PLL S02 Episode 8 Recap – Food for Four

Hello all I hope you are enjoying the summer heat as much as I am. Keep in mind that sweating is a natural coolant for your body so don’t stay in the air conditioner too much its not good for you. Also sweating helps to lose that weight from all the summer eating and hanging out.

Now on to the recap.

Turn on the heat, Spencer

This week the episode begins with lucky Spencer having survived being alone in the police car with Officer Doo Good, um, Garrett. She explains to the girls that she got away by lying to Garrett about the text being from her mother who wanted her to be home right away. LOL, its a good thing this girls have gotten better at lying over the course of the show. Three of them are sitting in the car in front of what turns out to be Benna’s house. Its the time of the show were they discuss last weeks events; up front was the fact that Benna’s vase was at Garrett’s apartment. “Of course she gave it to him,” says Spencer, “its not like there is a Blind Artist Craft’s fair.” LOL that was funny. Spencer can’t get over how or why Garrett would have any interest in Benna until Hanna reminds her that the two of them grew up across the street from one another. I guess that is that could be the key to their attraction, otherwise I am with Spencer on the mystery of it.

It looks like they are all together because Emily needed a ride to her old house to help with the alarm that the new tenants can’t seem to figure out. Poor Emily looks like she may have gotten the short end of the stick on the staying in town deal.

Hanna runs her mouth off about Mike being a thief despite Spencer’s warning about keeping her trap shut. It’s interesting I wouldn’t think Hanna would be so sassy about such things considering her relationship with Caleb, even though she is all in his business too. Aria feels she has to defend Mike and her family in the face of the comments. She lies though because she has not mentioned to the girls about Mike breaking into Jasons or trying too and I am sure she has not told them that he was the one to break into Spencers or Emily’s house. I think Aria is trying to be the good big sister but she is doing it all wrong at least in my opinion; I do think she believes she is protecting her friends as well as her family with her little lies that keep growing.

We need more group activities in this town!!

They watch in amazement as Officer Garrett goes to Benna’s and walks in the unlocked door. The girls who must be in a stupor as the walk across the street and stand in front of the window, I don’t know why Garrett didn’t see them except for the magic of tv land or he was so intent on Benna he was mesmerized, yeah I can’t see that. On second look I guess they are on the shadowy side of the house. Garrett begins to kiss on Benna who drops her sexy robe to reveal the lingerie she bought several weeks ago. I get that they were in shock but standing in the yard in front of the window. This would have been a good time for A to add more evidence inside their vehicle.

100 situps in the morning is normal come on Hanna

The next morning at Hanna’s house Emily is working out on the kitchen floor doing sit ups. Hanna notes that she has been doing a lot of them lately even in her sleep; Emily stresses she didn’t actually get any sleep. Emily seems really stressed out about the pressure to good to earn the scholarship to Danby that her parents thinks she has already received. Hanna and Emily briefly discuss the trauma of seeing Benna with Garrett the night before as Hanna attempts to pour Emily a glass of juice. Emily explains she can’t have much sugar as Hanna pours a bowl of sugary cereal. Hanna sure eats a lot for someone who is trying to stay on the slim girl track, but she probably binge eats from habit I guess. Her parental situation has to be stressful, is daddy going to stay or go is a lot of drama.

Emily gets a pain in her side as they discuss the upcoming swim meet and the fact that her parents won’t be there to see it. Hanna thinks Emily is worrying to much before she asked Hanna to hand her bag so she can get her pain cream out to rub on her side. Last week her shoulder was hurting now the pain seems to have gotten lower, if I remember correctly. Hanna says maybe her parents will forget about Danby as time goes by and Emily replies its another zip code not a parralell universe LOL. Hanna notices Emily’s cream its almost half empty even though she bought it only the day before. She seems concerned about Emily before her father, Tom, walks in the room which seems to make Emily uncomfortable. Dad explains away the happy hour out with Mom that lasted all night before Ashley comes in glowing in her gray tight dress. The mood in the room changes when Ashley hands Hanna a piece of mail addressed to her to find out that its a Save the Date card for Tom and Isabel’s wedding. Ashley frowns as Hanna rolls her eyes.

I am cute and ave a brittish accent let me in little girl

At the Hastings, Spencer is looking at a news site where there is a article on Alison’s death before there is a knock on the door. She does remember to close the laptop which is something it has taken a while for this girls to understand is important to do; so many times they have been careless before. Wren is at the door with a large pink flower. Something about the appearance of Wren this week didn’t sit right with me; I can’t put my finger on it now but last night it just hit me he might be involved in the big mystery some how.

He stopped over to drop of the plant for Melissa who it seems has gone off to Philly since the funeral. I guessed Torrey DeVito Wesley might have another job so I looked it up and she is in a movie, but I digress. Wren has been placed on rotation at the local hospital so lucky or unlucky for Spencer who loves Toby; Wren will be around. Spencer starts asking what could be considered as random questions on autopsy’s as Wren looks curiously at her; she tells him a lie about it being for a school paper oh well why not she lies a lot lately, right. Wren segues into asking her out for coffee and not very well, she says she has a boyfriend then he says well, “how about tea?” I think here was the foreboding I had gotten about Wren. He is coming on to Spencer seemingly out of no where after all this time. Well I know he liked her before sometime after or during his relationship with Melissa, help me out Jewls. The point I was making is that his appearance does not sit well with me. He is cute and I love the accent but still not a good vibe.

Cutie Pie Caleb

On the way inside school Hanna sees Caleb making another deal but this time some guy in a dark car is watching him. Hanna does a slow walk pass the car only to find that they guy has a picture of Caleb also he is making notes as he watches Caleb. Hanna attempts to talk to Caleb to warn him but he gets an attitude then walks away to find his customer she scared off I imagine. I think Caleb was defensive because he knows he is doing something that Hanna dislikes and he just doesn’t know how to stop.

Call me Officer Doo Good

Inside the school Officer Doo Good approaches Spencer carefully in the hallway almost as if he didn’t want to frighten her away. He is at the school to teach drivers education Spencer learns because I am sure she thought he had come to finish their conversation, but wait, that is what he tries to do. Spencer gets away as fast as she can after rambling on about family drama, biology class and oh I hope I wasn’t bothering you with all my chattering about head wounds, autopsy’s and dead friends, see ya bye.

Garrett gives us a knowing look as Spencer wanders off in the other direction. Yeah Officer Doo Good your cover has been blown, no more information will you receive from the fabulous foursome, what is your plan B?

Ella breaks up what could have been a fight with Mike and an old friend of his in the hallway. Mike then refuses to talk to her by walking away. WHOA this guy needs a serious time out; or a good whopping up side his head for disrespecting a teacher/his mother on school property that is cause for suspension if she wanted it to be but then she would have to deal with him not being at home, OH WAIT he isn’t ever at home now. Oh well, boys will be boys, right.

Oh Jason that feels good; oh its you Fitzy

Oh this could have been the sweetesy scene but oh well, its all about Aria and Ezra’s strange dying love. He shows up in her ceramics/art class to find her alone painting a bowl a sad baby blue. I hope it darkens when its fired, but anyway, Ezra is all feeling romantic wanting to replay the scene from Ghost where Demi Moore is at the pottery wheel and Patrick Swayse sits behind her making her all hot. Oh but no Aria is in a rush to finish the bowl and doesn’t understand the truly magical moment Ezra is trying to portray. She finally reveals to Ezra about Mike’s stealing which leads to her confession of why she let Jason chat her up at the doomed party last week. Now the mention of Jason to Ezra was like pouring water on a fire; I could just see his poor heart shrifling up as he begins to give up on her. Hey at this point he needs to do some hanging out with Jackie just for release, sorry if that is crass, but Aria does not see the good that she is throwing away. I think she is so young she is yearning for some bad boy excitement and she may find soon enough how that can fizzle quickly. When Ezra kisses her on the forehead instead of the lips after she unenthusiastically agrees to come by later, I just felt it all fall apart. Ezra does turn around to ask Aria if he should be worried about her and Jason, all she can say is no but its again not an enthusiastic no so much as a oh of course not NO that means YES !!!

Hey EMMY its dad I am at your school; wait I see you… there a phone call

Poor Emily if she wasn’t under enough pressure already her dad shows up for her swim meat. Don’t these people use phones? They just fly here and there like no ones business LOL I know it sounded funny in my head.

Girl down on aisle Five…..sorry its not funny Em is hurt, *is sad*

Almost as soon as Dad walks away Emily collapses on the floor in a fit of pain. Garrett happens to be walking by and is the one to call emergency. Just a note about the overacting in this scene; according to Jensen Ackles when doing a 3D type scene similar to this shot where they got really close with the camera then backed away, you have to make your movement really large.
She did a great job, way to go Shay !!

Yes Aria a cup of Acid aka Coffee for the girl with a hole in her stomach, duh!! No

At the hospital we find out that Emily has an ulcer which is caused mainly by stress. Her father explains that she can’t swim again until she is healed up but as soon as he says that Emily starts worrying again about the lie.

No puking these shoes are white, Hanna

In the hallway on the way to Emily’s room Hanna expresses that she thought ulcers where for old people , Spencer said, “Stop it you are going to freak her out.” LOL These too are good together sometimes so off the cuff and hilarious; yeah like two besties. Hanna stayed a week in the hospital and if she sees another bowl of green jello she is going to puke on Spencer’s shoes LOL “I am gonna walk behind you,” Spencer retorts …see comic relief this week.

Ever the good friend, Spencer won’t let Hanna ignore her question about what is going on with she and Caleb. Hanna gives her the run down about the dark car and Caleb’s recent activities. It turns out Hanna didn’t tell Caleb about the cop because wait for it……..she has abandonment issues….I see first Tom leaves, comes back and I will tell you know….will leave again…..she refuses to deal with that with Caleb….oh poor Hanna, I bet that is her attachment with Alison, she left her too even though that is considered death in most circles it could be abandonment but yes I digress. This is where Spencer fails when she says if the cops are after Caleb, “you are going to lose him anyway”…..oh but lets wait and see how this plays out *hint*

Okay the view of Spencer getting off the elevator in long dark socks and white sneaks is so hilarious I cannot in any fashion universe imagine this combination but hey maybe it was a combination sports/I gotta hurry to the hospital combo LOL

So Long Sucka

Ashley and Tom blah blah yes Emily is at the hospital, no wait we were going to eat at the hotel room blah blah hey I will take you over to the hotel blah blah no Tom go to your fiancee please leave. So basically Tom wants more of what he had last night Ashley wants him to get out because it was all a big drunken mistake and hey we have been married before it wasn’t that good; good night.

Hanna was really over sharing this week LOL “she has a hole in her stomach,” then “it will heal,” Spencer says, “moving on.” Aria shows up before Spencer goes off to exchange the coffee for a tea, not sure you can exchange beverages but whatever. Emily insists that she will tell her father the truth about Danby before Spencer leaves the room, they can’t really reply to this I mean trying to be honest should be a good think.

I say I work here but I might be stalking you, whateva

Spencer runs into Wren as she trying to find pathology but he assumes she is in search of Emily’s room. I got a chance to see the cute vee necked sleeveless black dress that Spencer was wearing now I think the shoes were a throw back to sports or comfort I think LOL. She and Wren get on the elevator as she pretends to be interested in Emily’s condition. Wren sees as Spencer looks out onto the floor where she would have gone had not Wren shown up. His look at her peeking out makes me think he is up to something. So here is my thought; Melissa sent him to Rosewood to be her eyes while she is away looking as though she is grieving. It could happen right. Who knows if Melissa and Wren didn’t kill Alison because she knew too much about Wren, Ian, Jason and Melissa’s activities which of course could be anything, hey I’m just sayin’, Dude’s up to something.

I give blindness a bad name

Across town somewhere, Benna and Garrett are discussing Spencer’s questioning of him last night. They chat briefly with Garrett concluding that the girls definitely are questioning if Ian killed Alison. “We need to take care of this,” Benna says all tough. Okay you are Blind Jenna you mean Garrett and his henchman need to take of of it, missy LOL.

Is there no rest for the wicked

Wren arrives in Emily’s room with both good and bad news. The good news is she is on the road to recovery, wait didn’t we know that already? The bad news is that they found steriods in her system and the only thing she has been over using is that pain cream. Wait I bet that was the medicine that gloved hand person tampered with last week. It made her addicted to it and well as help her to get the ulcer I imagine because she was already stressing out. OUCH double blow lets see what daddy Wayne has to say now. Wren insists he will ask her doctor if she can retake the test because that will look good on her medical record, NOT. I know Emily was grasping for straws.

Favorite costume of the week

Light my fire, Caleb

Caleb is standing outside waiting for Hanna in what looks like the downtown area as he sees the man in the dark car get out of the car. He doesn’t seem upset or even concerned about the man. Hanna drives up dressed like Audrey Hepburn with dark glasses and a scarf around her head and neck, “Get IN!!” she commands him as she looks strangely at her. “I thought we were going to a movie or we can just be in one,” he says again not really concerned at all. Hanna speeds away while we see the man in the car realizes that she was watching him as he stands in the street while they go past him.

At the hospital Aria is looking for Spencer who must have called her down to the basement, LOL. Spencer opens the door of the laundry room where she is hiding wearing a candy stripper outfit as she holds one up for Aria. She grabs Aria to pull her in the room.

Um studying? No really?

At the Montgomery’s we find Mike actually doing something that looks like homework, will wonders never cease? Ella tries to talk to him about his behavior but they end up in a shouting match where Mike leaves the room. He acts as though its her fault because she left them before when she and Byron were fighting all the time. Now I never had this issue at home but I get the feeling Mike is only using that as an excuse to act badly but I could be wrong maybe he is acting up for the attention and to bring the family together in crisis or something.

Stop talking and Kiss me

Over at the Hastings Lake House, Hanna has brought Caleb to safety or so she thinks. Oddly enough Hanna waits until after Caleb has started the fire to tell him that someone has been following him. I want to know what they discussed on the drive? I don’t imagine the lake house/cabin is close to town LOL. Caleb insists he had no idea he was being followed but he is not going to hide despite this really cool pad that Hanna has taken him to. Okay so the idea was kinda lame but Hanna meant well. I don’t know how she thought he could just disappear from school just to avoid one person who could just as easily followed them as not if he wanted too. Hanna concern for Caleb leaving is so sad, poor Hanna doesn’t want to be left again. Caleb promises he won’t leave as he unwraps that darn scarf from her head then gives her a good kissing. Go Caleb, Go Caleb. Oh wait now that’s a good use of the cabin LOL, maybe.

How original a play on words

Peas and Cream anyone

Can I just say EW, in the room, Emily wakes up when the orderly comes to take her food but she wants to eat it; who knows how long its been sitting there. Okay hospital food is notoriously bad but cold it has to be horrid. Anyway she opens the lid of her coffee to find a note, you know because A also has access to the hospital rooms in the world of Rosewood. Now the lamest NOTE from A EVER, “Do You Want Cream with Your Coffee” Yeah I get it the Pain Cream hardy har har LOL still lame. Now I don’t even know why Emily hadn’t considered it might be A with the steriods, she really has to stop worrying about that lie though it was a big one its throwing her off her brain thing. She opens the lid to the food and finds pain cream on her plate, EW again really messing with the food now so low class A!!

We look twelve but we really aren’t, true fax

The Candy Strippers show up to talk to Emily before she tells them about the cream mishap. Spencer is the one who encourages Emily “that we are not going to give in to this FREAK!” Yeah Spencer I am on her team she is ready to do some fighting to get the mystery solved which is what is needed despite A trying to take Emily down or her previous attempt to take Hanna out by running her over with a car.

Wayne comes in before the Candy Strippers scurry away, back to work, seeing as how they had to lie since they were dressed for volunteering. Well this time its for a good cause right? LOL

Yes Wayne your trust is misplaced in more than one way

Poor Clueless Wayne told the tenants with the alarm issues to relax, “you’re in Rosewood.” I died laughing when I realized what he had said then he added, that the alarm was just for show. I bet Mike knew that when he tried to break in to the house, LOL.

Emily is the luckiest girl on the show, I tell YOU. Although when he calls her Emmy I can’t help but think um Emily is a short name why not call her Em, but hey that’s just a detail right. She is about to confess again when Wayne interrupts with YOU don’t worry about a scholarship just get well and we will find a way to get you to college. WOW best parents ever award goes to Pam and Wayne, lets hear a round of applause for them. Her parents are hot for each other and Emily is well I feel like I might cry she is just so blessed. Now if the other girls parents were as easy to get along with well we might not have a show, that would never do. Emily dodged a bullet I wonder how A will take that out of her hide.

Don’t lose your cookies in the morgue

Now I am watching this for the second time and I know the punchline but let me tell you what happens first. Spencer and Aria/Candy Striper girls finally go into the morgue to find the file for Alison. There are a few bodies on the table as well as some cookies, which Aria finds icky but Spencer is logical about it, “they stay fresh,” LOL always with the logic.

More food and some beer goes to waste

Meanwhile at the Marin’s, Ashley is throwing away good food because it was what she bought for Tom, waste money much MOM? Sheeks. Ashley had to explain the birds and the bees to Hanna as far as Tom, your dad is not what I need or maybe ever needed sorry kiddo I am moving on. It was painful to watch poor Hanna she wanted her parents together but they can’t make it work.

It’s kinda icky but at least we know, Aria you okay?

Back at the morgue the two liars are trying to decipher Alison’s file. “Were you premed in preschool,” Aria asks Spencer who seems to understand more of the file than Aria. Spencer is all, well I don’t understand a lot of it LOL. Bottom line – Alison was hit with a curved end object, like a field hockey stick, so hard it dented her skull but she was buried alive; that is what killed her inhaling dirt. Whoa!! not something light and fluffy this is some intense stuff.

I’m the new sheriff in town, get OUT!!

In downtown Rosewood, Hanna does a face off with the guy following Caleb and tells him to GET LOST!! Wow when did Hanna find some balls, UM sorry its good she is willing to stand up for her man. Of course, if had been a real cop she would have been arrested for interfering or something. I am sure telling him off made her feel better though. Go HANNA! Team Caleb.

Now in the room with Emily after Aria left to go talk to Ezra downstairs, Spencer expresses that she thinks that Jason killed Alison with the hockey stick. Yeah I think Spencer might have to lose that theory but its all still up in the air; she could be right but it would be based more on her feeling and the location where they found the stick then again actual evidence. Anyone can plant evidence there or any where look at all the place they roam at night.

Enough with the stalking, Jason

Ezra tries to comfort Aria over Emily being ill but he really just wants to get Aria by herself which she seems to be avoiding. She gets a call from Jason as Ezra is sitting near her and she lies to him saying its her father. What is going on with her? I get the whole you gotta have options but Ezra is bending over backwards to be faithful though yeah a couple of weeks ago I know I was on the line with him. Today though he is trying so hard and she keeps kicking him. Oh Aria. He asks her to come by again but no she says another night, ugh girl please LOL sorry she is just skating on thin ice with him or is it just me. I hope she doesn’t go postal when he ends up in Jackie’s arms. It will be her own fault, she thinks Jason is her back up I don’t know but No I got nothing.

I am doing my job lady

The man in the car who must be a detective is on the phone with someone who he tells, “He knows I am tailing him but it looks like he doesn’t want to see you.” My guess is that maybe Caleb is not so on the edge as we think; maybe he has a rich mom or daddy or girlfriend or grandparent out there that is letting him sow his wild oats. Its just a theory. I know it might just be Janice, foster mother from He*l!

It’s okay Hanna Banana

Speaking of Caleb, he and Hanna are out on the curb watching supposedly happy families have their cupcake time over in town. Hanna looks so sad she wants a nice normal family. Caleb well he doesn’t look as sad as she does and he is supposedly the orphan, what’s up with that?

Of course we are missing the most important page

ohhhhhhhhh I got it I got it, when we go back to the hospital room we see Spencer frantically searching for a missing page. I know what happened *Raises Hand*, the guy in the morgue, who I know is WREN was messing with the file before Aria and Spencer went down earler.

Gross, eating while you take out trash!

I swear the corpse moved

In the last scene we see the garbage guy in the morgue eating a cookie EW while he has the rubber gloves on, can I just say NASTY, he looks around because he thought he saw something move. Anyway you can see in the garbage there is a piece of paper that could have been a page from the file. Now that was a dumb place for it if you were going to hide it, so maybe I am wrong and we are just suppose to see the man eating cookies, and seeing the person move on the table. I might be over thinking it. He takes the garbage and we see the person on the table who has to be WREN raises the sheet toward the camera. He was the only one that knew Spencer was trying to get to the morgue. HE just wanted to hear everything, what big ears you have Wren. Sorry Jewls Your sexy boy is on my radar.

An amazing episode this week my theories are in the recap but I did love it. I give it a solid 9 on the scale of 1-10

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  1. Fabulous recap, as always. πŸ™‚ Your picture captions are always the best. “Gross, eating, while you take out the trash.” LOL – I laughed until I peed . . . well, maybe not peed . . . but came pretty darn close.

    First things first, Wren . . . You were looking for background on my . . . er . . . I mean Spencer’s future boyfriend. At first, I contemplated writing a really long, drawn out, schmoopy paragraph for you on the Spren relationship. Then I realized that THIS VIDEO explains it better than I ever could . . .

    Aside from my being in love :), I’m inclined to think Wren is innocent in this whole Ali killing / A mess, simply due to the way the character was so easily written out of the story, last season. I suspect the Wren / Spencer romance, would have been more developed during Season 1, had Julian Morris not left so suddenly to work on the ultimately failed ABC pilot, My Generation. (I’m actually convinced Spencer’s random relationship with Alex, only existed, due to Wren’s early departure.)

    The fact that the PLL writers let Julian Morris out of his contract so easily back then, without recasting him, illustrated to me that his character wasn’t essential, plotwise, beyond being a love interest for Spencer. I suspect if he was “A” or someone involved in Ali’s death, the writers either wouldn’t have let him out of contract, or would have recast him (PERISH THE THOUGHT).

    That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it. πŸ˜‰

    I love the scene between Emily and her dad too. He’s such a sweetheart! What kid wouldn’t want to hear that from their parents, especially after all Emily has been through, this week.? πŸ™‚

    Emily’s parents weren’t always the best on the block though. Remember back when Emily first came out to her parents? Her mother was AWFUL. Papa Fields took the news a bit better, but didn’t exactly welcome the realization with open arms, either. It’s nice to see they are all in a better place in their respective relationships now.

    And YES, the Fields’ are definitely SUPER HOT for one another. Mama Fields went NUTS with the thought of not being able to touch Daddy Fields for months, while he was away in Texas. I’ve come to the realization that the parents of Rosewood are generally a pretty horny bunch. Hmmm . . . it must be something in the water.

    Aria’s bored attitude toward Fitzy seems kind of sudden, no? It’s like two weeks ago, she was all “I LOVEEEEEE YOUUUUU. We have to tell the world about our sweet, sweet love.” Now, it’s “Ughhh! You’re annoying. Let me get back to my pottery making!”

    I think you raise an interesting point about Aria behaving this way, simply because she’s still a teen, and wants to live the dream of Redeeming the Bad Boy. (Hey, it works for Hanna!) On the other hand, it’s just such an about-face from how the character has behaved for two straight seasons. Is it possible that she’s been mesmerized by Facelift Jason’s ab muscles, and is now under some sort of Shirtless Love Spell? πŸ˜‰

    By the way, have you given any thought to what shows you will be recapping in the fall? πŸ˜‰

    • Glad you liked the recap; now I keep saying I have to watch all of season one but I really need to do that. There are times I feel in the dark about what is happening, I’m glad they do flashbacks that is sure. What you said about Wren makes sense; him leaving then returning he just seemed so suspicious to me but maybe its just to throw some of us off. LOL I tried to watch the video but for some reason it has one of those error messages on it. I do believe you though. As far as Emily I had forgotten about the other the gay issue her mother had before so she has been through some stuff; there was a time I even though Maya was a set up from A, I guess I have been all over the place guessing. Thanks again for stopping by. :0

  2. OK . . . I see what you mean about the link. If you still want to watch, all you have to do is double click on the word “YouTube” in the message that appears in the center of the box. It should send you directly to YouTube, and you can watch the video there.

    No pressure, of course. πŸ™‚ Just doing my part to clear Wren’s name. πŸ™‚

    • Oh that is good to know I thought they might have pulled the video

      Oh and as far as FALL recaps I am considering: Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries and or Supernatural πŸ™‚ Of course it might all change LOL. I am EXcited about Friends with Benefits airing Tomorrow Finally πŸ™‚

      Ahhhhhhhhh I see why you are a WREN fan that is some good evidence against my theory; I will consider. So that is the Sexy Version of Spencer? The first part of the clips I guess Wren brought that glow in her I do approve. OH and sorry I was so dense about the link.

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