PLL S02 Episode 20 It’s a Hot Spot Baby

Hi all you Pretty Little Liars Lovers let’s get started.

This week after seeing some interesting clips from the past we see Maya holding up a sign for Emily as the Sharks come back from I what I assume was a big Swim Meet. She looks a bit out of place as she waits with the other students.

I just had a thought in the vein of what Jewls usually feels about Maya. LOL, was Allison around when Emily found out she was gay? I wonder if Maya is A its because Allison disapproved heartily and therefore was killed? Naw I don’t think Maya would go that far if someone does not like her she moves on right? I also can’t see Maya in cahoots with Garrett or Benna but I guess sometime soon we will be finding out for sure.

In other parts of the same area we have Hanna and Caleb talking about his hot spot LOL oh not just a code name for his little friend LOL but also an actual HOT SPOT so he can use his laptop anywhere.

Then there is Aria with Spencer who for some reason have told Ella that they were going to the library. Oh it seems this is the night they are going to meet up with Vivian’s friend I had almost forgotten about that.

It turns out that Spencer has been staying the last week at Aria’s house and she still has not told ANYONE why. I don’t know about you but if cutie pie Jason was my bro I might be bragging a bit LOL oh I know Spencer has other issues like having Peter Hastings for a dad, by the by Papa Hastings is looking EXTRA SWEET this episode bushy eyebrows and all or was it just my eyes LOL Yeah you will see.

The team arrives with Em carrying the trophy and Maya gets the first hug, ah so sweet. The other girls rush in right after and Maya kinda gets pushed to the side after Em sees the nice sign. I so love that Maya is crafty don’t you? Hanna tells Em that Ashley has okayed a team party for that night. Em is excited about that. OH where is Mona the new swim team mascot LOL?

OH never mind Mona, the police including Garrett, walk in behind the team looking all serious and up for some business. They walk pass the girls and go straight for Caleb who on instinct closes down his laptop. Garrett stands in front of him seconds later with a court order to take his laptop from him because they traced the person who has been hacking into school files back to his IP address.

Now hold on a minute, the only person who was breaking into files last week was Emily’s hero, Mona. Where is Mona, by the way. Oh I know that at the end of last episode someone took Caleb’s laptop or at least used it or tried to use it but what is the connection? I hope we find out.

Caleb says if he did something like that then he would not be stupid enough to leave a trail; do I smell set up? You bet your bottom dollar I do. I am sure Garrett has wanted to get into that laptop from the moment he saw Caleb using it at the outdoor cafe a few episodes back. Silly me at the time I thought Garrett interest in Caleb was just boredom.

Garrett asks for Caleb’s passwords but according to Caleb the court order only says they can take the machine not was in in his head LOL *go Caleb go Caleb * You tell them, sexy Caleb.

Caleb tells Hanna not to worry they won’t be able to get in the computer. Of course, Hanna is worried because she was always afraid this very thing would happen. Now I find myself distracted by her pretty earrings. I have those on my Polyvore some where, hmmm so shiny I like shiny don’t you….ok ok

The girls are shocked about what has happened with Caleb, though I am not sure why but they have little time to consider before A sends them a even more shocking, not really, message. NOW its Caleb’s turn………obvious Much? A

Cue Creepy Theme Music

Caleb tries to convince our little Hanna that its all good because there is no way in Hell they could get through his firewall, he has it all backed up online and he has it on flash drives; besides he is innocent of the charges. Now Hanna gets ahead of herself when she starts thinking that Garrett someohow put the missing files on Caleb’s computer so he could come get the laptop. Ok I am trying not to get ahead of myself here…

Hanna asks Caleb to go online and erase all the stuff he has been working on for them. Caleb says he will but the fact is this is a self fulfilling prophecy for Hanna because she has been so freaked that Caleb would get caught she thinks he HAS gotten caught LOL, if we would all just learn to relax. Take a breath Hanna!!

Meanwhile, Ella Montgomery in training aka Aria is telling Holden she can’t hang out with him unless she knows what he is up to. So I guess Holden knows all about what she and Ezra do on their little dates, I highly doubt it. It just seems overkill to me that she is so into Holden’s business the way she has been. He just doesn’t seem like someone who can’t take care of HIMSELF.

He finally confesses that he does a form of Korean martial arts and his parents don’t like it. See Aria its innocent boy stuff. He also explains the pills that we saw last week, well some of you because I still can’t tell what they are LOL, were some pain meds he never even had to use. I imagine they teach them to control their pain mentally not with drugs.

He needs her to go along with the fake date because the next night is the qualifier for the group, for the upcoming tournament. I do foresee that something bad will happen in the near future to poor Holden not that is just a guess I am still trying to be spoiler free to a large extent.

Caleb is in some random classroom, probably a computer room maybe, with Hanna showing her the password to his laptop. He says if the cops have it logged on he can get in and make changing remotely. His password consists of the first letters of everywhere he has lived in order. He also alternates capital letters as well as using numbers and punctuation which he does in his. Wow it looked complicated but it is probably a great password. Hanna asks him what the numbers are but he doesn’t fess up to them being special at all, make note folks. He can’t log in because his laptop is offline because they haven’t tried it yet or they are smart enough to keep it offline. I doubt if Rosewood PD, is smart enough to deal with his computer at all but oh well.

In someone’s classroom, either Ella or Byron’s we see them boxing up books or unboxing not sure if it matters. They discuss Holden and Aria’s upcoming date the next night. Byron wants to know why they never stay in town while Ella wants to know why they can’t ease up on Aria’s punishment. Byron just isn’t ready yet for Aria to go back to being a normal teenage girl. I supposed having been with a few himself he knows how their minds work, YIKES!!

Spencer meanwhile is downtown looking for Jason when he sees him talking to Maya across the street. Spencer looks strangely at them and I admit it seems Maya is getting around. Then again isn’t Jason living in the house where she used to live? Now that doesn’t mean they have spent time together or not LOL but its an odd thing to see. The conversation looked a bit intense also before Maya walks away with a smile.

Spencer approaches Jason then confesses she still hasn’t told anyone about their relationship well anyone that didn’t already know. Spencer wants to know why Jason came back to town I guess because honestly I am a bit lost at this point. She knows he is her brother what else could she be following around asking because it doesn’t seem to be about Allison at this point.

Jason tells her the story of finding one of Allison’s hidden boxes full of money as well as some letters from Peter to Mama D. Each of the other envelopes held five thousand dollars; fifteen thousand dollars in cash all together. Both Jason and Spencer assume that the money was a bribe from Peter to Allison because she had found the love letters. Looks like they have an unbelievably arrogant kind of a father, its gotta hurt them both.

However lets take a look at this scenario. If Allison was blackmailing Peter and Peter was in some shady club from high school say the NAT then he could have just paid off some of them to do his dirty work without having to pay Allison. Unless Allison with her judgmental ways would not be satisfied by money. So after the money was paid she still wanted Peter or Mama D to come forth with a confession of sorts? I could so see her little Miss Judge and Jury having this information and wanting to be in control. Am I the only one that has that in their heads? WE all know that Allison was not all all innocent in her death otherwise she might be still alive and kicking. Oh and what if that one discovery of hers led to more discoveries all of those things she like to hide.

Later that night, the girls wait in the booth behind Aria as she sits sipping tea in a diner some place. This is the set up to meet with Vivian’s caller. The guy walks up and he reminds of Kirk from Gilmore Girls, kind of tall but not real smart LOL. Even though Kirk was actually quite intelligent he just had a useless look about him.

Anyway the guy sits down while asking if she is Vivian’s friend, after making not of the Lolita book on the table. I am not sure how the book fits in regards to him except he might be aware who the original Vivian Darkbloom might be. I guess it was better safe than sorry.

They guy, Jonah, at first guesses that Aria is Allison, meaning that Vivian referred to Allison as a friend that needed help. The kinda of help that was needed was to find out who had been sending threatening texts; Vivian was going to pay him to find out the source. He found out but he was never paid and was fired because of digging into restricted account information. He willing to give her the information he found but he wants the two thousand dollars.

At the school the next day, Hanna learns that Caleb can get his laptop back if he cooperates; I have no idea what that means and they didn’t tell us.

Moving on, Aria is outside on the phone talking to the forbidden Ezra. They are discussing their plans for that night as well as if he is going to take the asst. Dean gig out-of-state. I really think he should just pass it up of course but then again if he wants to leave Hollis for Aria’s sake then why not just move to another town not far away in like Philly. He can be out of sight yet still able to see her the way he does now. The whole concern is what Byron will think if Ezra doesn’t take the job. I am glad they can still laugh about it but Byron is serious, that hypocrite.

Ezra suggests a place for dinner that night in Center City that is Vegan; I assume that is what Aria likes because he is basically making fun of it but he wants to go because he loves her. “It’s French Vegan food, I must really love you,” Ezra says LOL ahhhhhh so SWEET!!

Over at the Police Station, Garrett looks at Caleb’s computer like it’s the Holy Grail or a Cobra LOL he then tries to log in only to see that he needs a password. OOpsie that bad cop, Darren, walks in with a laugh, “tempting huh?”

Darren assures Garrett that if all else fails they will send it to Philly to be opened. I doubt if that made him feel any thing but fear. Garrett suggests hesitantly that he thinks they can get the kid, Caleb to talk but Darren ignores him to go on to other news. They have uncovered more information regarding the missing page five in Allison’s autopsy report. Garrett looks like he might pee on himself LOL. All copies of the page are missing, Darren hands him a photo, “Tell me what you think is going on here?” he asks. Garrett looks smugly at him. ‘

Over at Hollis Byron comes outside to find a note on his car. Ugh another of the one of moments I hate because unless A has Ezra’s phone bugged, which would so boring, then how would they know about the plans he has with Aria tonight. OH and if I was Byron I would be like who the hell is A?? Why are they putting things on my car and how do they know where my daughter will be? Does Aria have a stalker? This looks like something only the WITCH would do, almost forgot about that wild-eyed Jackie… Oh but instead well … will see!

Over at Hanna’s they are preparing for the party. Hanna suggest they get Caleb a lawyer, Uh huh? I thought they were in the RED! Ashley says Caleb has a way to get money basically LOL. Maya arrives with fruit and bad news outside.

Ashley comes back in the kitchen after getting a call to tell Hanna they have been invited to the police station. Wait I rather be at a party then the local precinct No Mama I don’t wanna go……anyway upstairs Em talks to Maya who seems upset.

She tells Emily her parents found an old dried up joint in some old stuff. I found it interesting that they also found something of Allison’s which may be why she was talking to Jason earlier. Maya is afraid they are going to send her back to True North though I think that is drastic for finding one joint its like her parents have no control of her and don’t want to even try. They ship her off so they don’t have to deal and people think that kinda stuff is alright. Hey whatever she learned at True North didn’t help the first time why would it help now? Emily insists that she will talk to her parents with her and get it straitened out she doesn’t want to lose her again.

At the Police Station Darren tries to be nice to Ashley his old flame but she is not up to the chit-chat. He tells them then that they found something that is related to the murder investigation. He hands them a picture of Hanna, Spencer and Emily in the candy stripper uniforms from earlier in the season; the time they were trying to get the autopsy pages from the morgue.

After the break, we find that Hanna had no answers for Darren but she tells Ashley that she and Emily dared Spencer to go in the morgue, she had no idea there were files in there LOL. Ashley insists she can tell when Hanna lies, Hanna insists they did NOT take the missing page. WEll that is true they were looking for it LOL.

At the Montgomery’s Aria is putting on her shoes as she dresses to leave on her fake date with Holden when Byron walks by. Aria says that Spencer hasn’t gone home yet she just went to Hanna’s for Emily’s swim party. Next he inquires about where Holden is taking Aria out that night; she replies to some new arcade. Wow high heels for an arcade? You go Aria, pretty fancy stuff. He asks also if she is meeting anyone else while they are out; Aria says nope but there will be other gamers with creative facial hair which makes Byron laugh. Ok so maybe he is trying to be a good father but he just sucks at it.

Ella comes in to get Aria so they can leave and we learn that Holden has a heart issue; his parents worry about him always going so far away from home like the hour drive to Philly. Aria is shocked to learn this interesting news but she just pretends that she knew all about the heart thing. Ah so that is why the parents don’t like Holden to do the Korean karate stuff.

Spencer is trying to find out from Emily why Hanna went to the police station with all the swim team roaming around. Shhhh Spencer calm yourself LOL. Hanna arrives back to tell them what was up at the station; all about the missing copies of page five.

Spencer decides to go home after she says they need to find out what Jonah has to tell them but the others don’t understand why she is leaving. I guess she thinks she can find the way to get the money to pay Jonah from her house some how.

In Philly, Aria doesn’t tell Holden she knows about his heart problem as he asks her to wish him good luck on the tournament then walks away. She looks concerned as she watches him.

At Spencer’s she arrives home and despite a golden opportunity to grab a check from her father’s check book from his briefcase she chickens out before he arrives in the room.

Yes I am handsome with my bushy brows!!

After the break, Peter tells Spencer about he cheated on her mother with Mama D while she was married and he was engaged. Mama D didn’t tell her husband but they moved to Atlanta. The Delaurentis moved back to town when Spencer was five. In all the years in between Peter had never seen his son, Jason, till then. Peters insists he doesn’t know why they returned.

Spencer tells him that Jason told her that Allison knew about the his paternity before he himself(Jason) knew it. Peter had no idea about that but Spencer spills the beans about the money and the letters that Allison had hidden. I don’t know Peter started to look a little shaky then reaches to touch Spencer but she backs away from him. Peter says he never gave money to anyone in that family for any reason, as in he never paid child support either, hmmm. Yes that will look good to your daughter, not taking care of your kid in any way or form. So this is what the will was all about then; making up for lost time?

Byron arrives at the not quite small as described French Vegan restaurant where Ezra is to meet Aria. He finds a table facing the front door. The trap is set; or so he thinks.

At the swim party Maya is sitting alone until Hanna sends Em over to check on her but the others call Em back to them to watch the swim meet online and Maya says its okay to just leave her alone. Um right Em leave you girlfriend alone at your own party? I think that was a bit selfish; hey Emily was at the meet she doesn’t have to see it online, gloating much? Then again of course Maya should have been more engaged you know chatting with the others and being right there with Em. WE all know she is not a person who is into sports but she should try for Emily right?

Spencer meets up with Jason to argue about whether or not Peter lied about being blackmailed by Allison. I do know Spencer was hoping to use the money from the envelopes to pay Jonah for the name he promised Aria for two thousand dollars. I think this is a wasted scene they could have had the same discussion by text, email or on the phone. Moving on ….

Maya is outside about to light up a joint when Emily finds her the next time. Emily looks stunned; hmm doesn’t Maya always smoke weed? Why the big shocked look? Oh right she was supposed to quit, right, hey well you gotta do what you gotta do to relax LOL I didn’t say that LOL

Upstairs Hanna talks with Caleb on the phone only to find he has gone in to the police station to do what he can to get his laptop back. He tells Hanna he is in a real HOT SPOT and needs her help then hangs up. The cops walk in the door then, oh wait its just Police Boy and Officer Douchey the town None Heroes….

After the break, Aria who seems to have forgotten she has a date of her own, arrives at the location where her fake date, Holden has gone off to. It’s all sweaty guys throwing each on the floor, helmets, white uniforms and lots of yelling kind of like a Porno with too many clothes gone very wrong LOL.

Aria asks about his heart because she is worried something will happened to him even more now that she knows what he is up to….circular Reasoning much? She had to know but now she knows she found out more now she has to know why she shouldn’t tell because hey he doesn’t want to be STOPPED……see it takes you in circles back to don’t tell my parents I am having fun….get over it Aria. WE all have to die somehow why not enjoy the Ride.

Caleb talks to Darren Officer Douchey Wilden, see how I got all those in LOL, Jewls will be proud, he tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong and he came in just like he asked him too. Darren wants to watch him log in, sounds personal right. Caleb looks at Garrett, “you sure you want me to show him whats on here,” he asks him. Garrett tells him to start typing. Oh Garrett thinks he is so protected and he looks so smug. He freaked out when he saw he needed a password to get in earlier. LOL

Upstairs at the Marin’s Hanna is trying to figure out the password Caleb told her yesterday. She looks terrified. Spencer arrives in response to Hanna SOS text. She says please tell me you can hack into computers, Spencer’s response, “um that’s what Caleb was for.” LOL Hanna explains what’s going “down” right now at the police station.

Outside, Em gives poor Maya the third degree. Gee Em, lighten up on your girl you know she is a wild one it’s why you like her “whatev” those darn voices again LOL.
Maya confesses what I said earlier she isn’t a joiner, she doesn’t want to fit in, she wants to be herself. She insists she will not go back to True North she will runaway first. Em looks shocked, Maya had friends in San Francisco and is considering going to them. Hmmm not sure who would take her in without her parents finding out but I get it she feels desperate. She leaves and I understand that Emily loves to swim, she also needs the scholarship money to go to the school of her choice and she wouldn’t leave her pals at this time. OH and she is a good girl; its cool I am totally for Em and I just hoped Maya was the one just like Em who loves her so.

Ezra gets the I can’t make it cause I gotta stay with my fake boyfriend tonight text from Aria just before he is about to walk in to the restaurant. Darn it Holden you messing with my Ezria, stop it boy!!

It worked out though because as Ezra turns to go he sees Byron in the restaurant, he moves away quickly without being seen. YIKES that was way toooooooooo close. I gotta bad feeling that our prize for most likely to have to take up with with their Relationship another YEAR AWARD goes to Ezria. Ezra will leave town but find a mystery position not too far from Aria or so I hope.

After the break, our future hackers of America, Spence and Hanna are working on recalling that password that is needed immediately by our loving Hacker in residence, Caleb.

Okay a quick flash of Aria at the tournament then back to the police station where Darren is hovering over Caleb. Caleb types in the password and the computer opens to a lot of folders. Caleb has to stand on the other side of the room while the start to go through them. Garrett is so excited he goes around to see what they have.

Back at the Marin’s they only have one try left on getting the password right before they are locked out, Hanna is in panic mode. Hanna finally remembers the numbers which gets them in to his online storage area.

WE are then again back at the tournament. Holden is kicking some guys Butt, go Holden. Aria watches nervously from the back of the room.

The bumble heads at the station are looking at something that seems to be code for a web page; I know because I design web pages LOL.

Hanna is just now opening up the remote version of the files. Hanna finds the file they are looking for but lucky us we are back at the tournament.

Caleb teases the officers about checking out his video selection; yes stall them Caleb you know Hanna needs some leeway LOL.

Spencer tells Hanna they need to hurry just push Ctrl A.

More of the tournament which to be honest is boring me………YAWN!!

Darren is just about to hit the Hefty Folder the one with the goodies when Hanna finally does hit Ctrl A and all the files are deleted.

Garrett accuses Caleb of doing something but Caleb tells them again he was HACKED!! Believe him he was hacked move on to the real crazies in town like Benna and you know Garrett look in the mirror.

Oh My Gosh finally the tournament is over and Holden is Victorious Yeah Team Holden.

Holden is surprised that Aria stayed, yes like he didn’t see her the whole time standing in her very red blouse LOL Don’t be coy Holden. Aria is talking to Holden when she gets a call from Byron, strange right. She tells him she is at the arcade with Holden then he asks to speak to him. Byron pretends he is at home and that Ella lost Holden’s mother’s phone number. That made no sense because first off Ella drop them off and we all know Ella didn’t go back home, secondly lame excuse in the first place. LOL

Hanna arrives to get Caleb and she hits him for not telling her the significance of the 1105, the night they first hooked up. He says I put an exclamation point after it LOL yeah Hanna he is a guy its the closest thing to him actually COMMUNICATING, get used to it. Garrett sees them as he leaves for the day but Hanna doesn’t care she just Kisses Caleb to throw his innocence in Garrett’s face. Hmm not sure how that works but okie dokie, girl you get yours.

Now this final scene with the new-found Bro, Jason, and Spencer was worth showing. Seriously the chemistry is so radiant with these too is too bad they are related right? Anyway, Spencer asks Jason for the money to get Jonah to tell them who was after Allison. She doesn’t give details it’s where the you have to trust me comes in; yea that is a lot of dough to give out for a theory. We do get a view of possibly someone watching them from upstairs at the Hastings house as they chat.

Last scene is Emily trying to make up with Maya over the phone, she asks Maya to wait until they talk before she does anything. Outside someone is watching her in the window.

OH me oh my a GREAT episode, please leave comments!!


  1. Ooh, such a fun recap! Your analysis of the whole Aria in the red blouse going “unnoticed” at Fight Club, where everyone wears white, in particular, was hilarious. I also loved your comparison between Jonah and the Gilmore Girls guy, Kurt. Seriously, those two were separated at birth! Ali’s not the only one on the show who might be a twin!

    For me, the scene where Spencer and Hanna remotely controlled A, all over Caleb’s laptop, at the exact same moment Deputy Douchey was about to search the “Hefty” file, OWNED this episode. So, perfect. I was literally cheering!

    I also loved how Caleb chose his computer password 😉 (who knew boys could be so nostalgic for dates?), and Spencer’s seemingly throwaway comment about that, “It’s almost as complicated as mine!” Ahhh . . . Spencer. Such a nerd! 🙂

    Like you, I adored the exchanges between Jason and Spencer, this week. They do have great chemistry, much more so, I think, than Aria and Jason had together. I guess that’s because the half-siblings are “wired the same” as Spencer says. But, of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out the two actors were boning in real life. Just sayin’.

    And I’m still a bit concerned about Maya. In addition to her mysterious friendship with Noel and Jason (for someone who supposedly “doesn’t fit in,” she sure seems mighty popular with the main A suspects), I just had difficulty buying her Old Doobie story. Why haven’t we met Maya’s parents yet? And if they are such free-floating hippies, why the hash hate? I’m starting to wonder whether Maya might be faking being sent away, so that she can fly under the radar and do “A” related things.

    Just a thought! Thanks again for sharing this fabulous recap with us. You rock!

    • Hey Jewls thanks for stopping by I swear time is going faster each week. I am glad you liked my recap I totally have to find a way to make money doing this its taking all my time LOL Anywho, I get what you see in the way that Maya was behaving this week she was all kinds of suspicious right? It would be neat to see her parents and if they are some hippies why all the Ganja hate LOL I know right? I still love her with Emily though so I hope she turns out to be innocent in all things A related. Oh and Holden and the Korean martilal arts YES was the worse use of a secret yet………..* shakes head* I hear you on that. You know I just realized I am replying to your post on my page LOL YIKES sorry I did read it and it was hilarious it was just so late to reply. You know I love you pal whether its here on my post or on your post 🙂 PLL friends for life.


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