PLL – Season 2 Episode 2 – I See You But Do You See Me

Welcome back for Season two episode two recap from our favorite ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars.

The girls are in the same place they were when we left then last week. They are in the creepy random greenhouse wandering what’s going on with the person who believes they are texting Melissa. I personally think its Melissa texting her own supposed phone because I am not convinced she is so scatter brained that she can never find the dang thing. Anyway they are freaking out because of noises and jumping every few minutes. They really don’t know now whether Ian is alive or dead or if he is the one actually texting back to the phone. Also they put forth a good question: Why is Melissa texting Ian or why is Ian texting Melissa when he is supposed missing/and or dead?

ON the way from the greenhouse they see Jason who must live near the creepy greenhouse they choose for their private meeting and that begs a question: Doesn’t anyone ever see them in their hide outs? Jason is getting rid of Allison tributes, you know the gifts her friends in memorial to her.

For some reason he does not acknowledge them though I am not sure how he missed four girls watching him and talking. Yes the magic of television making.

After the brief break, we find Hanna talking to her mother, Ashley, at their house. Hanna doesn’t get why her father wants to come to town to see her instead of just calling to check in. Ashley tells her since Hanna was on the news because of a missing corpse, that is Ian, her father thought he should come in person. Hanna thinks her dad has an alternative reason for visiting and her mother does not disagree.

Emily argues with her mother over not being able to use her phone privately at their home. The idea is if she does not have the phone in her room then she won’t be able to talk to her forbidden friends. Emily’s mother also informs her they have found renters that want their home for the year they are gone to Texas. It is obvious Emily is upset. I do not believe Emily’s mother likes her friends in her mind this is exactly what she wanted all along, but that is just my thoughts on it. I don’t know if its because she is envious that Emily’s friends accepted her homosexuality without question right away or not but it could be she is jealous of their place in her daughters life.

Emily turns on her computer to find that her hard drive is erased once her mother is gone.
She immediately phones Spence because I guess she had not taken her cell downstairs yet where she is supposed to surrender it and only use it on the first level. Spencer chats for a second then hears someone come in the house. She tells Emily they need to talk at school. Emily reminds her they can’t talk at school but Spencer insists they will figure it out.

Melissa is the person that arrives. She shows Spencer a sonogram picture but I still don’t believe it at all. I think Melissa is a very sick minded person. I am only now beginning to believe the baby story though I don’t think she went to the doctor. Spencer asks if she can stay home with her but Melissa declines.

Aria talks to Ezra at school. Ezra is so smitten with Aria or seems to be but now he is leaving his job as teacher and they can see each other for real and she is more than hesitant. Aria is being standoffish with Ezra and sending all kinds of mixed messages. I do wonder how old you have to be in this town if his leaving his position means they can openly date. Is Aria 18? Or is 16 legal in their state? He convinces her to come by to see him the next night but she still does not seem happy about it. On the other hand when Ezra told her last episode he was just getting over his ex when he began seeing Aria I did think that was a bad thing, its obvious Aria didn’t like hearing that either. I will emphasize that Ezra seems to be a man that likes being in love or the idea of love.

Mona runs into Aria after she leaves Ezra’s classroom. She asks her to buy Mr. Fitz, Ezra, a going away gift because she knows him better since she was the stage manager on the recent play. Mona is to collect the money and give it to Aria afterward; Aria agrees because she doesn’t want to be obvious by disagreeing. Mona also wants Aria to talk to Hanna on her behalf but Aria says no that will be up to Mona because she is not allowed to spend time with Hanna because of what happened. Mona says she doesn’t read the papers to Aria surprise but Mona had heard about them lying to the police. Aria lets her know they didn’t lie. Mona does not seem to acknowledge what that meant she did seem to be concerned about getting Hanna back as a friend, one point for Mona in my book. Aria walks away. This scene would have been more effective if Mona had some dirt on Ezra and Aria, that would have made it fun and mysteries. Instead it was just a transfer of information that could have been dealt with in other ways. For example: Mona could have given Aria the money after she collected it then tell Aria that she thought she could get the class gift for Ezra which would have saved her a step as well given us the same information. I am all about simple even in mysteries like this show tends to be.

In the lunch room the girls are in line together as they discuss what has been happening. There is Melissa phone texts, the missing videos, Jason and his packing and closure. I have to say this: Hanna the one that always shops is wearing a torn up blouse that does not look fashionable at all. I know it might be fashion but just looks out of the garbage bad to me; torn up and odd. They argue about not sitting at the same table and Hanna wanders off when they spread out to other tables. The first text of the episode comes right away.

Aria looks up at the camera in stunned surprise.

After the quick break we see Spencer sitting outside studying as Toby comes walking up. Toby desires to get a GED and not come back to school. He only came by to get some papers. Spencer tries to convince him to attend school again. He announces he got a job at a construction company, he shows her his work tee shirt. His plan is to leave his home as soon as possible. He doesn’t necessarily want to leave town and that is because of Spencer, its implied. Spencer smiles though I am not sure she quite got what he was saying.

Swim practice is up next and Emily seems happy in the water. She meets up with her new girl pal after its over and they discuss going to a movie. Emily is happy and I can’t remember the Blonde’s name LOL but she is the girl that showed up when Page was suppose to talk to someone last season about being homosexual.
A Danby scout for the university swim team approaches Emily and gives her his card. They speak briefly before he walks away.

At Spencers house Melissa is upset about a newspaper article and Spencer offers her some of her cake. Spencer is planning to take the cake over to Jason to be neighborly. Melissa says she knows how to keep a secret when she suggests Spencer is trying to pass off the cake as homemade by moving it from the box to the plate. Spencer tries to play it off but mentions that Jason was a friend of Ian’s. Melissa doesn’t seem to want to talk about Jason who she says was undependable. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jason may have fathered Melissa baby that died either way he has something to do with Melissa strangeness. That thought just came to me. I believe this scene is very important because of course I think Melissa is Knee deep in the main mystery. Melissa gets angry with Spencer for bringing up Ian and tells her to ask her anything else.

Hanna’s dad is at their house. They discuss the idea of a therapist while Hanna gets upset again that she can’t see her friends. Ashley is surprised to find out her ex-husband wants to stay around a few days. They let Hanna leave the room after we find out he is staying. Ashley asks him if he had plan to stay even before they argued about the therapist and he insists he was going to either way.

At Emily’s house her mother comes in the room to tell her someone has stolen some items from their garage. The revelation that more than one home has been burglarized surprised Emily. Her mother says don’t worry she will call the cops. She also asks Emily to give her the cell phone and Emily reluctantly does it.

Spencer goes over to Jason’s to take the cake and sees a dog outside. She says, “what you doing buddy,” just before Jason opens the front door and those something at the dog. Jason says hello to Spencer after this random display of violence. She said she came by to beat the welcome wagon before she hands him the cake. He thanks her then replies to her question of where are his parents by replying its just him and his parents are not returning. He apologizes about the thing that happened with Ian because he read about it int he papers. The cops see him as a pain in the butt he tells her because they think he asks too many questions. Spencer suggests maybe she can help with the questions. Jason asks about the bell tower and what the cops say about how she had said Ian confessed to killing Allison. Jason wants to know if its true but Spencer says its their version of her truth. She insists that Allison fell and it was accident. Spencer says the cops think Ian ran away for other reasons than Allison. Jason gets Spencer to say that Ian never actually confessed to killing Allison. If this section is confusing its because I am confused about it; any help is appreciated. Jason excuses himself by saying he has things to do. Spencer offers to help and he says she already has helped.

Then there is a flashback;
Jason is telling Allison to stay away from his stuff. Allison says he has trouble with doorknobs after he is going inside the house. The girls laugh at the two of them
Arie: What’s wrong with Jason?
Allison: He thinks I stole one if his Japanese cartoon porn books.
Hanna: Did you?
Allison: Of course I did.
Emily: Aren’t you afraid he is going to rip apart your room?
Allison: Wouldn’t do him any good; I have hiding places all over the house, in the yard too. When I hide something it stays hid until I want it found. That’s why your secrets are all so safe with me.
There is a noise from inside
then we see Present day Spencer; who had the flashback.

Jason cuts off the porch light then Spencer leaves.

We see Emily next thing at swim practice again then she is in the halls with the Danby University scout. He tells her she is the type of swimmer that could possibly get a scholarship. She side steps his warning that if she leaves Rosewood that it would be a step down for her. Emily says that the talk of moving was just talk. She gets a gleam in her eyes. She thinks this is a chance for her to get to stay in town.

Next up is Toby at work as Spencer sits in her car watching him interact with the men on his crew. The boss gives him an envelope and Toby looks upset as he sees Spencer in the car. Toby lets her know he was paid off for the week and was let go because the owner of the house has a daughter. The house owner is obviously going by old rumors about him. Spencer wants him to come with her but Toby says they will talk later.

[Yeah Ezra is looking good in that suit……oh yeah]

Aria is waiting for Ezra at his house when he calls to tell her he is not sure when he is going to make it home. He is at a meeting about a new position and its taking longer than he thought it would take. He asks her to keep waiting.

Emily is at home explaining about the scholarship promises with her mother. She wants to stay and go for it in Rosewood. Her mother tells her they will stay if they get a commitment from the University but they need to hear it from them before they decide about the move.

Aria calls Spencer for advice on how long to wait for Ezra but Toby knocks on Spencer’s door so she promises to call Aria back. Toby wants her to come with him for a walk. She grabs her coat to take off with him as we have another look at Aria waiting for Ezra. It looks like she is about to give up when Ezra text her to wait please.

Mona leaves a message for Hanna as Hanna is washing dishes. Hanna’s dad walks in and asks if he can help with the dishes as Hanna ignores the call. Her father weighs in on the not seeing her friends situation she tells him that she only sees except when I am in trouble. She asks if that is significant and if she should bring it up in therapy. LOL that was funny. This whole thing with her dad was kinda boring to me to be honest. I like Hanna but her situation with Caleb was way more interesting to me. They talk for a few moments about Dads and daughters and I really had no interest.

We go back to seeing Aria wait endlessly then she finally gives up. She leaves a message for Ezra in his typewriter, Sorry we couldn’t make this work.

After the break Emily on her movie date with her new Blonde friend, Samara. She shares about hopefully getting to stay in town of the scout will sign off on her getting the scholarship for her to swim at the University. She then looks sad as she recalls a similar date she had with Maya. They talk about first girlfriends for a few moments as they get ready to watch the movie.

Hanna sees Mona at the coffee shop and they discuss Noel. Hanna tells Mona to be careful. Hanna forgives Mona for throwing away the letter. They agree to not talk about either Noel or Caleb if they are going to be friends again.

Spencer and Toby are in the woods, Spencer tells him about her thinking that Ian was texting Melissa. Toby wishes she had told him. Spencer wonders what exactly he could have done. They speak abstractly about the town as they look at it from above. Toby says it has monsters. Spencer suggests she will do whatever Toby tells her too about the text, maybe tell the police. Toby doesn’t think they cops will do any good.

At Spencer’s house the back door glass is broken as we see Aria show up. She keeps calling Spencers name just before someone comes rushing down the stairs though it looks as though the person is falling down the stairs themselves. The person in black runs out the door and we see Aria’s shoe on the floor but not her.

After the break, Aria is with Spencer in the house. There are ice packs and peroxide on the counter where Aria is sitting. Spencer thinks knowing that A can break in their homes at any time is one of the worse things about the situation. Aria tells her about Emily’s missing camping gear and that their have been break-ins all over. Spencer suggest maybe the break-ins are by Ian, someone who is on the run and not by A at all. I don’t know about this part I think its just to cause confusion of the whole A mystery. I guess finding out who A is has never been the only mystery right? Who killed A? Who is A and what do they really want?

Emily is at school and talks to the Danby scout but he can only give her a maybe later on the scholarship. Emily looks disappointed she doesn’t want him to find out they had planned to move because it could cause a problem with them looking at her swim skills for the university.

At school Mr. Fritz goodbye speech sounds more like a conversation he wanted to have with Aria had she waited for longer that night. I gotta be honest with this whole romance drama, unless all these kids are totally selfish more than half of them had to know what was up with those too, I’m just sayin’. It’s sad as he tries hard not to look at her as the other students listen. “You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you”, is a supposed quote from Joseph Campbell that Ezra uses. He basically says it to Aria. She is the first to leave the class as the bell rings. He is sadden to see she has already disappeared as he shakes hands with the others.

Aria goes to the cafeteria to sit and wait by herself then she finally arrives back in the classroom Ezra is gone. She is about to give up when she sees him packing his car outside.

She runs to meet him and he picks her up then kisses her right in the parking lot. Okay I liked this part. The song is saying “please don’t leave quite yet.” I feel like a perv because this was so sweet to me, am I the only one? Yeah I know its the love story not the people right 🙂

Melissa is on the sofa reading when Spencer arrives home. It’s obvious the book is more a prop then holding her attention. Spencer is soaked through though asks Melissa if she wants something to eat and if she has gone outside. Melissa claims to have not left the house. Spencer notices that Melissa’s boots and coat are wet despite her claims. She reaches in the pocket of the coat to find the sonogram inside.

Next scene is of Spencer telling the girls of her find with the sonogram in hand. They decide wherever Melissa had gone was near by since Spencer believed that her sister car hadn’t been moved.

They walk around and end up at Jason’s house again. Jason is outside. He tells them he is putting up a fence for privacy because there are a lot of curious creeps around besides people don’t mind their own business. He tells them they should go home.

They wonder who he is trying to keep out and Aria says or “keep in?”
Last scenes we see the puppy again. He is trying to see what is under the tarp in Jason’s front yard that he has rocks holding it down. The person with the gloved hand shows up to play with the dog. That is how it ends.

Last Thoughts and Half baked theories:
As far as episodes go this was a good one. We see Ezra leaving the school to find another job with hopes that he and Aria can make a real relationship from their puppy love. Emily wants to stay in Rosewood but is being pulled away by her family. Toby wants to grow up and get over his past while generally speaking the girls just want very much to have a normal high school life like the rest of their class. At this point I think the girls do need a therapist their lives are in jeopardy and they otherwise only have one another which isn’t always the best resource. I do hope that Anne is legit and willing to be unbiased in her assessment of them. I can tell you the whole normal life thing is just rubbish we all want greatness but that is for another blog LOL.

Half Baked theory:
Melissa is seeing Ian on her runs out of the house and she is lying about which is very obvious. I don’t know why she would need to do that unless Ian was trying to hide something she had done. Ian was supposedly dead which now turns out to only been another way for him/her to implicate the girls in another drama. So what if the whole Ian hanging was a set up? The way he landed in that noose looked fake to me from the start, what if it was rigged? He chased Spencer up to that point then suddenly he was pushed off and boom dead. Where was Jason? Where was Noel when it all happened? Could Melissa be mixed up in something with all of these guys? Could Ian be in trouble because of something they all are involved with?

Just more questions, I know but that is the fun of a mystery.
Thanks for reading; see you next week.


  1. You’ve done it again! This is AMAZING! It is so incredibly thorough, and you picked up on a lot of little facts and tidbits that others might have missed.

    By the way, have you read this yet?

    This article actually made me REALLY mad, because, now that we know that the mystery of “A” is going to last as long as the show lasts (which, based on its ratings isn’t going anywhere,) I kind of feel like the “Who is A?” part of the mystery will be dragged out FOREVER, with all the “real clues” we are supposedly getting ending up being nothing more than Red Herrings. I actually feel like this show is strong enough to stand on its own, possibly with a NEW mystery or two, if the initial mysteries end up being solved, so I was rather surprised to read this. It also kind of seems like the writers still aren’t 100% sure who they are going to make into “A,” which bothers me even more.

    But, hopefully, we will at least find out who killed Allison by the end of this season. That would be nice . . .

    Anyway, on to your awesome recap. I too found the scene between Jason and Spencer a bit odd. I actually think the point of Jason highlighting the fact that Ian never ADMITTED to killing Ali, was to call attention to that fact to the FANS of the show. Because, I feel as though, as soon as that scene in the church happened, the PLL girls IMMEDIATELY assumed that Ian was the killer (as most people would have IN REAL LIFE, if they had encountered such creepy craziness). However, in the context of the mystery, Ian’s behavior seems TOO obvious, and his inability to confess in that moment illustrates that he probably isn’t the killer . . . just some creepy pedophile. 🙂

    For the record, the promos for next week’s episode seem to suggest that the PLL girls begin to suspect JASON as the killer, but I don’t think that’s true either . . . Jason is going to end up being the New Toby, for another one of the PLL girls. They wouldn’t have changed the actor playing him, if they didn’t want to use him as a love interest. I suspect that, for now, Jason, like Spencer, is a Nosy Sleuthing Type just trying to figure out the mystery of his sister’s death. And he outsmarted Spencer, by getting HER to answer all the questions during that meeting, when SHE was the one initially seeking answers.

    Like you, I definitely think Melissa is up to something, but I’m not sure if it’s exactly what the PLL girls think it is. By the way, did you get your screencaps from that Pretty Little Liars US website? If so, check out some of the “memorial” pictures from a future episode. You will find some “clues” there, that are fairly intriguing . . . assuming you don’t mind being spoiled.

    And I giggled a whole lot at your mention of Hanna’s outfit. Yep, that was definitely a fashion risk . . . and usually it’s Spencer’s job to push the envelope like that . . . but she’s been wearing Business Suits lately, so . . .

    Regarding the question you asked about Aria’s age, I always wondered that too. I DON’T think she’s 18 yet, which would definitely make her and Fitzy’s relationship illegal in the U.S., where the show supposedly takes place (well . . . that is assuming it’s a sexual relationship, which I can’t imagine it’s not). The disconnect, I think, is that the show IS filmed, and possibly even written, in Canada. And if the Canadian age of consent is 16 (as it is in many European countries), then maybe the writers assume it is 16 everywhere. Though, you would think show writers would do some research into an important topic like that. Right?

    Thanks again for taking the time to write this awesome recap! I love talking PLL with you! 🙂

    • Hey you thanks for checking out the recap. I didn’t get to go to the site for pictures this time I did my own capping from the episode since I like just having the one picture from a scene. I am sure I will use that link again though maybe next time 🙂 I do think there are lots of surprises in store this season.
      I read the information at the link and I can’t say I am surprised. They want the show to last as long as it can they may keep changing who is A but it would make more sense like you said to give us A then go on to more mysteries. This type of show can have many mysteries based on what people say and how they say it or on incoming characters. I guess we will have to wait and see how it goes. I will check out the spoilers too. As far a Ezra and Aria I agree that E thinks A is more mature and he does come across as naive at times so it works out. I am not sure about Jason though the way he asked Spencer about Ian makes me think he knows more than he is letting on. I think Jason may blame himself for her death because of his association with Ian. Now whether or not Ian actually killed her or if she was involved with someone Ian knew about like another older guy I guess we will eventually see. I mean as far as them being away at that hotel and Ian seeing Allison we don’t know a lot about that yet. Melissa kind of holds the key to that one at this point and she is really anxious looking especially in the last episode. I guess again at this point things are up in the air.

      Yes love to talk PLL with you *hugs*

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