PLL – S04 Episode 1 Much Ado about A

Hello all you pretty little liars fans. I thought I would try my old format this time since I am feeling nostalgic about this first episode of the new season, I can’t promise to do this every time most will more than likely be video recaps. So let’s get right to shall we?

1 pig

This episode begins practically minutes later after they see Wilden’s water washed car in the town square. They rush over to look in the trunk where they find a PIG, OINK OINK like a cop right LOL, not an actual pig. Yes it did take me a few seconds to process the irony. It’s a cop car after all.

Mona goes inside the car to attempt to disable or remove the video that shows Ashley running over Wilden. She says she wants to protect Mama Marin, or something to that effect. She is luckily able to remove the box, the brains of the video so they all take off together in Spencer’s ride.

Of course, we do see that someone is watching them though they are preoccupied but it only makes sense that when drama is afoot so is A, right.

2 mona at the house

Back at Spencer’s house, Emily threatens to mop up the floor with Mona who called her the weakest link. Mona insists it was her who made Em strong. I am not getting that logic but my memory isn’t that great LOL sometimes. I imagine she means all the trauma she put Em through and oh wait someone killed Maya, plus the whole Emily was pushed to kill Nat though that seemed more about his strangeness than Mona.

Anyway, they keep Em from beating on Mona but instead decide to play twenty questions with their new frenemy. It seems this season is setting up for Mona to be the new Liar in training or A on the inside, maybe both.

Truths According to Mona:
1. She put Wilden’s car in Hanna’s garage but that was it; she doesn’t reveal who got it out of the lake for her.
2 Shauna who knew Jenna before Rosewood, loves Jenna. They are both afraid of Melissa.
3. When Cece came to see her at Radley, Mona thought she was Alison, supposedly she had Meds issues then.
4. Lucas gave Emily the massage(what massage?) because he thought she was tense.
5. Mona recruited Tobey to the A-team when he got the job in Bucks county.
6. She denies pushing Ian off the bell tower and has no idea who did(I’m not buying that).

Grilling Mona gives the writers a way to catch us up on some lingering issues from the past but the lack of interaction from the Liars makes this part of the episode annoying. I mean really I think someone yelling and screaming at Mona and accusing her of lying would have been way more fun LOL, maybe that’s just me. I mean she ran over Hanna with her car and a multitude of nasty things the last couple of years.

4 hanna sleeping

Oh well, the next morning they wake up to find that Mona is missing. They are just discussing the fact that they might have been drugged plus Mona took off with the disc, which I guess is the part of Wilden’s car with the tape on it, when Mona arrives with breakfast and coffee.

5 passing out coffee

Mona informs Em that she borrowed her car and has her own set of Em’s keys, WTH? I really think this issue should have been addressed immediately you know with the whole Em beats Mona thing but it just passes by like it’s not a big deal. So Mona gives out the coffees, it seems she knows everyone’s favorites but as she tries to give them breakfast its obvious they have had enough of putting up with her.

They demand the chip but Mona thinks its best if they work together to find out who red coat really is. She believes they are all in danger, still. They also want every bit of evidence against them that Mona has in her possession. She agrees to take them to her lair.

I am just going to put this out there, I don’t believe Mona for a moment. I think she is still very much on the A time and though she might have been somehow demoted she knows way more than she has begun to tell them. Hey I’m just sayin’.

6 crime scene

On the way to Mona’s lair they pass through downtown only to find the cops have discovered, Wilden’s dead body in the street, yep a real pig. Sorry no disrespect to Respectful officers 🙂

Cue Catchy Creepy Theme Music

The girls sit in the car near the crime scene long enough to let us know that the text from the end of last season was to show them that “They are A’s NOW”. They believe they were set up to be the suspects in Wilden’s murder by being at the scene the night before and with the whole pig in the car thing.

I tell you bodies are piling up in this show, they need to get some vampires in town so they can make good use of all this bloodshed.

7 abs tobey at fire

In other news, Abs Tobey its at the scene of the fire looking all sexy in with his new HairDO. He is holding what could only be the lighter that caused the fire. Remember the Zippo with the weather vane print on it? Yes it’s that one his is fondling it and you have to wonder why he even kept it? Tobey usually one of the first suspects in any crime around time well nowadays after the girls. Tobey watches as one of the fireman bring out a red coat, just like the one our mystery blonde, Alison, wore the last time we visited Rosewood. Tobey leaves the area, I’m sure to go off and call his lovely, Spencer about his findings.

While the girls are investigating Mona’s now portable lair, it’s suddenly an old RV, go figure, we see someone watching them. Sometimes I hate the watching parts because I feel like either its just another angle of the filming or it Could be someone watching its odd and distracting.

8 Wilden

Pretty much everything from the hotel room is in this RV so it’s not much to show that we have not seen but Hanna finds the white mask from the Halloween train, Mona denies being the one that took Aria. We of course know the person was taller anyway, but Mona seems able to tighten the timeline even more because she has a handy video of the person who was in the White Mask that was large enough to grab Aria. Yes its our Now Deceased Wilden, who played the Queen of hearts with red nails and all. He is talking to someone who Mona insists is Melissa but by that time they are taking off the mask the computer suddenly starts deleting all the files. Hmmm, interesting Mona was soooooooo good with the computer stuff only just last night now her computer is infected by a virus eating all the important files on her computer, NOPE no way its a coincidence.

Today’s theory number one, A sent Mona in to see how close she can get with her old friend Hanna and the other girls with little hope that Mona could pull off the plan. I doubt that Mona was unaware that by pulling up that video that it would activate a virus.

Oh but back to Wilden, seeing him in that costume just makes me think that this town has some sick stuff going on in the water. I mean Ian, then Garrett, both died during this mystery and neither of them are Teenagers like the girls. I think whatever Alison knew goes back at least a couple of generations its less about her but More about Rosewood’s past, just a thought. This also leads me back to a former A candidate or helper, Ashley Marin, she and Wilden have a pre Hanna past, she is also supposedly out-of-town and Wilden comes up dead, hmmm maybe it’s not their fault but my thoughts are this mystery is town DEEP.

9 little girls

Okay I’m calling it, the over the top Moment for this episode. The girls suddenly hear children yelling their own names outside the RV. They go running outside and find five little girls that could have been them as children. Each girl has a doll with THEIR names, Emily, Aria, Hanna, Spencer and yes, Mona too. The representative child tells them that Alison gave them the dolls after Mona moved in OR was it that day while they were inside??

10 the group with girls

I assume that means after she brought the RV to the area.

I am calling the writers on this one its WAY too much of a stretch. The A team CANNOT cover as much as they seem too. The only way they could be in as many places was if every other person in town was involved, I mean REALLY. Is anyone with me on this ONE?? It’s frustrating as we try to solve the mystery we got odd ball stuff like this I mean what does it really mean except that NO one is safe or trustworthy they could be part of the A-team oh watch out.

What happens sometimes when I get this feeling of WTH? I want to just give up on the show because I feel its chasing its tail, only wanting more viewers to add more episodes, UGH rant over LOL

The humorous part of this segment is the Hanna doll looks like Hefty Hanna.

11 Hanna new do or look

After the break, Hanna makes a date to take Mona to drop off the RV at a better hiding spot. Emily points out that Mona was the only one with gloves at the scene of the crime the night before. Hanna only says that Mona is really smart which in this case was a wasted line.

Mama Fields walks in doing her yes I am in town appearance for the week. She has the day off because of the dead cop. Mama inquires about Hanna’s health then Em changes the subject by asking about the welcome basket her mother had been carrying, though why she would have it in her hand upstairs makes no sense. It seems Mrs. D is back in town and she seems in a happy place. Mama Fields runs off to get the phone leaving Emily to insist to Hanna that Alison is dead even though Hanna says Alison pulled them from the fire.

I agree with Hanna, I personally think Alison is in deep undercover trying to find out what the heck is going on in that town. I mean the best way to do research is by pretending to die it seems.

This brings to mind a website I visit sometimes. this guy has all these photos of supposed dead celebrities who are NOW playing real life roles as other people. NOPE they are not really dead at all but if YOU believe someone is DEAD you stop looking for them or even seeing them. I think that applies to this show. In the first episode ALISON says, YOU all know what happened the four of you together!!! What better way to get it figured out then to keep them on their toes all the while killing the guilty in the town.

11 tobey with spencer at the house

Back at the burned out lodge, Tobey is with Spencer looking for the red coat. Hard headed Spencer goes inside the not too stable building with Tobey close behind. While they discuss the fact that Alison might have pulled them from the building, with the same conclusion that Alison might not be dead after all, they see a movement and chase after it. Outside there is no way to know which way someone might have gone, they look disappointed.

So apparently my little theory will hold some weight this season. Yeah.

Back in the neighborhood we find Emily at the D’s fondling some of Alison’s old toys outside in a box. Mrs. D comes rushing out with a hug for her all friendly-like. I kept thinking the house used to look nicer, because now it seems run down or maybe it was the camera angle. They chat momentarily where we find out Jason is at grams in the south doing some repairs because grams let the house go to rot LOL plus it smells like old people Mrs. D says. I thought that sounded more like something Alison would say. Mrs. D just seems off to me, especially after she takes Alison’s things inside to a room like she is expecting her back at any time. Hmm does Mrs. D have a loose screw? Does she know her baby is alive? Or has she come back to catch a killer herself? This might be an interesting plotline, Momma D goes rogue LOL.

Emily is a bit freaked by it all, its obvious in the scene but the next moment she is in her room telling Hanna that Mrs. D is building a shrine to Allie. Hanna says Alison wants her room back but Em insists that Allie is dead even though the dreams feel real. I guess because NO ONE really knows how much Em loved Alison they don’t quite see her the way Em does.

12 hanna with mona

Hanna who was driving to meet Mona while talking to Em on the phone gets out of the car long enough to help Mona close the gate and lock it at the new hiding place for the RV/trailer thingy. They have a brief old friends moment then its Advert time.

13 aria with fitz

After the break, we have the awkward heart wrenching moment where Aria sees Ezra at a coffee shop and they exchange niceties well almost. It seems Ezra has a family to take care of now, hmm I thought it was just Malcolm, a family? Aria is unsure what to say to him other than no I am not ready to see other people after he suggests it but she does end with a rousing, good-bye Mr. Fitz. Wow that had to hurt. She thinks she is doing the right thing and he isn’t making it easy, typical I guess, MEN!!

14 more spoby breakfast

Spoby breakfast time, too bad Spencer is busy reading about how many times Wilden was shot and moved while Tobey is trying to be romantic as well as feed her LOL. Just when she is getting into it, he gets a text from A about his dead mother he lies to Spencer of course. Why do Tobey’s lies all center around jobs? I think he needs new excuses. Either way its great to see these two together.

Omgosh but Spencer did that thing, where you take as short name like Tobey and make it a nickname like Tobs, UGH I soo hate that because it takes more effort or it seems to me than just saying the name itself. She saves literally one letter.

At school Em is with Aria who is trying not to moon over Ezra who is looking all cute and sexy in the courtyard with the kids hanging on his every word. Aria gets spooked when thinks the Vice Principal sees her staring at Ezra so she pretends to be talking to Em about class. VP goes on his way; luckily for her.

15 hannas headband

The next part was kinda funny because Hanna, the fashion maven, walked up to Mona with this headband on her head instead of her hair. See picture above. It looks so off like she put it on and had no idea what to do with it so she just sat it on her upper forehead. She may have been tired but Hanna should know better, besides tired to her would mean put on extra concealer and look sexier not weird. Sometimes I think that tv shows try to get away with making weird stuff look like fashion to see if we are dumb enough to follow a supposed trend.

I have to say I was so distracted by the headband I missed most of the scene both times LOL. Hanna did go on about having dreamed of Wilden and Mona said something about how they used to be friends but it sounded like blah blah blah to me. Oh then there was something about a Shoportunnist friend Ha ha ha shopifters anon.

Moving on, suddenly Aria is in the hallway, she gives Ezra a look as he is closing the door and the announcer calls her to the office. Hmm was she right about the VP earlier or was she just paranoid.

16 arias outfit

I admit I did love Aria’s camo jacket and print dress although the black tights and whatever was underneath was a bit much, or maybe it just confused me pass the tunic/dress LOL. Anyway so she is waiting in the hall for her chat with the VP then he calls her into his office to tell her that he knows about her and Fitz sleeping together. He shows her semi explicit pictures of them and then gets a call from someone saying Fitz has been apprehended, you know like the pedophile that he is LOL, sorry not funny. Aria is in shock. She races from the VP’s office, down the stairs just in time to see Fitz being hauled away in handcuffs. She is in tears.

Yes its a good think it was a vision/daydream/traumatic impression of her thoughts?

Back in real life the VP gives her some papers for her sick mother to take care of at home. Lucky Aria, but wait she decides to tell Ezra that she will see other people for now. WHEW that was close. It’s obvious she is doing this for him, later when she is eighteen they can get back together, I sure hope so.

17 paiges hair

Finally we are to the Paige with Emily scene. I love Paige’s new look but I still dislike Paige. I think she is deceitful and they she ssee Em as some sort of prize. I am not feeling any thing genuine but her Obsession. I don’t think that will change but I guess only time will tell. I also don’t trust Em’s feelings for Paige I think she just misses all the other people she really did love like Alison and Maya of course. Em seems to be someone that has to have someone in her life well a lot of people are like that but I also am almost one hundred percent sure that A will never let Em leave with Paige. More than likely Paige will be on this season’s hit list, okay maybe I am just wishing but who knows. Them going off to Stanford seems like the old Paige trying to leave so she doesn’t have to deal too much with her life choices. I hope Em sees that its not about A but about Paige’s unstable personality.

18 hannas hat

Over at the Marin’s, Hanna has gotten rid of the dreaded headband and replaced it with a black beret. I assume it was acquired on her shopping spree. Mona isn’t fooled by the day out with Hanna though she knows Hanna is no longer her friend but she confesses she really did love Hanna once. Mona hands over the disc before she leaves saying its the only copy though I doubt it.

19 em with jenna

Back at the Fields, Em is shanghaid by Jenna after Paige leaves. Jenna is afraid she might end up dead like her pal, Wilden. Ahh so here we go more of the town’s connections. She says Garrett told her that Wilden was around the night Alison died also, so she thinks there is a pattern. If that is true than, Melissa would be on the death list also and perhaps Jason, but that is a guess not based on this episode.

10 mrs d

Spencer is reading near her window when she gets up to find Mrs. D staring out her window right at Spencer. The woman looks like a zombie or like she is medicated, just standing with hands at her side. Spencer gets a picture and text from A saying that Wilden’s casket holds some of their secrets. Looks like the girls are going to a funeral.

21 funeral attire

22 maggies hair

At the funeral, the girls split up to find the casket and whatever mystery item that might incremenate them before the funeral starts. Aria walks by Ezra and Maggie talking to some old guy and all I can think is how OLD Maggie’s hair looks. The hair ages Maggie by about ten years, she already wasn’t much to look at LOL.

23 monas funeral attire


Mona is in the room where Spencer finds Wilden’s body. A phone starts to ring right away, its on the body, now how do we know that Mona didn’t put it there? Um we don’t? She has told Spencer she also got an A message. Anywho the call is from KISSES, interesting because all the episode A has been sending them Kisses. They click redial and Hanna answers,

So Kisses was a contact on Ashley’s phone based on what Hanna tells them that its her mother phone they found in the casket. Hanna who has spoken to her mother that very day, is concerned that her mother didn’t mention her phone had gone missing. The concern is that Ashley is now a target which makes sense if she was close to Wilden in her younger days, like he implied in season two. Is it possible that Ashley was also present when Alison died?

Mrs. D walks up behind them to request for them to sit with her. She looks more worn out today like not rested. She also tells Hanna that Alison would be proud that she kept the weight off, very strange thing to say really not appropriate. I think Mrs. D is going to shake up the town this season. We haven’t ever seen much of her; this could get interesting. Oh and where is Mr. D?

Mona isn’t able to fit in the pew with the others and looked dejected yet again by Hanna.

Meanwhile Lucky Jenna walks in with a HOTTIE on her arm, she knows how to find guys that’s for sure, I bet he is her new body guard, she is so afraid of being next on the A death list. The mystery woman with the black lace veil goes to sit behind Jenna. My guess was that it was Melissa, since she couldn’t actually show up as a regular townie with her sister and the liars there but now I wonder if it isn’t Alison herself.

26 alison with caleb

Back on the road, Tobey has gotten another A message saying if he can bring the LAIR to a certain place he will get answers about his Mothers death. He seems sad and has a flashback of a day years before when Alison visited him and called his mother lazy because Alison was very judgmental. Tobey had asked her to leave, she of course called him a loser though minutes before she was about to kiss him. Interesting, Alison always thought that people wanted to Kiss her, very childish of her. I’m not saying it wasn’t true LOL.

Tobey drops the RV off though if its where A wanted it or if he just moved it from its hiding spot I guess we will find out.

After the funeral we get a look at Officer Holbrook, want to bet he grew up in Rosewood LOL he is the new cop taking Wilden’s place. He is all dark haired and saying that he thinks Wilden was obsessing now but who knows what he really thinks right? It always starts with TRUST me I am a cop and ends up with screaming and death LOL, watch out Bitches!!

Oh and from A — the Truth will set you free, I’m going bury you with it– Kisses then a nice little video of them at the scene of the crime and Mona’s little stunt to get the disc from the car, all recorded.

It’s going to be a Fun ride.

27 lacey lady

Last scene is the mystery lady adding the Mona doll to the Lair, she takes off the veil and we can see a mask with a ruined spot on the side of the face. I think this indicates its Alison because she was hit in the head though I thought it was the back of the head.

That’s all for now.

But Wait,
My top Three Moments:

1.SPOBY – Tobey and Spencer at the site of the fire, he just knew she wouldn’t listen to him.
2. Mrs. D saying that people are too weak to mention Alison’s name.
3. Aria’s over dramatizing what she thought would happen with the V.P.


  1. Awesome recap, Sassyfran. And your screencaps were amazing. I didn’t even realize, until I saw your picture, that in the scene with the “Little Little Liars” and their dolls, they had each girl stand directly in front of her lookalike. So, it looked like there were three generations of liars (two real, one doll-esque) in a single frame.

    When I first saw the disfigured mask, I thought the same thing that you did, that it had been beaten with a shovel, like Ali. But when I looked again, I noticed the mask was burned, possibly in the fire from the Season 3 finale. Because the mask was designed to look like Ali’s face, this presents the possibility that all the times the girls THOUGHT they saw Ali (during which they were all always drugged up, or close to passing out) they might actually have been viewing this Ali mask.

    That said, I still think the writers are going to end up doing the whole “twin thing.” And the person in the mask will end up being someone who looks like Sasha Pieterse, after all.

    I also thought Mona’s reveal about meeting Cece in the hospital, and thinking she was Alison was interesting. For one thing, it calls back to the flashback, where a still nerdy Mona, spoke with Alison, and taught her “how to be popular.” Alison was wearing a red coat at the time.

    When Mona saw Cece, assuming she was drugged up as she says, that would explain why she said to her “I did everything you asked.”

    That said, considering what Cece was wearing on the day she met Mona, hasn’t Mona just pretty much confirmed that Cece is red coat, or at least one of them?

    Now, that I’m thinking about it, from a writers perspective, that was a weird thing for Mona to confess at all the liars. After all, though the audience viewed Mona speaking with a girl in a red coat, the liars never did.

    Hmmm . .. lots of food for thought. 🙂 Thanks again for the awesome recap.

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