PLL – S02 Episode 5 Recap – Speedy Demon Express

Hi all, welcome back to the weekly recap of Pretty Little Liars. I have start out with I like the way they enhance the episodes by showing us selectively chosen flashes of incidents from previous episodes. The flashes give us a clue of what/who will be in the episode and some times hints.

So on with the recap where we begin with the viewing of the supposed suicide note that was found at the scene of Ian’s death or where they found his body. Hanna took a picture before they called the cops on the night they found Ian, luckily someone was thinking. Emily asked “why would Ian kill himself when he was leaving town with his loving very stable wife?” Oh maybe that wasn’t quite what she said but its close enough. Spencer replies “because he knew he would eventually get caught, yeah and we know he is a teenage girl loving coward” or something that effect. Hanna is just glad its over and ready to move on with her life I think she has visions of shirtless Caleb in her head. 🙂

Emily, who was the only one to receive a copy of the suicide note from Hanna probably because the others have their own drama going on, is not feeling relieved because of Ian’s death. Emily, the thinker, which is usually Spencer’s deal I guess its more because Emily is tired of worrying about her own drama and needs a diversion, my two cents on that or she could just be wicked intuitive but more on that later. Aria says, “for months we have been as welcome in this town as a cold sore,” LOL How did I miss that the first two times I watched, pretty funny, love the dry wit. “Now people know we were telling the truth and Ian is out of our lives for good,” Emily rebukes, “but A isn’t” as in out of our lives. I’m glad Emily is on the case while the others want to live in denial Land.

-Just checking in on my favorite liars-

Garrett shows up to interrupt the group dialogue, anyone notice he has been missing like two episodes, but he tells them he is sorry about what they went through as in finding the body. He also adds the body could have looked worse you know sense Ian really died a while ago. They all seemed surprised since they actually had believed Ian was the one texting Melissa all that time. DUH DUN!! Emily breaks out into a cold sweat, “it was A,” then they go on into reasons why its okay that Ian is dead.

Wow folks is there not sanctity of life on this show LOL I mean Ian was a human last I checked, the guy died good or bad lets be sad for a nanosec. Sheeks!! Okay got that off my chest. Spencer says the guy was scum or gum like on the bottom of something. They all agree. Yikes. Emily asks “what does A want?” Hanna wants only shirtless Caleb from now on no more Ian drama.

I honestly wonder why with all the A stuff that has happened they actually don’t see that the real drama is still around the corner. I guess I do forget these are only teenagers who are basically innocent and they do just want to go to prom and kiss boys or with Aria you know Ezra who is really just a tall boy, sorry rabbit trail.

Emily stays behind when the others leave and looks over the suicide note again. She seems disturbed by it even more than before.

-Alison was innocent as apple pie don’t you know-

She noticed a newspaper in the garbage with Allison’s picture on it; it says Allison murder solved.

It’s then that we get the first message from A in this episode.

Hey Em, is it just me or does that suicide note look familiar? -A-

Now I am a mystery buff so I rewatched this part for like five times trying to see who else was out in the courtyard with them and I didn’t see anyone really except a guy in with a long blue bag that seemed to hover just out of sight, I doubt that means anything though.

-My husband is home call me back later-

After the break we arrive at the Hastings to find Mom on the phone with some sympathizer but when the house phone rings she will not answer it.

-Gees Granny I told you to stop calling here-

She tells Spencer its probably reporters so Spencer who seems to be always seeking approval at her house picks it up and rails out the person, “you bottom feeding vultures stop sucking the life out of my family,” only to find its grandma, oops.

-no words for this one- or read below-

This entire time Melissa is on the sofa doing the same thing she did the first few episode, sitting looking like she has been eating sour grapes. I think its sad that Spencer has to cow tow to her because I still know in my heart that Melissa is the worst of sisters even if its just because she could take any incident to throw in Spencer’s face like a wild mad woman.

Dad walks in the room to tell them that Ian’s own aunt does not want to give him a funeral; it turns out they will have to do that all on their own and it will be no frills. Yikes these guy was really not liked at all; how did Melissa end up with him and what does it say about her? Spencer is the one that suggests that Melissa needs her family to give her husband a funeral.

-No food again you sure you are not adopted too?-

At the Marin house, Hanna is looking for food while Caleb hangs out trying to soothe her with his presence though she is not all that receptive at first. It seems all of the girls are considered traumatized because of having found Ian though no one knows the real reasons they just assume. Hanna and Caleb discuss her having seen Ian’s dead body before Ashley comes home in a panic because Hanna hasn’t been picking up her phone. Ashley is worried because she is concerned Hanna will end up dead like Alison. I don’t see the reasoning for that except Mom’s do that anyway but not to such an extent, usually. Hanna assures her its all over and they can breath again while Caleb looks on awkwardly from the kitchen.

-Aria I feel a sin coming on-

Aria and Ezra are comfy at his office, with his hands on her legs as she sits on the desk, talking about finding Ian when Jackie intrudes with a knock on the door. She pretends to not having seen they were getting familiar. Ezra introduces Aria as a former student of his, something Aria does not like, though she goes along with it. Jackie acknowledges having met her at the Montgomery house one night for a get together. Aria pretends she only ran into Ezra on the way to her fathers office which probably just came out of her mouth randomly. Of all the things she could have said like I enjoy going to Hollis because I can spend more time with Ezra, or any thing that would give her the upper hand though she hasn’t seen the way Jackie looks at them.

-Yes I will get Ezra back my pretty-

Ezra stands awkwardly by as Aria makes her explanation in the process calling him Mr. Fitz. Jackie says, “She is not your student any more you can let the girl call you by your first name,” which leads me to believe that she is putting down the gauntlet so Aria needs to step it up or lose Ezra.
Now we have all seen a taste of Aria flirting with Jason DiLaurentis already and though I don’t think I would dislike the match I think I prefer this romance with Ezra in a way at least for now. What are your thoughts? Jackie delivers her message about not needing his lecture hall then is on her merry little way. Aria’s good bye to Jackie stinks of I know you want him back and she is surely right though I think it wouldn’t be out of love but of the competition to getting someone’s affection from the current love. After Jackie is gone they briefly discuss nicknames and ways they can get people to warm up to them as a couple.

-Don’t I know you?-

Emily goes to the SpeedDemonExpress to pick up a package only to run into Logan Reed who works there. She asks if she knows him but he pretends to be in a hurry to go on a delivery and lies about not knowing her though he might not have recalled and is just a shifty sort. Emily feels like she knows the guy and we see a flashback of Logan as the guy that made the drop off the night they were all with Garrett thinking Ian was going to show up.

Spencer finally gets a bit of support from her Mama bear as she brings her a cup of tea in her room. Mom delivers a message that Wren called to check on Spencer and Melissa; Spencer thinks that was a nice thing but what else could she say? Her mother dares to compliment her being a hard worker at school, you know always. Now the whole spill about how they are proud Spencer suggested they give Ian a funeral is just strange to me because they are grown ups and having a funeral even if its a pauper like funeral is protocol for the dead. I mean Melissa should have been the one angling for a funeral but here we have Spencer trying so hard to be liked, complimented and accepted in her own family its just a sad business. It took Ian dying before Spencer got any credit, wow some kinda messed up family.

Spencer is smart I hope she eventually will see how whacked out the situation is. Mom even called her friends to ask them to come to the funeral to support her, Spencer. Blah Blah Blah its my fault you girls were pulled apart and I won’t ever do it again, until you know I don’t believe you because you talk crazy about pedophiles and seeing ghosts and its over Spencer, but okay for now we are all one happy family with the funeral.

-some kinda hug, whoa there Moms-

Spencer hugs her and I am sad that she has to go through all of this to be loved, I felt a tear on my cheek wow those eye drops do work. “I love you so much honey,” Mama Bear says. Now it would be nice if she got this kinda love all the time and maybe I missed something so anyone willing to share what I missed please comment.

Emily is reading on the bed or trying to read but that dang suicide note is stuck in her brain. She gets up to review it again then gets it in her noggen that she has seen the same words before in the same order, you know not just in the dictionary.

Back at the Hastings home, Spencer who is now in her parents good graces because of her angelic behavior and suggestion of giving Ian a funeral, that still bugs me, is in the market for one diamond wedding ring.
She does search after search only to find out a teenage girl can’t afford such a purchase whether budget, knockoff or even discounted, even if they are the daughter of a lawyer, hmmm. Now personally I say forget the ring because if A has it she will let her know; maybe Spencer can make a deal and get it back, right? Besides Melissa would know if it wasn’t her ring she spent most of her marriage fondling it which is why I can’t see how she even let it get lost sausage fingers or not, now that is a whole other rabbit trail.

-that’s not going to happen sweetie just fess up-

Speaking of A; she texts Spencer, “Would Mommy hug a thief? Now tell the truth or that ring will show up when you least expect. Now here we go again does A use binoculars and go all over town without anyone noticing? The times that she texts are so random or they seem to be to me though I guess it is when the girls are in anguish or stressed which is a lot of the show.

Hooded guy shows up at Jason’t house all ready to break his front window when Jason stops him.

-Dude really isn’t playing sports enough?-

After the break, we find out this hooded guy is none other than Mike Montgomery, that sneaky devil. Jason immediately takes Mike home to his older sister, Aria. She thanks Jason for not calling the police on Mike and Jason tells her not to tell her parents because Mike was busted by him and never did do any harm;so leave it at that. Jason doesn’t want any more cops at his house.

Emily is figuring out the mystery of the note as she goes through her old texts. I noticed her mother and Samara are missing this episode though it was packed tight without them.

Hanna and Caleb bond at school the next day as she apologizes for getting sentimental with her mother the last time she saw him. Caleb says its all good because his foster mother’s only concern is cashing her checks she doesn’t care where he is or what he is doing. As long as he is around for the child services visit then he can do whatever he likes the rest of the time. Hanna explains there are better ways to live but he doesn’t want to rock the boat. Now wasn’t Caleb leaving town to go to Arizona a while back? I thought he had to go for his family I guess that was just a temporary plan to get out of Rosewood and away from his first love Hanna because she dumped him ?!! Lucas must have pulled him back into the fold with his odder of a bed and video games, yeah Lucas. Caleb thinks he could do a lot worse and I agree with him except it would be nice if he had a good home life; we all want that right?

-its like a puzzle guys check it out-

In the classroom, Emily is eager to tell everyone her findings about the note. She shows them proof of how A made the note using old text messages she sent to them all. Only A and the girls had access to the texts. Ian didn’t commit suicide, Emily says. Spencer adds, “that means Ian didn’t confess to killing Allison, Uh duh, yeah that falls into line too. Then Emily explains about Logan Reed from the SpeedDemonExpress who made the drop off of money that Garrett has hidden, yeah well he is acting all shifty eyed.

Emily goes back to the SpeedDemonExpress to talk to shifty Logan. He tells Emily he saw a posting on line for someone to make a same day deliver and he answered it. He spoke with a woman on the phone not a man, she paid him through a p.o. box and never met her. I bet that Logan is wishing he had passed up on that quick cash about now. He thinks he would recognize her voice if he heard it again which by him saying that makes me think he is willing to help though at first he was all acting like he was scared. Hmmm, interesting. I wonder if he is playing both sides; like he wants to make some more money. Just a thought.

-call me Mommy Dearest-

Caleb’s foster Mommy, Janet, has to come to the school for some paperwork and gets all up in Caleb’s grill because he hadn’t warned her about it so she could answer the questions about him intelligently, like that would happen.

-a girl can be nosy and cute-

Hanna is listening from down the hall which has to be hard for her since she wants to help Caleb so bad. Caleb mouths off and Janet walks away, Ah you gotta love mother and son relationships; so complicated, oh wait not the same here.

-mike you are making me break a sweat and I am wearing a new blouse-

Aria is trying to get through to Mike on the other side of the school building but he is being a brat. He confesses to breaking into the homes of her friends as well as knocking her down over at Spencer’s a couple of weeks ago. He has been thieving it up all over town but Aria can’t tell because they both think it will have their parents at each others throats again. Oh, another messed up family situation. Focus children; your parents drama has nothing to do with you, its just them, dysfunctional them.

Spencer arrives home to find crazy Melissa in the same spot as we last saw her; on the sofa looking like a sour puss. Spencer is just about to confess her sins when Mama Bear asked her to set the table you know like she is ten or because Mama can’t do it herself. Spencer scampers off like the obedient child that she is; Melissa didn’t even look up, that’s whacked. You know it wouldn’t kill her to say thank you to her little sister because low and behold they are throwing a funeral for her rotten excuse of a husband. You know she might break something by being grateful, forget it, sheeks!

-yeah mama tell me I’m hot-

Hanna wants to wear a red dress to the funeral but Ashley says its not in good form to call attention to the fact that No one liked Ian. Then there is blah blah about Ashley’s dead papa whose funeral she paid for but did not attend. Ashley hated him and is okay with that; well that’s one interesting story there folks I am sure we will find out all the whys and hows later in the season.

-Ode to Ian-

Finally the day of the funeral arrives and all the girls including Hanna are dressed in black. Hanna is the fashionista in her short cleavage showing little black dress with a widows veil hat to match. Spencer looks like the youngest of the four with long flowing curls, a lace ribbon on her neck and sensible shoes. Aria is also sexy with her heart earrings and demure rounded neckline dress though its also short with a flared skirt. Emily is simple in a basic black shift dress.

Emily approaches Spencer about her findings on the suicide note but Spencer just wants to get past it all though I cannot believe she thinks its all over. See the thing is now that Spencer got a little love from her family she is focused on keeping it instead of getting real about their situation. The text from A should have told her she wasn’t done but only time will tell what is next. Spencer thinks if she confesses to Melissa things will be right again, or from what I can tell that is her thought. Emily is disappointed with Spencer’s reaction and can only watch as her good friend walks away.

-but uh my um gurl friend, your daughter Ahria-

Ezra is intercepted by the Montgomery’s as he is heading toward Aria to get a seat. Aria watches as he explains he is there for the students. Aria’s cluelesss parents lead him away to sit with them as Aria frowns. You know maybe she should have gone over and grabbed him by the hand and just been done with it; I have to wonder how she thinks one moment will be different from another as far as their reactions.

Emily goes to Garrett in her desire to get some help on who hired Logan Reed to deliver the money. Garrett says he will find out who the woman was that did the hiring.

The pine box at the grave site is the first indication of the pauper like funeral, it shows they kept their word about the no frills burial.

You know I am sitting her thinking if Ian didn’t confess to killing Allison then maybe he didn’t. We have to believe that A’s killer and/or Ian’s killer might still be out there that is forefront in my mind. I would think the girls would consider that too though I am not seeing that. Here again I wonder did I miss something? A is everywhere all the time and a guy comes up dead, Emily can prove he didn’t write the suicide note, the note was the only evidence that connected him to killing Allison, except the video.

-the worms crawl in the worms crawl out-

The four girls are the ones to throw the dirt on the grave; I guess its a letting go ritual or something I think I have seen it before. Ah yes according to Yahoo Answers, the tradition is Jewish and is meant to promote healing to mourners. I find this ironic consider my above comment, read again please.

Turn our eyes away leaning on the hope that we one day to will be saved says the song, wow that gave me chills. I gotta say I love the songs on this show they are so right on track.
As the girls finish wiping the dirt from their hands which is where the song says wiping clean our faces, Aria looks over to see Jason sitting alone. Her eyes clearly say she is glad he has come and she gets that I might be interested look. Yeah maybe it was just me, don’t strain yourselves LOL 🙂

Emily comes over to Aria after the funeral and says she thinks Jason is a freak, basically she has no sympathy for him though Aria is in a hurry to go speak with him. Ezra shows up in her path that she had planned to take to speak with Jason to say he wants to take the next step. Aria is not seeing that because neither of them seems to be trying that hard and I see it very clear, hesitation folks.

-not even a kiss on the cheek, Z?-

Aria expresses she would have loved to have some affection from him, publicly at the funeral. Ezra practically runs away.

-run baby run-

Over at the school Hanna is hanging out at her locker, who knows why since she just left a funeral, but Janet, Caleb’s Mommy is there walking around. Oh slow me, I guess it was in the middle of the week, during school hours no less. Hanna tells Janet that she needs to do the right thing by Caleb. Janet walks off in a huff. Hanna does use some fun expressions like saying her mother is with Dolce, Gabana and Lebowitz plus she threatened to go all Erin Brokovich on Janet’s ass but well that is a bit lame, but cute.

-yes I am the weeks eye candy, take a good lick I mean look-

Aria finally makes it to talk to Jason, even though you guessed it he is fully clothed in slightly dark funeral colors. Aria uses the excuse to talk to him as thanking him again for not ratting out her bratty brother Mike. Jason says he thinks his parents cant look at him because of Alison death. He seems to admire Alison but he says he was jealous of her fearlessness. Jason is just glad that Ian confessed to killing Alison in the note because until now he thought it might have been him since he spent so much time wasted he had no memory of what happen the night Allison died.

-Dude you had that note all this time? I just thought you were a sexy perv-

He shows Aria a note that reads, “I saw what you did.” Jason said the note almost destroyed him. Ian confession changed everything for him. It kinda sucks for Jason that the note was a fake.

It speaks, Melissa finally talks as she tells Spencer that she is having a girl. Melissa says blah blah I can’t believe Ian was a monster. She lied to everyone for Ian because she thought Ian was innocent. Spencer tries to confess about the ring but Melissa interrupts, “there is something you don’t know…” the phone from last weeks episode, the red one, begins to ring in Spencer’s purse. Great Timing right, I bet its A? Spencer pulls out the phone that Melissa recognizes as Ian’s. Okay why does he have a red phone, strange.

-oh Snap, the B*t*h is back-

Melissa is all you sent me all those texts? Oh lets jump from point A to Z in two seconds flat? Now Spencer could have found the phone or just been trying to tell her about a moment before but nope. Wild eyed Melissa is back in a flash, yelling and screaming accusations then she throws the phone across the room where it breaks apart. “I will never forgive you for this,” she says before she is gone from the sofa.

-I’m not worrying about the ring anymore, sniff, I don’t care if you hate me-

-Yes me drinky please-

Blah blah Mom and Pop Montgomery commiserate over how bad Ian was before Mike stops in to tell them he is going out. Mom decides yes drinking for now is what she needs, Absinthe it is, she replies to Pops earlier offer of booze for two.

Logan Reed meets up with Garret to get his money. This time the money is to keep his big fat mouth shut and he is leaving town now. Garrett why didn’t Logan leave town before this; maybe he just wanted more money. Not sure that trail is worth tracking. Big no not so big surprise its Benna that Garrett reports the drop off of cash to Logan back to. I knew it was her, the ladies voice on the phone. She is the only other female that is on the show if you don’t count all the mommies.

-this won’t take long Lucas can wait-

Good gravy Ashley finally went food shopping leaving Hanna to try to get out of her sexy funeral dress all alone. It’s a good thing Caleb came by with food and those good looks of his. He reports his Mommy Dearest showed up with money for him. He can’t stay though because he has to go Goonie time with Geeky Lucas, his new bestie, before he kisses Hanna and tells her he knows she played Erin Brokovich for him to get Mommy to play fair or at least share the wealth. Hanna kisses him again for good measure, go Hanna.

Sometimes the shortest distance from Point A to Point B is the long way around, reads the text from A that Emily receives. Really? A is allergic to straight answers and is as we all know a peeping tom or tammy. Emily is used to it by now since she spent all those years watching wheel of fortune with her Mum she uses her skills to get the message deciphered before she texts the others. You see that message she picked up from SpeedyDemonExpress was for her all this time because inside the lot numbers match the ones on the back of the funeral program.

Emily texts the girls to meet at the cemetery; a new place for a change, LOL. They walk through the foggy boneyard with flashlight chatting about getting caught or in trouble. Spencer finally understands that things are not over, praises be, her eyes are opened. So they think that A has helped them to be done with Ian because the note ties him to Alison’s death though it does not solve who killed him or really even Alison. Circular reasoning for four anyone? Why is A helping them convince the police that they were telling the truth? Oh and you know all the evidence they ever had has come from A so we don’t know if its real or just set ups? My head hurts.

-Am I here B*t*hes?-

-so that’s what mausoleums are for?-

The get to the spot they have been looking for to find its Allison’s grave. Up ahead a video starts to play on a headstone/mauseleum. Its a video like the one they had seen before with Ian and Allison. The difference is this time we see Allison get up at the end and Ian goes over to kiss her before he walks away. The girls have two concerns at this point: who is showing the video and who was left behind to kill Allison? They go in search of the first through the grave yard. It’s kinda funny they all think the video projector was in a different place, on the ground, in a tree, over here or over there.

-I’m right over here!!-

The final scene is someone holding the projector watching them walk the other way.

Half Baked Theories:

Melissa is on crack or some other ilicit drug that makes you have random mood swings and I feel for that baby because even pregnancy doesn’t cause that many whiplash like changes in a woman, Yikes. On the other hand the list of people that can be A has gone down one with the change in Jason’s behavior. Now we only have Benna, Garrett, Noel, Lucas, Mike and Mona left. I know some of the names are just teasers but who knows at this point it might be some random dude with a crush on one of the girls or you know it could be Alison who somehow is not really dead. I am open for suggestions. 🙂

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Again feel free to comment.

One comment

  1. I think this may be my favorite of your recaps, so far! (And that’s saying a lot, since I adore them ALL!) The photo captions were hilarious, and had me laughing like a hyena from beginning to end. Man, this show can fun, sometimes . . . even when it does revolve around dead people and pedophiles . . . go figure.

    It just occurred to me that Ian’s body would have, not only already started to decompose, but also would have stank like hell, after “hanging out” for a week. (Perhaps, A kept him on ice . . . or something. EW!)

    Douchey Brother Mike just pretty much just crawled to the top of my “A” suspect list, with his “home invasion as a hobby” tendencies. I kind of don’t buy his whole “acting out because Mom and Dad were fighting” assertion. We already know he has access to all the girls’ homes, just as “A” clearly does. And as Aria’s brother, he’s privy to a lot of information about the other PLL girls that no one else would know. He’s also SHORT, like the guy who was holding the projector at the end of the episode. But here’s the thing, I think he’s working for someone, who has more of a motive than he does . . .

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it (at least, until next week) . . . 😉

    Ugh! I hated that Jackie girl! What the heck did Fitzy ever see in her? I’m kind of waiting for the inevitable Aria / Jackie catfight that’s coming down the pipe. We already know Aria’s “that kind of girl.” After all, she almost beat up her own babysitter at the dance last season, for doing much less than Jackie did this week.

    As for Jason, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the new guy’s acting skills. And I like his chemistry with Aria. On the other hand, this pairing seems a bit forced to me. Plus, the storyline of the “murder suspect” who is “misunderstood” and who “ONLY ONE OF THE GIRLS TRULY UNDERSTANDS” has already been played out twice with Toby (once with Emily, and again with Spencer). So, I’m hoping this Jason / Aria plotline takes a different turn than it seems to be taking now.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your humor and recapping awesomeness with us. It is very much appreciated. See you next week!

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