PLL – Season 3 Episode 3 Confrontations Times Three

Welcome Back Pretty Little Liars Lovers it time for another recap…..the Game is ON!!

This week we start out with the liars watching NSBJenna, as she is reading a book in Braille across the courtyard. They go on about how she has lied so long its hard to believe she can actually see. Spencer appoints Aria as the go to girl for NSBJenna because you know she was reached out to by the aforementioned last week LOL. Hanna suggests she will trade having to visit Mona for the honor but Aria declines as they watch NSBJenna get up to walk away with her cane in hand.

On the way down the hall, they hear Lucas getting reamed out by the Vice Principal in the hallway. Hanna goes after him to see if he if okay. She follows him into a classroom where he tells her the principal believes his grades have been slipping along with his great attitude or something like that LOL. Lucas sets fire to the form he is supposed to give to his parents then throws it into the trash can leaving Hanna to find a way to put it out the fire. Hanna, who isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed, starts fanning the fire with some books, luckily Caleb arrives in time to throw water on the flames. Hanna grabs him and pulls him out of the room; I assume because the room might smell a bit smoky even with the little time that the flames had been alive.

Cue creepy music….oh this is going to be interesting….firestarter, angry Caleb before the music plays

Later, Caleb chats with Hanna at the coffee shop about Lucas recent behavior as well as her going to see Mona. Caleb wants her to stay away to stay safe she just thinks he is over reacting besides he hasn’t a clue of why she is really visiting anyway. As far as Lucas, Hanna gives the directive for Caleb to chat him up to see what’s going on with the newly bad boy….

The next day at school Aria approaches NSBJenna with the request to be her second on the music front you know, that piece that she needed help on. I find it cute they way the writers are making us believe that NSBJenna is suddenly not so bad and at this point plus totally in the DARK on the fact they know she is not BLIND!! Aria lies by telling her that before she was afraid of the idea of standing in front of an audience but NSBJenna takes her answer in stride; just look your fear in the eyes she says, basically. They plan to meet up at her house after school, Aria looks quizzical as she watches the other girl walk away.

At lunch they discuss Aria’s instructions for her time with NSBJenna. Emily suggests that the set up at NSBJennas might be a trap but Aria is not worried. Em then gets a text from Ella saying she has to meet with the vice principal that day but that the grades are in. Em is surprised that she received a 94 on the test. She thinks that A is somehow involved as a way to make it seem she cheated because she didn’t even complete the test. Aria thinks that Emily is paranoid in this case well let’s get there later LOL.

Caleb finds Lucas in the chemistry lab and Lucas says a bunch of things in code. Things that Caleb has no way to interpret because Hanna has lied to him so much he has no clue. He only knows that Mona is A and that Mona did some stuff from what I could tell. Lucas says that Mona being A is only the TIP of the iceberg also that its Current NEWS not old news like Caleb believes. Hanna has more to worry about then him, according to Lucas. He really seemed stressed. Yes this is a mystery I am very curious to see played out.

Emily finds Ella to explain about the grade she doesn’t believe that she earned. Ella assures her that the grade is accurate, she doesn’t want her to worry but to just move on about it. Emily looks even more distressed after these assurances. REALLY? Just take the grade and realize that sometimes Good Things do Happen, sheeeks. Ella all but said that she was the one to fix it for her right? She is the teacher, I mean Emily just comes across as a too good to be true goody goody in these scene like she is beating a dead horse, maybe that is me but REALLY? I would be like thanks and gone on down the hall LOL.

Over at the Hastings, Melissa is getting some thoroughly burned item from the fireplace; no doubt she is covering up some dreaded deed she has done. What could she have burned? Hmmm I will come back and consider this later if I remember.

Anywho, Spencer arrives home, she asks the whereabouts of Mama but it’s not known, we do learn that Papa Hastings is in Washington where according to Melissa it is muggy. Spencer looks oddly at her like she is being a Pill. Melissa informs her that she is tired, from what I want to know? She does nothing but sit around all day LOL.

Mama arrives as Spencer is going upstairs but she needs to speak with her so she has to come back down stairs. Mama Hastings tells them that she has decided to defend Garrett Reynolds after speaking with her firm and his mother. She is going to do it for free, even. Spencer is appalled even though she already knew, oddly though Melissa acts as though she can care less, she said her mother is being quite generous and there is a look between them. Yeah Mama Hastings might have some deeper motives here, you only do the free stuff for relatives for special cases. She does say that Garrett has convinced her that he is innocent of the charges, she thinks is a good case. She is really blase’ about the matter and it’s quite suspicious to Spencer as well to me.

Spencer tries to get Melissa riled up the way she is but Melissa says, “any interest I had in any of this ended three months ago.” Mama Hastings shoots Melissa an odd look, like what? Hmmm what’s that all about, we will see. I think that this is supposed to show they have a secret between them.

After the break, Em tells Aria about the encounter with Ella. She doesn’t want everyone feeling sorry for her which I do get. She is angry about the new version of A and is afraid that A will track the grade situation to make things worse even then they have become. Aria hates they are still dealing with A after Mona has been locked up. They had hoped they were done.

Back at the Hastings, Melissa is making up for lost time by drinking some wine as Spencer comes in the room. Spencer accuses Melissa of being the one who convinced Mama Hastings to take the case. I too believe she is involved. However Melissa plays her same old hand that she always does on Spencer. She makes her feel bad by saying “climb out of Spencerland long enough to see that I have lost everything.” Yeah it’s just a GUILT trip we will see later in the episode. Spencer tries to apologize by saying that when the call came from Melissa that she lost her baby that Mama Hastings would not let Spencer go. SEE that is what I suspected that the baby was lost but I personally believe there was NEVER a baby more on that later. OH Melissa says she woke up a hundred miles from home um yeah that is an hour and a half drive folks not so far LOL if she said Twelve hundred miles it might mean something to me. OH and I still don’t believe her, did I say that.

So then Melissa adds that she hopes Mama Hastings gets Garrett off guilty or now because he was the only guy that has NEVER lied to her. REALLY even if he killed those girls, she is just SICK but Hmm interesting what was going on all the time he was SEXING up with NSBJenna was there some sharing going on? Hey I’m just sayin’.

Over at Operation Not So Blind Jenna, Aria is playing the keyboard as she looks around the room. I wondered if she forgot that the NSBJenna could see and was probably watching her look around because she was standing in front of the mirror by the table LOL. Aria sees a note in the case on the bed just before they take a break. NSBJenna chats about feeling bad for Emily, the mind not being able to take a lot like what happened with Mona and the missing casket of Allison’s before she goes off to check on the cookies.

Aria uses the time to be nosey, she grabs the note: H. Cobb, 4:15 Wed, earplugs.

Later that day she reveals the contents of the note to the girls. She also mentions that NSBJenna inquired about Emily’s mental health. Spencer makes note that this was her way of asking how much did Em remember from the night of the first episode LOL. Spencer tells them about what her mother had to say then Hanna suggests what if Garrett was the father of Melissa’s baby.

Aria returns from talking to her mother to tell them that she has been called into the Vice Principals office. OH no is Ella is trouble for something like maybe changing a students grade; but who would know? Is it that person that was at the door that dark night Ella sat under the light of the one lamp grading papers maybe……Sure as shooting LOL.

At the asylum that night Hanna sees Mona interacting with the other patients before she goes in the day room to talk to her. Mona is talking now and more like herself than before.

Meanwhile at Ezra’s, Aria is making him feel better about all his rejection letters, LOL, what a good girlfriend she is. She is however distracted before she tells Ezra about the situation with Emily and Ella with the grade changing fiasco. Aria is concerned they might fire Ella for what she has done. Ezra gives her a look like it’s a possibility. This grade changing situation is a lame topic for this episode it would have worked better in a more exciting episode or NOT at all. I guess it’s really all about showing Ezra working with Ella.

Back at the nut house, Mona goes on and on about the pills making her mouth dry, the meds she was taking are different now and how she has forgiven herself for being A basically. Hanna isn’t wanting to hear all that she doesn’t want to chit-chat at all. Hanna wants to know how Mona knows that the A thing is not over but the response is much like tiny clues. Mona insists you can’t trust anyone then she adds, “Did they ever find what’s left of Allison?” She asks it like she is talking about going shopping, very casual and again how does she even know that? Hanna looks disturbed I really doubt that she was the one to tell Mona that detail, right?

As Hanna is leaving she sees Lucas going into the Dayroom with a backpack. I hope they searched it; I wouldn’t think it would be something allowed at an asylum since the patients are inconsistent mentally.

Ezra talks with Ella at the coffee shop where they meet up by accident. Ella has no idea what she will do in her talk with the principal the next day but she had planned to tell the truth. Ezra seems sympathetic to her dilemma, I think they are finally bonding as friends again, good thing. My prediction is that now things are settling down for EZRIA that a new young man will come in the picture for Aria as it always happens in these television shows. Someone more her age or someone more exciting that she will try to avoid and ignore until she realizes he is what she needs, just a guess mind you since I try to avoid spoilers LOL

Moving on, over at the nuthouse entrance Hanna sees that Caleb is waiting for her. He is all up in arms about her coming to the madhouse without telling him. Hanna goes on about how Mona is suddenly changed from the one that hit her with the car, looks like Caleb didn’t know it was Mona that did that. Yes one of many thousands of things that Hanna hasn’t told him. Hanna compares telling the truth to a bowl of tangled spaghetti which is not relatable because you just eat it tangled or NOT …..HELLO bad comparison WRITERS. On the other hand this is Hanna her mind works different from most LOL.

Lucas comes walking out of the asylum, hmm either she tried to wait for him inside or he was only in there about a minute. Makes me think maybe he took something to Mona or just went to look at her or was curious to see here in there at all.

Hanna wants to know why Lucas was visiting but he only makes note that he wanted to know if she was really crazy the same way he believes it’s why Hanna visited. HE also says its better for everyone IF Mona stays crazy. Hmm sounds like Mona is kinda hiding out or hasn’t been put in jail for her protection one way or another, me thinks. I do think she is faking it still.

After the break, It’s Wednesday, Hanna and Aria are watching NSBJEnna’s house waiting to see what will happen around four o’clock.

Meanwhile, Spencer is pretending to be Melissa as she calls to check what happened to her crazy sister back in June. She wants a copy of the patient records from the hospital.

Back in the car Aria tells Hanna about talking to Ezra about Ella. Ezra basically said that Ella could lose her job. Hanna thinks its cool that Ella stood up for Em, but Aria thinks Em doesn’t want to protected so much.

Spencer is told that Melissa wasn’t at that facility the day she has been told. She has them check under Thomas, Ian’s name, Melissa’s married name.

Back in the car, Hanna suggests she should have just asked Lucas who the Black Swan was at the Ball. Aria thinks maybe not asking was best since Caleb was around. Caleb said nothing on the ride back with Hanna from the nuthouse she thinks he is scared to ask questions now. Hmm that isn’t good you can’t be scared right in this case at least.

Spencer learns that no one with that social security, Melissa’s, was at that hospital around June 10, the day she had been told. The woman on the phone insists the next hospital is three towns away if there was an emergency Melissa would have come to them. Spencer hangs up looking stunned, REALLY, has she met her sister. WE all know she is loopy.

Finally NSBJenna appears at her door before she gets in a taxi to leave. They follow her.

Spencer makes a second call as Melissa, this time to the Hanover resort where Melissa was staying. She pretends to be calling about her bill. The man tells her that both people, that is Melissa and Mama Hastings stayed until the thirteenth of June both paid with the same credit card number.

At the school, Emily tells Ella she wants to go to the principal with her, Ella thinks is a bad idea. They walk out into the hallway to see that Ezra and the Principal have come to tell them that everything has been smoothed over. I have no idea what actually happened something about Ezra having Ella grade Em’s paper in front of him some weirdness, anyway it worked out.

Moving on, Hanna and Aria watch as NSBJenna goes in a medical building but only seconds later they see her driving her blue mustang from around the building. Seriously I thought this was NSBJenna’s twin it happened so fast it was not realistic. What the car was where? Anyway, they see her and Hanna follows her as Aria calls the other girls.

After the break, Ella sees Ezra in the lunch room trying to get a coke from the always broken soda machine, she slams the machine with her hand and tadum the drink appears. Ezra tells her he helped Em because she and him used to be friends and he also was aware that Hackett/principal was not good with confrontation/making decisions so basically Ezra took the blame to save them all.

So it turns out that H. Cobb is a gun store where the girls track NSBJenna. They see her car outside and Em is certain it was the one she rode in that night she wandered off drunk. I totally think this whole note thing was a set up for Aria to see as she sat near the bed where the case was laying while they practiced. Come on girls !!!

There is a brief moment amidst the NSBJenna drama while they wait for her, that Spencer lets them know that Melissa did NOT lose her baby in June thanks to Hanna asking about her making the call. I think they are all aware that Melissa is a tricky subject with Spencer.

Hanna races over to stand in front of Jenna’s car when she comes out of the store LOL. It’s a good thing she isn’t blind huh LOL. Oh well Hanna was past ready to confront her.

Meanwhile Caleb visits Mona at the nut house; he warns her not to mess with Hanna, after she goes on about loving card games. He notes that she likes all kinds of games, you have no idea Caleb. Mona says he and Hanna make a lovely couple. “You’re laughing at all of us in your head right, but here is the joke I get to walk out of the door and aren’t going anywhere.” Mona leans over across the table then tells him he is a lousy kisser before she freaks out like something is wrong with her, we all know it’s just pretend now for sure. She knocks over the tables as the orderlies rush over and the doctor runs in the room, Caleb just looks at her. What a piece of work LOL

AFter the break, we learn that Jenna has been able to see since the first operation. She has been pretending to keep safe from whoever I don’t really understand. She reminds them that someone tried to burn her up in a house, so someone was after her. Her pretending to be blind is in her story, a way to keep from being hurt. She would go driving at night so that she could just relax and not worry. She confesses to picking up Em that night she was out drunk, she had planned to take her to the edge of her street but Em jumped out of the car or so she says. She wants them to keep her secret because she has no idea who is after her plus she thinks they owe her. I’m not buying this story. Really if she is a target then anyone watching her would be watching wherever she goes. Anyone watching her would also have figured out her secret by now; she ain’t that slick LOL

At Spencer’s house later she confronts Mama Hastings with her findings on Melissa faking her pregnancy or in this case her miscarriage. I think she faked the whole thing they are not saying that yet. So it seems that Mama Hastings has suspected that Melissa was faking but she doesn’t know when that started. So maybe losing that other baby is what BROKE Melissa’s brain, she should be in the nuthouse LOL Mama Hastings REFUSES to tell Spencer when Melissa actually lost this baby, so stupid its history what does it matter if Spencer knows now? What is Mama Hastings hiding, she assumes that Melissa won’t tell Spencer I am guessing so whatever is being hidden will stay safe.

Later on at the coffee shop Em is all I don’t want people feeling sorry for me, you, Ezra shouldn’t have gone in with Ella to get me off blah blah but he says that was not how it went down. They kiss and make up, figuratively speaking then hands her a new test to take as he goes off to get her usual drink.

IN the asylum we see Mona singing in her bed; I guess this is to somehow showcase Janel’s musical talent, she is pretty good. She is lying in bed holding a queen of hearts. This also shows us she isn’t missing that many screws.

The last scene is our Busy A, with more letters/teeth on a glass table while they pour a glass of vodka. Hmm when I saw the hand of A last week I got the clear idea it was definitely a woman. They store the drink in the same cooler full of ice they are keeping poor Allison’s body. Creepy much? EWW. They are not leaving any doubt that A is involved in all of this body business.

That’s it for the week, it had its ups and downs but I liked it. I give it a 6.5 🙂
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  1. Thanks for the super fun and insightful recap. I love hearing your take on the show. Your passion for it shows in your writing, and you are forever picking up on things I missed, while making me laugh at the same time.

    Something must be in the water at Rosewood, because that town just has a whole lotta crazy in it. You are absolutely right. Faking a pregnancy for multiple months (possibly after you’ve already miscarried) should earn Melissa a spot in the nuthouse right next to Mona. I mean, who, seriously, who does that? And what kind of mother would not be seriously concerned about a child who was willing to do that? Parenting FAIL.

    Speaking of the effed up Hastings family, Spencer’s comment about how Melissa wouldn’t tell her if her hair was on fire was hilarious, and yet, also sad. How awful it must be to feel like your own sister wouldn’t save your life, if she had the opportunity. That family needs some serious family counseling . . .

    So, do you think Police Boy Garrett could have been the father of Melissa’s baby? It would make her a little slutty for sure.

    Speaking of crazy, faking blind at school, and to your family is pretty darn certifiable too. Honestly, I think Jenna just likes playing the victim, and being underestimated. Like you, I didn’t buy her sob story about faking blind to protect herself from A at all.

    In other news, your screencaps of Caleb’s reaction shots to both Lucas and Mona were hilarious. Who knew Tyler Blackburn could be so funny?

    As annoying as I tend to find Aria’s parents on most occasions, I kind of love Ella’s and Fitzy’s friendship. I’m not sure why. But it was nice to see those two playing nice with one another again . . .

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