PLL – Season 3 Episode 2 Jenna Can See

Welcome Back all you Pretty Little Liars Lovers, time does go by so fast we are already up to Episode 2 of the new season.

Screencapped by me

This week we have a chance to see Ella teaching three of the four girls in her classroom. I am not impressed by her monotone voice at all. The sound is very unemotional and robotic than again I think she talks that way all the time LOL. Yes I love Holly Marie Combs but this scene seems like Ella would rather be elsewhere LOL.

Emily pulls out a charm bracelet from her bag with teeth and words that says: Dead Girls Don’t Smile, EWWWW. See what did I tell you about them leaving their things around. How else would anyone have gotten an item inside her personal property? Most people just throw their bags every where unlike me who keeps it on my lap at all times in public LOL.

We see Em suddenly in slow mo as she drops the bracelet in her bag, rushes from the room with Aria and Spencer rushing after her. They run passed Hanna who happens to be in the hall hmm what a coincidence right? Seconds later they all gather in the bathroom to see whatever is the matter with Em.

They are discussing the merits of Hanna’s two days at a dental office and the horror of Em’s find in her purse before there is a sound outside. They rush to hide in what could only be the handicap stall because of its size, where they finish the bracelet discussion. Though this is illogical because if anyone came in the bathroom they would hear everything they had to say just by being in the room. Aria insists that they take the bracelet to the police except because they lied about being at the lake house the information won’t add up. Hmm yes I think last episode Aria was the one that wanted them to go to the police to start with, WAIT hasn’t she met the fine cops of Rosewood, not the smartest tools in the shed LOL.

This stall thing only works, technically, for them to end up dropping the offending object in the toilet. Spencer reaches to get it but is startled by the bell then the sensor goes off and its lost forever in the plumbing system or is it? From the toilet’s viewpoint we get to see Hanna’s earrings, which have to be the LONGEST earrings I have seen and I gotta say I kinda like them since they are beaded and gypsy like, that’s my style. As far as practicality they have to be annoying to deal with LOL. Yes a rabbit trail sorry…

And here we go……..cue creepy music

Later that day they decide that Hanna needs to go to the crazy house to try to get intel from Mona while Spencer plans to go back to see her pal, Garrett at the jailhouse. Hanna passes NO longer Blind but still pretending to be Jenna, on her way in the courtyard, the others see her and start whispering about how she is somehow in the know with Lucas. Yes because whispering around a blind person means they can’t hear you LOL.

No so Blind Jenna, runs into a guy with her cane and makes him spill his drink, yes because he was probably a friend of her old boyfriend or something equally annoying. Aria comments, “is she blinder than she was last year?” LOL I know right before she was not acting blind except for using the cane and the glasses. Personally I think she thinks she is HOTTER in the shades LOL.

In the building, Hanna lies to Caleb about her appointment to see Mona. He has that look like he knows she is telling an untruth but does not call her on it. If I were Caleb I would be following her a**, because at least he would know but he is trying to be the good guy and trust her. On the other hand in Caleb’s case he might think that Hanna is just getting tired of him, guys are so insecure LOL.

In the hallway we learn that Em missed all of April in school and needs to retake like three tests. Aria suggests she use Ezra as a tutor at least for English because you know he is jobless and wanting something to do besides moping around all day waiting “to DO” Aria LOL. Oops did I say that?

Anywho, Em isn’t really into the idea but Aria begs and Em figures why not hang out with my bestie’s gorgeous boy toy at her request, a girl could do worse or something like that.

Oh and speaking of Aria I can’t pass by the fact that this is the second Strappy outfit in the last two episodes. The other one was that not quite glamorous short skirt overalls in the premiere and now a similar outfit in khaki. This outfit seems designed to be more frilly but I like it.

Aria sees her nemesis Meredith, you know the adulteress that her father had an affair with, down the all looking all like she owns the place so Aria makes herself known. She finds out that Meredith is applying for a teaching position but makes a point of telling Aria in a snide way, “Don’t worry I won’t put you down as a reference.” Seriously the comment makes her seem more skanky LOL.

A while later Aria tells Ezra about the Meredith situation as they sit down the street from her house in his car where he is dropping her off. Then they chat about the direction their relationship is going; which is how we learn that Aria still can’t say his name around Byron. She also feels they are going backwards in some ways like the not feeling free to let him drop her off at the house. Ezra feels that them going to a dinner with her mother was a good step forward.

The phone rings and its Emily, Aria promptly tells her to call Ezra NOW he is free. Em does as she is told then Ezra’s phone rings LOL. Okay now I think that outfit that is rather sexy on top is to show us how FREE Aria is feeling with her new beau LOL.

While visiting Garrett, Spencer gets some clues despite him not giving her information she had been promised in the event that her mother represented him; which was who dug up Allison’s body. Instead he says that someone VERY Close to you, “is fooling you, medical records don’t lie.” Now Spencer is all is it Jenna? At first I thought this was an odd question because Not So Blind Jenna is not close to her unless WAIT for it she might be her Sister, you know Peter Hastings got around LOL. Seriously though that other clue would have to mean someone in her circle, like one of the liars OR her own bloodline. Speaking of her bloodline where is Jason this episode?

All of that before the first break wow!!

While visiting Mona, Hanna totally loses it when she received nothing but a half eye roll from Mona. Now that fact that Mona even looked at her like she was pissed shows she is in her own world but I am not convinced she is crazy. Hanna throws a chair, yelling, “You owe me,” because if she told the police that Mona tried to run her over with her car Mona would be in jail instead of in the asylum or so she thinks. Not sure how she would make that story stick with all the other lies leading up to it. Anywho, Wren rushes in to see what is the matter then tells Hanna she has to leave. Mona looks at the visiting badge, in the trash, after Hanna leaves though I don’t know if that is to convince us that Hanna won’t return again or that Mona will use the badge to harm herself?

At the local coffee shop Ezra greets Em for her first tutoring session. Ezra is nervous, he tries to make an English joke then turns around to apologize about the loss of Maya but Em is just wanting to get to work on the studies;she doesn’t want to talk of Maya. It’s okay Ezra you can’t charm everyone.

Back at the nuthouse, Wren tells Hanna, that Mona deserves to be drawn and quartered for the things she has done. Oddly enough I doubt he has any clue of all her crimes but he is trying to make Hanna feel better. We learn that Wren’s father was in an asylum from the time that he was ten. Hmm this makes me think that Wren has some darkness in him that we are yet to see, Jewls.

Wren says what she is feeling about Mona is like losing someone who is still physically alive, like he did with his father, it involves a form of grieving.

Over at the Hastings, Spencer is trying to find out where Not So Blind Jenna was after her camp ended since she only recently returned to town. Tobey has no idea and relates that his parents treated her like she was fragile after the surgery didn’t work. He gives always tense Spencer a back rub that quickly turns to kissing just before Mama Hastings walks in the room.

Mama makes a comment about Melissa that is odd to me:”I don’t think Okay doesn’t really applies in her situation, now does it?” She says it a little bitterly in Spencer direction which we see makes Spencer look upset. I get the idea that maybe it’s somehow Spencer’s fault or Mama feels it is her fault.
Then I recall this is five months later but this is the first reference to Melissa. So whatever is going on with her we have yet to hear. Mama had been waiting to get a call from Melissa so much so she has left three messages but other than that no real clues as to what is going on. Surely she has had the baby by now and is probably at her city house or is she elsewhere maybe over seas or with other family? Or did she lose the baby or give it away because of her mental state; I don’t know since I don’t read spoilers.

Spencer grabs Tobey’s leg as her mother asks him to stay for dinner, though it didn’t seem that Tobey had planned to stay. He looks oddly at Spencer afterward I get the feeling she needed a buffer.
This scene to me is Significant of something going on in Spencer’s life and especially how it is effecting her maybe mentally or emotionally.

Now the next day at school she seems fine in her blue/white sailorISH dress. She almost seems too fine compared to the way she looked the previous night. Am I imagining that or no?

At Aria’s locker the foursome watch as she finds an envelope with an earring inside. This leads us to a flashback.

In the flashback Aria and Allison go to Byron’s office.
They don’t really tell us why they are there but the idea is that they want to find some evidence of his affair. At one point there is a noise and they cut the lights and duck down but its only the maintenance guy going down the hall. The lights are turned on again and suddenly Allison is holding an earring. NOW I looked at this four times and its possible that Allison did NOT find the earring but had it with her. I am saying this because she is playing with the pillow while Aria was ducking. I have no proof but this is all SUSPECT. Now why does she want Aria to think her father rolls around in his office with a student, hmm she has a wild imagination, she wants Aria to depend on her for advice and you know she likes to start stuff LOL. Just a thought to consider oh and how many teachers really have affairs in their offices like that in real life the way Allison tells it?. Oh and also is it possible that maybe Allison had a crush on Byron but he rejected her and this is how she got back at him maybe by taking Aria to see him with Meredith that day; the same guy who didn’t want her chose someone else to fool around with on his wife.

Anyway this earring is the same ones that was taped to Aria’s locker.
Okay so in the rest of the Flashback Aria and Allison trash Byron’s office after Allison convinces her she can make Meredith look bad by pretending she made the mess in the office. They did a job too putting coffee on his papers, breaking pictures, writing on the walls. Sheesh I wouldn’t want them mad at me.

Aria reveals to the girls that she put those earring in Allison’s coffin, a good place to hide them or NOT. Ah I see so the stuff stolen was not just the body but all the little knick knacks they added at Allison’s mother’s request before they buried her. You know things that reminded them of her like black mail items LOL from a friend.

After the break, Ezra is tutoring Em again. Emily is distracted so Ezra gives her a pep talk to do what she usually does to prepare for a challenge because she is good in tight situations.

Over at school, Not so Blind Jenna, offers Aria a chance to play music with her. Oh she is putting out that twisted Olive Branch again. This happens after Not So Blind Jenna pretends she doesn’t see Aria walking in front of her she says, “Oh I recognized your ring tone,” Yeah right because people keep those for years LOL.

Aria lies about her dad needing her help on a project so she does not agree to help out Not so Blind Jenna. She walks away then they show us proof positive that she is indeed not blind as she pulls down her shades to watch Aria walk away.

Aria asks Hanna to get more info from Mona as she reports to her on the Not So Blind Jenna situation, now on I am using NSBJenna, as Caleb walks in with food. Seems they are eating a lot this season LOL. Hanna is starving but she checks the clock and Caleb notices. Hanna insists she has no where else to be despite her distraction.

Mama Hastings reams Spencer out about going to see Garrett. She says he is dangerous. Um its okay Mama he is in jail why worry about it now. She should have worried when he was stalking the girls for two seasons LOL. Oh and Spencer it’s not like they wouldn’t tell Mama you were hanging around the only jail in town. Spencer tries to make a point that the body was taken while Garrett was in jail but Mama comes back with what if the people think that Spencer is involved with Garrett or being helpful to him, well TOUCHE MOMS. Yeah we know in small towns it’s all about how things look.

At Marin’s Hanna gives a half a**ed confession about wanting to go see Mona to Caleb. He is concerned that Mona hurt Hanna. She is having an ambiguous loss, LOL which is what Wren told her about earlier but she of course lies to Caleb saying she googled it. Caleb insists he will take her to see Mona but he doesnt’ like all the sneaking around.

Aria gets a message ^above^ from A about the earring as she sits at home. apparently she was only given one but the other one will go to the police if she doesn’t fess up about her being the one to trash his office, hmm sounds like something Meredith or Allison would send, right? You know if anything about A has gotten around town a NUMBER of people could be pretending to be A just like last episode the message about showing their Boobs LOL.

Aria hears something outside but doesn’t see anything but trees moving however we see a shadow move by the window as she turns around.

After the break, it’s the next morning and Aria makes her confession to Byron. He doesn’t take it well, you know since he always thought his ex-lover/student had done the deed of making a mess of his office. He wants Aria to apologize to Meredith because he won’t do that for her; he will do his own apology oh I bet he will and not even in his car. Apparently, before he said awful things to Meredith at the time he thought she had done the vandalism now I wonder if he will go back to her since he is divorcing Ella? hmmm is this really the time to be stirring up the past Aria, though I know she thinks he has no choice but I mean if she is confessing anyway then who cares about the missing earring? It’s been like two years it’s not like last week LOL Did I miss something?

At school Em takes a make up test in Ella’s room.

Caleb and Hanna go see Mona at the asylum. Hanna is going to make up Mona’s face with the good makeup, Yes because her sitting in a room looking like a ghost is depressing the other crazies, um sorry mentally challenged people who she rarely sees. Hanna does make a point to tell her that she didn’t come to throw any more chairs.

Somewhere in Rosewood, Tobey has done some digging and found that NSBJenna is using new eye drops the kind for people that have working eyes or something like that LOL. Now I am curious as to how long he has suspected NSBJenna is pretending? Spencer seems surprised that he even thinks that but they have had five months that we have no idea about to discuss these things. I want flashbacks about this kinda stuff not just Allison stuff!!!!!!!!I know its early in the season but being mysterious for the sake of being mysterious is just lame.

Emily is flying through her test until she looks up at the person in front of her which reminds her of the person that took her the night when she lost her memory. Did anyone ever think she might have been drugged? Em’s kidnapper looks to be NSBJenna according to her flashback, she was driving the car but then again wasn’t Em in the trunk? Before she recalled seeing the sky when she was near the car. At what point was she in the back seat because that would mean she could identify the driver, yes I am confused. She hands in her test only half done despite Ella asking if she needs more time, Em says she did her best, she certainly expects to fail.

Aria meets up with Meredith to apologize and I gotta say that she is the NEW Queen Witch this season I assume with her arrogant attitude and smirk that turns my stomach. I won’t post another picture of her just like I declined to not post pictures of Witchy Jackie before unless she shows signs of being sorry for her behavior.

So Aria apologizes then Meredith makes it a point to tell her she is meeting with Byron for lunch the next day. Aria looks like she might hurl then but she powers through and tries to return the earrings to Meredith. Turns out they don’t belong to her.

So now we know that either Allison planted the earring as I suspect or that someone else was rolling around with Byron on that sofa OR they belong to the previous person that was in that office/owned the sofa LOL.

After the break, Spencer tries to get in to see Garrett again but he is with his lawyer. Spencer waits to see him. She is outside comparing the eye drop bottles when she hears her mother’s voice in the other room. Her mother asks the guy at the desk for a copy of all Garrett;s visitors since he has been in jail. He will get her the list the next day. Yep looks like Mama Hastings took the case without Spencer ever asking her. Spencer hides unconvincingly by turning her back outside the door LOL, really? She is not invisible writers.

Meanwhile, Caleb plays solitaire while waiting for Hanna just before Wren sees him. Can I just say I guess his two days a week are the same days that Hanna happens to visit LOL. This is their first meeting so they do the introductions then Wren thanks him for coming with Hanna who has been dealing with the ambiguous loss of Mona. Caleb doesn’t say much he only listens as Dr. Wren goes on about the good it’s doing for both girls. Caleb suddenly realizes that Hanna is going to do whatever she wants but seems to accept that.

Spencer learns at the jail that her mother has made Garrett promise not to talk to her. I guess this was the only way she would work with him by not dealing with Spencer. He won’t tell her anything which is silly that he even came to the window but it does verify what she found out by seeing her mother at the jail.

Ella is at school in her office grading papers under the solitary light of a desk lamp which makes no sense at all. The only reason for this setup is so that we can better see the light in the hall but like earlier its ILLOGICAL. Ella adds the answers for Em on the second page of the test because Em has been going through so much I assume. WE see from the audience viewpoint that someone is watching her or as I mentioned last week is just a camera view of the room AARGH!!

Hanna tries to get Mona to talk to her after she does her make up. Mona finally speaks, “You’re getting them again aren’t you?” she asked Hanna. Bad-timing-Caleb knocks on the door before Hanna can inquire about what she means. It’s time for lights out he reminds her. The orderly comes in to turn down the bed and grab the old tray of food as Hanna tries to get Mona to say more but now she is clammed up again. Yes of course, Mona is playing chicken, she knows only a chose few will visit like Hanna and the real A. She is going to drag out all the sympathy she can find. Hanna promises to return because she thinks that maybe Mona is going to talk to her again but I think Mona was just teasing her by saying something.

Mona uses a pair of tweezers she must have gotten from the makeup kit to pick at her finger after Hanna leaves, which will probably just make it harder for Hanna at her return. Now they will have her leave her bag or scan her for objects who knows. Just a thought on how those thinks work when someone harms themselves in captivity.

The next day Ezra drops by to see Ella about Em. Em believes that she failed the test and he wants to put in a good word. Ella tells him not to worry she was aware of the situation. Yes Ezra, honey, you do need a hobby.

On the other side of school the girls are once again gathered in the facilities. They discuss this episodes issues/updates. The main thing on their minds is can NSBJenna see; so luckily as they rush out of the bathroom they see her and hear her say she has to take a quick bathroom stop. Spencer decides they need to test the she can indeed see theory by placing that handy earring that Aria has been carrying around on the mirror ledge. They all go into a stall and watch for results.

Jenna rinsed her bottle then, eyes the earring, takes off her shades, looks at the earring, put the earring down, puts on her shades then leaves but the ALL see that she is NOT Blind but yes Pretending.

They are all ready to tell the world that Jenna can see but Spencer thinks they should wait. Spencer wants to use the information I imagine to somehow set her up. I agree though they need witnesses to get this information out in public. I also think that Spencer has issues in a real way. I think her need to control things and be in charge of all moves the group makes is a real problem, anyone seeing that?

The last scene is the New Fangled wearing a red hoodie A is buying gloves and Large size black Hoodies at a sporting good type store. The guy asks are you buying these for a team LOL. Yes the A Team ……..great episode.


  1. This recap was just awesome. So, hilarious, and insightful. What a fun read!

    You know, you were absolutely right about Ella. Between the monotone voice, and the letting three students run out of class without explanation, to what she did with Emily’s test (though, of course, I understand her reasoning behind that), she’s kind of the WORST TEACHER EVER. Right? You know what else? I have this sneaking suspicion that Byron is a bad teacher too. Perhaps, crap teaching runs in the Montgomery family. 🙂 Watch out Aria!

    I do think it’s kind of funny that now that Blind Jenna isn’t really blind anymore, she suddenly feels the need to overcompensate, by pretending to be blinder, whereas, before she seemed to take a lot of pride in being able to do what normal seeing students did. And the scene where the PLL girls finally figured it out (in the bathroom of course — site of all important scenes on this show) was absolutely hilarious. Aria so rarely gets the good one liners. But “Bitch can see,” was a classic. I’m kind of thrilled that Spencer and crew have decided to beat tthe “A” team at their own game, by using information about them to manipulate them, rather than exposing it out right. Now, that should be fun to see!

    Speaking of Spencer, how hot was that scene between her and Toby? I was literally drooling. I kind of wish he took his shirt off though . . .

    And Wren . . . sweet little British homewrecker Wren. It was a little odd how freely he shared all that information Hanna told him in confidence with Caleb. Surely, he must have realized that if Hanna was going in under an assumed name, that she was keeping the visits a secret. Perhaps, he wrongfully assumed that since Caleb was accompanying her this time, that she had already told him everything. Either way, I’m glad to see Caleb handled it maturely, and didn’t freak out on Hanna for her fibbing. At least, the clips from next week’s episode seem to suggest he doesn’t.

    Anywhoo. Thanks for an awesomesauce recap. Next week’s episode looks REALLY juicy.

    • Hey I didn’t know you had posted here when I posted at your site lol. You know its funny if I had been a student in Ella’s class and she let three students leave I would have totally walked out too LOL or is that just me. Not sure if I have seen Byron teach he seems to be always strutting around attempting to look important. Wow if he is just as bad then luckily Aria doesn’t plan to teach, right?

      I guess you are right its best if they wait to gather more intel before they confront NotSoBlind Jenna. Spencer just seems off to me these days.

      As far as Wren well he did open his little British mouth and insert his foot indeed. Poor Caleb I know he had to have felt betrayed. I hope he says something next week to Hanna so it doesn’t become a source of contention with them this season.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

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