. LOL.

Meanwhile Spencer is with Em and Aria looking at what she got for the claim ticket. It is a red coat. Hmm not as exciting as we all hoped but its something. Emily says “so basically you picked up her dry cleaning” LOL. Aria can’t picture Allison ever wearing the coat. Spencer suggests it was part of Vivian’s wardrobe you know when Allison was playing the role. Of course that makes sense each personality has its on wardrobe I can totally identify. Its just like clubbing clothes, work clothes, shopping clothes you know but with personalities. Check LOL

Aria begins to rummage in the pockets of the coat; oddly enough she didn’t do that with the doll she had of Allison’s because if so they would have found those clues in the head before but whatever LOL While she is checking the coat we get the run down on Hanna. Snate’s mother is threatening to sue because of the naked picture that Hanna did NOT send to everyone at school.

That whole idea is bogus. Okay if you had the nerve to send naked pictures of someone it would either be a fun joke or something that a person bragged about. Here Hanna has denied it from day one and it wasn’t funny because NO one knows SNATE. Now if it was a picture of Noel …..well the girls woulda high fived her and the guys would been laughing LOL. Why is this thing with Snate a big deal? I know its supposed to do with bullying but who bullys a new student? They don’t know anyone. Yeah I know they think because of Snate’s lies that Hanna is against her Ugh. Am I the only one that thinks it was a dumb move except if the person sending it wanted to bring attention to Hanna but for what reason? She is dating Caleb its not like she is gay, Hanna would have NOTHING to gain by sending it. Jewls help me out on this one.

Anyway back to the scene, Spencer thinks that by telling Hanna about Snate’s Boils is her fault she somehow sicked A on Hanna. You know because A knows all.

Aria finds a phone number on an old envelope in the red coat. Spencer and Aria want to call the number but Emily is more than hesitant though it makes no sense. Allison is dead the coat might be a lead so what is the big deal with Emily? Does she know something about the red coat and the number?

Spencer references some lady with a tube top that tells fortunes as an alternate to find out about the number but the decide against that LOL Aria comments that the lady does make good apple butter. Yeah that is way over my head but a funny line LOL.

Em is the one that makes the call on her phone but Aria does the talking. She says she is a friend of Vivians that needs to get a call back today.

Then we are back in the pouche’s office and I do not like this guy at all. He has no idea about teenagers, he is not a positive person and he has a sucky attitude. Okay some of that is from the rest of the episode but stay with me here. I do not like that they totally discount the IDEA that Hanna said she did not send the photo. IN our society a person is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY not guilty until Proven Innocent…………I hate hate hate this scene and by association this entire Storyline. I am putting it out there and am quite emotional about it. I know I know they, the girls, do lie a lot but to be honest, no pun intended, they have lied to PROTECT not to get away with stuff well except Aria LOL.

Snates mom: Blah Blah Blah
Ashley: Hanna said she didn’t do it and I believe her……..Yeah Mama Marin
Snates mom: Blah Blah Blah I want to see Hanna punished
Pouche: And she will be punished Blah Blah Blah
Snates mom: Blah blah Blah
Ashley: her mother is a divorced woman who has to work because her husband left her for YOU! LOL
Pouche: Ladies Please do to the unusual circumstances Hanna won’t be expelled but we are going to use a different approach
Snates mom: Blah Blah Blah
Ashely (to the principal): What do you suggest?
Pouche: Blah Blah Blah

The entire time Snate still looks constipated and Hanna looks bored/pissed off.
The pouche decides that Hanna and Snate will be in the same group at their TRUTH UP day/night event. It’s some lame overnight thing where students share their feelings with fellow students/parents/staff.
Oh here comes the fun. Ashley the mother that works volunteers to come to the event but the current Mrs. Tom doesn’t. Hmm now who is the mother that watches over her child? Looks like its not Snate’s mother now is it. See there Mr. Pouche that should tell you something but NO you are too consumed with it being Hanna’s fault.

Cue Creepy Music

In the hallway the girls comfort Hanna and are appalled the they pouche still thinks she sent the picture. They sometimes seem so innocent like in this case; the pouche didn’t even care to hear what Hanna would have said she No she didn’t do it.

Hanna makes a point though it may be misguided; she says that they thought they had all the power because they had A’s phone but now A is using their phones against them. Hanna turns around to find everyone staring at her. I JUST don’t get this at all. Why do people think that anyone would send out a picture to people who would not find it amusing or in the vein of shared interest??? I am still so confused. I would have personally SCREAMED out to those in the hallway I didn’t send the Damn picture!!! Get over yourselves LOL!!

Anyway I am trying to be done talking about that *deep breath*

As they are walking down the hall not with Hanna, don’t get me started on that one.
Emily sees the pouche and we learn that she has found out he has a big sponsor on the hook for the swim team so he doesn’t want anyone on the team that can make it seem tarnished. Another strike against the pouche and there will be NO more pictures of him posted on my Blog, just so you know. Emily questions how much longer are they going to have to pay for picking up the stupid shovel.

Fashion Issue of the week:
Aria’s cute dress would have been so much cuter with blue shoes a color that was also in the dress, instead of big clunky yellow shoes. Yeah it made it pop but the popping wasn’t a good Pop LOL. It just made what was a nice outfit seem strange and forced to me. Now a yellow ring or bracelet would have been nice yellow touches. There is also orange in the dress if the shoes were a deep orange it would have spiced it up without making it seem comical.

Aria goes in to the room to see that it is alive with activity. She asks Holden what is going on. It is some kind of project for Truth Up day. He asked if she wants to help him. Aria asks him about his bruise but he only says its fine. She wants do discuss who he is meeting but he doesn’t want to discuss it and she thinks its unfair. They start to put the paper up on the wall only to recall they have no way to hold up the paper, UMMM not really thought out their guys. Someone walks by and knocks over Holden’s bag and some stuff falls out. I don’t know maybe needles or whatever its in plastic. I thought it was some medicine for his bruise. Aria looks suspicious when she sees what fell from the pack. Holden runs over to close the bag back up he looks guitily at Aria. He takes his bag with him to go get those thumb tacks leaving Aria to hold up the paper on the wall LOL.

Elsewhere Spencer, wearing Toby’s plaid shirt, just kidding I think, sees Noel sitting close with Benna and kissing her. I tell You that Benna gets around and Benna knows how to dress being blind isn’t keeping her back one bit. If she weren’t a Total Wicked Biatch to the girls she would be all good with me.

Spencer is about to leave the area when Jason approaches her. Jason is looking Sweet this week with his new hairdo. It looks soft and kinda wavy short LOL. He has been out-of-town working on his Nana’s house, oh so sweet. He asks Spencer if she can tell Peter that he owes Jason a call. Jason says he is back and Peter can’t keep dodging him. Hmm what is that all about?

Ella runs up to ask Jason if he can be a chaperone at the Truth Up thing. Oh Ella you can ask just anyone to help out? Jason at first says no to helping but once he finds out the Hastings are coming to the event he decides to say yes. Obvious much? He really wants to see Peter it seems even if its at the school around a bunch of others. Spencer just observes even though Jason has told her he is done talking to her, LOL.

In Hanna’s room she is looking at the picture of Snate that she has been charged with sending to everyone. Now I don’t know why but this was kinda creepy to me. I guess she was just trying to see what was it about the picture that seemed off.

There is a knock on the door and Mama Ashley comes in. Ashley must have been low on reading material because she has been downstairs going through the Truth Up information. She is now ready to talk to Hanna about all things truth related but Hanna is not quite ready for that.

Okay I googled and binged trying to find if this was a real event but I guess its a similar type of thing that schools do sometimes to help student feel more comfortable to share if something traumatic has happened.

Moving on, oh Mama Ashley says she will CRUSH anyone that tries to hurt her baby girl. I loved Ashley at that moment I got chills and a tear formed in my eyes, True Fax. LOL Ashley has wanted to respect Hanna’s privacy but this isn’t the first time someone has tried to frame Hanna. She asks Hanna straight out who she thinks sent the picture from her phone? Hanna looks really tempted to say but in reality she doesn’t know who A is anyway so she doesn’t LIE by not answering. Ashley asks her again about if she sent the picture but Hanna waits till Ashley is at the door before she again says she didn’t do it. Now Ashley looks doubtful but I think she believes her.

After the break, the overnight event is starting and everyone has to turn off their phones. Sounds like they are drinking the koolaid. I don’t see the reasoning in no cell phones unless it’s just during actual events. I don’t know maybe I am too much of a free-thinker LOL NOT, just logical folks. I can see turning them down so they do not disturb but where I live I need to be able to get help if its needed LOL.

Ella arrives with the news that everyone needs to now get into lines but it doesn’t matter what line because they all have assigned areas after they are checked in. The girls spread out and Holden ends up behind Aria.

It’s all very awkward because Aria isn’t really saying anything but he is rambling about Ella being a hall monitor at home like she is at school. He is suddenly enlightened about how hard-nosed she is ha ha. Aria gets all motherly on Holden because she thinks he is dealing drugs or taking them or something. Holden tells her she is way off just before Pouche comes over and chooses Holden to go to a new line. We then see Hanna and Snate glaring at each other from adjacent lines.

A bit later, Caleb happens to be assigned to the room with Benna, oh lucky him. He walks in to find her playing on the piano. She is just so artsy, first ceramics now music, well la de da. Aria arrives in the same group with Caleb. He asks if she knew Benna was in their group? No she didn’t know is she had she would have stayed home sick, Benna turns like she has heard the comment.

Meanwhile down another hallway we learn that Lawyer Hastings cannot read room numbers. Shesh I wonder how she wins any cases without that ability to READ. She asks some random guy where a room number is that she needs its oh my gosh right down the hall. It’s called being lazy folks, you don’t get in that much of a hurry on your way to Chaperone that you forget how to use basic senses like hmmm seeing.

Oh but Lawyer Mama Hastings does see because the next person before her eyes is that Jason guy. He is looking like he ate the canary and is still picking feathers from his teeth LOL. OH lucky day Jason is working with the same group as Mama Hastings. Her day is getting better I can tell by her frown. Oh now that is her natural look. Jason comments that of course Peter is out of town and can’t help out with the event. Mama gets like oh what does that mean? Inside the room we see Caleb and Aria which means Benna is there also, oh what fun they will all have.

Aria sees Jason and says, “you gotta be kidding me.” Caleb enquires about Jason because he obviously missed the part of this season where Jason has appeared LOL. “he is Allison’s brother.” Keep up Caleb.

Aria totally wants to leave the group but Caleb reminds her they have no choice. He says with some of them spilling their guts some might have a lot to say. Now we all know that Caleb has only part truths on what is going on with the girls but HE doesn’t know that and some time it might hit him in the butt. *spoilery*

Over in what looks to have been the cafeteria area Ashley has a group. Her group consists of Mona and Emily with of course others. They are supposed to do some sort of stepping forward thing based on questions. Mona suggests they skip the steps and go out the windows, ha ha. Hmm Pouche walks in the room around that time when everyone is laughing. I guess he is the stay serious patrol.

The first questions that requires a step:
If you have ever you have been mistreated by a student or faculty member–
Emily takes two steps and is told by Ashley she can only take One step per question. Emily backs up.

Take a step if you ever thought the school was an unsafe or unwelcoming environment–

Emily takes two steps again and Ashley tries to talk to her. Emily says one step is not enough as she looks toward POUCHE, it’s not safe or welcoming she insists. Hmmm its all a freaking game it seems. Emily says that it only takes one mistake for a person to feel tarnished at that school never to be trusted again. She used to like school and being part of a team. NOW the idea is for THEM to tell their truth so why does Pouche tell Emily he needs to chat with her? The fact IS everyone has Their Idea of TRUTH!!Mona watches as Emily goes to talk to Pouche.

Pouche tells Emily if she is feeling unsafe and unwelcome then maybe its her fault, basically. He totally took it personal, guilty much? “You are not helping YOUR cause by attacking me,” Pouche says. Em denies even referring to him. Wow he even goes on to say that she is NO saint……really doesn’t that seem like he is referring to something personal something not related to school??? I totally pictured Pouche with devil horns then. He says its time you take a look at what got you to this point. Why does it seem like something A would say?? Hmm is that the reason we even had to see this blatant misuse of power scene. We are supposed to think that Pouche is A….well lets see what was next.

Oh OH and when you tell the truth you are supposed to feel good and free why is it that he made her feel bad for sharing what she Felt was TRUE?? Yes that is why it was even more WRONG!!!!!!!!

Over in the Hastings group Aria receives an A text…..oh the fun. See above. Aria looks around to see if she can figure out who sent it but several people are hiding their hands. Not a very cohesive group some are sitting others are just hanging out. She sees Benna’s hand in her purse but she pulls out some kinda mint to chew on. It could have been a cover though.

In Ella’s group she has Hanna and Snate plus Noel who is trying to be the bad boy goofing off. They are discussing things they would change about the school you know like ideas. Snate has said she wants to go back to her old school adding that at her old school they had nice people, Ella points out that Rosewood High has nice people she just needs to take some time to find them. Yep instead of being a Biatch to those you know. Snate things the school should let students have more of a say if someone has messed with you then you should decide their punishment. Stupid idea because who is to say that a person would not create a situation where a person you hate is basically set up hmmm sound interestingly familar. Everyone knows what she is talking about and Noel takes a turn saying if it happened to him he would go postal. Funny I mentioned it happening to him earlier and totally didn’t recall this part, True Fax. LOL. But it’s not funny because Hanna is innocent.

Noel goes on to say that mean girls gang up and keep secrets and plot where Bad Boys just beat someone up and its over. Hmm talking from experience sounds like he has memories of Allison and the gang but I think mostly Allison caused some of his thinking. The girls didn’t do anything but hang out with Allison they didn’t hurt anyone right? Guilt by association is all that I recall.

Hanna grabs the ball from Noel which means its her turn to talk, she asks Ella right out if she thinks that Hanna is a bully? Ella doesn’t comment before Hanna takes off out of the room. Oh yes there are other parents too but they seem just in the background so far none of them have done anything but play backdrops in scenes.

After the break, Emily talks to Mona. She apologizes for allowing Allison to torture Mona the way that she did before she died you know. Mona seems ready to forgive and after hearing what Pouche said to Emily she is ready to help her get some payback. Go Mona Go Mona.oh but that blouse, girlfriend has gotta ago. Silver flowers are so not you Mona it takes away from the natural dark-eyed beauty.

Back in Hastings Hall, Mama Hastings is passing out some kinda magic markers so that they can write anonymous stuff on a special board. Hey they did this on Lying Game last week, I think. Any who, when she gets to Benna she suggests she might need help you know being blind or fake blind and all. Benna wants to pass on the activity but is told that is not an option. Mama Hastings tries to play lawyer and act all helpful but it’s not working Benna wants to be a Biatch.

Benna doesn’t trust anyone she doesn’t want to forgive all the classmates who have mistreated her and stuff. She who can do anything is playing the I am treated different card………waste of film but wait. She doesn’t like group hugs and needs no special flashlight to know what people are hiding. The school is full of phonies, like her, and liars. Mama asks her in what way has she been mistreated; she asks because Benna is using this time for attention and it’s really bogus. Mama doesn’t look like she really cares to me but oh well. She says she was cornered in the girls room and smacked.

Caleb whispers to Aria, “is she talking about Hanna?” I guess Hanna shared that with him but not exactly the truth…he says Benna couldn’t report it because Benna threw the first punch. Hmmm Aria tried to stop him but she didn’t want to be obvious. Caleb thinks he knows something here but we all KNOW he doesn’t have the whole recipe. YIKES!! Benna is quiet at the accusation, though Caleb clarifies who he is in case Benna was confused by his voice LOL.

Jason runs into Spencer in the hall way and she is like a dog with a bone again. She wants to know why Jason has such a need to see Peter. She confesses to knowing about the will; where they were changes made to protect Jason. Jason tells her he will to talk to Peter when he gets back and Spencer reveals that Peter is in town. OOps, Mama Hastings lied, for shame, to Jason. Spencer has asked Peter about the will change but he won’t tell her what’s up either so the plot thickens or thins lets check that Pot later on.

In the hallway Aria tells Emily that Caleb thinks he know something but we all know he only has half the story. If Hanna knew what Caleb had done she would be livid. Emily asks “where is Hanna anyway.” Emily looks at her phone to find that they have no return calls from the mystery number. They go in the bathroom and Em gets Aria to call again.

This time some lady answers the phone and tells them not to call again because no one at the number knows anyone named Vivian. Emily wants to believe that it was just a number in a pocket. YEAH RIGHT, there is no such thing because all phone numbers belong to someone now or did in the past, hello.
Suddenly they hear an announcement over the loud-speaker. Emily is being called to the Vice Principals office.

Holden catches Aria as she comes out of the bathroom with an offer to eat his lunch with him. She turns him down for lunch but he asks if they are still on for saturday. Aria goes all out Mama Ella on him. I don’t trust you dude cause you won’t tell me what you are up to so I can’t hang with you any more. You know because you not telling me makes me feel bad more than my hooking up with old dude Ezra LOL. She is more like her mother than she thinks. Very sad for Holden I hope A doesn’t use him as one of the henchman now that he is not devoted to keeping her secret than he can tell whomever he wants. Deal is over Aria you screwed up. I can see that from a mile away, You needed him and He needed you.

ENJOY the only kiss this episode !!

On the roof, in Haleb LalaLand, the two lovers eat lunch and rehash old news. Hanna thinks her mother doesn’t believe her about the photo she suggests they go off to Cali to live but Caleb says no. Caleb wants to use her phone to trace the IP address from the picture to find who sent it. Hanna suddenly just wants to be held and they kiss. Caleb is easily distracted right LOL.

Emily arrives at the office to find Mona waiting for her and not in a I wanna kiss you kinda way LOL but she is wanting to help Em get back on swim team. Mona has some hacking skills OR they never change passwords over the years at Rosewood high. She used to work in the VP office and the secretary lady was her only friend, oh back in her heftier days I guess. Now the first time I saw this I thought that Mona was cool to help Em find dirt on Pouche. Now I am re-watching I have to wonder if Mona is to conveniently helping? Like maybe she is trying to get Em in close to maybe get some secrets from her. I am on the line still.

After the break, we see the moms, Ella, Ashley and Mama Hastings, I never remember her name LOL. They are taking a much-needed coffee break. Ella confesses that she thinks that Hanna is innocent; perhaps someone is trying to make her look bad. Ashley thinks something happen to the girls after they lost Allison. Ella says that was why the went overseas to give Aria something else to think about besides that. Mama Hasting says the change happened when they MET Allison not when they lost her. The others are quiet. Do you get the sense that Mama Hastings thought Allison was a bad seed I mean a bad influence.

Back in the VP office Mona finds her evidence that shows that a football player was allowed back on the team after being caught tagging. Mona’s view is that Pouche gives the football team allowances for bad behavior. He has not given Em the same consideration. Well the reason turns out to be for KickBacks. the two thousand dollar chair that Pouche got for under thirty dollars was from the dad of the guy that was put back on the team after the tag incident. She shows Em on the receipts. Mona told Em earlier that this has been going on since she worked in the VP office. Mona wants to take the evidence to show Pouche so he can put Em back on the team but Em is hesitant of course. It’s problematic that they are in the office without permission. However the evidence speaks for itself and its only one example I assume of many wrong doings. Take the whole school down I tell YOU!!

Mama Hastings, whose name its taking me too long to find, walks in on Jason leaving a message for Peter. Jason says the day is about coming clean and owning up to the truth and he isn’t going anywhere. Yeah Mama doesn’t seem real happy to have him around. Spencer arrives but hears them then stands by the door. She has a flashback from a time with Allison.

Allison is reading a magazine on the bed while Spencer tries to study.
Allison: Some guy went on a dating website and advertised for someone he could kill and eat
Spencer: Shut Up!!
Allison: I’m serious he got like two hundred twenty responses; why does every woman think that she can change a guy?
Spencer: Allie are you even going to take this test?
Allison hears the parents arguing downstairs
Allison: What’s going on with your Mom and Dad? Are they splitting up?
Spencer: No
She gets up to shut the door.
Allison: Do they do this every night?
Spencer: No my Dad is just upset. Your brother gave Melissa a ride home from Philly and they got caught making out in the car.
Allison gets up and is a bit excited.
Allison: Seriously? Open the door.
Spencer: No Allie stop I don’t want to hear it
Allison goes toward the door to open it
Allison: Jason and Melissa that’s juicier than the guy that eats his dates.
Spencer: My Dad is freaking out over nothing, Melissa is obsessed with Ian she doesn’t even like Jason
Allison looks out the door
Allison: She better not
Spencer: Why Not?
Allison looks towards Spencer
Allison: Let’s just say it would be a match frowned upon by the gods.
Spencer looks confused
End Flashback—–

Spencer runs away from the door as it hits her as to why Allison said what she did before and why her Mama is so upset with Jason. We see Mama Hasting leave the room after Spencer leaves her sneaking spot.

During dinner break we see Em, Aria and Hanna as Aria tries to eat a big bowl of greens that seems to be giving her a hard time staying still. I get that a lot salad greens are very mobile LOL. Aria says she tried to text Hanna but Caleb has Hanna’s phone working on his new project, tracking down the person that sent the Snate picture.

Speaking of Snate she walks in the eating area looking all put upon like I am so sad no one likes me even though I was the one that was wronged Boo Hoo. She sits down across the room from the girls and while taking off her jacket she shows us her stomach, hmm what is that thing on her? It looks like a birthmark or mole or something hideous LOL. Investigator Hanna notices this oddity on her not so favorite person. Hanna speculates that the naked photo of Snate was photo shopped by A and it has someone else’s body.

After the break, Hannah confronts Snate in the bathroom. She tells her that someone put her head on a much better body and its obvious her chest was enhanced LOL now that was funny LOL. Hannah also mentions the missing birthmark on the picture. Snate suddenly confesses that she was afraid that Spencer would download those hideous riding camp pictures. She was scared poor Snate NO I don’t care about her stoy at all, LOL. Then Em and Aria come out of the stalls where they have been hiding while recording the confession of Snate. SCORE!! I am so glad that storyline is done.
I guess that is why she thinks there are not nice people at Rosewood High because they have not welcomed her since she was so WrONGED. This is kinda what Aria says after they leave the bathroom, Snate did it to get sympathy.

Hanna wants to go let her mother hear the confession but she is concerned that Caleb is still working on finding out who sent the photos all the while thinking its Benna. She sends Aria and Em off to find him so he can be stopped.

Meanwhile in the room with the dark board, Hastings Hall, we get to see some of what has been written. One message says I know who Killed Allison. Aria walks in the room to find Noel with Benna reading the messages. I got a feeling they plan to maybe erase one of them OR they are just checking so they will know others secrets. Aria is as surprised to see them as they are to see her. Aria mentions she is looking for Caleb and heartless Noel suggests that maybe someone threw him out with the rest of the garbage. WOW that is so many kinds of wrong. I didn’t see that coming even from him. He even says that Caleb better not come back to the room when Aria mentions to let him know if they see him that she is looking for him. Wow it was so EVIL they way they acted…… creepy. Seriously Noel is more wicked than Garrett I think. Yeah I know poor Benna was talked mean to earlier… well Boo Hoo

Holden is talking to some guy, random asian extra number one, in the hall when Aria walks by he watches her. She goes up to the roof to find Caleb.

Meanwhile Spencer sees Jason sitting alone. She gets a text from A about them all being family and not to be scared as she is walking toward Jason. Spencer looks around but Jason is the only one we see. OH then the camera pans to show us Caleb sitting in a classroom.

She goes to sit in front of Jason, who is listening to music with his headphones on. She mumbles something about them being related, he says who told you and she answers that Allison did years ago but she didn’t realize till tonight.

Who dat?

On the roof, Aria hears noises and the door shuts. Oh wait big surprise…..I hate this kinda stuff it was so obvious it was going to happen. If Caleb was out there to start he would have answered her. As she is banging on the door we see a hooded person in the background walking around with no concern to her Or it seems because he is going in the opposite direction. She hears a noise then we see another person walk by fast. She runs to a ladder and starts to climb before someone grabs her leg. It’s Noel and Holden comes from no where and kicks his butt LOL Noel is on the ground while Holden helps Aria down. Noel says he wasn’t attacking her but they lock him up there anyway LOL.

After the break, Aria wants to know how Holden learned to fight but he is not answering her he just wants to help her by taking her to another part of the building. Yeah seeing as they left Noel on the roof with A or A’s helper oh and he might be injured LOL Noel might end up dead who knows.

Em sees Mona talking to Pouche in another part of the building just before Mona comes in the room. Mona tells Em that she is back on the team. Her line to the pouche was that football players talk alot when not on the field. Yeah I don’t know about Mona she kinda sways both ways sometimes. It’s too bad that Em let her help I think. Mona suddenly wants to know what is the thing to wear to a swim meet? Oh I can see it now she is going to get jealous of Maya OR Maya will hate her hanging with Em. It’s going to be a mess Oh and Em already has besties No room for Mona in her life, for real folks.

Back in the Pouche’s office Mama Marin Part two, shows up wondering what is going on and Ashley is all aglow now that Hanna has told her the good news.

Elsewhere Spencer talks to her mother about being Jason’s sister. Mama Hastings says that Melissa doesn’t know either and she herself didn’t know till Jason was a teen. EWWW so basically she is still married to lying Peter who slept with Mama D !! Spencer is totally freaking out though I don’t really know why it happens. Hey my grams lived all my life after her divorce next door to her husbands second family we all got along. I think it’s a big deal for Spencer because she has hated Jason so Intensely.

IN the sleeping room, Spencer is still awake when Em’s wakes up. Em sees she has received six calls from the mystery number as she holds the phone another call come in. The person wants to meet up with Vivian’s friend because they have questions and Emily agrees.

Meanwhile outside in the hall Caleb is sound asleep as someone takes his laptop. DUDE I never leave my laptop prone, True Fax, I woulda slept with that baby in my bag with me cuddled around it LOL.

That’s all Folks my longest recap yet….Please leave comments.


  1. Recap perfection, as always! I really loved the way this episode paired people up, who wouldn’t normally have anything to do with one another, just to see how they would react. It was fun seeing Caleb hang out with Aria, and Emily hang out with Mona. The whole Truth Up day thing, also gave the parents a lot more to do, than just sit around, and shake their heads at their kids troubles.

    I wasn’t surprised that Kate ended up being the one who sent the picture. But I was surprised that she took the time to photoshop it. Oh, and she should really get that birthmark removed. It does not look healthy AT ALL! Get thee to a dermatologist, Snate! 🙂

    Why was Noel grabbing on Aria’s legs? That was odd! Did he just want to help her, or was he trying to threaten her in some way. I guess someone doesn’t take rejection well. Speaking of Noel, remember back in Season 1, when he actually seemed like a viable option for Aria to date, and had his own fandom. Those were the days.

    I think most of us sort of figured that Jason and Spencer were related, but I think Troian Bellisario portrayed Spencer’s reaction to this news beautifully. Oh, and the Melissa / Jason incest thing. Now, THAT was shocking.

    I adore Caleb, but, seriously, you are dealing with a murderous blackmailers stolen phone content on your computer, and you just leave the thing out for anybody to take, while you sleep? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN???

    I can’t wait to see what the repercussions of this are . . .

    Oh, and Holden is totally abused by his dad, and takes fight club lessons to protect himself. We both called it! See you next week!

  2. Hey Jewls, thanks for stopping by I know you had a busy week. Oh and I didn’t even get started on Mona’s old lady blouse. *shakes head* I will leave her alone since she helped out Em though I still think that will bite her in the butt real quick. I really didn’t notice about the odd couplings this week; I just figure since they had a school thing it just happened LOL good eye hun. I am still shocked at Noel’s anger toward Caleb even though I know he said some stuff to Benna, it just seemed outta line with the incident you know. Now if Benna had sad Caleb you have no idea what happened then maybe Caleb could have confronted Hanna about the incident though its irrelevant considering the whole A thing.

    Hope you get some more free time I can’t wait to see you PLL recap for this week.

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