PLL – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap It’s All About Maya

Hey all you PLL Lovers its time for another long winded recap so pull up your comfy chairs, put on your reading glasses and up that Zoom (control +) on the computer because BABY I’m BACK !!!

This week we begin the fun with Ashley and her offspring, that is Hanna, attempting to mover a rather larger plant on the patio. Seriously, I can’t see either of these Prim & Pretty Princesses moving a large item let alone a plant on the patio LOL. Ashley puts her hip into it and Hanna just stares. Moments later the phone rings and the reason for this sore display of gardening by the Marin’s is revealed. Hanna finds an old note from Maya to Em on the floor, it must have been hiding who knows where since according to the information they only just received said plant, hmmmm. Yeah I got nothing !! I do however believe that the note flying in the window would have had the same effect.

Next thing we see is Hanna reading the note to the other liars. We learn some things from the note, first off that Maya was aware that there was an emotional distance with Emily, also that she had something she wanted to show Emily and that the note was written the day she died. BINGO, can anyone say clue?

Cue Creepy Theme Music

And we are back but this time Aria is lovingly putting cream cheese on a bagel while Ezra walks in the room. It is apparent he has little experience with bagels when he mistakes a jalapeno one for cranberry, LOL, poor little rich boy right? Aria it seems is still haunted by Ezra’s mistake with Maggie, she is curious as to how much money it took for Mommy Dearest to make the girl go away. Aria really is nagging on this topic making Ezra respond annoyed like. I think she should move on because she has more pressing issues with a murderer still on the loose and all.

Later that morning we find Hanna with Emily at the coffee house/great place to meet guys spot. Hanna is working on figuring out what all the Maya clues mean. Em has to go help the new guy when Wren wanders over after seeing Hanna. I am officially calling him Dr. Perv until he finds a girlfriend over the age of eighteen LOL. Its an affectionate title don’t get your panties in a twist LOL.

Anywho, he offers Hanna a chance to have coffee with him at a future time but she declines, letting him know in uncertain terms that the kiss was a mistake, hmm get it Dr. Perv? LOL So my new official Wren theory is that he likes them young but more so he is the Spot of British Tea that has been sent in by TEAM A, to keep the girls occupied therefore he is the foreign correspondent you know Jack on a scene, Aye? Oh he always finds a way to be involved, no!!Wait this is also where we learn that Hanna and Caleb are pretending to be apart to get A off the trail. By the by, in last weeks episode the scenes with Hanna and Caleb were my Favorite I am so glad they are together again at least someone might be happy for a while, soon.

At school Spencer finds Em still staring at Maya’s note willing it to reveal all the coded secrets. Spencer suggests that Em might need a break. They discuss the Dalia Lama aka Tobey and how she hates lying to him. Well Spencer I think that Tobey is well in the mix by now. If he is away its because he is hunting clues, yes hunting them without you. He is probably still in town just hiding out the way he was when he showed up at the end of season two with Anne’s blessing. Spencer rants about failing classes these days but for her failing is getting B’s, B is for Bad she says before Paige walks up to give a hello to Em.

Is anyone else with me on believing that Paige lied about Em being with her the night of the first episode, the time you know when Em was drunk? In the last episode you might recall that Jenna and Noel said they actually found Em at the diner place, the one we saw flashbacked before with Aria’s fake boyfriend.

WE get a quick scene with Aria deciding to call Ezra then changing her mind, yeah I don’t think picking at that sour issue is going to do her any good at a distance. Finding out about Maggie may have been a surprise but like Ezra said it is the past, thing is though I gotta wonder if Maggie kept the baby, hmm that could be an interesting complication in the fall.

Moving on, Zach and Mama Ella are having a romantic lunch in her classroom. They are so cute together I hope Ella doesn’t blow this for a while. Now even though it seems innocent enough does anyone think maybe Zach jumped on the Montgomery band wagon a bit quick? I have to suspect everyone and everything that happens fast. Just like that whole thing were Em trusted Nate at his word; did she even check his story? Did she call Maya’s family to see if they got the note, I know totally not the topic these paragraph was started with.

So back on track, Aria walks in the room as Zach kisses Ella oh so sweetly. Aria clears her throat and in true teenage fashion they break apart. I don’t think Zach was embarrassed so much as Ella. He does clear the room after the introductions. Aria gives Ella a quick Q & A, where we find that Ella has been honest with Zach about her age as well as divorce status I assume it was all very coded between them.

Hanna who is on a mission from god to find Maya’s killer suddenly that it involves her having to be away from her Boo, Caleb, is at her house browsing pictures of Maya. Emily arrives and they go through the pictures Hanna has printed from the website. They notice that in some of the photos Maya is at Noel Kahn’s cabin, even more disturbing to Spencer after they tell her is why Maya was there during the day. An even bigger question is who took the pictures of her at the cabin? Did someone send them to her from the security camera that we find out about later LOL, oops.

So here is my new theory at this point in the episode; Maya was befriended by the A Team that is Noel and his gang and at some point she hung out with them in secret. She would have known that Em’s friends where not buddies with Noel because of his past and cocky attitude but she may have enjoyed that rebelliousness. She could get away be herself, smoke some joints laugh and whatnot but not cheat on Em instead just relax. I get the just wanting to be yourself thing, totally.

Spencer confronts Noel after she gets off the phone with Hanna, about Maya. According to Noel he and Maya had a texting relationship based on getting her some weed. He tells Spencer its kinda hot that she thinks he might be a killer, she walks away but he smirks as he walks the other way. I don’t get the killer vibe from he is a Bad Boy brat.

After the break, Nate arrives at the coffee shop yet again. I cannot believe that Em thinks this guy is going to college. He doesn’t even carry books first off, LOL, he doesn’t talk about classes or even girls in the classes or anything that might indicate he goes to school. I would have totally checked on him by now. I would know his classes, his schedule and where he lived on campus, because his hanging around would creep me out. I know I am not Emily and I am not as innocent as she seems to be at times. I think the lack of information on he who has become a semi-regular on the show is something the WRITERS should be shedding light on by NOW.

Nate invites Em out to see a band a moment before he notices Jenna with Noel across the room. Noel goes off to practice then Nate decides to confront Jenna. This little scene is disturbing on so many levels though parts of me think that Nate and Jenna are far from strangers. I do think it would have made more sense for Jenna to say “hey your girlfriend warned me away from YOU, talk to her.” Why doesn’t she say that instead of acting like why in the world are you even talking to me? Now it could be that Nat lied about his date with Jenna, it could have been something in his head because psychos make up things like that. I gotta say if I was EM again I would have taken notice of Jenna’s reactions to him. Em does watch Nate leave but she is probably more concerned for him than about him.

Em texts Spencer to let her know that Noel is at practice, time for her to do her detective work. Spencer runs back inside, LOL, its funny as much as she hates bad grades she is always ready for adventure, you go Spencer.

In the hallways, Aria discuss Ella and her sudden desire to find a man by dating many men. Ella lets her know that she is fine kissing a few frogs to get to her prince LOL. Yeah I love Ella dating but are we going a bit over board, one guy at a time could work, so says me and Aria.

Paige goes over to the coffee shop to get Em to feel sorry for her because of some swim issues. I still have a hard time watching these two together. It’s not just because I think that Paige lied but becuause Paige has major emotional issues. She only feels good at the times she gets what she thinks she wants in this case is Em. I don’t put anything passed her at all at this point. She in my eyes, is on an emotional roller coaster, I guess some of that comes from being in high school LOL.

Spencer arrives in the boys locker room but all she finds is Noel’s cell phone, as well as moments later there are two half naked boys just about to get in the shower EWWW. She hides.

You ever notice how some of the people in this town are filthy rich like the Kahn’s and the Hastings while others like the Montgomery’s, the Marin’s and the Fields are just run of the mill people? It just seems there is a definite rift in economy. I brought this up because I just noticed the huge gate on the house that is basically a play pen for the Kahn family. I know its a half hour away LOL.

Anywho, Em and Hanna arrive at the Kahn’s cabin. They make note its the same place that is in one of Maya’s pictures. They have come to the place in the belief that Maya may have wanted Em to find something she left for her. We make note that there is a security camera on the property, which I have a feeling that Hanna as well as Em didn’t notice. If they had known I think they would have found another way inside or disabled it.

Back in the boys locker room Spencer finds that Noel’s phone is locked, as she tries to get inside to find information. She returns it to the locker just before she sees Noel, “can I help you?” he asks before Spencer leaves the the room. Noel doesn’t notice anything missing or so it seems, since she had already returned the phone.

Back at the cabin the girls become doubtful of their mission.

At the coffee shop Aria is with Ezra who suggests she go over to chat with her mother’s beau, Zach who is staring at her. Aria and Zach bond over the Clash and having divorced parents, yahoo. Zach confides to Aria that he is not seeing anyone but Ella.

And back at the cabin they continue to look around. They are about to leave when eagle eye Hanna notices a hidden door behind a book shelf. It’s a back room of sorts behind that door, that shows signs of someone living in it. There are pillows, sleeping bags, blankets and the like. While looking through the window seat chest, Hanna finds a bag, it turns out to be Maya’s according to Em. The plot thickens, Yes!!

In the bag are varied items like a handmade card that Em had given to Allison for her fourteenth birthday, a knife with LG on it, Maya’s bus ticket to san francisco, and then suddenly the door closes then locks. They panic, of course, especially after all the windows close from the outside. Someone followed them and are ready to make them scared, welcome to HELL Liars, insert spooky voice, LOL

After the break, the girls yell out to whomever is taunting them. Emily grabs a poker that she finds on the floor, hmm odd place for a weapon but maybe the person staying there needed a weapon also at a time in the past. They squat while they wait to see what will happen next.

Meanwhile, Spencer is at home looking at the same picture that led Em and Hanna to the cabin. What I want to know is why Spencer is not more worried since she had to know the others where going to the Kahn’s cabin.

Spencer gets an email message from Noel, it says to stay out of his locker but also includes a video. Spencer checks her notes from her mother’s information on the time of Maya’s death as she views the security footage from the cabin. Shouldn’t her heart have been racing as she considered that Emily had gone there with Hanna????? I don’t know she rushes to do other things she should have grabbed the laptop with the evidence to head off to find her friends? Maybe its just me that sees they aren’t always acting as a UNIT in these situations.

Anywho, the time for the death of Maya was set between ten and two in the morning. Spencer makes a call but we do not to whom, but basically its a message to get over to her house.

Suddenly we are down town with Aria and Ella. It looks as though they are coming form Yoga. On the other hand if they have been together for a while why are they just now discussing the dates. Anyway, Aria tells her about her chat with Zach, she seems happy that he only has eyes for her, ahhhh.

Now the girls are trying to use the cell at the cabin of doom but there is of course no reception, there never is in Horror Movies ladies LOL. Emily suddenly runs toward the window where a bit of light is shining through and jabs the poker through it repeatedly. It’s a good thing no one was standing outside. Unlucky for Hanna she decided to help with the knife from the bag, it only takes a nano second till she stabs on her own self in the leg LOL, oh Hanna save the heavy lifting for those with GRACE!!

Oh and how exactly do you go from poking the knife through the window to stabbing your leg several inches away ?? FAIL writers FAil !!!

Emily wraps a scarf around Hanna’s leg that is not gushing blood but only pooled on top, before she goes back to bamming the window out this time with a bat. She looks pissed. Somehow and only in tv land can they both get out the window that has shards of glass sticking out, with no more injuries. Oh and Hanna who is already hurt LOL makes it with no further injuries, also right…

ON their way to the car they see a note from A written on the wall in red, I’m saving you for later, so now they are leftovers LOL.

After the break, Emily makes what must be the magic call because the next thing we see is Wren stitching up Hanna’s leg. Oh yes it was all a device for us to see Dr. Perv yet again. He is a cutie but again he needs more hobbies though he is handy for when the liars have wittle booboos. 🙂

The sewing of the stitches is done rather quickly then he volunteers to make a meal for dear Hanna who is officially incapable of doing anything because of the hole in her leg. Oh and she has only had a twinkie and a half of a carrot or something all day LMAO!!

Emily arrives at her house to find Stalker Nate waiting. Yes I will ask it again, can this guy not find people his age to hang out with ? I know I am not one to talk really I hang out with younger people though I am not a stalker/killer. So Nate has stopped by to apologize for being a jerk at the coffee shop. Emily tells Nate about the bag and that she and Hanna went to the cabin based on the information in a letter. Nat says that Maya wore the scarf in the bag to a bonfire at a beach. Hmmm I seriously hope that Em is getting that idea that Nat makes things up by now. She looks at him oddly as he looks like he is crying/upset. She feels torn I imagine because she misses Maya so much. She comforts him and in true Liar style he kisses her but its like the most awkward kiss since she kissed Paige LOL. I am an EMAYA fan I don’t apologize for it. WE miss you MAYA!!

Luckily for Emaya fans little Orphan Paige walks up while this awkward kiss is happening. Paige walks away and throws out the food she had brought for them to eat while watching the movie. Nate confesses to having wanted to kiss Em for a while. He then says he hasn’t felt close to someone in a while, but wait he was all close to his cousin, hmmm. Em gets the text message from Paige that she is feeling ill, yes I bet she is, OOpsie.

IN other news, Ezria is watching the most boring excuse for a movie, something akin to listening to water drip, while they pretend every thing is fine. Ezra lets Aria know he found Maggie a few minutes later, he called her but that is all we hear for now.

Back at Spencer’s she is watching the video where she sees Maya drive up on her bicycle. I want to know what she has been doing all this time. Has she spoken with Emily or Hanna? Was it she who Em called earlier to get Wren’s number? So many unanswered questions because according to the time on the video its only been four minutes since the video began.

After the break, Aria arrives to watch the video with Spencer. Using the stolen information they talk of the fact that Garrett who was seen with Maya around nine o’clock was not the last person to see her alive. Now I noticed for the second time they are doing this half off split screen thing where they finish a scene then slide into the next scene, kinda interesting. However I think the focus should be on making a Quality show not fun camera angles hint hint!!

Ella goes over to see Zach at the coffee shop to have a drink with him. I like these two people together but I gotta be honest not sure how much of the same old conversation with them I can take. WE all know they are different ages, they both cute and like each other lets move on with it. Sheesh!!

Hanna allows Wren to cook her a meal then she sends him packing in true Liar style. She doesn’t seem to understand the idea of putting your leg up means that up has to be above your heart for it to matter aka in a bed or on a sofa with pillows underneath. You would think that Dr. Perv would have specified but I suppose his motive were not based on health on his umm needs LOL. He actually leans in for a kiss before she tells him he should go. I totally don’t see these two together in any way, did I mention that? He has the nerve to leave with a pout, really?

At school the next day, Paige tells Emily she was feeling sick to her stomach suddenly the night before and Emily is oblivious as to the reason’s why. Anyone ever notice how the girls can really be so in their own worlds they don’t see what’s in front of them, most of the time. Emily explains about Nate coming by the night before but is interrupted at the moment she might have confessed about the kiss. Seriously since I think that Paige lied to Emily I think that Emily has no need to confess but that’s just me right?

Over at Spencer’s that same afternoon, Hanna is now watching the video with Aria and Spencer. They see Noel and Benna,formerly Blind Jenna, arrive at the cabin, which makes me wonder why she lied to Noel about her eyesight if she trusted him OR was she faking for the security cameras and wasn’t blind with him at all LOL. Anyway after they go inside the cabin we see Maya come from around the house, she must have heard them drive up. I doubt if she was staying there that anyone was supposed to see her. She makes it to the front of the house but then she is grabbed out of camera range in a manner that she loses her hat.

My thought on this last part is its just someone outside not the person that killed her, I say that because we still have two weeks to go and this show loves dragging things out LOL, its true you know it. OH and we did see Noel kinda look back toward the camera on his way inside. Did he know something was going to happen or is he just the sneaky type watching that camera?

Last scene, we see A or hoodie person going through a group of like hoodies. I gotta wonder of the obsession with black. IN the background the news is on about Garrett and the upcoming trial. The last thing A does is to turn on Wheel of Fortune, yes we know A loves games.

That is all in a nutshell, I know a large nut shell but it was a good Episode.

Things we learned:

1. The Marin’s have plants that I totally feel sorry for.
2. Wren likes Hanna or is pretending to like her to keep an eye on her.
3. Ezra has no idea about bagel types/smells.
4. Aria is like a dog with a bone, similar to Spencer.
5. Hanna doesn’t know the difference between a cut and a stab wound.
6. Tobey is akin to the Dalai Lama
7. Paige is having swim team issues.
8. Nate’s lies are running together and he is losing control.
9. Spencer is slower at watching videos then at writing papers.
10. Emily needs a bigger pool of dating prospects.


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