PLL S02 Finale Recap Masked Ball

Photos Capped by me, Click Photos for large size, its a photo heavy recap LOL 🙂

Hello all YOU Pretty Little Liars Lovers, I have to start off this recap but putting it on the line: I didn’t like who they chose as A……..I do have to clarify that Otherwise I LOVED this episode. Oh and by the way, NO I have not read the books.

This episode begins with Breaking NEWS, its taken a week apparently for Garrett to plead Not Guilty to the charge of murder in the case of Allison Delaurantis death. Um didn’t he say he Did NOT do it right away? Why a week? I watched it twice again after watching the show last night and either I am not understanding or it took a week for his lawyers to let him say he didn’t do it? LOL Either way the theory is that he chose to be a cop so that he could be around to disturb evidence in the case. Interesting right, I personally am no fan of Garrett but going through Police training with the goal of hiding a murder is a big stretch even for him.

The girls listen to the breaking news intently. The announcer says the break in the case came with the return of page five of the autopsy report. Remember last week when Benna had Tobey turn that information in to the cops? Aria is all ready to put Allison’s murder to rest but Hanna points out that with Ian dead, Garrett in jail they still have two people free that were in the room the night that Allison died; Melissa and Benna. Hanna adds they are guilty of something just before the worse sister on the planet, Melissa, walks in the room. Even with knowing what I do, Melissa has a big fat RED Flag on her forehead as far as Allison’s death goes as far as I am concerned.

“Love gone wrong,” Melissa says. How can she imply that Garrett loved Allison after she herself gave him that big ole smooch last week. With the supposed heart of an uncaring killer Melissa goes on about how she knew about how Benna was blinded and if Garrett killed Allison it was because he thought she deserved it. She eats Aria’s ice cream after getting permission as though its her only care in the world. She leaves the room with her treat just before they receive a message from A.
You still have something that belongs to me; bring it or one of you leaves in a body bag.

Spencer wanders off to get the doorbell that has rung before they discuss that they think the A text refers to her phone that Hanna has locked up in a closet. OH wait they never did give over the A stuff? Spencer returns with a package containing invites to a Junior Society Masquerade Ball for the next night. Inside the invites is a note from A telling them to be there when the clock strikes midnight. Spencer does this staring thing as she walks across the room then she says that hide and seek was her favored game with Melissa because she always won, this is after Emily mentions that A wants to play Hide/Seek at the Ball. Okay I get the connection. I don’t get Spencer cute dress and those strange short socks LOL.

Cue creepy theme music

At school later Aria, Hanna and Emily discuss that Melissa is basically saying she was a killer as she ate the ice cream. They also speculate that she wants to kill one of them. Melissa our most recent suspect is prancing around making pronouncement with an air of superiority but not a drop of guilt. Emily notes that despite Melissa’s attitude Benna also knows about what happened to her it doesn’t make sense to me though. Anyway Melissa is really smart, comments Hanna, before Spencer comes walking up; she lets them know that Melissa might be smart but not smarter than her. Really Spencer is competing even in cases like then when it’s not necessary its only a comment LOL to me this makes her seem more anal than usual. To be honest it’s not funny its annoying.

Moving on, no matter how anal Spencer might be she is determined they unmask the A b*tch sooner rather than later and I am all for that. She has Allison’s bag and they decide to go through it yet again, they are considering a location just before Mona walks up. she seems chipper and excited about going to the Masquerade Ball.

Mona lets them know that Benna is also going to the Ball, then she puts on her lipstick as she starts rambling about a vintage store. She invites them all to go shopping together but they make up excuses. Mona is left alone only seconds later as they all go off to class after the bell rings. Hmm shouldn’t she be off to class also.

Later they meet up at what could only be Ezra’s place. He has gone off to his parent’s house to regroup leaving Aria to the assumption that things might be over for good this time. This does luckily provide them with a place to hang out away from family members prying eyes.

Hanna gets a text from Mona letting her know that since she is with Hanna’s alibi, Caleb, then she knows she was lied to. Caleb calls next Hanna only hits ignore. Hanna still can’t tell them what is going on with A and the bag as well as a multitude of other things. She falls back on the bed in frustration at having to lie to those she cares about but is warned against getting comfy on the bed by Aria because she says its sacred. It’s like none of them knew that she had slept with Ezra. Hmmm is that supposed to make us think that was the first time they EVER did it; in the last episode? Hmm not buying that KOOL AID, sorry. OH and if they hadn’t done it by this point its an ODD time to go giving up her V card now at what could be the end of the relationship LOL.

Looking through the jewelry box yet again, Spencer finds a pen with Dougherty’s Landing on it. They google it and find it is a tiny airstrip off hwy 30 in the middle of nowhere. Spencer recalled that on the postcard piece they found it was also from a place off of 30. They grab the postcard to look up the location which is Lost Woods Resort the place where Greenview meets hwy 30. Oh my I think we found another clue; suddenly I am reminded of National Treasure where they kept finding clues that seemingly went nowhere until the clues led them to the treasure room where all the gold was hidden. I love that movie.

Anywho the assumption is that Allison must have stayed at the Lost Woods at sometime, more than likely at least the time that Duncan dropped her off near by on the weekend before she died. They of course decide to go take a look-see,its also assumed that the number 1 on the postcard is more than likely the room number, good to know in advance. I actually thought that number was the first of the mysteries in the bag..see I am into the details LOL.

They arrive at the Lost Woods Resort which looks more like some place Sam and Dean Winchester would stay in not Allison D. She was obviously on a Recon mission, that is getting information LOL.
There is a knock on the window before they can disembark. He asks if they are checking in? Odd you know if they are checking it would be nice for them to at least get out of the car first LOL.

After the break, the desk manager/owner guy, Harold, who is one of the few unlucky not quite handsome men to appear on the show, talks to them inside the office, okay he really isn’t that bad. He was surprised to see them ride in; they don’t get many customers he claims. He likes the quiet so it doesn’t bother him about the lack of customers but you would think with little business he would just close down right? AWKWARD.

Spencer signs in as Mary Smith before she asks if room one is available. He is all how do you know about room one but he only asks because it has the hottest water LOL or so he says. Spencer pushes the envelope by stating that their friend, Vivian Darkbloom, told them about the which leads to her adking if he recalls Vivian. He says he does not recall her but adds that you check into the Lost Woods because YOU don’t want to be found, he doesn’t ask questions because of that. He puts a piece of gum in his mouth after they leave, this turns out to be common occurrence in this episode.

Outside its threatening to rain and they rush but Hanna falls in some standing water; they of course help her up. Last time they were rushing around Aria was the one to fall. Slow down ladies the clues are not in this case going to run away.

Inside of the room one they begin the search. OH before I forget, this entire time including on the trip to the hotel there has been a shadowy figure hanging around just out of sight.

Emily wonders why the this hole in the wall motel be called a resort, it resembles the place in Psycho more than anything. You know the solitary desk clerk like Norman Bates, that loves his solitary job. He looks smart but more disturbed than most. The hotel with few visitors just off the highway.

Questions they pondered: Did Allison come alone? Did she come to watch someone or to hide? Did Allison hide something at the motel? They need to get back in the office to make sure that Allison even stayed at the place. Spencer is dying to see what is on the registration book. Aria volunteers to go with her because the others seem overly cold. “You’re little but you’re big,” Spencer tells Aria LOL as in you are small but you have a big heart or maybe is full of courage.

While they look in the office, Hanna gets ready to take a shower since she is a muddy mess after her fall. Emily can’t believe she is getting into the icky tub in the low rent motel. Emily’s phone rings with what looks like a call from Maya. She goes outside to try to get better reception leaving Hanna unawares in the room.

Back in the office they find out that Vivian/Allison checked in on the morning before she went missing, September 6.

Meanwhile outside we see a person dressed in black walking behind Emily who is still trying to get a signal; she has no idea of the person.

The person in black walks into the room where Hanna is taking a shower. Hanna is completely unaware that someone is in the bathroom with her as we see the shadow on the shower curtain, talking about making me not want to shower any time soon LOL kidding I showered today. It is still creepy how a person can be so involved in doing one thing that they do not get that chill of knowing someone is watching…..eww.
The phone rings which Hanna does hear and the dark figure is no longer there as she gets a towel goes into the room to find the door wide open.

After the break, it’s the next morning where we find that the girls gotten comfy with the registry book. They learned that Allison/Vivian stayed at the Lost Woods Twice. The other time was the day she was to meet up with A according to the ads in the paper.

In the next room we see someone watching through a hole in the wall, its the hoody person who may or may not be A.

Aria talks with Emily on the bed about where they had told their parents they were going the night before. Bottom line: they lied so what’s new LOL. I can see outside in this scene some other people getting in a car or walking around; I thought they were the only ones there?

Photo credit: Team Sparia FB Page

Spencer convinces Aria she needs her to help her put the book back, “come on we are team Sparia,” she says LOL. Now I am kind of distracted with the people outside I never noticed. OH and what are those black things on Aria’s arms they look like leg warmers LOL.

Focusing now, oh and the mystery is solved; it was Hanna outside on the phone LOL. She comes in the room to tell Emily that Caleb can’t take her to the ball because his MOMMY is coming to town. WE see that the dark figure next door is still watching and listening as Hanna tells Emily her costume needs a date because she wants to go as Juliet. OH so sweet Emily decides she will be her date but she won’t dress like a guy LOL. I hope not I am not a fan of women dressing like guys its just me; being gay is all good and well but be what you are. I know just a pet peeve.

Spencer runs in with Aria then as they grab their things to go, Harold is back they don’t want him to know they touched his stuff. The hoody wearing person watches them as they race out the door.

Over at Jason’s later we see Tobey doing clean up. I guess he showed up in town in time to get some work. It’s all about timing, apparently LOL.

Spencer arrives to inquire about the fire; Tobey isn’t real talkative but we do learn that Benna seems fine, the fire was no accident, Benna forgave Spencer and he has work to do. Spencer is upset that he won’t even talk to her about forgiveness, but he doesn’t have to be the guy that won’t let anyone Spencer tells him.

Tobey gets a call from Anne Sullivan as Spencer drives away. Hmm now how would she have his number? What is going on with Tobey, is it as I hoped? WE will see little weed-hoppers LOL.

In other news, supposedly STILL Blind Jenna, formerly known by me as Benna, arrives all Sultried Up at a meeting with a mystery person. Jenna has a cute little vintage Mustang Oh and I like it. Now this mystery person has the stance or sitting posture of a man who is taller than her. My guess now don’t hate on me for this but it could be Duncan or Noel or even Jason D. As far as we know Garrett is in jail so it cannot be him, Jenna made sure of that. It is NOT the person they chose as A for this episode, I say this because of the posture that is my evidence. Jenna is all perky lips, pretty eyes and happy to see the birds as she hands something to this person that looks like a shirt. “They are all going to be at the party, you know what you need to do,” she tells him.

Just so you know; this mystery is NOT Solved in this episode. I am looking forward to seeing who the guy is that Jenna is meeting though. I already can’t wait for the Summer Premiere LOL.

The girls arrive at the ball in gorgeous gowns, Aria in red, Emily in green, Hanna in white and Spencer in yellow. It is noted that one its a great place for A to hide, in costume. Also that Melissa was at home in her pajamas on the sofa when Spencer left home.

They have three hours to find A before she finds them. No matter what happens at midnight they stick together and are NOT giving up the phone. They split for an hour to look around, they will keep their phones close which is a good idea.

The first Ball surprise is that Caleb comes up behind Hanna and starts snacking on her neck to her delight he is dressed as Romeo. Hanna has Mona to thank for Caleb’s outfit as well as for coming to the Ball I would imagine he was not invited LOL. Anyone notice how suddenly Mona is always around doing good deeds, don’t we just love her spunkiness and helpfulness? NOT, can she please find more friends to bother LOL. Of course we can’t deny it was a good deed no less even though hmm Caleb could have been the guy that Jenna met with earlier if I didn’t love with Hanna so he would fit the bill or does he fit the bill nevertheless?? He is taller dark-haired and is supposed to be elsewhere but instead he is here at the Ball. Keep in mind they meet up with Jenna leads to season three mysteries not tonight’s big REVEAL.

Hanna thanks Mona for her kindness after she apologizes for lying to her before about her whereabouts. Mona is all don’t worry sweetie we can talk later. Then in a moment of sheer emotion Hanna hugs Mona then says I Love YOU. Interesting there have been incidents where I thought a hug was due but finally we see what is supposed to be a Bestie Relationship. So sweet, right? Keep your friends close……and…all that rot LOL.

Spencer who must have been watching the exchange walks over to Mona to tell her she doesn’t know why Mona pretends not to care when its obvious that she does. OH before this we see Mona put a piece of gum in her mouth just like Harold did earlier, hmm how weird is this suddenly a chewing gum commercial? Anywho, Spencer says despite Mona acting like a superficial b*tch she is a great friend to Hanna. Was that an underhanded comment, it was stated quite coldly to be honest, by hands over her chest, Spencer.

Not a minute later Spencer apologizes for not standing up to Allison about her treatment of Mona. whiplash much folks? Mona says she forgot about that stuff years ago but yesterday she recalled a time when she saw Allison at the store where she took Caleb the day before. The last place Mona saw Allison alive was a store in Brookhaven. This of course catches Spencer’s ear.

Allison is standing by the window looking out from inside a vintage clothing store
Mona: Allison?
Allison: Crap (under her breath)
Mona walks over to Allison to stand near her
Mona: I can’t believe it; its like we are shopping together
Mona: Allison?
Allison: Shhhh
Mona: Why are you dressed like that? What’s going on? Is it some sort of a game?
Allison: Mona.. can I tell you a secret?
Mona: For real?
Allison: It’s for real and for keeps.
Mona: I can’t believe you are talking to me.
Allison: Yeah well, I’m watching someone.
Mona: Who?
Allison: Mona this isn’t a game, pretend like you don’t know me and take off, okay.
Mona: Wow, they Allie D needs something from Mona VanderWall. What’s it worth to you?
Allison: What do you want?
Mona: To be popular.
Allison reaches in her back, pulls out a card and writes on it then rips the card in half. She gives the number to Mona. The postcard is the one the girls have now.

Mona leaves with the number after looking at the postcard, more at the picture than the number I think. Allison stays by the window.
End Flash

Mona left Allison a message that night but Allison never got back with her. Spencer wants to know who Allison was watching but Mona has no idea. Mona suspects it was just a guy that Allison liked but Spencer assumes that Allison was watching A. Spencer reveals the newest hotel information to Mona. Allison followed A to a hotel.

We see a person using a cell phone but we don’t see their face then Aria gets a text; she goes off to find the sender, Odd right? This makes me think that the two are connected somehow. We then see a close up of someone with Jenna’s eyes who has on a full face mask, this person was the one with the cell phone a minute before. How is Jenna connected to that situation? Yep she pulls off the mask and sure enough its Jenna.

After the break, we see Ezra who must have been the one that texted Aria but she seemed to have no idea who she was looking for so I have to wonder who sent him to her? Was it Jenna ? Why? How did Ezra find out about a Ball that only yesterday did Aria receive the invite too? Ezra supposedly has been out-of-town and out of touch. Was Ezra the one that met with Jenna? Yes new mysteries indeed and believe me after finding out who A is this episode I need something else to focus on LOL. Either way they hug after he says, “no matter how hard I try I can’t stay away.” So sweet, so cute, so romantic…..ahhhh

While Aria gets her Ezra on, Romeo is dancing with Juliet, and Emily is talking to Spencer on the phone. Spencer has gone rogue …YIKES. No one said that Spencer could leave the Ball. I totally thought WTH as I saw her on the phone instead at the ball. She tells Em she is going back to the motel, she recalls that they noticed there was a key for every room in the hotel except room two. Room two hasn’t been used since Allison went missing because WAIT for it,…… the room has been rented. OH baby we are cooking with grease now LOL. Allison was in room one spying on room two, oh I see now. Emily says don’t go alone but they all need to stay around because they have to be at the ball at midnight. Spencer isnt’ worried because she is with Mona. Mona, Miss Good Deeds.

Emily spied Not Quite Blind Jenna in her shades whispering to someone but thinks nothing of it.

Over at the hotel, Spencer distracts Harold with tea drinking and idle chit-chat while Mona gets something from the office; I assume it’s the key. Last night I wondered why Spencer took off on poor Harold but I missed the part where Mona motioned at her LOL. Harold stays behind eating his cookies.

They look astonished as they open the door to room two then we are back at the Ball.

Despite this being an event with all of Aria’s school mates Ezra makes a bold move by not only removing their masks but kissing Aria on the dance floor…….WOW speaking of Season Three drama. I can see Aria on the way to boarding school now, OOPS.

Meanwhile Emily is still looking for A, she actually is the only one which now makes me think the guys showing up at the ball where none of the girls had a date is a DISTRACTION in its self. Hmmm speaking of men, Paige shows up dressed like a dude in a mask, she sneaks up on Emily.

At the hotel they have found A’s hide out its obsession on crack then squared LOL. SEE PHOTOS above. Spencer is appalled and freaked out there are pictures of Allison but also of them. Mona finally asks, “what is this place?” Spencer replies, “A’s lair.”

Paige regrets not fighting harder for Emily Blah Blah we heard this before, anyway Emily just wants to be friends with her. Personally I think now Emily just is not attracted to Paige like she might have been but hey that is me; I might be deflecting LOL. I am still no Paige/Em fan not sure if that will change.

At A’s Lair they find sketches for a black swan masquerade costume. Mona goes to inform Hanna of who they should be looking for at the ball.

After the break, Hanna sees someone in a black swan costume that she does not recognize. Jenna looks toward her after she walks in the room.

Back at the Lair, Mona offers Mona gum, seriously, gum commercial here? LOL Spencer declines. A minute later Spencer wanders aloud why the girls are not getting back with them after Mona texted them. She then finds a gum wrapper, go figure LOL, in Allison’s diary that is in A’s Lair. Hmmm interesting right. But wait wasn’t Maya the one that kept giving Jason all of Allison’s left over stuff. I think that is the first thing the girls should have had to review about A, her diary. I never thought of it before but before I go too far on the rabbit trail let’s get back to NOW.

“Melissa was the black swan at a charity event in Philly last year,” Spencer says.
“You don’t think she would try to hurt you do you?” Mona asks.

Spencer wants to know why Mona would say that but her response is that she thought Spencer might be thinking that Melissa was A. Hmm you know the girls never did tell Mona about that theory, right? Spencer than asks for the gum you know now that she has seen a wrapper in the diary she is holding; Mona has to go to the car to get it. It just occurred to me maybe Spencer mentioned Melissa’s costume because maybe the sketch was actually Melissa’s, hmmm I know too much on the details.

The other three are at the ball watching the person in the black swan costume already because she is not someone they know as far as they can tell. Her face is half obscured by her mask as well as her eyes. She is talking to Not Quite Blind Jenna and Lucas who doesn’t look so geeky anymore. Black swan girls wanders off and the girls go after her though she realizes she is being followed.

Mona returns to the room just as Spencer finds Mona’s cashmere sweaters in the room; oops is MOna A? Hmm Spencer figures out that Mona never called the girls or texted because she is A…… I am calling her A’s helper but anyway. Spencer turns to see Mona in that darn black get up, all HOODYFIED looking angrily at her. She slaps Spencer or pretends to really badly.

Over at the ball the girls hone in on the Swan. In a weird twist the Black Swan goes out the door but the girls can’t get it open. REALLY black swan was like a size 0?? I guess there is a tall dude outside holding the door shut LOL. Hanna picks up one of the swans feathers, why?

Next scene is Spencer knocked out in Mona’s car. Mona is driving like a psycho down a winding road. Oh wait and how could Mona get lanky Spencer in her car? She must have had help; maybe Harold was in on it.

Hanna tries to call Spencer but the phone is not working. She hands it to Emily who notices the phone is set to record every time it’s turned on. AH HA, so having Mona give her a phone was a BAD IDEA just like I said.

In the car, Mona is still driving down a winding road but she says she wants to talk to Spencer. Hmm why didn’t she talk earlier while she wasn’t driving down a winding road at sixty? Mona says you have to earn it, in order to be a part of it. Spencer deduces from this statement that Allison saw Mona in Brookhaven, Mona didn’t see her. Allison had gone there to follow Mona. Mona is all we are in this together now, again making NO sense. Huh? What is she going to kill them both in order to implicate Spencer? Mona speaks of Spencer joining the A team……see there is a TEAM it’s not just one person, but we knew that right? Spencer notices that Aria has called so she starts speaking in code. I guess they all had their phones on vibrate for the ball, good idea.

Spencer goes on about Mona almost killing Hanna then we see that the girls can see Mona on the phone they are using. She says, “it’s easier to forgive an enemy than a friend.” Kinda general don’t you think? Spencer asks how could she be everywhere, but Mona says she is a genus, they underestimated her, UM sure LOL, whatever. Spencer tells Mona she won’t make it to lookout point without slowing down which is the cue for Aria to tell us that she knows a short cut. Yeah the girls are on the way. OK Hanna is in shock but still willing to drive, you go Hanna.

Mona says it all about Revenge, they took Hanna from her. Really? Two people died because you were feeling jealous? Serious issues folks LOL.

Spencer asks her what happens if she doesn’t join the A Team, Mona tells her that she has Peter’s gun. She threatens to kill Spencer because she thinks it will pull the others apart, just like when Allison died. Spencer pulls the parking break which stops the car.

The girls come driving down the hill just as the other two get out, Hanna almost hits Mona with the car. Mona screams in anger. She fights with Spencer but Mona ends up falling off the cliff. I might add this was not a good fight scene 😦 The whole goal being to get Mona on the opposite side of the tree so she could lose her footing, FAIL!!! Even the anguish at seeing Mona fall by Spencer was a bit sub Par.

After the break, Anne Sullivan arrives at the scene of the crime. She tells them that A had threatened her son that was why she had to get out of the mix. I guess she wasn’t too far away. She is sorry she left them but the felt she had no choice. She tells Hanna she is safe now. Hanna still can’t believe it was Mona.

They all start crying for Hanna. “She’s alive,” is suddenly yelled out by the cops or EMT’s. WE see Mona alive on the ground. He alarm is going off I suppose its Midnight the bewitching hour.

They took my MakeUp those thieves!!

Anne’s diagnosis of Mona is basically because of her high level of intelligence she went all the way to get REVENGE LOL, my words. Oh but they think she can get better with meds and therapy like all other disorders. The thing is YOU have to want to get better and take those meds LOL.

Then we hear Mona going on about she knows they are watching her, she looks good and loves the new lipstick. Oh now they wants us to think she is SICK, before it was just Mona being Mona, FAIL!! Then again I am not a person that believes in psycho babble. People do what they do because they want to do it. Then Mona says that the girls think it’s all over that now they will be sleeping with their windows open and their doors unlocked, just like THEY want……..Yes folks THEY the A TEAM

Outside we learn that the Tobster is the one that helped Anne push through her fears. YEAH Tobey did have a plan……*spencer its your birthday.*

Tobey tells Spencer that pretending not to love you is the hardest thing I ever done to Spencer, then she tries to slap him but he stops her LOL. feisty isn’t she? They kiss.

On the walk home they decide to stay at Em’s that night. Unfortunately she is racing toward her house moments later as her mother meets her with news. “They found a body they think its Maya’s.” Emily starts crying like she might die, great job Shay. I hope its NOT Maya I so do!!

Last scene, someone in a red coat visits Mona at the nutty bin, “I didn’t everything you asks me to,” she says to the tall figure. WOW, so see she isn’t A but A’s like I said LOL. This person in red has to be a girl, too tall for the ballerina though I think of course Mona is sitting down so who knows.

Amazing despite the whole A fiasco LOL, my opinion, either way I cannot wait for more. Maybe next season is who killed Maya and why? Who is the black swan? Who was the guy meeting with Not so Blind Jenna?

It’s gonna be a wild ride !!!

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  1. This was such an amazing recap. I literally felt like I was rewatching the episode. I’m super impressed (and a little jealous).

    Despite its flaws, I feel like unmAsked did a great job of setting the stage for next season. Now that we know Maya is definitely not “A” (and might not necessarily have even been involved in the whole Ali situation at all), it makes the mystery of what happened to her all the more intriguing.

    Who was the guy at druggie camp, who was stalking Maya? Was the reason she was so desperate not to return to camp, because she was afraid of seeing him there? Who was Maya talking to at the bus station? And where did she go with them? Did they take her back to Rosewood?

    What was Maya doing near Emily’s house that night? Or was her body moved there? Why were the police not sure it was her? Had she been injured in the fire at Jason’s house? Has she been dead this whole time, resulting in decomposition of her body? Who really sent those texts and e-mails to Emily, claiming to be Maya?

    So many questions. We all know that, even though Ali’s been dead for over a year, Sasha Pieterse was a huge part of the series, starring in flashbacks and the like. I wonder if the same thing will happen for Bianca Lawson.

    Regarding the Black Swan, I thought it looked a lot like Melissa. I personally think she’s faking her pregnancy for some reason. As for her weird speech, at the beginning of the episode. I think her reference to “love gone bad,” was meant to refer to Garrett and Jenna. She seemed to be implying that Garrett might have killed Ali to get revenge on her for blinding the so-called love of his life. I don’t really think she thinks he did it though.

    Personally, I think Ali’s twin did it . . . (she was probably the one in the red dress), and that most of the A Team (of which she is a member), know about this. I actually think it was Ali’s sister Courtney who Mona met in the flashback, not Ali. Courtney could have promised to tell Mona how to become popular, provided she kept quiet about Ali’s upcoming murder, and made certain the girls never suspected what really happened.

    Just my theory. Again it was so much fun talking PLL with you this season. I can’t wait for the summer premiere!

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