PLL S04 Episode 4 Hectors Little Shop of Masks

Yes I am back just a reminder the website address of this site is because sometimes I won’t have time to do recaps, they might be done randomly :)but I am back today all excited to give my opinion on the lastest installment of our favorite show. Let’s get started.

1 fields

2 em leaves

This week we start off with Emmy’s Papa arriving in town. Emmy has been such a bad little girl so a – Parently A thought it was time to bring in the big guns, that is the daddy in the Fields clan. I suddenly had a thought, maybe Paige is getting killed off and Em will need her father’s support because losing two girlfriends could take her to the edge, mentally. Yes, any idea to get rid of Paige I am all on board for, feel free to post ways to get rid of her if you so desire, maybe the writers will see them and give it consideration LOL Of course, I wouldn’t want Em to be hurt but I can not express how much I HATE her being with Paige.

3 caleb han

Moving on, later at school Hanna gets freaked out when Caleb tells her about her father’s missing gun. The speculation is that Ashley took the gun when he left the room, at least with limited information it seems likely to Caleb.

4 han aria spence

Hanna runs into Aria and Spencer on the way into school, where she promptly asks Spencer if she has talked to her sister about the Mask, made from a mold of her face they found the last week in the artist shop where Alison also had molds made of her face. Spencer is taken back by the way Hanna is so insistent, we all know Hanna is upset because she has NOT told the others about all of her mother, Ashley’s, possible involvement in the Wilden murder.

Em walks up to the group to inform them of the arrival of her father, because of the mystery call to family services via the town tattle tell, A.

5 cops

Meanwhile playing peek a boo on the girls, down the street are Detective Holbrook with a woman cop. The odd thing about this woman cop is not just that she is unattractive but he talks to her like they had a thing LOL REALLY? Either she used to look better or he is pretty hard up for dates, well back in high school I guess. Oh and is he from Rosewood or some outta towner? Hmm I wonder. Ok well my question was answered he says they are Here to solve the homicides the locals keep tripping over but really that doesn’t mean he hasn’t ever lived in town, it just means he might be a pretender. I mean yes there have been a lot of murders but it’s not like he is the FBI.

Cue Creepy Theme Music

Back at school we get the ritual weekly recap of the week before. Ella is going to Austria with muffin man, Zack. There is a brief mention of the get together at the shop where Alison had the masks made, Emily talks about the family services calls based on her supposed mistreatment at home plus her usage of pain meds and Aria glows over her fun time with Jake.

6 after school with hastings

7 melissa

After school we get a rather ugly though normal look at the Hastings girls having a late afternoon snack at the coffee shop. Melissa has going shopping with Mama H to get clothes for her possible new job in either London or San Francisco and there is a boring discussion about a trench coat just before Mama H jumps on Spencer for not being grateful at the thought of getting Melissa’s hand me down Trench. Spencer finally tells them that she didn’t get into University of Pennsylvania which I still think is weird for this family. Hastings seem like a Stanford/Yale/Columbia type family or they come across that way. Anyway, it seems the rejection Spencer received was for early admission, according to Melissa there are things they can do to remedy that situation. It is all supposed to be such a high-brow conversation it was kinda funny really.

8 icecream shirt

In the next scene, Hanna’s ice cream blouse was distracting. Of all the things that Hanna would NOT wear is one that would remind her of CARBS!!! So she is at her mother’s office when Ashley comes in with Holbrook and company dragging behind. They exchange niceties, considering the fact that they are reviewing the contents of Wilden’s safe deposit box, apparently everyone who dies has one these days LOL. They actually let Hanna stay around to watch, I assume they want to see how antsy she gets since everyone in Rosewood is a suspect in the case.

IN the box they find, money, two passports(one for Canada) and a gun with its serial number filed off. We also find out two other pieces of information, Holbrook’s first name is Gabriel and his partner is Lieutenant Tanner. It seemed to me they were trying to make Ashley jumpy, with the way they pulled the items out of the box like they were looking for a reaction.

Later that night, Spencer chats with Em about setting up Melissa to see what she knows about the mask that Hanna found last week at the artist shop. Em is distracted by the sounds of her parents chatting downstairs. They know she is lying to them but have no idea what to think of it.

9 ems doc

10 ems outfit
I loved this camo look <<)

After the break, Em goes to see her doctor to explain again that nothing is up with her family but as usual he isn't listening. He does tell her that her rotator cuff is torn which might lead to surgery or possibly her not being able to swim competitively.

11 hanna with tanner

In the afternoon, Hanna uses Tanner’s nice blue shoes as a way to get into a conversation. She sits down then promptly attempts to throw suspicion on to Melissa Hastings, but Tanner isn’t going for it she asks Hanna how often she had spoken with Wilden even bringing up the fact that she knew Wilden frequented Hanna’s house. Now how would she know that? What did Wilden take notes of his times he hung out with Ashley? I can’t even imagine that. Who is this Tanner and it was weird when she took a butterscotch candy from Ashley’s desk at her office before it reminded me of the dead lady the one that Ashley took the money from before. That woman took the entire tray of butterscotch the last time she visited the office. Is there a connection??

So Caleb comes over to get Hanna out of the conversation she has gotten herself into but as they walk away Hanna actually thinks she knows what she is doing. Caleb insists that the new cops on the case are NOT as incompetent at the ones they are used to. We see Tanner making notes as she watches the two of them.

12 toby and spence
Toby Licious Picture 🙂 for Jewls

13 house kiss
Kiss at the House

Tobys Apartment

13a duplicate kiss
Seconds later Kiss at Coffee shop

Okay so something weird happens, Toby gets the information to go see the doctor that was the last one to chat with his mother before she died. He kisses Spencer as he leaving the house but that SCENE changes into the same scene but they are not in the house any more but in the coffee shop in front of Aria. WHAT the HECK was that all about?? I figured it out, they were at Toby’s apartment, I guess he still lives above the coffee shop LOL weird. It was some weird editing though, two kisses one upstairs and one down, Why? Was it just so Aria could ask where Toby was going and be all suspicious thinking he was going RV hunting on his own? A way for them to show that Spencer is still keeping secrets from the girls?

So Em arrives and they discuss the setting up Melissa plan briefly before Paige shows up. Em goes off to talk to her while Spencer teases Aria about Jake Not being less complicated than Ezra or NOT. So far Aria and Jake are not clicking for me.

Em doesn’t tell Paige how hopeless her swim chances have become at least at this point.

14 aria with jake

While on her date with Jake, Aria runs into Malcolm who has missed her being around. Aria doesn’t explain Ezra to Jake, but he can tell something is up just by the way her face changed at the mention of his name.

15 jake is cute
Cutie Patootie !!

After the break, we see that Aria has told Jake all about her and Ezra. He is a bit surprised but he also can tell she is not done with Ezra despite her insistence that she has to be done. Actually her saying she has to DONE tells a lot about why she is not seeing Ezra any longer more than she realizes. Jake says she can call him but since he knows she is not done with Ezra what is really the point right? He is a cutie though that doesn’t make him right for Aria. I personally think she just needs to be alone for a while, not fall for the first guy she meets with dark hair and eyes LOL, ITS okay to be alone!!

Toby arrives at the location to see the his mother’s ex doctor.

Ashley discusses what happened at the bank and the consequences with Hanna. She can no longer take people into the safe deposit area for some odd reason, she guesses it was at the recommendation of the state police which is who Holbrook and Tanner are it seems. Hanna confesses to knowing that she is aware her mother was in Rosewood the night Wilden dies. WE don’t get to see what else Hanna reveals.

16 doctor

17 toby doc
Heaviness of Air ? This dude’s wacked 🙂

Back with Toby and the doctor who goes on about his remembrance of Toby’s mother. At first Doc Palmer seems okay he was sad about Toby’s mother and seemed to have liked her then he starts to talk of the heaviness of air. Toby decides maybe the Doc needs his head shrunk too, but as he is leaving the Doc mentions a blonde girl who has disturbing air around her, she has come to visit Toby’s mother before. He warns him against the blonde. Of course, we all think its Alison.

18 holding the mask

19 nancy drew

Over at the Hastings house, Nancy Drew and company aka Spence and Aria, watch Melissa as she finds a suitcase with the mask in it. Spence gives a running commentary outside as she films the interaction. They watch Melissa as she decides to leave the house with the mask. I personally thought the talking and the fact they were by the windowed door made it hard for me to believe Melissa didn’t see them, but it was a good idea.

After the break, Emily argues with her parents over her lying, the scholarship and her chat with the doctor. She runs out of the house and down the street with Papa Fields yelling after her.

The police arrive at Hanna’s house while she and Caleb discuss her mother, the gun and the night of Wilden’s murder. Caleb lies to them about Ashley’s car being at home, he says he had to check out a speaker for her. I think these cops just want to see who is nervous enough to make a false move so they can grab them. No way they believed Caleb’s lame story, more than likely they were watching the house before he arrived.

After the police are gone, though it only looks worse for them they lied to them about her being at home, Ashley comes out of the room to see who was at the door. She seems out of it and does not even ask any questions.

At Hector’s, the guy that made all the mask molds, Nancy Drew and company arrive after following Melissa to that very place. Spencer goes after Melissa after she comes out dragging a bag of stuff while Aria goes to check on Hector inside.

21 alison molds

Inside Hector’s workshop, Aria finds more Alison molds. Outside down the way on the dock, Melissa is throwing her own molds into what looks to be very shallow water which to me means it’s just a waste of time. It would make more sense for her to take them with her and bury them some place far away from Hector’s.

23 ali with hector

After the break, Aria confronts Hector with the fact that he lied about getting rid of the molds from Alison’s time at his place, he corrects her by saying that he kept the castings, it’s all the same to me LOL. He tells her of the last time he saw Alison, it happened of course the summer she died, seriously girlfriend was busy that summer right. Anywho, she came by to get the money he owed her but he didn’t have it all but she took what he had in his pocket. She raced out in her heels and got in a dark car, my first thought was that it was Melissa’s car but I am only guessing.

It was an interesting twice though, I give that to the writers.

Outside Spencer confronts Melissa who is making a noisy mess of her castings, before Melissa figures out it was Spencer who set her up with the mask in her bag.

Back in the shop Aria finds out that Melissa got the same deal he gave Emily, her face for information but he doesn’t reveal what he told her.

The sisters start to argue about the masks and Melissa even thinks that maybe Alison is still alive or that its at least a possibility. She had wanted to know when the masks were made which I suppose is the answer to Aria’s questions inside.

I have to admit the going back and forth inside then outside LOL was annoying but I get it now LOL.

Next we find out from Melissa who I don’t trust:

Wilden was being blackmailed
Wilden tried to kill Spencer
Mona had on the same mask as someone else
Garrett died to protect Spencer maybe by Melissa’s own hands
She was protecting Spencer since it all started or before
Jenna and Shauna were sent to the lodge by Melissa to find out who the girls and Mona were meeting
Wilden started the fire at the lodge
Someone else pulled them out of the fire

Suddenly Melissa stops confessing and tells Spencer to let it all go, Spencer asks if she killed Wilden but receives no confirmation.

Next we get a view of what could have been the death of Paige, darn it, its only Em coming to see her girl. I know normally I am not about killing, I am a gentle soul but Paige is just not Em material, YOU all know it. She can try to be as ballsy as she wants it’s not in her Physicality its her MENTALITY that lies the issue I have with her. Oh and she has tried to drown Em before remember that??

Em gives her the I gotta tell you something look to her opening Hey but that’s all we get for now.

Back at Hector’s Aria wonders where Melissa has gone off to, I was so hoping that Spencer told Aria everything, I don’t trust Melissa as far as I can see her, she is such a LIAR.

After the break, okay for a moment I liked that Paige was giving Em a pep talk but NOPE I still don’t like her but mostly I don’t trust her motives. I feel like she will Do or say Anything to have Em.

When Em arrives home once again Paige is left watching from the curb she has that look of not being included even though there are cops on Em’s lawn accusing her parents of abusing her. So really could Paige be somehow involved with A, I say yes!! I know some might think I am pushing it because I am forever EMAYA but I hope others can see that Desperateness in PAIGE!!

Back at Spencer’s they get a Paige from A see below.

24 Kisses

Hanna walks in afterward to confess to them that she thinks her mother killed Wilden and A knows it. By the way Spencer did tell Aria everything Melissa told her but well with Spencer I doubt she mentioned a lot about the part where Melissa kept saying she was protecting her, Spencer tends to keep those statements too close to her heart. I will believe Melissa is a liar as long as I believe Paige is wrong for Em, I say that as a statement at this point.

25 mask

Last scene, A or the hoody person who we know now may or may not actually be A, is putting together some of the evidence Melissa left at the bottom of that shallow lake, I know it would come back to haunt someone.

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